Wreck It Blackbird
IC date: Spring 30
OOC date: June 3
Location: Terrorist Island
PCs: Blackbird Rusty-Gears
NPCs: Tarnish, Sneak, Big Hoss

After a thrilling breakout from the (surprisingly clean) dungeon of a terrorist organization's stronghold, Tarnish has led Blackbird, and Rusty-Gears down a small maze of corridors, through a small ventilation shaft, and down one looooong hallway leading to a balcony. At the other end of this hallway, there are /sounds/. Noises! A commotion! A…party!

And guess who's invited?

There are a couple pony soldiers visible towards the opening of the hallway, standing on the balcony, obscuring the view of the gigantic room below, but this doesn't deter Tarnish, whom stops before they can creep too close, the din going on in the other room loud enough to make hushed conversation easy to miss by enemy ears.

"So. This is it, eh? I have a pretty simple plan for this. You may or may not like it much." Tarnish says, eyeing the backs of the nearby soldiers. Both of which are among those cheering at whatever's going on inside the room. Tarnish nods towards them. "That's where Big Hoss and the Wrecks are. They're pretty much primed and ready to do some major damage, so… We get one shot to stop it all in its tracks."

Blackbird hunkers down and stares at the soldiers, chewing on his bottom lip for a moment before looking to the two mares with him. (Ladies' colt? … not really.) "Yeah, I get the feeling this is going to be my least favorite part of this plan," he mutters. "What's the set up?"

Rusty-Gears nods slowly, twitching an ear. She's looking a bit uneasy! She doesn't have her /things/. She has a sawblade! That's a good start. But she misses all her gadgets and bombs already. "We're a little… underwhelming right now."

Tarnish actually cracks a smile at Rusty. "Naw… You two took out two of his top generals. One without any real weapons. I think it'll be a fair fight." She then nods her head towards the loud room. "I think you know what they'd planned to do. Use us as sacrifices to their giant weapon. So it's kiiiind of an arena out there with the Wrecks in the middle of it. The good news is Big Hoss is out there too… So if we can get the jump on him and /keep/ him there, he'll be less inclined to have Wrecks blasting us to pieces while we're taking him on."

The silvery mare's eyes flick from Rusty to Blackbird and back. "I think you two should keep Big Hoss occupied. I've piloted the Wrecks before… if you two can keep him busy long enough, I can get control of the big guns, and then he has no choice but surrender or get blasted. I mean, he's got an army surrounding this room, but most of them are going to be too busy watching to try and interfere." A brief pause. "I think."

"You think," Blackbird repeats flatly. "Well…this will be…interesting." He snorts a little, and looks over at the room. "I guess I'll prep my finest insults," he says dryly. "Lacking in the chems department, but at least I can keep him on the run. Rusty, what do you think about a sort of pincer attack?"
Rusty-Gears ponders this for a moment, nodding slowly. "If we can position right it could work. He'll have to pick a target if we come from both sides, which leaves an opening."

Tarnish grins. "Sounds like you've got a plan then. Good. He's proud, and more than a little full of himself. So you've got that going for you too. Just don't let him breathe on you and you'll be fine."

The din in the other room is rising. It seems Big Hoss may be making his appearence! This is confirmed by the loud voice booming through speakers throughout that room. "Brothers! Sisters! My loyal soldiers! Welcome…to the beginning. The beginning… Of a new. Era!"

Tarnish's ears perk up. "Oop. Looks like he's starting the show. Good luck you two. Just don't panic. Keep Big Hoss busy and we got this. A'right? Just…" She points at the backs of the soldiers. "..sneak around behind them, circle around, look for a good place to jump in, and good luck."

GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Okay.

Blackbird snaps a salute, and maybe he hasn't done that for years but hey. Then he looks to Rusty and nods, before turning to sneak as quietly as he can around behind the soldiers. Which, given the din and their attention elsewhere, is pretty darn easy, for the moment. He goes around one side, leaving the other side for Rusty to pick, as he tries to get visual confirmation as he goes. Where's Big Hoss?

Rusty-Gears watches Blackbird for a moment before creeping off around the other way, doing her best to both be quiet, and look casual in case anypony does catch a glimpse. Just shuffling around for a better view here!

