Lost And Found

This page represents the upcoming plot series/Episode: Lost and Found

2/8 Endgame Part 1 *rough/raw* The Harborites join forces with the Seapony Outriders in an all out assault on the Spire! Dustdevil, Muzaji, Stormsailor, Typhoon Wave, Sky Sparkler, Magpie, Moonglow, Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Jellybean black-heart
The conclusion of the above log represents the first part of this series and shows where Dustdevil came from, and how he has found his way into the situation he is now.
2/12 Adrift Dustdevil finds himself, and finds that he is hopelessly lost at sea… Dustdevil lost-and-found
Found Recognition is found for a long lost pegasus. He was presumed dead, missing in action, and found alive by the crew of the Maid-Mareian Goody-Horseshoes, Dustdevil lost-and-found
04/2 Find Your Path oh lost Pegasus Dustdevil wasn't only lost at sea when he was blown from the Maelstrom, he lost a piece of himself in the aftermath, now he must find his way anew. Goody-Horseshoes, Dustdevil lost-and-found
4/14 Time to Go Dustdevil and the combined crews join for a celebration of his past, and of going home finally. He has officially joined the Do-Gooders, the crew of the Maid Mareian ready for the voyage home Goody-Horseshoes, Dustdevil lost-and-found