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September 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
9/3 The Ballad of Sunshine (and Her Wee Stripey Nemesis) Mad-Mare and Siyana enact their Insult Song-fighting Duel for Sadaka's honor! Kludge, Mad-Mare, Siyana, Pumpkin, Trueshot, Sadaka
9/4 Crooked Horn, Crooked Pony Ruby-Blossom and Kludge reveal some of their secrets to each other… and to an adventurous Dream-Daze. Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Dream-Daze
Docking Distress Stormsailor comes back to Horseshoe Harbor after several months out at sea and finds he doesn't care for the port's new management. Mad-Mare, Stormsailor Maddie's Revenge
9/5 We Scream for Ice Cream Amidst the muggy weather, everypony looks for ice cream. Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Spearmint, Whistlestop, Skyflower, Magpie
The Set-Up Stormsailor picks up some illicit cargo from an old contact, only to discover too late that she's on the Syndicolt's payroll. Mad-Mare, Stormsailor Maddie's Revenge
Toil and Trouble Blackbird and Rumble work on helping Polaris with the potion. Blackbird, Polaris, Rumble-Riot Maddie's Revenge
9/7 New Ship in Town Queen Pegasus has arrived in Horseshoe Harbor! What does Ruby Blossom know about this beautiful pirate? Queen-Pegasus, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Rising-Chaos, Sky-Sparkler, Mad-Mare
9/8 Challenging the Everfree Dustdevil and Sodium-Fizz sets out for an expedition in the Everfree Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz The Extremely Embarrasing Everfree Escape
Stormy Summer Saturday A late summer storm hits Horseshoe Harbor; what do the Harborites do when the weather hits? Captain-Mwai, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Wintergreen, Lavender, Ruby-Blossom, Sky-Sparkler, Winter-Solstice, One-Shot
Cellar of Wonders Ponies storm the mayor's manor late at night in search of Salty's secret stash. Amber-Shot, Captain-Mwai, Lavender, Lorelei, Mad-Mare, Whistlestop
9/9 Faux Pas Forest Frolic Part 1 Gamble decodes the mysterious journal Rocket found and believes the first treasure 'clue' lies in the Wintersong Forest. But is it worth an expedition into such a dangerous forest? Gamble, Rocket, Kludge, Lavender, Ruby-Blossom, Sadaka Faux Pas Fortune
9/10 The Lady and the Tramp Stormsailor catches sight of a familiar mare while staring out his cell window and proceeds to rile her up. Lorelei, Mad-Mare, Stormsailor Maddie's Revenge
Camp Everfree Sodium-Fizz and Dustdevil make camp in the Everfree Forest Sodium-Fizz, Dustdevil The Extremely Embarrasing Everfree Escape
9/12 Dinner Time, Story Time Ruby-Blossom and Kludge meet for dinner. Ruby invites Dream-Daze to join them, then tells a short tale of her past. Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Magpie
9/14 Love and Madness Mad-Mare has fallen in love with Ruby-Blossom! Can Rock'em, Sock'em, and Kludge figure out what happened? Ruby-Blossom, Mad-Mare, Kludge
Stormy Rage, Stormy Truth Kludge visits Ruby-Blossom to listen to her problems, and she tells him her big secret. Ruby-Blossom, Kludge
Eyes in the Everfree Predatory eyes watch Dustdevil and Sodium-Fizz. Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz The Extremely Embarrasing Everfree Escape
9/15 Faux Pas Forest Frolic Part 2 Gamble's second attempt at leading a group to infiltrate the Wintersong Forest and find a clue to the mystical Pirate Treasure. Will this effort have any better luck than the last? Gamble, Rocket, Whistlestop, Winter-Solstice, Rising-Chaos, Skyflower, Sadaka Faux Pas Fortune
We've Got Us A Map... After so much friend making, so much lemonade, and the acquisition of prized Explorer Hats, Dream-Daze requires one last component before she can take her friends on an adventure to Big Candy Ice-Cream Mountain. And only one pony in town might carry it. Manyara, Dream-Daze
9/16 Clubhouse Concepts Kludge and the fillies of the lemonade stand start brainstorming ideas for a clubhouse for the fillies. Kludge, Dream-Daze, Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Rising-Chaos, Pumpkin, Ruby-Blossom