Cheer! Raaaaaaah! Yaaaaay! So much machismo and loudness! So many soldiers. How big is this guy's army anyway? There must be a solid several hundred just crowding this arena place! All wearing identical uniforms with the group's insignia. A dragon's head breathing fire! Exciting. One look at the middle of the room, just past all these bleachers, shows what they're cheering for.

There's a small platform, hardly raised at all, just enough to be noticable. Upon this platform stands a veritable hulk of a unicorn. Muscles, upon muscles, upon muscles strain beneath the solid grass-green pelt, stretched tight to contain the sheer mass of pony. Big Hoss does not wear an outfit. Just a long, red, shiny cape flowing in a magical breeze behind him. The reason he wears no outfit? The terrorist group's insignia also happens to be his cutiemark. Go figure. Big Hoss has a dragon's head breathing fire for a cutiemark.

"Friends! Tonight the Wrecks is at full power! Tonight we will show the entire world the power we now control, and tonight the world will cower in terror! They will know fear! The many governments of this world… They will scramble upon each other to bow down to our majesty! One by one, they will all… CRUMBLE!"

Speaking of the Wrecks. It's impossible to miss, 'standing' in the arena opposite where Big Hoss is currently perched. It's a gigantic beast of a thing, fifty foot tall and shaped like a unicorn. The horn of which crackles with an ominous blue electricity… Just behind its head, yet another soldier sits in an open cockpit fitted to look like a saddle with levers. Said pilot looks…exceedingly bored at the moment. Waiting for the promised action, no doubt.

Blackbird creeps, sneaks, squints…creeps some more…and spies a good opening. This is going to get him killed. What the hay is he doing here, instead of home in the harbor? … Well. There's no time like the present. All of a sudden, there's a white earth pony charging Big Hoss from the ranks of his soldiers, letting loose a bellowing battlecry that sounds mostly like "RRAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YOUR WRECKS IS STUPID!!!!"

Pressure. He doesn't think well under it.

…Oi. Rusty spares the smallest of moments for an eyeroll. Blackbird how did you ever do this for a living? Oh well. And then here comes a pinto barrelling out of the crowd from the other direction! She has no warcry. What she does have is a sawblade and a stylish hat! One of those is likely more intimidating than the other.

"Behold!" Big Hoss shouts, pointing a hoof at the monsterous machine dominating the arena floor. "The Wrecks! The finest war-machine unicorn magic can power! Our pride and—"


That's going to get some attention. The /entire arena/ goes quiet, in pure awe of the pony (two ponies even!) charging out of the crowd, into the arena, with full intent to do harm to their boss! Big Hoss himself is stunned to silence, if for a brief moment. Then he leaps! A mighty leap backwards, planting all four hooves into the sandy turf of the arena floor, where he can get a better view of his assailants.

"The sacrifices are early! And they are feisty! Fine then. Big Hoss shall entertain you little ants before I allow the great weight of destiny /crush/ you both in the form of my mighty weapon!" He braces himself, digging his hooves in where he's landed. "Show me…your moves!"

Blackbird doesn't waste any time. He barrels toward the boss, and remembering Tarnish's advice, as soon as he gets close, he bounds instead to his side and whirls a kick before springing away to avoid any unfortunate breath effects. "The sacrifices demand a show!" he replies heatedly, light on his hooves. "I bet you're a pushover; this is gonna be easy!" Pride. He can poke pride. But maybe not in the smartest of ways.

Honestly, pithy is not his arena of expertise. Strong and silent, yeah. That's better.

Rusty also skids into a spin to last out a kick at the big unicorn before bounding away as well, keeping off to one side and gripping the blade tightly. Keep a good hold on your weapon, especially when it's pretty much all you've got!

A whirling kick! Hmph. Big Hoss braces for the impact, skidding a couple inches through the sand from the blow! But that mighty muscled unicorn does not otherwise budge, his visage a dark glower towards the bright white knight of an earth pony. "Hmph! Weak words from a mere sacrifice! Your kick is as harmless as your threats!" Rusty's kick, too, sends him skidding another inch, Big Hoss outright laughing. "Bahahahahah! Maybe I was wrong to use you as examples! How can the world take me seriously when my victims themselves are not serious? Now…" Big Hoss turns his head, giving one fiery snort. Literally, the sand closest to his head comes away singed. "…Try again, little sacrifices. With conviction! With honor! Fight for your lives or die like dirty dogs!"

