Mad Mare
Name: Mad Mare
Race: Earth Pony
Cutie-Mark: Currently unrecognizable, as though someone had attempted to burn it off.
Talents: Insanity, Acting, Plotting
Weaknesses: A flare for the dramatic, Hates her real name
The Mad Mare of the Syndicolt, or Maddie in less formal occasions, is an off-white colored earth pony, her coat shifting gracefully from slightly 'dirty' white to a darker shade of ash grey towards her hooves. Her mane has seen better days, her recent adventures having transformed it from a long and well-kept mane to a shorter and unruly cut. Her tail, too, has taken a cut, down to half its former glory, and looks rather ragged and singed at the ends. Though this may be a choice of style than anything else. Both have been colored a dark black, fading to the same shade of ash-grey her coat does towards the ends, with a single shock of blue mane hanging just over her light blue eyes. Mane and tail aren't the only changes this mare has gone through. It seems something awful has happened to the ol' gal's back legs! They've both gone missing, replaced with a pair of shiny bronze prosthetic legs that look to be rather fancy and expensive, fitted to her flank to be as seamless as possible where they join her body. As if that weren't different enough, something has also happened to her cutie mark, as it's become a mere patch of black charcoal scrawled across her flank, marring whatever could have been beneath it.

The Mad Mare of the Syndicolt. This is her persona. The right-hoof mare of one Mr. Syndicolt, leader of the Syndicolt Organization, which recently had launched a campaign to bully themselves into Horseshoe Harbor. Their intent had been to set up shop, using the Harbor as yet another port for their smuggling purposes, using methods of bribery and threats to bring the local government body under their control. This plan, however, did not survive the touch of one Mayor Salty, whom not only rejected all offers of the Syndicolt to gain territory, but taunted the Mad Mare into taking action.

Thus it was that, for nearly a month and a half, Horseshoe Harbor was blockaded, with no ship able to get in nor out of the harbor. No trade, no immigrants, no leaving by boat. Yet the citizens of the harbor rose up in spite of this, in a series of events that not only brought an end to the blockade, but heavily scarred the Mare in multiple ways, physically and mentally.

Not much is really known about her past, as very few ponies are wont to ask. The only now-commonly known tidbit is that her real name is Sunshine Stormcloud, a name she hates dearly. Deep enough to send her into a rage anytime it's brought up.