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December, 2013 More clues to the influx of nightmares are sought. 5 logs
November, 2013 Nightmares stalk the dreams of Harborites. 29 logs
October, 2013 The final showdown with NICE! 7 logs
September, 2013 ((??)) 30 logs
August, 2013 Jellybean and Typhoon-Wave get married, the unseasonal weather is cleaned up, and NICE sets up shop. 23 logs
July, 2013 Wedding preparations, wintry weather, and whathaveyou. 22 logs
June, 2013 Heists, mishaps, miscommunications, and other shenanigans. 24 logs
May, 2013 Stories of families to be and re-united, plus some adventure. 9 logs
April, 2013 Several new arrivals (including some who have been here before, sort of), plus Blackbird faces his past. 22 logs
March, 2013 There's Fire in the harbor and a long lost filly makes a comeback. A young mare discovers that there's more to magic then just the lessons and schooling. 14 logs
February, 2013 The Spire falls before the power of the combined forces of the Harbor, and The Seapony Outriders! Winter holidays are in full swing amongst the harbor, and hearts are on fire too! 30 logs
January, 2013 The Spire of the Maelstrom rises, and brings unseasonably warm weather, winds, and storms to the Harbor 69 logs
December, 2012 The harbor is quiet as ponies continue to rebuild their lives. But a new threat begins to surface, and disturbances in town culminate in a catastrophe off shore. 40 logs
November, 2012 Ponies in the Nightmare World fight to survive and discover a way home, while Harborites contend with missing Elements of Harmony and the undead. The Winter Nightmare concludes, and the the town starts to pull itself back together in advance of the oncoming winter. 57 logs
October, 2012 Things return to normal (mostly), until a magical surge causes some Harborites to trade places with ponies from an alternate universe where Nightmare Moon rules with an iron hoof. 71 logs
September, 2012 The Faux Pas Fortune is found, the entire town becomes foals, and the old mayor returns from the dead with a vengeance! 47 logs
June - August, 2012 The Syndicolt blockade is destroyed, Mad-Mare gains a conscience, and Mayor Salty is dead; a strange affliction accompanies the search for lost treasure, a lemonade competition springs up, and a new mayor has been instated. 41 logs
March - May, 2012 The Wishmaster appears, a strange curse afflicts the harbor and ends in its (brief) destruction, and the Syndicolt sail into town with an offer for the mayor. 31 logs
December, 2011 - February, 2012 A ghost appears, a search and rescue, and a mysterious pegasus plummets into the harbor. 7 logs
June - August, 2011 A single log: a brief bakery disaster. 1 log
Celebrity PonyMUSH Various stars from the show logged on from the Everfree Northwest 2012 convention.
Out of Character Quotes Funny things overheard in the OOC lounge or quipped during scenes.
Plots and Episodes Major Plots, Episodes and Events. 10 Plots

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This Month's Logs

January 2014
Date Scene Title Synopsis Dramatis Personae Storyline
Winter 17, 1008 Stalwart Rune Many ponies come to Horseshoe Harbor to escape their past… and sometimes that past catches up with them. Sometimes that past comes in the form of a shadowy figure calling in a favor, or a letter calling to mind a long-neglected obligation, or a pony looking to settle an old debt. And sometimes that past has its roots in the wealth, power, and prestige of the august waters of distant courts. Sometimes that past has the means to arrive astride a detachment of armed soldiers willing to raise hell in their search for a wayward daughter. Quintessent-Rune Tale-Chaser Magpie Page Tick-Tock Jigsaw-Blade Muzaji Rising-Chaos The Quintessential Rune
Winter 30, 1008 The Iron Shiv It was supposed to be a simple cooking contest… with weapons instead of utensils. But an unexpected guest's arrival may bode ill for anypony's dinner plans. Big-Red Stormdancer Wishy-Washy Camilla Seasong Jigsaw-Blade Samantha Grusha Winter-Solstice Starbright Straylight Green Gems and Jam
2/1 Lullaby's Nightmare? Lullaby gets chased around by a few ponies in masks! Until she realizes it's all just a dream… Lullaby A Nightmare on Main Street
2/2 A Little Big News Jellybean has some big news to share! Jellybean Typhoon-Wave Magpie Ruby-Blossom Adelaide Jigsaw-Blade Gumdrop Valor
2/6 Cutie Mark Chronicles Part 3 The brave hero Hemlock is recounting his stories, but where to start? Well, the story of his cutie makr is as good a place as any, why don't you all share yours as well? Hemlock, Soda-Pop, Sodium-fizz, Palette-Splash
2/10 A Little Weird Dream-Daze runs into a few of her friends. Then things get weird! Dream-Daze Magpie Tale-Chaser Makuru Midnight-Sun Spearmint Page A Nightmare on Main Street
9/6 The Great Cookie Caper All forms of baked goods in the Harbor have been stolen! How will the town respond? Feverfew Lavender Magpie Page Shadowbuck Tattered-Tapestry Twilight-Dancer Winter-Solstice The Gingerbread Steed
9/10 Sniffabout Lord Phantom leads a crack crime-fighting team to follow their noses and sniff out the crook Hoarfrost Magpie Maple-Breeze Rising-Chaos Shadowbuck Winter-Solstice The Gingerbread Steed
9/20 The way the cookie crumbles To track the insiduous thief, a tracking spell is baked into cookies. Nothing could go wrong! Feverfew Heart-Rhythm Magpie Tattered-Tapestry The Gingerbread Steed
10/25 In to the Light Part 1 Hemlock gathers adventurers for an awesome quest, Grusha does some light business, stories are told around a campfire. Hemlock, Magpie, Grusha, Quintessent-Rune, Windrose, Merryweather, Big Red, Cross-Redfeather, Shadowbuck In to the Light
11/01 In to the Light Part 2 After entering a complex network of caves, the party finds themselves confronted with a sorrowful serpent convinced they are thieves. Hemlock, Cross Redfeather, Shadowbuck, Quintessent-Rune, Magpie, Windrose, Merryweather In to the Light)
11/09 In to the Light Part 3 The party sets out to finish what they started, and to do that they'll have to enter the lair of the Den Mother. Hemlock, Cross Redfeather, Shadowbuck, Quintessent-Rune, Magpie, Windrose, Merryweather In to the Light
01/10 Rainbow Dust, Part 1 The Rainbow Dust lies thick across the harbour and brings rise to a new breed of heros. And villains! Solar-Wind, Jigsaw-Blade, Sodium-Fizz Rainbow Dust
10/30 A Touch of Chaos Pagewise returns to Horseshoe Harbor as as-yet-unexplained phenomena begin occurring. What is going on? Straylight, Dusty-Moon-Ray, Pagewise, Heart-Rhythm, Magpie unnamed

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