Magic And Curses

A mysterious pegasus shows up in Horseshoe Harbor, ponies are getting sick, and weather is going haywire. What could this possibly mean?

2/27 Airborne Citizens of Horseshoe Harbor find a mysterious stranger has plummeted into the ocean. Captain Mwai, Lavender, Siyana, Phosphor
2/28 Hospital Visit Polaris pays the mysterious stranger a visit. Polaris, Phosphor
3/18 Magic and Curses Jellybean takes his problems to the zebras for help. Jellybean, Siyana, Mayani, Jack-o-Lantern
Tours Gone Wild Phosphor asks Hayseed to give her a tour of the town, and ends with a trip to the mayor's house. Phosphor, Hayseed
3/19 An Imperfect Storm A discussion of Jellybean's cloud problem turns dangerous when Snowfield suffers from magical feedback while trying to fix it. Jellybean, Snowfield, Hayseed, Typhoon-Wave
3/30 Winter Relapse Snowfield's magic goes haywire and freezes the harbor. Snowfield, Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Lorelei, Blackbird
4/7 Hibernation's End Manyara frees Snowfield from the frozen harbor. The two discuss the nature of the curse afflicting the town. Manyara, Snowfield
4/8 Farmhouse Rescue An attempt to find where Hayseed vanished to ends with a team effort to save her from her own over-powered spells. Fidget, Hayseed, Jellybean, Lavender, Snowfield, Typhoon-Wave
4/13 Truth Jellybean and Snowfield track down the one common thread between the Nabber's Curse victims, seeking answers. Jellybean, Phosphor, Snowfield
4/15 Obliterated. Again. The curse has spread throughout the harbor and, unfortunately, reached its target. Jellybean, Snowfield, Hayseed, Typhoon-Wave, Salty, Captain Mwai, Whiplash