Name: Maple-Breeze
Race: Pegasus
Cutie-Mark: Lightning Waffle
Talents: Breakfast Cook
Weaknesses: Capricious
An energetic golden pegasus with a knack for breakfast!


The first thing one might notice is not this pegasus' appearance, but her smell! It's a nice aroma of sweet maple syrup and it fits the golden colored mare named Maple-Breeze quite well. For a pony she is your typical light build pegasus, quick on her hooves but be sure she can still give a strong buck! She has a curvy plume of mane of a walnut shade streaked with a creamy white highlight that runs through her tail as well.

Blue eyes sparkle with cheerful enthusiasm right above an impish grin. Rarely she isn't without a spur of energy to spread those wings and give a little dance. Her cutie distills her energetic nature with a bolt of lightning crossing over a waffle, the true symbol of early risers!


Maple has always been an enthusiastic sort of pony! She has a tendency to follow up on ideas on a whim. She is not always successful, but that hardly matters to her if her hobby for the day turns out to be an absolute disaster!

She does have one consistent talent that she is good at; breakfast! Those quick short order-cook hooves handy around a griddle and she has her signature waffles which she makes by booting a miniature thundercloud into zapping an iron.

If she is not off on some scheme or another, you can likely find her pushing around her mobile breakfast cloud-cart: WaffleWings!