Name: Manyara
Race: Abada
Cutie-Mark: A small brown spider, in the process of weaving an intricate web.
Talents: Wishmaster
A slim, golden brown creature with a flowing brown mane and tail and deep, mystical silver eyes. Her face, rump, and legs fade from brown to a light tan, nearly white by the nose and hooves. Her legs, rump, and neck are marked with thin, dark stripes, zebra-like in pattern but thinner in places. She sports two unicorn-like horns, one long and almost scythe-like, lightly curved; the other, positioned directly below it, is a good bit shorter, just barely poking out from the mane.
She wears a long, golden necklace dotted with stones of varying sizes and colors. Her left foreleg is encircled with three golden hoops, also set with stones. Her right ear sports two gleaming rings. She often wears a cloak, midnight blue in color with little star-like shimmers that sometimes catch the light and just enough to sparkle faintly.
Player: Sadaka