Name: Muzaji
Race: Zebra
Glyph-Mark: Cargo crate
Talents: Aquisition, Business, Being Prepared
Weaknesses: Overly Curious, Greed
A zebra 'trader' with purple eyes, wearing a pocketed vest, cloak and expensive bangles.
Player: Windrose

Muzaji originally came to the Harbor merely to set up shop as a trader and do business with the assorted other less savory sorts the town pretends don't exist. Her interests where in her own gain and little else.

Through the course of dealing with Spindrift and the Dark Heart however Muzaji came to realize, from Sinking Stone's betrayal of his own friends and race, and how hard this otherwise ramshackle crew of ponies worked together to come out on top to save a friend from herself as well as their town, that there was more to wealth than just money and materials. What good are riches without friends to share the fruits of your efforts with?