Main Character:

Active Characters
Name Race Age Known for…
Solar-Wind Pegasus Adult Fireguard, EMT, Rescue
Zypher Pegasus Late Adolescent Pro-Sky-Soccer player
Gravity Gryphon Adult Fine Craftsmanship and Hunting
Moonshine Unicorn Adult Brewin' the Finest, and sweets too
Swift-Wind EarthPony Foal flying and making kites
Mbaya-Ndoto Zebra Adult Weaving of life Magic
Dustdevil Pegasus Adult Search and Rescue
Player Info
Location Bellingham, WA Time Zone Pacific (GMT-8)
Other OOC Information
I have Odd RP Hours, generally from 8am-3pm PST and anytime on practically any time on Thursdays and Fridays (my version of a weekend)

More info will be added later!