Maddie's Revenge

7/4 An Open Invitation Snowfield receives an unexpected guest at her cottage when an invitation she offered weeks previously is finally accepted. Mad-Mare, Snowfield
7/5 She Schemes by the Seashore Another plot is set in motion when the Mad Mare pays a visit to her seapony acquaintance. Mad-Mare, Lorelei
7/8 The Deathwish Not even the Syndicolt can resist the temptation of Horseshoe Harbor's resident Wishmaster. Mad-Mare, Manyara
7/9 All In Vane Salty deftly avoids suffering the effects of Mad Mare's wish. For a while, at least. Then all hay breaks loose. Fidget, Mad-Mare, Mwai, Polaris, Salty, Snowfield
7/?? An Empty Tent A panicking forest witch looks to the wishmaster for aid but finds she must aid herself. Snowfield
7/?? Was It Bad Tea? Mad-Mare, after escaping the ghost of the recently deceased, decides she might just be sick instead. Mad-Mare
7/10 Somber Strategizing The recently passed is entombed in a cavern deep in the Wintersong Forest while Snowfield and Polaris plot their next move. Polaris, Snowfield
7/16 The New Mayor Having arranged for official records to be fixed accordingly, Mad-Mare congratulates Lorelei on her new position as Horseshoe Harbor's Mayor, and discusses the future. Mad-Mare, Lorelei
7/31 Meddling Hearts Lily-Heart gets another shot at healing the emotions of Mad-Mare, with mixed results. Mad-Mare, Lily-Heart
7/31 Salt In The Wound Following another 'healing' treatment, Mad-Mare is forced to come to grips with the full nature of her wish. Mad-Mare, Salty
8/3 Parading Into Town Mad-Mare decides it's about time to show off the new mayor to the Harbor, only to have her introduction be spectacularly interrupted by… a princess!? Amber-Shot, Emberlocks, Lorelei, Mad-Mare, Quilltip, Shiroyuki-Hanako
8/16 Let It All Out Blackbird and Mad-Mare have a fight! Until Sadaka gets fed up enough to tell Mad-Mare how she really feels. Blackbird, Mad-Mare, Sadaka
8/18 That Ship Has Sailed Mad-Mare tries to get to a boat before it's gone! Jettison comes back to port, Jellybean and Tyhpoon Wave have lemonade. Ruby-Blossom watches… Jettison, Mad-Mare, Trueshot, Jellybean, Ruby-Blossom, Typhoon-Wave
8/?? The Windigo Blackbird and Rumble-Riot run into each other in the forest, seek out ADVENTURE! and get more than they bargained for. Blackbird, Rumble-Riot, Snowfield