You Might Learn Something
IC date: Winter 15
OOC date: 1/3
PCs: Nocturne Queen-Pegasus Rising-Chaos Zypher
NPCs: None
GM: None

Queen continues to peer curiously at the strange stallions outside Rising's bedroom window - going as far as peeking the window open to catch tidbits of their 'explinations' over the beating rain and howling winds - her glare narrowing as she stares down at Zypher "I've certainly no intent of allowing you take myself or Rising!" she scowls at the stallion whom she misunderstands as his attempt to communicate from downstairs and outside is quite unfruitful. "WHy I have half a mind to…" her attention turning Rising as the mare approaches from the hallway. "You seem to have a infestation of stallions making indicent proposals outside - I can only surmise these are the two who helped themselves." she scoffs loudly before glancing back to the window - slowly her expression melts from angry disgust to amusement. "Invite them in." Queen informs Rising - her tone quite sinsister.

Rising-Chaos nods sombrely, Zypher is out there, and he is her friend but… "Of course, my Queen. those are indeed the two stallion who, did that." Looking embarrassed to have even mentioned it, she turns to go. Trotting downstairs she steels herself to what might be about to come. The pegasus upstairs is quite intimidating but neither stallion should be hurt badly.


There's a good chance they'll walk away with all their limbs. Or that's what rising Chaos tells herself as she answers the door. "Hello, you two. Come in." Making way for the stallion could enter her house. It makes her uncomfortable, but she doesn't show it at all.

Zypher slips his framilar 'Seaddle Cloudbusters' team jacket off at the door, and hangs it neatly on the front door hook. He steps further inside for inspection or whatever comes next, "Heya Chaos, umm" he gulps a little, "I'm ready, I guess, I came to turn myself in" he murmurs honestly

Nocturne enters, glancing about the familiar room. Even with Rising being nicer to him than before, he still has a guilt-ridden look about him, which becomes clear to Chaos as he turns to her. "I came here to apologize. What I did was intrusive and uncalled for.

Queen hobbles to the top of the steps where she can be found glaring down at the stallions who have all but invited themselves inside. From the manner which she slowly navigates down the flight of stairs - it's quite obvious she's sore if not injured. Her condition becomes all the more appearent as she nears the stallions and Rising - her tattered wings lay limply, her movements stiff, and there are several large blemishes in her otherwise lovely coat that mark horrible, large bruises - particularly around her ribs; seems somepony had a horrible accident. "I must say I'm surprised how bold some stallions can be - helping themselves to a mare." the tall, sleek pegasi speaks with a rather cold and commanding tone. "Somepony should teach you boys some manners…" single blue eye glancing at the stallions in anticipation - curious if they've any manners what so ever.

Rising-Chaos doesn't spare either stallion a glance as they enter. It's funny how they both come to apologise, at the same time. They certainly watse no words saying just how sorry they are. She passes between them on her way to the Queen. "I suggest you two be careful," she hisses quietly for their benefit. Without further hesitation she supports the wounded pegasus, giving her an affectionate nuzzles and not saying a further word.
Zypher winces the other pegasus so badly injured, he Bows before her kneeling and splaying his wings in a a pegasus version of a formal bow. "Mylady Queen Pegasus" he gulps How may I offer my apoligies, for my, umm, my ill recieved jesture" he states softly.

The angry presence that Nocturne brought to the house previously is gone. Unfortunately, he is still fairly unfamiliar with the pegasus before him. As Zypher bows, he quickly goes along, wanting this to go as smoothly as possible. "Milady," he says with a bow.

It's with a small sigh of dissapointment Queen addresses Rising. "Their names, Rising dear?" quite possibly adding 'dear' just to make the stallions a tad more uncomfortable. Her single blue curiously appraising the stallions, their builds, and their body language. "Had this happened three weeks ago I'd be liable to shoot you both where you stand…" firm conviction in her tone. "However - I've been exploring a…gentler touch as it were. That being said, I expect a commitment from the both of you - to see this punishment through." watching and waiting for their acknowledgement.

Rising-Chaos nods, looksing at the two prostrated ponies. She's slightly disappointed, there's no spirit in either of them, they just fell over. Zypher is also being a tad obvious that they're friends, which is just weird. Pointing a hoof at the pegasus first. "That's Zypher, my Queen." The accusing hoof moves to Nocturne. "That one is Nocturne. I will ensure that they follow through on their punishment though, trust me."

