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January 2013
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
1/1 The Unlikeliest Places Rising Chaos encounters Spindrift once again. Can an unlikely friendship help stem a tide of despair? Rising Chaos, Spindrift Black Heart
1/2 Egos Painted Grey A mopey Nocturne is met by Twist and Soda on the portside, and the three reminisce over their troubles. Nocturne, Plot-Twist, Sodium-Fizz
Cheering Up Rising Chaos is found unconscious at the beach. Ponies who know her notice a change. Those who don't make new friends! Frolic, Nocturne, Quintessent-Rune, Rising-Chaos, Swift-Wind
Passing the Torch Rising Chaos does something nopony would expect. Rising Chaos, Quintessent-Rune
One Step at a Time Rising Chaos takes Queen Pegasus out for a short stroll Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
Gift Exchange Dream Daze drops by Ruby's salon to give a gift, and gets one in turn! Dream-Daze, Ruby-Blossom
1/3 Home is Where the Heart is Rising Chaos pays a visit to the Fizzy Flask, clears the air and has a chat. Sodium-Fizz, Rising-Chaos
Play Ball *raw*Zypher comes to give news to Rising Chaos, and a game is arranged between the two. Zypher, Rising-Chaos
Hot Chocolate and Cold Reactions A side trip for hot chocolate and cheesecake gets derailed when Snowfield finds out about Unknown. Ruby-Blossom, Magpie, Jellybean, Kludge, Snowfield, Unknown
Well Met in Rain-Fall ponies playing in precipitation! Stormchaser, Hemlock, Starchild, Shining-Light
You Might Learn Something For their ungentlecoltly behavior, Nocturne and Zypher receive a punishment that is worse than they ever imagined. Nocturne Queen-Pegasus Rising-Chaos Zypher
Cold Hooves Nocturne and Zypher head to the Rusty Bucket to discuss their future dates. Nocturne Zypher
1/4 Potion-Maker and Minstrel Sodium Fizz visits Nocturne for a flute lesson, which tries the unicorn's patience. Nocturne Sodium-Fizz
Sharing the Past Relationships rely on trust, right? Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
1/5 Jealous, Much? Queen Pegasus and Rising Chaos go for lunch! along the way they meet a new pony, and Rising starts feeling things, weird. Daisychain, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
1/6 Winter War Hemlock meets up once again with the lovely Stormchaser, Mabay Ndoto join them an- SNOWBALL FIGHT Hemlock, Stormchaser, Mbaya-Ndoto
Charting a Course The Mayor gathers ponies to seek volunteers for a journey to the land of the Seaponies. Numerous harborites prove perfectly willing to fling themselves into the dangerous unknown! Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Lorelei, Magpie, Muzaji, Ruby Blossom, Rumble Riot, Skyflower, Stormsailor, Thunnini Black Heart
Bottle Ponies Rising Chaos and Sodium Fizz head to the Rusty Bucket to sulk. As we all know, the bad ponies always get foiled, though. Winter-Solstice, Crescent, Sodium-Fizz, Rising-Chaos
1/7 Oozellating Arivals Coral-Splash arives in town and is greeted by it's typical madness. Coral-Splash, Nocturne, Sodium-Fizz, Plot-Twist, Mbaya-Ndoto
1/8 Ooze Free and Minstrel Nocturne seeks out Sodium Fizz to retrieve his guitar. Nocturne Sodium-Fizz
Shadows of the Past Two old friends meet up in the woods. Rising-Chaos, Stormdancer
Planning the Future Queen Pegasus sits down with her minion, who bring news! Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
Threatening Miss Daisy Daisychain shows up at the house of Rising Chaos, who decides now is the time to have a little chat about loyalty Daisychain, Rising-Chaos
1/10 Puddle Jumpin! The Foal Force Five gather in Town Square for Puddles, a song, and an introduction Swift-Wind Dream-Daze Sadaka Lavender Siyana
Rusty Renovations The Rusty Bucket is being repaired, and needs to be hauled into drydock to help finish the work! Ponies of all sort gather around to help haul the old ship in. Magpie, Rumble-Riot, Skyflower, Solar-Wind, Whistlestop, Winter-Solstice, Zypher Black Heart
Children of the Sea Mayor Lorelei wanders the beach and encounters her town's would-be destroyer. They have a little chat. Lorelei, Spindrift Black Heart
1/11 The Madhouse The mad alchemist drops in to the crazed sorceress' house. Sodium-Fizz, Rising-Chaos