9/17 Temper of the Queen Threats fly, tensions simmer, and odd alliances form after Siyana bumps into Queen-Pegasus. Queen-Pegasus, Siyana, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Mad-Mare
9/18 Plans Against the Queen Maddie, Kludge, and Ruby discuss how to deal with Queen-Pegasus. Ruby seems distracted, however… Mad-Mare, Kludge, Ruby-Blossom
Flash of Genius Rumble goes hunting for White Phoenix feathers. Rumble-Riot, Mad-Mare, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Sky-Sparkler
Superlative Art A new artist rolls into town. EXCELSIOR! Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Excelsior
9/19 Plots Against the Queen More plotting! This time Ruby isn't so distracted and a plan is…almost formed. Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Mad-Mare, Ghost-Salty
The Sorceresses' Assistant Sky sparkler is looking for a new job. And Rising Chaos is looking for an assistant, Sky Sparkler drops by the inquire about a new job, and a new home. Rising Chaos, Sky Sparkler
The Second Coming of the Dread Mayor Salty Blackbird, Polaris and Rumble-Riot have finally completed the resurrection potion and venture into the forest to bring Salty back Blackbird, Polaris, Rumble-Riot, Snowfield Maddie's Revenge
9/20 Meanwhile... In the depths of Nightmare's Necklace, an old power rises… ?? Maddie's Revenge
9/21 Outside The Ol' Watering Hole An unusually full night in the local bars forces a discussion about the next step in finding Lost Pirate Treasure to be held outdoors. Gamble, Rocket, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Salty Faux Pas Fortune
Blueyed in the Everfree Somehow things get even hotter around the ears for Dustdevil and Sodium-Fizz Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz The Extremely Embarrasing Everfree Escape
9/22 When Is A Dragon Not A Dragon? The next clue for the Treasure of Captain Faux Pas leads an adventuring party to a dragon's cave. Gamble, Rocket, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Skyflower, Winter-Solstice, Rising-Chaos Faux Pas Fortune
9/23 Foals on a Picnic Most of the Harborites have been turned into foals! What will they do without adults handling their tasks? Ruby-Blossom, Mad-Mare, Kludge, Jellybean, Magpie Faux Pas Fortune
Welcoming Windrose Everyone is a foal, but one adult turns up in town. She draws… mixed reactions from the townsfolk Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice, Windrose, Ruby-Blossom
Cult Island Fire The Dread Pirate Salty is back… And SOBER! Salty, Mwai, Sky-Sparkler
9/24 Morning Chaos After staying the night at Rising Chaos' house, Windrose is woken up to a scene of.. well.. Chaos. Rising-Chaos, Sky-Sparkler, Windrose, Kludge, Ruby-Blossom
9/25 Puppetry Panic! Whistlestop is panicking about becoming a foal again, while Maddie and her goons are panicking about certain blobs. Guess which is the bigger threat? Whistlestop, Kludge, Skyflower, Mad-Mare, Ruby-Blossom Faux Pas Fortune
9/26 An Energetic Welcome A new pony arrives in town and is greeted with enthusiasm! Ruby-Blossom, Rising-Chaos, Sky-Sparkler, Windrose, Pagewise
9/27 Mommy Sparkler Morning at Rising Chaos's house is marked with increasing discord, and the one adult's decent into madness Sky-Sparkler, Rising-Chaos, Jellybean, Kludge, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom
9/28 Alive and Well Mad-Mare has had enough of this nonsense! But her attempts to reign in the madness of a town of foals is cut short by a quite unexpected interruption… Mad-Mare, Salty, Jellybean, Kludge, Solar-Wind, Sky-Sparkler, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom,Windrose Maddie's Revenge
9/29 A Joker's Tale Captain Flintlock remembers something useful about Captain Faux Pas! It's storytime! Gamble, Rocket, Jellybean, Kludge, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom, Faux Pas Fortune
Bad Joke's Punchline It's time to set off for the island of Faux Pas' Treasure! The grand finale to the Faux Pas Plotline! Gamble, Rocket, Jellybean, Kludge, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom, Faux Pas Fortune

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