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Fall 41 - Fall 72, 1007
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Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
11/2 Two Thirds Crazy Shortly after Revenge Gone Wrong Solar-Wind returns from an illicit meeting with Plot-Twist. Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind The Winter Nightmare
Darkest Before Dawn pt 2 Nightmare Night in Nightmare World concludes with a showdown with Nightmare Moon herself. It is nightmarish for everyone involved. Heartsong, Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Manyara, Ruby-Blossom, Sky-Sparkler, Snowfield, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice The Winter Nightmare
Dawn of Darkness Pt 2 The people of Horseshoe Harbor struggle against the undead outbreak and its champion… Salty?! Brume, Carronade, Rising-Chaos, Rocket, Seaside-Sunset, Spindrift, Stormdancer, Thunnini The Winter Nightmare
11/3 Completely Crazy Solar-Wind and Windrose visits the local alchemist after the debacle of Nightmare Night. Insanity happens. Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Windrose The Winter Nightmare
The Queen's Gambit, Pt 1 Spindrift and Brume are ready for a fight, but Queen Pegasus has other things to do. Muzaji fishes for an angle, pirates fish for a seafilly, and zombies fish for Rising Chaos. Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Spindrift, Thunnini, The Winter Nightmare
None Shall Pass Winter-Solstice guards the door, none shall pass without permision! Everypony else just shows up. Sodium-Fizz, Magpie, Kludge, Winter-Solstice, Jellybean, Heartsong The Winter Nightmare
11/4 Shipwreck Even mad alchemists need to relax at some point, even if Ruby-Blossom and Solar-Wind have to force her to. A pity it doesn’t last as relationship talk and Magpie enters the scene and begins a grand tales of ships and wreckage. So much for peace and quiet. Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Ruby-Blossom, Magpie, Kludge, Winter-Solstice The Winter Nightmare
The Queen's Gambit, Pt 2 Rising Chaos returns to the Vanity; Spindrift and Queen Pegasus reach an agreement; Muzaji is along for the ride. And the profit. Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Spindrift, Thunnini The Winter Nightmare
11/5 Not Exiting Ponies meet. Things almost, but not quite, entirely unlike exiting happens. Sodium-Fizz, Ruby-Blossom The Winter Nightmare
11/6 No Lollygagging Solar-Wind returns to Horseshoe Base while Sodium-Fizz's trying to get things done. Sodium-Fizz, Ruby-Blossom, Solar-Wind The Winter Nightmare
The Queen's Gambit, Pt 3 Chaos begins to study the element, while Spindrift, Brume and Muzaji venture into the woods. Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Spindrift The Winter Nightmare
11/07 Pancakes and Preparations Rising-Chaos returns home to secure essential materials… and breakfast. Rising-Chaos, Stormdancer The Winter Nightmare
Going Basecrazy Ponies are going a bit basecrazy from being cooped up for so long. Winter-Solstice makes sure they stay cooped up rather than as zombie-munchies. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz, Jellybean The Winter Nightmare
The Queen's Gambit, Pt 4 Muzaji, Spindrift and Brume contend with the mysteries of an ancient ruin deep inside the Wintersong Forest. Brume, Muzaji, Spindrift The Winter Nightmare
11/8 A Bad Idea Stormdancer have a run-in with Ginger-Spice, a attempt at dinner and moonlight bathing goes awry. Ginger-Spice, Stormdancer
11/9 Mystic Juggling Ginger-Spice seeks out Rising-Chaos for some arcane advice. Ginger-Spice, Rising-Chaos
Light in the Dark A scouting mission to the Hive finds a little slice of home. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz, Ruby-Blossom The Winter Nightmare
The Queen's Gambit, Pt 5 Muzaji, Spindrift and Brume return the artifact to the Vanity; the exchange with Queen Pegasus and Rising Chaos is made. Seeds of hope are planted, but so are seeds of danger… Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Spindrift The Winter Nightmare
