Pickle Barrel
Name: Pickle Barrel
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: Six wooden barrels in a pyramid shape
Talents: Smuggling
Weaknesses: Oblivious
Description: A light green earth pony stallion with a short, dark green mane.
Player: Pickle

Pickle Barrel is a farmer originally from Frescolt, who moved away after losing an effort to claim the family farm from his stepmother after his father died. After leaving, he spent three years traveling as a farmhand and occasional petty criminal, making a few contacts in the underworld. He was heading for Las Pegasus when he ended up hitting the ocean near Horseshoe Harbor, and making it his home. He now runs a small, but growing, cucumber farm (and pickles them) on the outskirts of town, as cover for his main business, which is smuggling illicit cargo throughout Equestria within his barrels.

He has an exceptionally poor sense of direction, which manifests mainly when he is not observed and defies any attempts to assess. Because he's constantly getting lost, he is distrustful of maps or verbal directions, which only exacerbates his tendency to get lost. He gets where he's going - eventually - but usually with bizarre detours. One example is his short trip from Canterlot's business district to Canterlot's arts district - via Vanhoover and Mareami. He constantly mistakes Horseshoe Harbor for Fillydelphia or Manehattan, despite the obvious lack of exceptionally tall buildings and prominent ocean smell.