Mbaya Ndoto
Name: Mbaya-Ndoto (aka: Myth)
Race: Zebra
Cutie-Mark: Three Spirals becoming one
Talents: Weaving
Weaknesses: Holds Grudges BAD
The Zebra mare with the colorful scarves
Player: Dustdevil/Solar-Wind

Mbaya-Ndoto (Bad-Dream) is also known as Myth for those whom are less able to speak her given name. She seeks salvation from her former life and the horrors that she was subject to, Myth ran from that past, learned many a skill a tale or two, and learned a craft in her escape. She learned the art of weaving, now that may sound like a simple thing, but with the zebrafolk nothing is merely what it seems. Weaving of fabric, and weaving of songs, stories, and tales all encompass such an artform, so what if some forms of weaving are less than well recieved by others, its still an artform the likes of which few truely understand. Everything can be woven it just depends on how one looks at something. Sounds into music, grass into baskets, dreams into magic, light into darkness…

Myth grew up in a peacefull village tucked into the face of high cliffs with a river far below. In her time there with her family, the village was accosted routinely by a band of flying pirates, a crew of Gryphons and Pegasi hassled the village often. They often took valuables, damaged propertey, and punnished all whom dared defy them. They would often take those whom they felt could perhaps hold their own against them, and push them to the cliff telling them to learn to fly, a cruel shove and their prey fell far to the rocky river far below rarely to be found, or returned to the village. Her two brothers met such a fate and for them she holds a grudge against all with wings, be it bird, pegasi and gryphon alike, If it has not a feather, its not to be trusted.

Mbaya is often seen with what appears to be a coat of scarves. They are her weavings often times, expertly crafted and often imbued with archane magic often bringing the wearer of such things minor little magical gifts, or if given away to others, likely also curses aswell. Her scarves are often imbued with an odd sort of life of their own often representing snakes, and always subservient to their maker. These 'creatures' are weavings of life magic, a good mix of light and dark, cloth and stitch, needle and thread atuned to all around them, or whom ever is wearing them.

Mbaya-Ndoto is passionate about all life sans that of the featherfolk, for them she wishes a swift end and justice forever served…