Queenie After Dark Queen Pegasus and Chaos have a discussion aboard the Vanity Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus The Winter Nightmare
11/10 A Worse Idea A night drinking turns out to be a worse idea than origional anticipated for Stormdnacer and Ginger-Spice Ginger-Spice, Stormdancer
Drunken Confessions Sodium-Fizz stumbles into everypony else, drunk out of her head on rock-based alcohole. Wat? Winter-Solstice, Windrose, Jellybean, Magpie, Sodium-Fizz The Winter Nightmare
11/11 Sober Confessions A attempt at getting a manecut turns into a forced confession, panic-induced crazy and generaly good things. Winter-Solstice, Windrose, Jellybean, Magpie, Sodium-Fizz, Kludge, Solar-Wind The Winter Nightmare
Losing your Head Concerned over Solar-Wind, Winter and Soda goes looking at the Shadowbolts camp where a enraged Nightmare's Will is losing her head. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz The Winter Nightmare
Glimmer of the Eyes Solar has a secret meeting with Captain Twist of the Shadowbolts Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist The Winter Nightmare
11/12 Of Prophecies and Priorities A bit of father-daughter time is followed by a heartbreaking plan to evacuate. Sadaka, Jellybean, Blackbird, Winter-Solstice The Winter Nightmare
That's the Harbor For You Voice and Fury's attempt at a trap goes horribly wrong. Also: Changelings?? Thunnini, Whistlestop, Skyflower, Brume, Spindrift, Spearmint, Ruby-Blossom, Magpie The Winter Nightmare
11/13 No More Ghosts Sodium-Fizz confronts Ruby and Solar about their actions when forcing her to confess to Winter-Solstice Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind The Winter Nightmare
11/14 Neither Spin, Nor Drift, Nor Rising Chaos... Spearmint and Thunnini deliver Ruby's letter to Rising Chaos; tempers flare when Spindrift confronts Rising. Rising-Chaos, Spearmint, Spindrift, Thunnini The Winter Nightmare
Freedom of Will Another daring meeting on the Ice-Sea of the Two Captains Plot-Twist, Solar-Wind The Winter Nightmare
11/15 Sunshine Sodium-Fizz seeks out Captain Twist for a important talk about the future and a certain solar pony. Plot-Twist, Solar-Wind, Sodium-Fizz The Winter Nightmare
Truce on Ice Solar-Wind asks a certain few ponies to put aside their differences. Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge The Winter Nightmare
11/17 Troubled Waters Stormdancer returns from her misadventure and meets the Queen. The Queen gives Rising a lesson in management techniques. Stormie learns something completely different. Stormdancer, Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus
The Great Escape The AU Base evacuates, talks are had, ponies get stoned, and unstoned too! Happily ever after?… Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Snowfield, Winter-Solstice, Jellybean, Magpie, Windrose,Sodium-Fizz, Manyara The Winter Nightmare
11/17 Out in the Snow A bunch of ponies take a moment away from the cold to talk about about their destination, sunshine, fruit and roses. And pie. Heartsong, Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Winter-Solstice, The Winter Nightmare
How to Gather Leaves and Be Adorable Whistlestop and Skyflower do what they do best. Skyflower, Whistlestop
11/18 Having Some Soda Ponies get together at the edge of the Wintersong Forest, sharing cups of warm, not-quite-unlike grape soda… Well, at least it's kinda like soda. Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Winter-Solstice, Plot-Twist The Winter Nightmare
Autumn Sunset Harborites briefly gather on the docks. Ponies meet, greet, move on, drifting through life until circumstance brings them back together once more. Brume, Muzaji, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Thunnini The Winter Nightmare
