Faux Pas Fortune

8/10 Pushing Buttons Rocket goes hunting in the Wintersong Forest and finds something more interesting than food. Rocket
8/10 Captain Who? Rocket brings some items she found in the forest to Gamble, and investigation begins! Rocket, Gamble
8/15 Blue Joke Fidget finds something new in the Harbor, and plays an innocent prank with it. Fidget
8/?? The Legend of Faux Pas Gamble tells the story of Captain Faux Pas to Rocket in the not so private place of Champagne Bay. A new pony to town shows up! Gamble, Rocket, Amber-Shot, Tubular-Bells
08/24 Bitter Lemons Part 2 The fourth day of the Great Lemonade Competition! Mad-Mare figures out a good lemonade recipe, but is it enough to catch up to the business savvy of the foals' stand? …Not if Fidget has anything to say about it! Mad-Mare, Fidget, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Spearmint, Royal-Coat, Siyana, Ruby-Blossom