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June 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
6/1 Welcome to Your New Life Sadaka wakes up to find her parents have finally found her. …Yay? Sadaka, Bazi, Talhia The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
6/2 Revenge is Sweet Mad-Mare pays Blackbird a visit to taunt him. Mad-Mare, Blackbird The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
Help Blackbird collapses at Rusty's hooves for help and comfort. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
The Belly of the Beast Blackbird and Rusty charge Mad-Mare's ship to get Sadaka back. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, Mad-Mare The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
All These Ponies Are Crazy Blackbird and Rusty run into Gamble and start to plot a way to get the zebras free from the Syndicolt. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, Gamble The Syndicolt, Wayward-Wishes
Hoof-Wrasslin Mad and Salty test wits while a couple of colts explore the Rusty Bucket. Mad-Mare, Broccoli-Sprout, Addled-Shock, Salty The Syndicolt
6/5 Love in the Time of Madness An empath runs into Mad-Mare and tries Very Hard to fix her. Mad-Mare, Lily-Heart The Syndicolt
6/10 Of Mares and Fillies A Syndicolt ship has exploded! Mad Mare blames Sadaka. Mad-Mare, Sadaka The Syndicolt
6/11 Doubt and Self-Loathing A small confluence of ponies on Main Street ends in self-loathing, tears, and ice cream. Lily-Heart, Lavender, Dream-Daze, Snowfield
6/12 Mild-Mannered Blackbird seeks help from Snowfield and shows a side he rarely does. Blackbird, Snowfield Wayward Wishes, The Syndicolt
6/13 Sunshine in the Storm Salty takes it on herself to taunt and goad Mad-Mare until she gets violent. Mad-Mare, Salty The Syndicolt
6/14 A Bard's Tale Dream-Daze and Lavender attempt to find a new pony in town, Skyheart, a job as a bard in the Rusty Bucket. Skyheart, Dream-Daze, Lavender
6/16 Japery Lily flees the wind, rain, and bunnies into Fidget's shop. Lily-Heart, Fidget
6/18 The Rescue Blackbird and Rusty's daring rescue plan is brought to fruition! …but not without some truly unfortunate hitches. Blackbird, Gambit, Lavender, Mad-Mare, Rusty-Gears, Sadaka, Siyana, Snowfield Wayward Wishes, The Syndicolt
July 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
7/4 An Open Invitation Snowfield receives an unexpected guest at her cottage when an invitation she offered weeks previously is finally accepted. Mad-Mare, Snowfield Maddie's Revenge
7/5 She Schemes by the Seashore Another plot is set in motion when the Mad Mare pays a visit to her seapony acquaintance. Mad-Mare, Lorelei Maddie's Revenge
7/6 A Trip Through Everfree A group of ponies on their way to Canterlot make their way through Everfree Forest. Blackbird, Sadaka, Rusty-Gears, Fidget, Gamble, Blackbird The Ghost
7/8 The Deathwish Not even the Syndicolt can resist the temptation of Horseshoe Harbor's resident Wishmaster. Mad-Mare, Manyara Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
7/9 All In Vane Salty deftly avoids suffering the effects of Mad Mare's wish. For a while, at least. Then all hay breaks loose. Fidget, Mad-Mare, Mwai, Polaris, Salty, Snowfield Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
An Empty Tent A panicking forest witch looks to the wishmaster for aid but finds she must aid herself. Snowfield Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
Was It Bad Tea? Mad-Mare, after escaping the ghost of the recently deceased, decides she might just be sick instead. Mad-Mare Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
7/10 Somber Strategizing The recently passed is entombed in a cavern deep in the Wintersong Forest while Snowfield and Polaris plot their next move. Polaris, Snowfield Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
07/16 The New Mayor Having arranged for official records to be fixed accordingly, Mad-Mare congratulates Lorelei on her new position as Horseshoe Harbor's Mayor, and discusses the future. Mad-Mare, Lorelei Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
7/31 Meddling Hearts Lily-Heart gets another shot at healing the emotions of Mad-Mare, with mixed results. Mad-Mare, Lily-Heart Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
7/31 Salt In The Wound Following another 'healing' treatment, Mad-Mare is forced to come to grips with the full nature of her wish. Mad-Mare, Salty Wayward Wishes, Maddie's Revenge
August 2012
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
8/3 Parading Into Town Mad-Mare decides it's about time to show off the new mayor to the Harbor, only to have her introduction be spectacularly interrupted by… a princess!? Amber-Shot, Emberlocks, Lorelei, Mad-Mare, Quilltip, Shiroyuki-Hanako Maddie's Revenge
