September, 2013
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September 2013
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
09/1 Corporate Sabotage! It's New Hire Orientation day at the NICE Co. Factory when an explosion shakes everything up! Who is this new pony? Why are they at the harbor? Quintessent-Rune, Cross-Redfeather, Magpie, Sablemane, Sunflower, Coffee-Mug, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Moon-Willow, Midnight-Sun, Palette-Splash The Prolification of NICEness
09/5 Kraka-lackin A horrorterror of the sea shows up for … cuddles? Page, Moonglow, Rondeau, Merryweather, Camilla, Rising-Chaos
09/7 Stealing the Perfect Ship Mwai leads his new pirate crew on a quest to find the perfect ship to steal! Mwai, Salty, Grusha, Muzaji, Moon-Willow, Lavender, Rock'em-and-Sock'em, Fireside-Frolic In Search of a Ship
The Fiercest Battlecry Whistlestop's gift is stolen, and everyone (mostly) tries to catch the culprit! Magpie, Whistlestop, Page, Hawthorn, Sablemane, Kick-Save, Steady-Binding
09/8 Gone Batty A pair of bat-pony Guards show up and cause a ruckus! Sunshine-Stormcloud, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Thunnini, Moon-Willow, Gustaff, Tale-Chaser, Cross-Redfeather, Gladstone The Prolification of NICEness
09/9 A Glimmer of Friendship Ruby-Blossom and Wishy-Washy take a trip to Daybreak to check up on things. Ruby-Blossom, Wishy-Washy
09/11 Right Place, Wrong Time Fresh from her adventure out on the high seas, Lavender checks out a curious warehouse… Lavender The Prolification of NICEness
Wrong Place, Night Time The "Crimson Crusader" and Tale-Chaser poke their noses into the factory, looking for clues of wrongdoing! Magpie, Tale-Chaser The Prolification of NICEness
09/12 NICE Factory, EVIL Golems Quintessent-Rune drops by the NICE factory with a golem to show off! Quintessent-Rune The Prolification of NICEness
09/13 PCSI: Carrot Corner Warehouse The ponies of Horseshoe Harbor investigate the warehouse where a batpony foal was discovered! They find some interesting clues… Sunshine-Stormcloud, Wishy-Washy, Moonglow, Ruby-Blossom, Makuru, Moon-Willow, Cross-Redfeather, Jellybean The Prolification of NICEness
09/14 Cutie Mark Chronicles: Part 1 Ponies gather at the Rusty Bucket and divulge their cutie mark tales. Tradewinds, Blackbird, Rising-Chaos, Windrose, Quintessent-Rune, Freeze-Frame, Rondeau
09/14 Early Birthday Wishes Hawthorn will have to work on his birthday, so he bakes a cake a couple days early! Freeze-Frame, Hawthorn, Magpie, Makuru, Page, Ruby-Blossom
09/15 Movie Night Samantha runs a movie night on the deck of the Rusty Bucket. Hijinks ensue. Samantha, Starbright, Camilla, Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Tradewinds, Freeze-Frame, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom, Dream-Daze, Moonglow
PCSI: Batpony Central The ponies of Horseshoe Harbor investigate the batponies! Sunshine-Stormcloud, Wishy-Washy, Moonglow, Ruby-Blossom, Big-Red, Moon-Willow The Prolification of NICEness
09/17 Lavender's Plight - The First Day Recently foalnapped Lavender wakes up in her new 'home' and finds all the missing batponies too! Lavender The Prolification of NICEness
09/18 Lavender's Plight - The Second Day More Harbor foals are brought to this new place…but Lavender hatches a plan. Lavender, Fugue, Dream-Daze, Tricker-Treat, Spearmint The Prolification of NICEness
The Foalnapper's Journal Ruby-Blossom shares some information with Sunshine-Stormcloud, and with Magpie's help a plan is formed… Ruby-Blossom, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Magpie The Prolification of NICEness
09/21 Soft Spots Sunshine-Stormcloud bumps into Rising-Chaos in Tinker Town and they talk about current events! Sunshine-Stormcloud, Rising-Chaos The Prolification of NICEness
It's A Trap! Makuru brings a few of his foalish friends to frolic in the frozen forest in search of herbs, but run afoul of a foal trap! Makuru, Hoarfrost, Sadaka, Freeze-Frame The Prolification of NICEness
09/22 Who's Trapping Who? Magpie and Ruby-Blossom set up a trap for the foalnapper! Sunshine-Stormcloud, Ruby-Blossom, Page, Magpie The Prolification of NICEness
A Grate Idea The freshly captured foals have been introduced to their new homes. Freeze-Frame gets an idea… Freeze-Frame, Hoarfrost, Sadaka, Makuru, Dream-Daze, Fugue The Prolification of NICEness
Mwai's Ghost Ship Captain Mwai and Captain Salty finally get to explore their stolen ship! They find out it has some pretty awkward cargo. Mwai, Rock'em-and-Sock'em, Salty, Grusha, Muzaji, Moon-Willow
09/22 Sleeping with the Fishes Two friends have a pleasant sleepover to help reduce some tension. the air is cleared and rocks are coerced in to moving about. Rising-Chaos, Spindrift
09/24 That's Not How You Pick A Lock Magpie is introduced to the chain gang! That is, where all the foals are being kept. Magpie, Hoarfrost, Lavender, Sadaka, Makuru, Fugue, Page The Prolification of NICEness
09/25 The Chicken and the Snake Cross-Redfeather initiates a daring plan to get herself in with all the captured foals! But she didn't count on her captor's creepy nature. Cross-Redfeather The Prolification of NICEness
09/26 The Zebra Trap Siyana ditches school one afternoon and finds some of her friend's things in a tree! Siyana The Prolification of NICEness
Foaloco: Grabbing The Loot The captured foals put their first plan in action. Starring Hoarfrost as The Mole, Magpie as The Locksmith, Siyana as The Cleaner, Sadaka as The Lookout, Freeze-Frame as The Pickpocket, Fugue as The Gentlecolt, and Lavender as The Blonde. Magpie, Hoarfrost, Lavender, Sadaka, Makuru, Fugue, Siyana The Prolification of NICEness
09/27 Trapception Dragonheart and Snapdragon are on the loose! Can Kludge get them back in order before they join the list of Missing Foals? Snapdragon, Dragonheart, Kludge The Prolification of NICEness
09/28 Into the Candy Mines Sunshine-Stormcloud and Sugar-Rush lead a group into a very curious place in search of the missing foals. Sunshine-Stormcloud, Sugar-Rush, Snowfield, Wishy-Washy, Rising-Chaos, Hawthorn, Tale-Chaser, Cricket, Moonglow, Midnight-Sun The Prolification of NICEness
09/29 Rising's Quest Rising-Chaos stays behind after all the other Harbor ponies return to the surface to see if she can track down a few more clues. Rising-Chaos The Prolification of NICEness

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