Words of Love and Faces of Zombies
IC date: Autumn 34, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 23, 2012
PCs: Jellybean, Sadaka, Magpie, Kludge
NPCs: Ghostfoal Trio
GM: None

There's the sound of a piece of wood being dragged down the hallway, with periodic stops. About two minutes later Jellybean can be scene with a plank in his mouth: for anypony else it'd be small, but, well, foal. He finally seems satisfied with where it is and lets go of it, then fishes in his thermal suit for a piece of paper and a pencil.

Sadaka makes her way into the main room, fresh from another try at getting the 'zombie face' right. She's getting better! She's mostly stopped breaking into gigglefits! But it's just so hard for her to look anything but 'cute' apparently. It's not like she's trying to look cute. Hmph.

She blinks over at Jellybean curiously, giving a slight wave. "Hey, Mr. Jellybean."

Jellybean looks up at Sadaka. "Mmm mkmk-" He pauses, taking the pencil out of his mouth. "I mean, hi Sadaka. Getting any closer? I still can't do it right. Well, except this one time but I was looking in a mirror when I did it and I scared myself so I don't want to do it again."

Following Sadaka are three little foal ghosts! They're still giggling over the zebra filly's latest attempts at a horrific face, but it's good-natured, if ghostly, ribbing. "Cutest zombie ever~" one even whispers out.

Jellybean stifles a yelp when he sees the ghostie foals, then relaxes: these aren't the bad ones. "Uhm, h-hi," he says, waving to them shyly.

Magpie's been around them for a few days but she still isn't used to that. "Um.. hi, Sadaka. Um. And friends."

Sadaka glances back at them, blushing and smirking a bit. "Come on, I'm /trying/…" she looks back to Jellybean. "I'm kinda getting it. But I just can't make it look scary. I don't know what I'm doing wrong."

Jellybean says "I think some ponies are just better at being scary than others. Miss Snowfield is really good at pretending to be scary." Yes, Jellybean, Pretending. Magpie also gets a wave, but then he picks up the pencil again and starts writing something, with slow, careful mouthwriting."

Magpie trots over. She narrows her eyes and lets her jaw go lax, dropping wide, lips pulling back and tongue flopping. "Uggggggh," she says to Sadaka in a low groan.

The three ghosts wave, and float about, still giggling. "We know what she's doing wrong…" one ghost chirps, hovering closest to the zebra. "Yeah… She doesn't want to be scary. So she isn't." The third, littlest ghost just blinks at Magpie. Yes, ghosts blink! These ones anyway. "That looks more like a dead fish…"

Sadaka blinks over at Magpie. "I've tried that. It didn't work out so good for me, though. You're better at it." She'd felt kind of like she was going to drool everywhere. That wasn't imposing at all. It sort of ruined it. She watches Jellybean curiously out of the corner of her eye, not wanting to interrupt, but looking a bit interested. Maybe he was doing his homework! …But wait, no, he's not a foal. Papa Blackbird probably wouldn't give him homework and stuff.

Jellybean looks up and giggles. "It DOES look like a dead fish," he offers, then back to writing. Pause. With the pencil in the corner of his mouth, "Does anypony know how to spell 'admiration?'"

"A-D-M-I-R-A-T-I-O-N," responds Kludge, still focused on his sketches. He waves off any attention, seeing no reason to involve himself without being specifically asked to.

Magpie scowls at the ghostly trio. "No," she says aside to Jelly. She's only marginally /literate/. "Well how would YOU do it?" she asks ghosts. "Anyway, lookin' dead is probably fine one way or the other…"

The littlest ghost beams. "See? I was right!" He, for this tiny ghost is a colt, scampers off to loom playfully over Jellybean. But not…too close, because he doesn't really want to be a bother. Just there. Among the living. So novel~

The other two ghosts pop up in front of Magpie. "Like this!" And one ghost, who has apparently been chosen to be the general leader of the trio, reaches for the second ghost, and smooshes her face like some deranged, phantasmal Picasso painting. The second ghost, who actually had something /totally different/ in mind, is very much surprised by her sudden facial rearranging, and shrieks out a ghostly scared wail! "Ahhhhhhhh! My faaaaaaace!"

Sadaka blinks over at them, jumping a bit at the wail. "…I… I don't think I can /do/ that with my face," she says slowly, blinking and wrinkling her nose. Ow. That looks unpleasant.

Jellybean eeks again, lifting the plank to put itself between him and the scary ghost faces.

Magpie yelps and jumps back from the ghost. "I MEANT THINGS WE COULD DO!" she protests, stomping her hooves!

"Oh." the 'leader' ghost says, letting the other ghostfilly's face snap back to normal. "I don't know then. We've been dead too long to remember what our live scary faces were." Said second filly rubs her face, still whining. "Why would you /do/ that…?"

The smallest ghost floats back over to join the other two. "You wouldn't want to see it anyway. I don't think it worked for us…"

Sadaka lays her ears back, biting her lip. "Well… maybe you just gotta… get used to it again. We'll figure out ways to get you to remember." She looks over at Jellybean. "It's okay… they're just makin' faces. They're nice, though. …What're you writing? Did Papa Blackbird give you homework?"

