Name: Morningstar
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: N/A
Talents: 'Pointy' Magic
Weaknesses: Overthinking
A young Unicorn foal, who has a white coat and green hair. Her eyes are a deep golden color and she wears a mock outfit of a knight, with toy armor and her own cloak. She has a slightly unkept appearance to her, as if she spent most of her time in the outdoors.
She was originally born in Canterlot, her Father being part of the Royal Guard. She ran away from home due to his personal creed of Duty before Family, which was his explanation for why he was not present during the Changling Attack on Canterlot that left her Mother in critical condition, as she eventually passed away. His only comment on her passing being that 'Where Duty goes, Death isn't too far behind.' Having misinterpreted the times when her father and his comrades waxed poetic about being bound and led by duty, she had come to think of it as a person, one was telling her father what to do. She asked others where she would be able to find Duty, while looking inside herself proved futile a cryptic mentioning of 'searching to the ends of the Equestria' led her to venture out towards Horseshoe Habor, where the 'Equestria' ended and the sea began.