The Maid Mauled! A Rusty Rescue! Harborites aim to depart for Silver Shallows aboard the Maid Mareian, but are interrupted by interference from the Spire. Will the journey be halted before it can even get started? Aliella, Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Heartsong, Lavender, Moonshine, Muzaji, Ruby-Blossom, Skyflower, Spearmint, Stormsailor, Thunnini, Zypher Black Heart
1/12 Heroism *raw*A long time hero tries to cheer up somepony new to the business, after play time, of course! Hemlock, Zula, Toybox, Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist
Sea Wolves and Silver Soldiers The journey to Silver Shallows continues, but so do the attacks. Unexpected assistance comes twice over; who is an enemy and who is a friend? Goody Horseshoes, Magpie, Moonshine, Muzaji, Ruby Blossom, Skyflower, Thunnini, Zypher Black Heart
Letters Home & Flight Rising-Chaos recieves a letter from a friend, and helps Gravity escape from being grounded Rising-Chaos, Gravity
1/13 Hold Them Close Zula is forced to make a promise to her partner Hemlock Hemlock, Zula
The Alchemist and the Archaeologist Sodium Fizz is the latest pony to run afoul of Spindrift on the beach. Spindrift is given another reminder of how nice land-dwellers can actually be. Sodium Fizz, Spindrift Black Heart
1/14 The Little Moments *raw*Hemlock tries to enjoy what time he can with his new best friend and prodigy. Sky sparkler shows up to make it better. Hemlock, Sky-Sparkler, Toybox, Starchild
Welcome to Silver Shallows Adventuring Harborites finally arrive in Silver Shallows, and are given a tour. Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Heartsong, Lavender, Magpie, Muzaji, Riptide, Ruby Blossom, Spearmint, Thunnini Black Heart
Beating Heart *raw*It seems even the walk home is perilous these days… Rising-Chaos, Queen-Pegasus, Stormdancer
My Littlest Pony, Part 1 Sodium-Fizz have a plan for the Spire, which can absolutely not backfire in any way possible! Rising Chaos, Winter-Solstice, Kludge, Magpie, Nocturne, Sodium-Fizz Black Heart
1/15 Continually Unlikely Rising Chaos and Spindrift meet on the beach once more. Rising thinks she has a plan. Rising Chaos, Spindrift Black Heart
1/15 Opening the Box Rising Chaos gets herself cleaned up while Queen Pegasus has a snoop around her things. Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
Issues With Royalty Both Starchild and Dustdevil winds up at the Fizzy Flask, both concerned over a certain Queen Pegasus Starchild, Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz Black Heart
1/16 Questions and Answers Mbaya Ndoto seeks out the knowledge of resident alchemist and pegasus, Sodium-Fizz with questions about the weather, the spire, and the motivation behind it all Mbaya-Ndoto, Sodium-Fizz
Get the BALL Rolling *raw*Rising Chaos is brought out for a little demonstration Quintessent-Rune, Rising-Chaos
Swords are Not Toys Sodium-Fizz runs into Rising-Chaos and learns of recent developments. And gives unsolicited advice. Rising-Chaos, Sodium-Fizz
Helpful As Can Be Ponies A small force of troops from the Starlight Kingdom arrive to help contain the Maelstrom. Crescent, Kludge, Lorelei, Magpie(?), Stormsailor, Windrose Black Heart
1/16 Queen's Bounty Part 1 A trio of heroes moves in to capture the Queen, but are interrupted by Daisychain's appearance. Zula, Starchild, Rising-Chaos, Bomani, Daisychain, Queen-Pegasus
1/17 Spinning out of Hoof Sodium-Fizz tracks down Spindrift. And brings breakfast. Everything does not go as planned however. Spindrift, Sodium-Fizz
1/18 Down to the meat of the subject Solar-Wind has somehow managed to come down with a case of sniffles! Solar's wife, Plot-Twist tries to take care of him by introducing him to the concept of 'chicken' soup!!! Solar-Wind, Plot-Twist
Tied Together *raw*Daisychain has somethign she wants to say to that jerk, Rising Chaos Daisychain, Rising-Chaos
Downward Spiral Dust-Devil yet again attempts to retrieve the healing potion for his aching wings, but runs into yet another impatient pony that gets in the way. With Dustdevil left waiting impatience sets in… Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz, Nocturne
