July, 2013
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July 2013
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
7/9 The Best Sandcastle A hot summer day is the perfect excuse for a group of foals to play on the beach. Dream-Daze, Spearmint, Pumpkin, Lavender, Thunnini
7/9 O Snowfield Where Art Thou? Jellybean treks into the forest to invite Snowfield to his wedding, only to find her missing. Jellybean The Windigo's Kiss
7/12 Seagull Advice Whirligig gets some advice on how to deal with her seagull problem! But will she follow through? Whirligig, Spindrift, Sunshine-Stormcloud
7/14 A Storm of Happy Feathers Jellybean and Typhoon-Wave are expecting some family to show up and visit prior to their upcoming wedding. They get a little more than they bargained for when Jellybean's entire extended family shows up! Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Magpie, Thunnini, Kludge, Steady-Binding Wedding of the Season
7/16 Trash and Treasure Hijinks ensue when Dragonheart finds Sunshine at work and Snapdragon shows up with a treasure of his own… Magpie, Dragonheart, Pumpkin, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Cricket, Snapdragon
7/17 Swarm of the Seapony The foals' playtime gets interrupted by the pegasus swarm, and Tale Chaser becomes an impromptu street performer. Magpie,Hawthorn,Tale-Chaser,Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Cricket, Ruby-Blossom Wedding of the Season
7/21 Of Pies and Punch Planning for Jellybean and Typhoon-Wave's wedding is in full swing! Until a food fight interrupts everything. Magpie,Blackbird,Tick-Tock,Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge Wedding of the Season
07/21 Skyflower's New Fireworks Several ponies and a gryphon gather to watch Skyflower try out a new firework formula Skyflower, Whistlestop, Samantha, Tradewinds, Hawthorn
07/21 Follow the Foal Snapdragon leads several ponies to the place he found a torn journal page. Gustaff, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Snapdragon, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Twilight-Dancer The Windigo's Kiss
07/21 A Shredded Journal A collection of journal fragments discovered by the Wintersong investigation team. The Windigo's Kiss
07/22 Chasing a Cold Trail Suneshine Stormcloud heads for Daybreak looking for answers and get stopped by Bloodrage pegasi along the way. Dragonheart learns some new words. Dragonheart, Hoarfrost, Sunshine-Stormcloud The Windigo's Kiss
07/22 A Smashing Encounter Desc P1, P2, P3
07/23 A Curmudgeonly Coach Back in the spring, Hoarfrost tries once more to convince Snowfield to give her magic lessons. Hoarfrost, Snowfield
07/23 Princess Magpie's Birthday Party Magpie is a year older, and everyone has to celebrate! Magpie, Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Pumpkin, Dream-Daze, Tale-Chaser, Dragonheart, Snapdragon, Toybox, Hawthorn, Straylight, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Cricket
07/24 Rune's Little Secret Gem Song finaly finds himself with a chance to investigate Quintessent Rune's life a wee bit closer. Gem-Song, Quintessent-Rune, Blast-Beat
07/25 The Crimson Crusader Strikes Again! The mysterious Hero of the Harbor is rescued, and chooses a new partner! Magpie, Tale-Chaser
07/28 Finned Foals Make Marvelous Hired Help The Contact pays off a local seapony to help find the Destiny while everypony trips over Spearmint. Moon-Willow, Spearmint, Thunnini The Heist
07/29 A Grumpy Guide A few days after their previous spring encounter, Snowfield goes for a walk in the forest and plays the exposition fairy to Hoarfrost. Hoarfrost, Snowfield
07/30 Beachside Birthday Date Carronade takes the Twins down to the beach for their birthday! Carronade, Seaside-Sunset
07/31 Fidget's Gamble Fidget and Gamble have a pleasant talk on the Harbor's boardwalk… Fidget, Gamble
Small Talk Sunshine-Stormcloud visits Rising-Chaos to ask a few questions and let her know about a particular pony's puzzling disappearance. Then she visits Ruby! Sunshine-Stormcloud, Rising-Chaos, Ruby-Blossom The Windigo's Kiss
Destiny Awaits Magpie, Tale-Chaser and Thunnini go diving in the harbor and get… well, exactly what they bargained for. Magpie, Tale-Chaser, Thunnini The Heist

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