Epic confrontation time! While events unfold below, a third pony leaps from the stands, from behind the great monster of a metal machine! A silvery figure charges up the back of the Wrecks, hoofbeats hidden under the sudden shouts, cheers, and jeers erupting from the ultra-violent audience. The pilot, however, is not as asleep as he looks… Tarnish is spotted halfway up the Wrecks' spine! And another duel is initiated. A dance on the broad metallic back, between the silvery figure of Tarnish, and the gaudily-dressed soldier, playing out for control of the mighty machine!

GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Great.

Blackbird growls. "You can take that honor and shove it up your fat, fire-snorting /butt/," he retorts, because he spends too much time around 7-year-olds; and he gallops in a wide circle before picking up the steam and running as hard as he can at Big Hoss, leaping and crashing with all four hooves into the boss's body, using it as a violent springboard for an aerial flip before landing easily a few feet away. Okay, so he does have /some/ style.

Rusty-Gears circles at range, keeping an eye on them and watching for an opening. She's also keeping an eye on their surroundings, because she doesn't entirely trust the other ponies to stay out of things.

That certainly seems to get the attention of the Big Hoss! Again he braces for Blackbird's assault, giving an almost inaudible grunt of effort in absorbing the impact this time, but it's the words… "Fat butt?" Big Hoss growls! "Honorless parasprites! You dare to poke fun at the Big Hoss' toned posterior!? Feh! When Big Hoss catches you, little pony, he is going to sit on you and flex so hard your ribs will scream in endless joy before they all snap like so many dry twigs!" Given that Rusty isn't jumping in to join the continued assault, Big Hoss is free to launch one of his own! That famous breath put to use, fiery words followed by literal flame as a stream of practically napalm-style heat is exhaled at the plucky merc-turned-schoolteacher!

Other ponies? Well the crowd is rather enjoying themselves. Look, there's a popcorn salespony wandering through the crowd dispensing bags!

On the back of the Wrecks, it looks like Tarnish is having a rough time of it. She's been pinned down! The other pony is beating on her with…with a popcorn bag. Bop! Bop! Bop! Bop!!! It's making Tarnish flail about in such irritation of having salted popcorn butter get all over her face. Ugh!

GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Good.
GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Good.

Dodge! It's barely a dodge, but it is one! Blackbird just manages to avoid the stream of fire, galloping to the side and swerving around to gallop again and leap onto the boss. This time, he doesn't spring away, instead holding on tightly and wrapping his forearms tightly around Hoss's throat … if he can manage. "Hah! You're so fat, you make pumpkins look skinny!"

A simple red card arrives. One side of it is imprinted with a gold map, the other bears a neatly written note in marginally curly script.

GAME: Rusty-Gears made a skilled roll with an outcome of Okay.

This seems to be enough of an opening for Rusty! She charges in from the side, slashing the blade towards Hoss's side. Blackbird's second attack, though, makes her have to readjust to avoid being dangerously close to him, shifting her aim instead to try and slash low towards the large unicorn's legs.

GAME: Big-Hoss made a skilled roll with an outcome of Good.

Now the lanky ex-merc is trying to /wrestle/ a mountain of muscle? Surely he can feel the thick cords in this pony's neck! The weight is just enough to make Big Hoss dip his head ever so slightly, close enough to glare an eye towards his assailant. "Making fun of Big Hoss' posterior is one thing. That? That was just not good." Ack! Sawblade! Big Hoss sees his own opening, taking advantage of Blackbird's proximity to leap over Rusty's swipe, twisting to aim Blackbird at the ground! "If the Big Hoss is to be a pumpkin…" The Big Hoss grunts as he makes this jump, fully intending to land his bulk upon the smaller pony. "…Then you're about to be a squash!"

Oh look! Tarnish has managed to get the upper hoof! She's got the popcorn bag now, pushed over the pilot's muzzle! Like she's..suffocating him in buttery flavor! Oh what a way to go! A moment later she kicks the flailing pony off the back of the Wrecks, and makes a mad dash towards the pilot's seat!

GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Okay.

