August, 2013
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August 2013
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
08/01 More Small Talk! Sunshine works on her legs while Ruby entertains her foals. Ruby's parents come up in conversation. Sunshine-Stormcloud, Ruby-Blossom
08/02 New Fires Summer's frost drives a herd of strangers together around a fire, and they determine to get to the bottom of the unseasonable cold. If only they were at all qualified… Midnight-Sun, Wishy-Washy, Aquamarine-Gleam, Starbright, Thunnini, Dream-Daze, Ruby-Blossom
08/03 Mommy A peaceful evening leads to a heartwarming question. Ruby-Blossom, Dragonheart, Kludge
08/04 CSI Wintersong Another trip to Snowfield's Cottage yields more clues for the intrepid investigators. Dream-Daze, Magpie, Hoarfrost, Midnight-Sun, Wishy-Washy The Windigo's Kiss
08/05 Scarier Than Death Mwai comes to recruit Salty for a heist, only to find something more terrifying than anything he has faced so far: a Salty gone totally straight. Captain-Mwai, Salty
8/6 The Wedding of the Season The big day is finally here! Behold the biggest wedding ever to grace the lands of Horseshoe Harbor! Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave,Magpie,Winter-Solstice,Tale-Chaser,Kludge, Ruby-Blossom, Blackbird, Saltlick, Thunnini, Windrose, Sky-Sparkler Wedding of the Season
Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Cupcakes! A pair of new friends go to Carrot Corner for cupcakes — a delicacy unfamiliar to one. Steady-Binding, Willow-Grove Of Ponies and Pomegranates
08/9 Magic Investigation Rising-Chaos tries to figure out how the fight between Snowfield and the Windigo went down and makes a curious discovery. Rising-Chaos The Windigo's Kiss
08/10 Grand Openings! A couple new buildings open up in Horseshoe Harbor! An Adventurerer's Guild, and a new Candy Shop! Sugar-Rush, Sugar-Dart, Tick-Tock, Rumble-Riot, Moon-Willow, Twilight-Dancer, Coffee-Mug
Clues and Journals Rising Chaos brings an important clue to Sunshine-Stormcloud, and Ruby-Blossom reads someone else's journal. Sunshine-Stormcloud, Rising-Chaos, Ruby-Blossom The Windigo's Kiss
08/11 Into the Hive Wishy-Washy and Solar-Wind explore one of the locations on Snowfield's map and find more than they bargained for. Solar-Wind,Wishy-Washy The Windigo's Kiss
08/13 We Don't Belong here Sock'em talks to Salty about the good ol' days, and then starts a fire! Rock'em-and-Sock'em, Salty, Lorelei, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Sunflower, Ghost In Search of a Ship
To Bring Summer In From the Cold As a terrible unseasonable blizzard blows up, two still-new friends have the good fortune to find each other once more. Steady-Binding, Willow-Grove Of Ponies and Pomegranates, The Windigo's Kiss
08/16 The Windigo's Anger PonyMUSH's summer plot comes to a dramatic conclusion in the final confrontation between the ponies of Horseshoe Harbor and the Wintersong windigo! Blackbird, Hoarfrost, Jellybean, Manyara, Midnight-Sun, Moon-Willow, Quintessent-Rune, Ruby-Blossom, Snowfield, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Toybox, Twilight-Dancer, Typhoon-Wave, Wishy-Washy The Windigo's Kiss
08/18 A Glorious Summer Day rising Chaos fufills a promise she amde to a sprite in the forest, and finds herself entranced by the wonderful sights and sounds the forest has to offer. Rising-Chaos
Too Good To Be True A new company wants to build stuff in Horseshoe Harbor! But first it must pitch the idea to the local community leaders. Lorelei, Redmane, Spin-Doctor The Prolification of NICEness
08/20 Business As Usual Rising Chaos pays a visit to Nocturne, Blast Beat, and Equalizer, who are looking for help getting a record store started. Blast-Beat, Nocturne, Rising-Chaos
From Good to Great Dream-Daze is having a good day, but a visit to a little shop Rising-Chaos has makes it that much better! Dream-Daze, Rising-Chaos
08/21 Wallaby Woes A new griffon-who-isn't is in town! And she's lost her pet wallaby! It's up to the friendly foals of the Harbor to find it for her! Dream-Daze, Pumpkin, Magpie, Adelaide
08/22 Grumpypants Somepony is just trying to stay out of the party, but that's just cause for visitors. Sunshine-Stormcloud, Whisper-Wind, Magpie, Ruby-Blossom
08/25 A NICE Tour The NICE Co. factory opens its doors to the public and gives interested parties a tour! The new orphanage also opens. Quintessent-Rune, Cross-Redfeather, Magpie, Wishy-Washy, Sunflower, Skyflower, Windrose, Thunnini, Moon-Willow, Hoarfrost, Heartsong, Midnight-Sun The Prolification of NICEness
08/27 A Quick Game Wishy-Washy happens upon Gamble's shell game and takes a moment to place a bet and have a little conversation. Wishy-Washy, Gamble, Quintessent-Rune
NICE Interviews A collection of interviews between Horseshoe Harbor ponies and NICE. Lorelei, Rising-Chaos, Spin-Doctor The Prolification of NICEness

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