Planning The Future
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 08/01/13
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus
NPCs: None
GM: None

Rising-Chaos comes back home as the sun is sinking low in the sky. She looks contemplative as she noses her way through the door, without a word. She stops by the door, putting down her saddlebags and unpacking the magical equipment she had brought out with her earlier. A couple things are damaged, and she sets them aside to be repaired.

Queen can be found on her bed of pillows and blankets in front of the fire; she faces the fire while her tattered wings lay against the floor behind her. The mare half-heartedly lifting a hoof to wave the direction of the door. "I hope you had a wonderful little date."

Rising-Chaos blinks, woken from her thoughts by Queen Pegasus' call. Setting the remainder of the equipment aside she trots around to the living room. The sight of her favourite pony makes her smile. "Whatever do you mean by date, my Queen?" Her stated goal had been to do some magic practice, and that's what she had been doing, mostly.

Queen chuckles softly. "I mean exactly what I said - how was your date with your toys, hmm?" the mare stretching her legs out with a noticeable little groan - she's been so stiff as of late.

Rising-Chaos chuckles, moving towards her queen. "Unsuccessful, unfortunately. There's still nothing." though her voice doesn't have the frustration it normally would when talking about her inability to use magic. Taking a place beside the pegasus, looking at her worriedly, she gives Queen Pegasus a little nuzzle. "Are you feeling well my Queen? Perhaps you need more exercise? Or perhaps a massage?" She remembers the stuff Muzaji brought all that time ago, very muchly so.

Queen continues her stretching - all four limbs reaching out before her. "You needn't fret - I've full confidence in you." The mare turning enough to glance over her shoulder at Chaos. "I'm intending to get out and about again tomorrow, and massage would be lovely…right before bed." single blue intently staring at Rising before she chuckles heartily "The blind mare stopped by earlier…"

Rising-Chaos nods, smiling. "It already feels different, even if it's not better." That plan suits her just fine, and fits with what Sodium fizz suggested. There really has to be some kind of compensation for that mare. "I'm glad, my Queen, I hope you are able to stretch your wings, as it were. Though it would still be my distinct pleasure to help you." The mention of Daisychain ruins her good mood, if ever so slightly. "Did she? And what was her business here?"

Queen sounds about as nonchalant as possible while bringing Rising-Chaos up to speed. "She stopped by to tell me that she'd be honoured to serve me. Why the silly girl even spoke up." a hint of a grin crossing her face. "Did you know she has an accent along with her stutter? Quite very amusing, yes." The mare rolls slowly onto her tummy then settles so she's facing Rising. "Hmm…

Rising-Chaos listens without revealing anything. So the mare did join, she's not entirely surprised. "Well, nice to have her aboard. I'm sure she will prove useful." Her tone hasn't changed at all, though her smile is smaller. "I was unaware she had an accent, that is amusing." Matching Queen Pegasus' look her way she smiles again, hard to be upset around the pegasus.

Queen reaches out with the intent of sliding one hoof behind Rising's head while looking straight at the mare. "Making her useful is my intent. It's not as if I'd ever seek to replace you."

Rising-Chaos flinches, was she that obvious. "I do hope you find her useful, my Queen. It's not my place to question you or your motives, however. I have promised to support you, and I plan on doing that no matter what." The words ring true, but her smile grows wider. "But thank you."

Queen continues to look at Rising while holding the back of the other mare's hand with one hoof. "Of course you will." Queen replies before chuckling. "Now - is there anything on your mind? Do you bring me any news of the harbour?

If this were any other pony, Rising Chaos would be nervous about the hoof around her head. Thankfully, this is Queen Pegasus, and she isn't worried at all. Rising scooches close to the Queen and smiles sheepishly. "I saw Stormdancer, and we had a talk. Otherwise some ponies are planning an expedition down to the city of the seaponies. It doesn't interest me though."

"Oh but this does interest me! How many ponies? How long will they be gone?" a grin slowly creeping across her face. "I must know these details, Rising.

Rising-Chaos looks at the mare curiously. "I heard about a dozen or so at most were going. A new pony in town named Goody Horseshoes is offering to ferry them there. I assume they are going for at least two days, though I haven't heard any kind of schedule." A slight tremor enters her voice, she looks worried. "You aren't thinking of going, are you?"

Rising's question is answered with boastful laughter. "I've little interest in life under the sea. I am however interested in how this little expedition will change the power-structure of town. A lot could happen in a couple of days were the right players out of the picture, yes?"

Rising-Chaos chuckles in turn. "So that's your game? In that case I heard that one of the members in none other than the mayor herself. I have some considerable leverage around town, perhaps we can see what can be done to further your position?" See, this is more like it. The quest for power is, to Rising, second nature.