» Blackbird rolls 1d10 (HOW BAD IS IT) — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

Blackbird tries to move out of the way of Rusty's swipe — he's helping! — but it's no good anyway! That awkward movement cost him precious time he'd need to get out from that attack. The boss lands on him, and he snarls in pain. On the upside: it's not broken! On the downside: he's probably seriously bruised some bone. "I may be a squash, but at least I'm not as ugly as your awful mug!" he growls. He then proceeds to bite Hoss on the back of the neck. Anything to keep the guy busy!

Rusty-Gears winces at the resulting thump, skidding and trying to twist back around. That looked like it hurt! But it gives her an opening to circle back and kick out at Big Hoss again, trying to get him off Blackbird enough to strike with the sawblade once more.

It's a full-blown pony rodeo! Now with Blackbird gnawing on his nape, Big Hoss bucks back to his hooves, snorting great gouts of fire! One burst big enough to fly over the Wrecks' head, singing Tarnish's mane! "Ugly! You have besmirched Big Hoss' perfectly toned features for the last time!" Raaaaaah! Rage! Anger! Bucking! Like a great beastly bull! So caught up in getting Blackbird trounced that he completely forgot Rusty existed. This gives her a prime chance to thusly score a kick square on Big Hoss' knees! Crack!

This time there's an audible scream, Hoss falling, unfortunately on those same knees, both of which give a loud snapping sound. "AAAAUGH! Ngh… Lucky shot… For sacrifices. You leave me no choice! Pesky gnats, prepare for your final swatting! Wrecks! Blast them! Blast them to oblivion!"

BEHOLD THE WRECKS! The horn of the beastly machine crackles and intensifies, a globe of light forming on the very tip! From the cockpit, a voice shouts over the din. "Blackbird! Rusty! MOVE!"

GAME: Blackbird made a skilled roll with an outcome of Okay.

Blackbird yelps as the Hoss starts to buck like an angry bronco. "YES!" he crows in triumph when Rusty hits, which turns into an "Yeep!" when Hoss goes down. The crackling warning gets him to scramble clumsily off the big pony, falling into a heap and scrabbling on an injured leg. Shooooot!

GAME: Rusty-Gears made a skilled roll with an outcome of Abysmal.

Well that worked better than expected! Unfortunately, that translates into Rusty having very much not been expecting that to work so well. She'd already been turning to ready a second strike, which was thrown rather off-balance by the fact that her target had changed position! And, you know, is no longer quite so much of a threat. Pulling her attack up short results in an awkward spin on two hooves, and she manages to trip herself up, sprawling out with a grunt and a number of muttered curses as she tries to scramble away.

"No Rusty! What are you… Ah!" Tarnish shouts! It can't be stopped now! The Wrecks horn flares in its brightness, sending a burst of blue electricity down in a powerful beam, connecting with Big Hoss, his horn acting like a lightning rod! The beastly unicorn screams a cry of pure agony, long and loud, echoing off every inch of the arena, and every soldier… By the time it dies out, Big Hoss has tipped over, his pelt smoking but the big lug still breathing.

It's fair to say Rusty may very well have been in the line of fire. Metal sawblades are great conductors, after all.

» Rusty-Gears rolls 1d10 — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Blackbird's head jerks up as he hears Tarnish's shout, and he inhales, his heart stopping all at once. "RUSTY, NO!!!" he cries, lurching toward her but failing utterly to do anything of value.

Well if there's one thing Rusty's good at, it's flingin' a sawblade. She's rolled onto her stomach and hunkered down, forelegs over her head and ears flattened. The sawblade is stuck in the ground waaaay over there, still crackling! As for Rusty, she's somewhat singed, and her tail is standing on end. It's not fashionable, but considering the circumstances, it could've been worse!

The electric blast stops, but the Wrecks' horn still glows, charged and ready to unleash a second torrent. All Tarnish has to do is hit the button. And with Rusty being surprisingly safe, she's all but ready to do it, too. "I said move, dangit! Blackbird? Do something… Get Rusty away so I can finish this!"

Zip! Bamf! From the crowd of ponies something leaps, crashing down and sprawling atop Big Hoss in a defensive posture. It's…Rusty! Or rather, it's Sneak in Rusty's guise, glaring up at the Wrecks with pinpricks for eyes and a low hiss in her throat. "Enough! You won! We surrender… The entire army surrenders!"

Big Hoss groans. "Defeated..? If we are defeated, I would rather die with my honor than…" But Sneak cuts him off with a hoof over his mouth. "Not your choice. We live today to fight tomorrow. We'll get your honor back." Sneak then glares back up at the Wrecks again, wary gaze shifting to regard Blackbird and Rusty, too. "We surrender." she says again, simply. "Honor that."