Jellybean blinks? "No. I guess he still thinks of me as a grown-up pony. Which is nice," he adds, even though he's having a lot more trouble remembering how to spell things than he usually does, and he's not the world's greatest speller to begin with. "I'm writing a letter to Typhoon Wave. Kludge gave me the idea, 'cause me an' her didn't take the cure because we were worried that if we went back to being big ponies we'd be dumb and try to pretend that we never said we liked each other, because grown-up ponies do dumb things like that all the time. But Kludge said I should write her now and say ohw I feel before changing back, that way she'll know when she changes back too."

"Awwww~" the three ghosts chime in unison. "That's so sweet~" Then they go all quiet, trying to sneak-hover over Sadaka and Jellybean's collective shoulders to spy on what's being written. Because, curiosity!

Magpie giggles a bit. "Why would you say you didn't like her if you did?" the filly asks. "You oughtta just say how you feel." What irony?

Jellybean says "Well, me an' Typhoon both really like each other, but when we were grown-ups we wouldn't say anything, and we were worried that if we did go back to being grown-ups we'd find some way to pretend it didn't happen. And that's how come I'm little right now." A sigh, full of oddly adult ennui. "Now I wish I'd taken it then. But we're getting home, so it's going to be okay." He jots down a few more thoughts."

Sadaka tilts her head. "Oh. Well… that kinda makes sense." She tilts an ear. "So you're gonna write a letter, an' give it to her, then fix the Joke, and then you can't take it back 'cause you wrote it all down so you can't say you didn't mean it."

Magpie blinks a little. She ruffles Jelly's ears. "Whatever you say, kiddo."

The ghost trio is silent. They've drifted. Drifted to hover over Kludge's shoulder, whispering in soft not-quite-comprehensible ghostly tones. You know those voices that insane people think they hear? It's really ghosts whispering.

Jellybean nodnods. "I'm just trying to find the right way to say it, because fillies like poetry and stuff." The words of a colt wise to the ways of the fairer sex.

Kludge keeps working, even with the etherial chatter… although after a bit of it, he does pull out another piece of paper and start working on yet another design. Not sure what it's supposed to be of, and at this point he's not worrying about it, but it looks rather… eldritch.

Sadaka sits down beside Jellybean. "Well, what're you trying to say? Maybe I can help. I dunno much about poetry… but I'm kinda good at spelling at least."

Jellybean thinks. "Well… I just want her to know why I like her, you know, like a very special somepony, not a friend. And I want to encourage her a little, 'cause she seems so sad and scared sometimes, and that makes me sad."

Sadaka nods thoughtfully. "Well… what do you like about her? You could just… list all of it. What you like and stuff. Why she's special. And… and things she's good at! When I'm feeling sad 'cause I messed up at school Papa Blackbird always tells me all the stuff I'm real good at and that it's okay to mess some things up sometimes."

The ghosts whisper. "What's he building..?" "…I dunno, but it looks funny…" "Why'd he stop?" "Probably because you're watching." "But you're watching too…" "But you're weird." "You're weirder!" "Nuh-uh, you're the weirdest!" "He's drawing something different!" "What is /that/?" "I dunno but it looks funnier than the other thing…"

Jellybean nodnods. "Well, I wanna talk about that, but I think it'd be better if I didn't just list it. I mean, lists don't sound very romantic, do they?"

With the words of the ghosts now comprehensible, Kludge's work on the Eldritch Thing slowly grinds to a halt. He blinks for a moment, tries to figure out what exactly he was working on… then shrugs and resumes work on the other two designs. "This design is for a sled for a small hut, and this other one is for a covered wagon-sled. And this third one… I have no idea what it's for, but I think I'll work on it another time."

The ghosts blink. "Aww…" they say again, this time somewhat disappointed that they don't get to see what the third Mystery Object is. "Maybe we should'a kept whispering…" the 'leader' mutters.

Sadaka tilts her head. "I don't know. I dunno much about romance. …I think Papa Blackbird tries to get romantical with Ms. Rusty sometimes, but then they always just end up going into his workshop and inventing stuff, I guess. I don't think he's ever written her poetry."

Jellybean says "Well, I don't think I could invent anything. So I'm gonna try poetry. Right now I think I'm just writing down ideas, though." He jots down a few more and then tucks the paper away again, smiling at Sadaka. "Thanks.""

Sadaka smiles back. "No problem. Wish I could help more. I'm sure it'll work out, though… I mean, you're real neat as an adult." She grins faintly. "Hey, if you can't tell her when you're grown up, I could tell her for you maybe. I'm still little."

Jellybean blushes, then shakes his head. "No, I've gotta do it myself or I'm just being a scaredypony."

Sadaka nods. "Yeah… probably mean more from you, anyway. …When do you think we'll get home? Think we have to win and… fix things first, and finish the story?"

Jellybean settles a little, wings fidgeting nervously. "Well… I don't know. But if that's what we have to do it's not going to stop us."

Sadaka sighs. "Yeah. Ms. Snowfield says it'll all work out, 'cause the good guys always win at the end of the story, and we're the good guys. …But I still miss home."

Jellybean hugs Sadaka.

Jellybean says "Me too."