Queen begins to gently rap her free hoof on the floor while moving the one on the back of Rising's head to the mare's leg. "You'll need to find out who is going - then I can investigate how to use this to our advantage. For the mean time - we'll need a shipwright or carpenter to repair the hull of the Vanity. If those foolish ponies fail in their quest to subdue the seapony lunatic - then I've no doubt the tides will reach the Vanity.

Rising-Chaos considers this for a moment, then nods. "That can be arranged, though there is currently a rather large push to restore the 'Rusty Bucket' to seafaring condition. Still, for the right price, somepony in this town can be found to do anything." Rising places one of her hooves on top of the Queen's. "Did you really mean it, my Queen? About the new crew, and me being first mate?"

Queen stops to quietly glare as Rising asks her question. "How absurd." she scoffs. "Have you learned nothing about me, Rising-Chaos?" the pink pegasi firmly glaring at the other mare.

Rising-Chaos blushes and her ears flatten back. "It's not that I don't believe you," she clarifies hurriedly. "It's just that, I've never really done anything like that before. The whole idea of sailing, or being part of a crew, it's so exotic to everything I'm used to. I'm excited, and worried all at once."

Queen's firm glare slowly melts into one of amusement as Rising blushes and her ears flatten down against her head - the docile look of the mare quite amusing to Queen. "Loyalty is not a skill that can be taught. The skills needed to navigate the seas can be." Queen lifts her hoof to brush it against Rising's splayed ears. "I think you dislike that blind mare because you see so much of yourself in her - so docile."

Rising-Chaos blushes even more at the assertion. In reality, she's not docile, it's just with Queen that she makes an exception. "I will do my best to learn, my Queen. I just hope I can be good enough for you." That mare again, spoiling her mood. "Perhaps, my Queen. Though most of my thoughts and reasons for disliking her were selfish and stupid. I will accept her wholeheartedly now, I promise."

Queen visibly rolls her eye at Rising. "If you've a problem with the mare - then out with it, Rising-Chaos. I think I've made myself clear enough about honesty."

Rising-Chaos shakes her head. "I was being unreasonable. I saw you acting nice to her, and got jealous. I care about you, my Queen, and the mere thought of losing you is terrifying. I couldn't help but draw similarities to how you met her, to you you met me. That and my recent weakness made some panicked thoughts run through my head." Before Queen Pegasus can interject Rising hold up a hoof. "I know, however, that you had no intention of replacing me. I knew at the time as well. I was not being myself, nor am I especially proud of how I acted."

Queen begins to laugh heartily at Rising's explanation before firmly slapping her on the shoulder "Bring me some ale, wench." she commands with a hearty chuckle - either dismissing Rising's explanation or highly amused by how silly the mare was acting. "Perhaps you simply won't be intent until you're wearing a ring on your horn? Those things look so darned silly."

Rising-Chaos chuckles and goes to go get her Queen a drink. The ring comment makes her jolt to a halt mid step. For a second she's left gaping, not even sure what do do, before resuming her walk. Soon she's on her way back with a drink, oddly silent.

Queen grins Rising with a broad, very amused smile as the mare returns with a stein of ale; it's clear she's well aware that last comment got to Rising. Quietly she inhales the scent of the beer before looking over her mug to comment. "Unusually quiet given your nose isn't buried in a book…"

Rising-Chaos is currently blushing rather heavily, clearly embarrassed. "Um, yes, my Queen." She stammers, obviously stunned. That last comment obviously caught her entirely off guard. She just rests her head on her hooves as she lies down beside Queen Pegasus.

Queen chuckles heavily after taking a swig from her stein - savouring the flavour before commenting. "Left speechless by the very thought…" again chuckling as she enjoys her brew while watching Rising.

Rising-Chaos recovers enough to chuckle. "Left completely speechless, my Queen. It's not something I ever thought I would hear something like that." She nuzzles her Queen affectionately, is she pleased by the thought? Who knows.

Queen chuckles after another sip of ale. "Of course not…" she muses before finishing the stein.

Rising-Chaos rises to her hooves with a smile. She offers to take the empty stein. "Allow me, my queen. Would you like another?" Tonight has been, in it's own way, amazing. She's feeling like her old self again.

Queen lies back after handing off the stein to Rising. "What's the plan, now that you've had a good chat with Stormdancer?" taller mare sprawling out in a lazy fashion as Rising waits on her.

Rising-Chaos takes the stein, but makes no move to leave just yet. "Well, I think she and I can be friends. Or I hope so, somehow or another she ended up meaning something to me. Though I don't think we'll ever live together, or work together again." She smiles as she says the words, so it doesn't bother her that much. "I think that's for the best though. At least now I know she doesn't hate me." With a small bow she heads off towards the kitchen.