Name: North-Star
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: A map scroll.
Talents: Cartography.
Weaknesses: Overactive imagination.
Just a bit past the lankiness of adolescence, this young adult pegasus stallion has a bright white coat, marked with with black on his hooves, nose, and the appaloosa-spotted blanket across his haunches. His wings are full-feathered and are rarely tucked tightly against his body. His mane and tail are a little scruffy, streaked bright red and black. His eyes, bright blue, are intelligent and attentive, and his ears are often perked upward. His stance is confident, his demeanor often like that of an excited puppy who is just thrilled to show you something. His cutie mark is a map scroll, and his fur is often just a little dusty with the efforts of his work.
Player: Kimpe