1/19 A Toybox full of surprizes Toybox's friends begin to learn the truth behind who she really is… Toybox, Hemlock, Ginger-Spice, Swift-Wind, Nocturne, Zula
My Littlest Pony, Part 2 Chaos' and company's unscheduled trip through the sewers continues - and gets progressively stranger - onwards to it's mane-raising conclusion. Nocturne, Kludge, Sodium-Fizz, Magpie, Winter-Solstice, Rising-Chaos
1/20 The Fall of Fizz One Hungry Sodium-Fizz is found by three Heros and offered food, and a chance to let go. Hemlock, Sodium-Fizz, Aliella, Solar-Wind
1/21 Queen's Bounty Part 2 The heroes try and break in to the house, and take the Queen. It doesn't go quite as expected, thanks to Windrose. Zula, Starchild, Rising-Chaos, Bomani, Daisychain, Queen-Pegasus,Windrose
1/21 Debriefing Hemlock meets up with the heroes and is disappointed Bomani, Windrose, Starchild, Hemlock
1/21 Licking Their Wounds After the attempted kidnapping, Queen Pegasus and her crew try and recover in their own ways Queen-Pegasus, Daisychain, Rising-Chaos
1/21 A School of Foals The Foal Brigade goes exploring in Silver Shallows! Just how does a land pony get around in the bottom of the ocean, anyway? Dream Daze, Lavender, Magpie, Sadaka, Siyana, Spearmint, Thunnini Black Heart
Snow Patrol Snowfield has her way of dealing with the storm, and the seapony Outriders have theirs, and nobody has time to be particularly chummy. Snowfield Black Heart
1/22 The Silver Archive Harborites finally meet Curator Sinking Stone and get some real answers about the nature of the threat that faces their town. Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Magpie, Muzaji, Siyana Black Heart
1/24 Along the Roads, Among the Halls The Foal Brigade goes poking around to see what they can see. Local food is sampled, and a place of remembrance is found. Dream-Daze, Lavender, Magpie, Pumpkin, Sadaka, Spearmint, Thunnini Black Heart
1/26 Swimming Lessons Eddy and Tale Chaser show land-lubbers how to not to flounder underwater. Dream-Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Heartsong, Magpie, Muzaji, Skyflower, Thunnini Black Heart
Spiral Dustdevil confronts Sodium fizz about her past and what she has inadvertently done to him over the course of their 'friendship' Dustdevil, Sodium-Fizz
1/27 When Somepony Loves You Whistlestop greets Skyflower as she comes home for a brief visit from the Shallows. Whistlestop, Skyflower
Foalish Horror-Terrors Kludge and Windrose deal with one of Unknown's tantrums, before an unexpected visitor arrives. Kludge, Windrose, Unknown, Stray
The Fane of the Faceless Sinking Stone guides the visiting Harborites to an ancient undersea temple in search of clues. A trap is sprung, and a hint is found. Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Heartsong, Magpie, Muzaji, Ruby Blossom, Thunnini, Zypher Black Heart
1/28 Can't You See You're Tearing Us Apart? Stormdancer comes to fix things between her and the Queen, it becomes a shouting competition, mission successful? Stormdancer, Queen-Pegasus, Rising-Chaos
1/28 In My Sights Hemlock nearly gets shot by a practising Sodium Fizz, so he shoots back, right in the feelings. Hemlock, Sodium-Fizz
1/29 Aliances Gravity seeks the attention of Queen Pegasus regarding a mutual friend, alliances are hashed out more or less. Gravity, Queen Pegasus
The Littlest Hero Mbaya-Ndoto encounters Zula and Ginger-Spice, some history, some lessons, and discussion ensues, then Toybox appears! Mbaya-Ndoto, Ginger-Spice, Zula, Toybox
1/30 Look to the Stars Tale Chaser wants answers, and has an unusual way of getting them. Ponies in Silver Shallows look to the dearly departed for direction. Brume, Dream Daze, Goody Horseshoes, Heartsong, Lavender, Magpie, Muzaji, Ruby Blossom, Skyflower, Thunnini Black Heart
1/31 Magic of a Bedtime Story Toybox gets herself both a trick for practicing magic and a bedtime story. Ginger-Spice Toybox
This Little Light of Mine Hemlock has a present for Toybox, and Toybox has a surprise for Hemlock. Hemlock Toybox
Weather or Not The Weather-Team and the Seapony Outriders join forces in defense of the Harbor! Jellybean, Dustdevil, Hemlock, Windrose, Sky-Sparkler, Typhoon-Wave, Moonglow, Zula Black Heart

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January 2013
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