Zypher 's form is lanky but holds a lithe musculature which often hides his strengths. The pegasus. He stands before the other pegasus, "Maam" he makes a slight step forward, "I will accept whatever task you put to me to punnish me for my crimes" he states, "But, I see your shape is not to the task of much and so I offer you any assistance that you may need" he states, "I err, I like to help ponies out and, and, and you're a pegasus and all, and I err, that looks painful, n' stuff, well, Is there anything I can do to help you out?" he offers then blurts nervously, "Not, not not that I'm trying to get out of getting punished, no, I'm just trying to help.

"She's right," Nocturne says to the Queen. "If a punishment is necessary, I will adhere to it. You have my word." His expression is a mix of confidence and fear.

The ramblings of the pegasi stallion causes Queen to slowly raise her chin until she's quite visibly looking down her nose at Zypher. That single blue eye fixated on Zypher with a glare that has kept many a stallion crew members in line; the pegasi opening her mouth to speak then slowly shutting it as not to say anything that might come off as too intense. A moment later she simply emphasizes. "I've needed your help." Nocturne's acceptance prompts her to reach under one wing and pull out two small envelopes. "These are the instructions for your punishment - each of you will have a date. These instructions clearly outline the time, place, and key points of each of your dates. The date ends when each of you receive a kiss from your date. I, of course will be present to observe the dates. I recommend both of you reconsider your manners, and prepare your for date. Less you entice me to think of a far more creative punishment; Rising will attest to the fact that I can be very creative." a small grin crossing her face as she glances to Rising - despite the horrific nature of that punishment it's strangely a fond memory for Queen.

Rising-Chaos raises an eyebrow curiously, an interesting punishment indeed. The memory of the forest is very vivid for her as well. Yet is at the same time, not the worst of the memories she has of the harbour. The Queen's speech is very good, but there's one thing that needs to be added. "You two do not want to get on my Queen's bad side, trust me. I hope you enjoy your dates." Getting on Queenie's bad side means getting on Rising's bad side. Queen Pegasus might be trying a lighter approach, but the unicorn is under no such delusions.

Nocturne winces slightly as Queenie reaches under her wing, but gives a sigh of relief as they are identified as instructions. Every word after that, though, continually echoes through his head. He has no idea in Tartarus how he'll manage a date. Sure, he aspired for them when he was younger, but never worked up the courage to ask a filly out. When he grew older, he resented the idea of dates and relationships entirely. Still, the young colt inside him was rather curious, perhaps even excited. Who is she? What does she look like? What does she do? Is it a she?

Zypher blinkblinkblinks, head twisting some, brow furrowed with confusion, "Needed my help, but with, dates?" he looks out of place and confused, he looks back to Rising still confused, then to Queen Pegasus, then down. "Mylady" he addresses Queen Pegasus directly, "Miss Chaos has already said that she is uninterested in me as anything but a friend, I would not wish to challenge her this way" he murmurs looking unsure of himself, gulps hard, "Punnish me some other way" he again sinks to his fore hooves and has a definate look of fear upon his muzzle, and body language.

Queen chuckles softly "You misunderstand if you think you'll be in the company of my lo..Rising for this date. Oh no, I've far more interesting dates lined up for the two of you, and I do so expect you both to follow your directions to a T." her grin broadening in amusement, and after a moment she offers Rising a warm smile. "I'm sure you'll enjoy watching these dates as much as I. Now if you will." she motions the stallions away with a flick of her hoof.

Zypher oh's softly and is evidently relieved, he stands back up again and reaches to take the directions, "Yes Milady" he gulps now seriously worried, as he's never, ever gone on a date, or well done anything remotely romantic, he formerly never even contemplated it.

Rising-Chaos holds her Queen tgiht. She doesn't know any details, but is sure it will be amusing either way. "Come my Queen, let's get you to bed. I am feeling tired myself." A glare is shot the stallions' way. "As for you two, you may see yourselves out. Do enjoy your dates." After that she escorts the pegasus mare up the stairs, a malicious grin on ehr face. even if she's trying to be nicer, being mean can just eb so much mroe fun.

As Rising and Queenie trot upstairs, Nocturne turns to Zypher. "A date…" He rolls his eyes and sighs. "And we have to receive a kiss." What comes next is a series of atrocious and graphic swears under his breath. It's a good thing he has a sleeping potion, or else he wouldn't be able to sleep for a long time. "Well, good luck." He turns to the door and opens it for Zypher.

Zypher just grabs his coat and passes through the forementioned door, "Nocturne, I'll buy ya a drink, call it my apology or something" he states as he steps out the door "I think we'll both need it"