"Uh yeah…no." Tarnish shouts from the top of the Wrecks. "We don't make deals with terrorists. Blackbird, Rusty, get clear, I'm gonna fry'em both for the good of the world!"

Blackbird's heart can start to beat again, as he sees Rusty safe. Safe enough, anyway. He stumbles up, ready to run to her, but Tarnish is about to blow them up. He opens his mouth, slammed with the decision. Let them die? Let them live? What would be worse?

He turns on his heel and looks at the terrorist group, still firmly in the way of the Wrecks. "…We let you go, you destroy the Wrecks, disband the organization, and take on an honest way of life," he says firmly.

Rusty-Gears picks herself off slowly, giving herself a firm shake and letting out a small snort. "Well that was exciting. Let's say we don't do that again." She glances over at Blackbird, then to Sneak and Hoss. "…We've done what we came here for. They surrender. I'm with Blackbird. Let 'em go."

"What!?" Tarnish shouts. "Blackbird! What are you /doing/? We have them where we want them! The mission wasn't to let them live!"

Sneak hisses again, but softer this time. "…Fine. We accept." Big Hoss starts to say something again, but this time Sneak just bops him once on the forehead. "No talkie, Big Boy. You tried, you got your flank kicked, suck it up like a grown stud." She nods at Blackbird.

Tarnish grits her teeth. "Blackbird? You're really breaking my heart here. /And/ my reputation! If I can't kill'em, I have to at least give them to the government that paid for the mission! What do you think they're gonna do? Give'em a pat on the back? 'Aww it's alright, you only threatened the /entire world/!'"

Blackbird whickers uncertainly. She has a point. He looks between the Wrecks and the hostages. Would they really turn over a new leaf? He had, but he hadn't threatened the whole world. Those kind of urges don't just die, do they?

But he'll never know the answer if they don't give them a chance.

Blackbird licks his lips in thought, and then looks to Tarnish. "Let them go, this once. Destroy the Wrecks, and the island. Leave them with life boats. Tell the government they probably died in the fire. They'll be down to nothing, but it's up to them to scrape themselves up again and earn a decent living. The moment they show hide or hair and even an inkling of violent desires, nuke them.

Rusty-Gears scuffs a hoof, reaching up to straighten her hat. "Ponies can change," she puts in, with a glance at Blackbird before looking up at Tarnish. "If it's once a villian, always a villian, none of us would be here now, right? Least not in this context." She eyes Wrecks with some interest now that she has a moment to. Gee wouldn't she like to see how that hunk of metal's put together! But that's something to worry about another time.

Tarnish groans, letting her head hit the back of the Wrecks' nape with a soft 'thunk'. "Seriously, you two. BB, if we didn't go so far back I'd just push this button and take you all out." Aw, what a grump. Eventually she throws her limbs up. "But fine! Look, I'll compromise. I'm just gonna go ahead and set the self-destruct sequence on this thing /now/, and you all have a half-hour to leave the island before it blows up. Sound fair?"

Sneak looks uneasy about this. In fact, she's already tugging Big Hoss along, a few members of the ex-army (the ones that haven't fled amid the ensuing chaos, coming to help get the burly unicorn sprawled across several backs! And as the bunch starts to exit, Sneak stays behind to glance at Blackbird and Rusty. "…Thank you." Then she trots off after the rest! A BAMF of grean smoke follows in her wake, the last fleeting glimpse of Sneak being a black, almost fin-like tail.

Blackbird lets out a long breath, watching them go before he turns to Tarnish. "You're a good mare, Tarn," he offers with a small grin, before nodding to Rusty and the exit. "But now it's time for us to high-tail it out of here too!" Cause, you know. Self-destruct sequence and all.
Rusty-Gears nods slightly. "Seems like a good idea. Think we're done with our business here." She gives herself a small shake and stretches a bit, letting out a breath. Not quite time to get off that adrenaline high yet, but let's take a moment for post-'I almost died' shock to wear off, hm?

