Name: Magpie
Race: Unicorn
Cutie-Mark: A Gleaming Gold Coin
Talents: Pickpocketing
Weaknesses: All that glitters is worth stealing
The black-and-white piebald unicorn is still young enough to be a filly, and old enough to be thinking about not being one. Which means she can pass as either one with a bit of effort, though her underfed slimness probably works better for the young side than the other way. Her coat is a little raggedy looking, but she's doing better these days than she used to. The filly's eyes are purplish rose, and her mane is pale lavender, in a neat pixie cut. A large, roughly triangular black spot covers one eye, almost like an eyepatch, while most of her face is, like her horn, bright white. On her flanks, her cutie mark is a glimmering gold coin.