June, 2013
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June 2013
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
6/1 Gettin' Too Old For This Wherein Blackbird realizes something very important about what he wants. While being a captive. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears Black Thorns
6/2 Spilt Milk Ruby finds her feral foals, who try very hard to inform her of something scary in the forest. It works about as well as expected. Ruby-Blossom, Snapdragon, Dragonheart, Magpie
6/3 Letters From A Friend The ponies who have offered their services to the Contact and her employer are… well, contacted. The Heist
Smells Like Heaven A couple of ponies check out Moka's wares. Rising-Chaos, Moka, Jellybean, Willow-Grove Of Ponies and Pomegranates
Wreck-It Blackbird Blackbird and Rusty-Gears face down Big Hoss and his Metal Pony Wrecks! Blackbird, Rusty-Gears Black Thorns
6/5 Not Quite An Explanation Magpie calls out the Contact to brief her on what her next mission is. Magpie The Heist
6/9 It Starts With Good Hops Rocket and Gamble pay a visit to the farmland and the Harvest family for some special hops. Rocket, Gamble, Hayseed, Pumpkin The Heist
Art On The Boardwalk Assorted Pony and Griffon antics while Palette Splash is painting a scenic picture Palette-Splash, Starbright, Tick-Tock, Yisheng, Tradewinds, Starchild, Samantha
6/10 Percepitation Preperation The Harbor Weather Team gets ready despite the wrecking of their shed. Jellybean, Windrose, Skyshear, Stormdancer, Typhoon-Wave Final Rains
6/14 The Crimson Crusader Strikes! The Crimson Crusader makes a special delivery to the Rusty Bucket. Magpie The Heist
6/17 Stuck on a Statue Sadaka gets stuck on the statue of Seafoam after a failed attempt to fly in a storm. Sunshine comes to the rescue! Sadaka, Sunshine-Stormcloud
6/18 Nothing Matters Sadaka performs an intervention on Siyana's moody upset. Sadaka, Siyana
It's Always Ice Cream Weather Blackbird and Rusty officially return, and gather up their wayward foal. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, and Sadaka Black Thorns
Knuckleheads Rusty and Blackbird discuss the aftermath of their mission, and Blackbird pops the question. Blackbird and Rusty-Gears
6/19 I'm Not Mad Blackbird runs into the former Mad-Mare. Blackbird and Sunshine-Stormcloud
Fine Ladies and Bachelor Parties Jellybean, Winter-Solstice, and Blackbird discuss the finer points of wedding planning. Jellybean, Winter-Solstice, and Blackbird
06/09 Smoke on the Water Tradewinds blows into town and gets hugged by a griffon. Tradewinds, Samantha, Palette-Splash, Starbright, Starchild, Yisheng
Music and Magic Refrain teaches Hawthorn something about magic. Refrain, Hawthorn
Fidget's Prank Emporium Magpie and Hawthorn discover Fidget's Prank Emporium and everyone gets the wrong idea about everything ever. Hawthorn, Magpie, Fidget, Toybox
06/09 Foals Everywhere! Hoarfrost and Hawthorn get to meet Ruby's newborns Hoarfrost, Hawthorn, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom
6/23 Dances With Statues The band of amateur archaeologists begin to explore the mysterious ruins. Aliella, Sadaka, Pumpkin, Tale Chaser The Greatest Treasure
6/26 Help Me, Obi Wan KeChaos! Siyana finds some…inspiration in Rising-Chaos. Rising-Chaos, Siyana
Belated Birthday Bash For Two Dream-Daze pays Spearmint a visit to celebrate their birthdays and give him a present. Dream-Daze, Spearmint
6/28 Bestill My Fidgeting Heart Fidget comes back to town and bumps into an old, dear friend. Fidget, Gamble

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