Tarnish hops off the Wrecks. Which has started glowing brighter, its eyes lighting up with a digital clock. A timer? A countdown! 30 in one eye, changing to 29, and seconds ticking away in the other. "No, Blackbird, a good mare would've done her duty to the world. This is sooooo gonna haunt me somehow, and when they kill me, I'ma come back and haunt both of you. Forever. And your little filly too." Her ears splay, as the group gets ready to start moving towards the docks. It won't be that long of a trot once they get moving! "…Should've kept it. I should've kept it for my jobs. You know how easy it would be to start smashing terrorist groups with something like that? Good grief, what have I done? What did I let you talk me into? Both of you! With all that happy mushy reform talk!" Pace pace. "…Though I guess on the other hoof, if they /do/ come back I'll get paid again…"

"See? A silver lining on every cloud." Blackbird smirks as he nuzzles Rusty and starts trotting. "Either they keep their promises and do better, or you get paid again. Win-win, if you ask me." Nevermind that they probably wouldn't hire her again, but hey. Shhhhhhh.

Rusty-Gears gives a small snort, casting a glance back at Tarnish. "Or they don't come back, go on and live normal lives, and everypony's happy. Sometimes all ponies need is a chance to do the right thing, you know." She trots after Blackbird, looking… slightly grumpy, considering how well this all seems to have turned out.

Tarnish heaves a heavy sigh. "Darn you two and your logic." She follows suit with the trotting. There's soldiers leaving by boats in the distance. Many, /many/ soldiers. With any luck, there'll be a boat left over for the three 'heroes' too! If not… Well they can always float home in a crate, right?

One massive explosion and harrowing boat ride home later… Blackbird, Rusty-Gears, and tarnish stand on the dock next to the ex-terrorist ship they hijacked for the purpose. A formal good-bye! Complete with Tarnish bowing her head in respect to the other two. "So here you are. Home again. Are you…sure you won't reconsider? Stick around for another mission or two? Help us get on the map as a real deal? I mean…" Tarnish scuffs a hoof. "I sorta miss workin' with you, and Rusty here was awful useful."

Blackbird heaves a sigh, and shakes his head. "I'm really sorry," he says with a slight smile, "but it's just not my life anymore. I'm a father, and a teacher. Not a merc. Good luck, though. I hope you make a serious dint in the dangers of the world. And if you're ever round these parts, feel free to drop by. We can all grab a pint at the Rusty Bucket."

Rusty-Gears chuckles faintly, reaching to straighten her hat. "It was exciting. I'm glad I came in handy. But somepony's gotta keep everything around here functioning right." She eyes Tarnish for a moment. "…Yeah, though. If you're around… you're welcome anytime."

Tarnish nods slowly, a wry smile on her features. "Alright… I will! Who knows? Maybe if I get tired of chasing bad guys again I'll come here to settle. Let you guys teach me what's so great about this anyway." She shrugs, flashes a grin, and turns to march onto the ship. From the deck she waves, pushing the boat out from the dock to sail away into the sunset~

"When you're ready," smirks Blackbird. He waves, as the boat departs and finally, when it's sinking just out of sight on the horizon, he turns to Rusty. "…there's a lot to say," he starts hesitantly. "Probably enough that it deserves its own whole other conversation at a later time. But the highlights are hey…I couldn't have made it out of that without you, and thank you for putting up with that idiocy. You deserve an enormous apology, a giant hug, and…well, and a whole lot more." He scuffs a hoof on the ground.

Rusty-Gears blinks over at him, pulling off quite the poker face. "Yeah, I think a conversation was something that probably should've happened ages ago." She shakes her head slightly, giving a faint snort - and a small chuckle. "…S'my job to make sure you stay in one piece. Guess I did well enough at it. …Even if you are kind of an idiot." She somehow manages to make that sound affectionate while also being /entirely sincere/. For such a smart pony, sometimes Blackbird is not that smart.

"…Yeah, I am kind of an idiot," laughs Blackbird a little self-consciously. "But I think it's out of my system for a while. C'mon. Let's go home." He nuzzles Rusty, and then sets out at a trot.

The harbor really is his home now.


On the stolen ship, a safe distance from the harbor, Tarnish finds a radio. On the other end is static, but she knows someone's there, listening.

"Faded Silver checking in. Mission accomplished…but I'm coming home solo. I couldn't bring him back." A pause. "The Wrecks is in the ocean. Send salvage teams to…" The camera pans away, the boat sailing off into the distance to parts unknown!