Name: Nocturne
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: Three crescent-shaped eighth notes
Talents: Classical Guitar
Weaknesses: Emotionally Unstable
A young stallion with a dark-grey coat, only slightly taller than average stallion height, with hazel eyes and thin eyebrows, putting a relaxed demeanour in his appearance. His build is overall rather slim, with some subtle muscle definition, showing that he isn't the most physically active. His cutie mark is composed of three crescent eight-notes without alignment.
Player: Nocturne

Nocturne is a quiet pony, only speaking when spoken to. He is barely heard of in Horseshoe Harbor because he spends most of his time home. What his few encounters in the town have revealed is that he has spent most of his time in solitude studying music and musical magic. Over the years, he developed exceptional precision and rhythm with his telekinesis, being able to hold object still, and handle very subtle movements and manipulations. He is also capable of amplifying and distorting the sounds of instruments.

His solitude and blunt manner of speaking leads some to believe that he is merely cynical, perhaps feeling abandoned by society. While he is able to get along in most social situations, his emotions are not to be tampered with. Under stress, he is prone to anxiety attacks and irrational thought.