11/19 Waking from Nightmare: Harborside The outlander Elements of Harmony are finally empowered to enter the portal with their friends and attempt to reclaim their world from Nightmare Moon, but Harmony Charmer has other plans for them… Brume, Carronade, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Rusty-Gears, Skyflower, Spindrift, Stormdancer, Thunnini, Typhoon-Wave, Whistlestop The Winter Nightmare
Waking from Nightmare: Nightmare World The Harborites trapped in the Nightmare World and their allies battle through zombies towards the heart of the Changeling Hive… and the way home. Blackbird, Heartsong, Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Manyara, Plot-Twist, Ruby-Blossom, Sadaka, Sky-Sparkler, Snowfield, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Windrose, Winter-Solstice The Winter Nightmare
Waking from Nightmare The Harborites and their friends and allies are reunited in a battle against Harmony Charmer… and soon, Nightmare Moon herself. Can the Elements of Harmony triumph over the frozen world's dark queen? Blackbird, Brume, Carronade, Heartsong, Jellybean, Kludge, Magpie, Manyara, Plot-Twist, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos, Ruby-Blossom, Rusty-Gears, Sadaka, Sky-Sparkler, Skyflower, Snowfield, Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind, Spindrift, Stormdancer, Thunnini, Typhoon-Wave, Whistlestop, Windrose, Winter-Solstice The Winter Nightmare
11/20 Upon Sorrowful Tides Spindrift departs Horseshoe Harbor, but not before sharing with Muzaji and Thunnini some words, some secrets… and a warning. Muzaji, Spindrift, Thunnini Black-Heart
Stab in the Heart Plot-Twist finds that not-so-old habits dies hard as she stabs Dustdevil in the heart. Plot-Twist, Dustdevil, Ginger-Spice
11/21 Another You As normal when they meet Stormdancer trips over Ginger-Spice. Then trips again over another thermal suit clad gingerbread brown mare. Stormdancer, Ginger-Spice
11/22 Heartwarming Winter A catonic comes to her senses somewhere unfamiliar. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz
11/23 Craterside Several ponies and a zebra get together at Horseshoe Harbours premiere crater hotspot. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz, Kludge, Rising-Chaos, Jellybean, Muzaji
11/24 Trampled in the Dust Dustdevil gets his romantic hopes stomped in the dust. Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
At the Rusty Bucket Several ponies come together at the Rusty Bucket for rest and relaxation. Magpie, Sodium-Fizz, Kludge, Winter-Solstice, Ruby-Blossom
11/25 Manedye and Silver Studs Sodium-Fizz seeks out Ruby-Blossom for some help. Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
Omnious Rumblings Solar-Wind is back in the harbour, and bring ill tidings for Ruby-Blossom. And the sewers Rumble. Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz, Windrose, Solar-Wind, Winter-Solstice, Rumble-Riot
11/26 Role Reversal The scene is not a uncommon one between Winter and Fizz, one mare comforting the other. But usualy, it's the other way around. Winter-Solstice, Sodium-Fizz
Portside Plunder Ruby and Fizzy goes to plunder Portside. After a fashion, for fashion. Ruby-Blossom, Sodium-Fizz
True Colors Ruby visits Winter, puts to rest the matter of her secrecy, and reveals her true colors. Ruby Blossom, Winter-Solstice
11/27 Old Job, New Friends Things get back to normal… or at least as normal as Horseshoe Harbor gets. Sky-Sparkler Stormdancer Plot-Twist Jellybean
Never, Ever Sodium-Fizz is out for fine cider, though after a conversation with Ruby-Blossom and Moonshine she wishes she'd gone for rum. Sodium-Fizz Moonshine Ruby-Blossom
11/28 Date Jitters Sodium Fizz has some concerns about an impending double date. Sodium-Fizz, Winter-Solstice
11/29 Dastardly Deals Stormdancer is out procuring strange plants and things for Rising-Chaos. Stormdancer, Sodium-Fizz
Swordcraft, Pt. 1 Rising Chaos wants a sword, and Winter Solstice is just the pony to make it for her. Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice
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