Logs for March through May, 2012
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March 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
3/2 Burnt Rum Salty burns down the distillery, and ponies flock to make sure the whole town doesn't burn down AGAIN. Salty, Snowfield, Jellybean, Sadaka, Jettison, Lavender
3/3 Freezing Practice Snowfield, Jellybean and Blackbird discuss the finer points of their cutie mark talents. Snowfield, Jellybean, Blackbird
Haunted Happenings The strange phenomenons at the haunted house are increasing, but clues are being uncovered. Incantation, Jellybean, Sadaka, Shooting-Star, Siyana, Stillwater The Ghost
3/6 Storm Front A strange storm rolls into the Harbor with…dramatic consequences. Jellybean, Snowfield, Blackbird, Typhoon-Wave, Sadaka, Otente
3/8 Ghost Hunting Late night wackiness leads to Siyana deputizing two pegasi as fellow ghost hunters. Jellybean, Siyana, Bedhead The Ghost
3/12 Winter Smash-Up Disaster makes a near-miss as Winter Wrap-Up begins. Salty, Typhoon-Wave, Jellybean, Snowfield, Hayseed, Bedhead, Siyana
3/18 Magic and Curses Jellybean takes his problems to the zebras for help. Jellybean, Siyana, Mayani, Jack-o-Lantern Magic and Curses
Tours Gone Wild Phosphor asks Hayseed to give her a tour of the town, and ends with a trip to the mayor's house. Phosphor, Hayseed Magic and Curses
3/19 An Imperfect Storm A discussion of Jellybean's cloud problem turns dangerous when Snowfield suffers from magical feedback while trying to fix it. Jellybean, Snowfield, Hayseed, Typhoon-Wave Magic and Curses
3/21 A Groggy Proposition On the second day of New Years, Blackbird discovers Sadaka is homeless and parentless, and decides to take her in for now. Meanwhile, Snowfield drinks terrible alcohol, and Jettison is friendly. Salty, Snowfield, Jettison, Blackbird, Sadaka
3/28 Crash Landing Sadaka's never-ending search for dinner is cut short by a sudden new arrival in town. Also Snowfield's home is mildly distressed. Jellybean, Snowfield, Sadaka, Bosstone, Blackbird, Manyara
3/30 Winter Relapse Snowfield's magic goes haywire and freezes the harbor. Snowfield, Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Lorelei, Blackbird Magic and Curses
April 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
4/1 I Wanna Be... Lavender and Siyana seek out the mysterious stranger to make wishes. Manyara, Lavender, Siyana Wayward Wishes
Yar Har Fiddlydee Lavender excitedly explores her new pirate ship, only to be boarded by Captain Mwai. Captain Mwai, Lavender, Siyana Wayward Wishes
4/7 Hibernation's End Manyara frees Snowfield from the frozen harbor. The two discuss the nature of the curse afflicting the town. Manyara, Snowfield Magic and Curses
4/8 Home Invasion Snowfield returns to her cottage after a long week on ice and discovers somepony has been living there while she's been gone. Bosstone, Snowfield
Farmhouse Rescue An attempt to find where Hayseed vanished to ends with a team effort to save her from her own over-powered spells. Fidget, Hayseed, Jellybean, Lavender, Snowfield, Typhoon-Wave Magic and Curses
4/13 Truth Jellybean and Snowfield track down the one common thread between the Nabber's Curse victims, seeking answers. Jellybean, Phosphor, Snowfield Magic and Curses
4/15 Obliterated. Again. The curse has spread throughout the harbor and, unfortunately, reached its target. Jellybean, Snowfield, Hayseed, Typhoon-Wave, Salty, Captain Mwai, Whiplash Magic and Curses
4/16 Caring for Fillies Blackbird chats with his student and a new inventor in town, only to realize Sadaka is missing. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, Fidget
Into The Woods I Siyana's quest for a cutie mark leads her into the Wintersong Forest with Lavender and Sadaka in tow. Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield Wayward Wishes
4/17 Into The Woods II Guided by Snowfield, Siyana's search for a mystical flower to help her earn a cutie mark continues. Lavender, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield Wayward Wishes
4/22 Cutie Mark: Achieved! Siyana presents the spoils of her adventure to Manyara. A deal is honored. Manyara, Siyana, Snowfield Wayward Wishes
May 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
5/1 Snowcrash A rescue party seeks Sadaka, who's been kidnapped by a kelpie. Gamble, Windsplitter, Rocket, Sadaka, Jellybean, Baron-Von-Cirrus, Blackbird, Diamond-Charmer
5/8 Romantic Intentions Fidget returns to Manyara's tent with her payment for a love potion. Fidget, Manyara, Snowfield Wayward Wishes
5/16 An Offer You Can't Refuse A strange new group arrives in town with a proposition for the mayor. Mad-Mare, Salty, Jettison, Shanty The Syndicolt
5/21 White Knight Syndrome Blackbird's semi-romantic evening with Rusty is cut short when raucous syndicolt ponies challenge him to a duel. Mad-Mare, Blackbird, Rusty-Gears The Syndicolt
5/22 Duel Madness Blackbird, Rusty, and Mad have a duel on their ship. It ends…excitingly. Mad-Mare, Blackbird, Rusty-Gears The Syndicolt
5/30 Good Intentions Blackbird seeks out Manyara to make a wish. Blackbird,Manyara Wayward Wishes
5/31 Piracy is the Worst Policy Lavender and the crew of the S. S. Mirage set sail to attack the blockade and get way more than they bargained for. Siyana, Mad-Mare, Sadaka, Lavender, Jellybean, Fidget, Stormsailor The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
Lesson Learned Lavender discovers that her ill-fated wish involves also losing her parents; she and Siyana storm Manyara's tent for a reversal. Manyara, Lavender, Siyana, Snowfield Wayward-Wishes

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