Plot Twist
Name: Plot Twist
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Hidden
Talents: Special Talent: Surprise Endings, Hoof to Hoof combat, Drill Sergent Voice
Weaknesses: Special Weakness: Light Blindness, Ugly and Scared,
An Adult Pegasus who has clearly seen more than your average friendship lover. Where ever this mare is from its left its tole, scares mare her coat, the whole left side of her face is a knot of renewed flesh twisting under her fur. A light lavender coat is covered in a winter jump suit that looks like a Shadow Bolts uniform. Instead of a mask though it has a large hood with fur (yes fur) lining. A set of goggles obscure her eyes under yellowed lenses. Where her Cutie Mark should be her jump suit covers is a parody of the Wonderbolt insignia, a skull and skeletal wing. About her front legs is a set of blades set in a holster ready to flip out at a moments notice. Her mane is a much pinkish purple almost with darker pink lines running through it, left long and messy styling given up on long ago. Her tail isn't kept any neater but still long and curls towards the end.
Mind: Body: Heart:
2 5 2
Energy: Courage: Foritude:
7 4 7
Willpower: Aerobatics: Weathercraft:
9 6 3
Talents Flaws
Jobs Skills Advancement
Shadowbolt 4 Telling Stories 1 On the job training x3
Fighting Dirty Extra Talented: Tough
Underhandedness Hoof-to-Hoof Combat
Sneakiness Tough as Horseshoes
Using Weather as Artillery Winged Victory
Surprise Second Wind Hurricane
Player: Fidget

"Sooo, Captain. What was life like back before the bolts?" the Stallion sitting next to me asked with a weak if not totally forced chuckle in his voice. Normally if a subordinate asked me a question like that they the would have to be pretty drunk, or have a serious deathwish. Now though as we both sat in the cloud trench considering our last moments personal boundaries where dropping a tad.

"Not sure how things where in Las Pegasus Thunderlane, but its not the most pleasant of topics for any of us I imagine." From the look on his face I wasn't sure what was scaring him more, that I replayed, or the nest of changelings we just stired up not but two hours ago. The buzzing sound of their insect like wings where driving me mad, ears all but pinned to the back of my head. "You get your mark, you sign up, and you get the first and last square meal of your life."

The Sergent looked a little disappointed in the simple response. I couldn't help looking disappointed myself. Hardly more than a colt and he was already a Sergent. Not because he was skilled, no because he managed to survive a second engagement. The mortality rate was insane out there, the fact I was as old as I was, a testimate to just how my talent kept everypony guessing.

"Just that all this trouble on the line I can't help but think of my brother … or Flitter." he sighed, clearly one of the few who managed to grow up with more happy memories than sad ones. A true rarity in this day and age. "Come on Captain there has to be somepony your going to miss. Sharing is caring right?" giving his best smile.

Really that was all I needed finally caching my breath. Maybe it was Thunderlane stirring the right memory of a specail somepony or maybe it was the black carapace of a changeling crowning over the top of the trench that got my brain moving again. "Hey Thunderlane. I got a crazy Idea."

The poor Sergent just blanched.