8/7 It's All Blackbird's Fault Blackbird's amazing flying whirlygig distracts from the arrival (and stealing activities) of a new sticky-hooved pony, Ruby-Blossom. Amber-Shot, Blackbird, Sadaka, Mad-Mare, Ruby-Blossom
Black Thorns, Red Roses Blackbird spills his gruesome past to Rusty. Blackbird, Rusty-Gears
8/10 Pushing Buttons Rocket goes hunting in the Wintersong Forest and finds something more interesting than food. Rocket Faux Pas Fortune
8/10 Captain Who? Rocket brings some items she found in the forest to Gamble, and investigation begins! Rocket, Gamble Faux Pas Fortune
8/10 Speeches, Smoothies, and Serenades Midsummer Bash begins with a speech from Mayor Lorelei! But Princess Shiroyuki-Hanako's presence nearly steals the show. Mad-Mare, Lorelei, Shanty, Emberlocks, Shiroyuki-Hanako, Amber-Shot, Sadaka, Rusty-Gears, Blackbird Midsummer Mayhem
8/15 Blue Joke Fidget finds something new in the Harbor, and plays an innocent prank with it. Fidget Faux Pas Fortune
The Legend of Faux Pas Gamble tells the story of Captain Faux Pas to Rocket in the not so private place of Champagne Bay. A new pony to town shows up! Gamble, Rocket, Amber-Shot, Tubular-Bells Faux Pas Fortune
8/16 Let It All Out Blackbird and Mad-Mare have a fight! Until Sadaka gets fed up enough to tell Mad-Mare how she really feels. Blackbird, Mad-Mare, Sadaka Maddie's Revenge
8/18 That Ship Has Sailed Mad-Mare tries to get to a boat before it's gone! Jettison comes back to port, Jellybean and Tyhpoon Wave have lemonade. Ruby-Blossom watches… Jettison, Mad-Mare, Trueshot, Jellybean, Ruby-Blossom, Typhoon-Wave Maddie's Revenge
8/18 Theft, Treasure Hunting, Vacations, and Underage Drinking Ruby-Blossom returns a purse, Gamble and Rocket talk selkies, a vacationing P.I. makes fun of terrible criminal nomenclature, and Addled-Shock gets a girly drink. Addled-Shock, Amber-Shot, Gamble, Glass, Rocket, Ruby-Blossom
8/18 Freshly Squeezed A group of foals recent adventures with creating a lemonade stand pay off! …Until Mad-Mare shows up. Dream-Daze, Lavender, Sadaka, Glass, Rising-Chaos, Mad-Mare
8/21 Special Delivery The Champagne Bay receives a shipment of fresh food from the Autumn Harvest farms. The bartender and the farmer complain about the unrefined palattes of the average sailor. Amber-Shot, Hayseed, Pumpkin
8/23 Bitter Lemons Mad-Mare's second day of selling lemonade goes poorly, despite many new faces to sell to. Spearmint shows up to sell lemonade much more effectively, and Polaris looks for an herbalist! Mad-Mare, One-Shot, Peak-Dreamer, Rising-Chaos, Royal-Coat, Spearmint, Polaris
8/24 Bitter Lemons Part 2 The fourth day of the Great Lemonade Competition! Mad-Mare figures out a good lemonade recipe, but is it enough to catch up to the business savvy of the foals' stand? …Not if Fidget has anything to say about it! Mad-Mare, Fidget, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Spearmint, Royal-Coat, Siyana, Ruby-Blossom Faux Pas Fortune
8/25 You Must Be Cleansed! When a lost pegasus emerges from the Wintersong forest after being lost for two days, a local crazy old coot insists he must be cleansed. With rum, and fire! Siyana, Sadaka, Kludge, Dream-Daze, Dustdevil
8/26 Building a House Construction on Ruby-Blossom's house has begun; who knows how things will turn out? Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Rumble-Riot
8/26 A Friendly Drinking Game A trio of ponies make their way to the Champagne Bay for some heavy drinking while the regulars… well, ignore them, for the most part. Amber-Shot, Kludge, Ruby-Blossom, Rumble-Riot, Rusty-Gears, Wintergreen
8/27 Rocky Road Mint Mix Winter Solstice discusses the merits of boulders for interior design, Jellybean tries to get Typhoon Wave into bed (in a completely platonic way!), and Mwai pushes some drugs. Oh, and two ponies break the time/space barrier and/or explode. Don't do drugs, kids. Amber-Shot, Emberlocks, Jellybean, Kludge, Mwai, Shanty, Typhoon-Wave, Winter-Solstice, Wintergreen
8/28 Building a House Part 2 Construction on Ruby-Blossom's house resumes, but what is Mad-Mare up to? Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Mad-Mare, Siyana, Sadaka, Pumpkin
8/29 Building a House Part 3 Ruby-Blossom's house is finished by song, and a challenge is issued! Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Siyana, Dream-Daze, Sadaka, Mad-Mare, Pumpkin
The Windigo Blackbird and Rumble-Riot run into each other in the forest, seek out ADVENTURE! and get more than they bargained for. Blackbird, Rumble-Riot, Snowfield Maddie's Revenge

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