Wish Upon a Star Pt.I
IC date: Autumn 52, 1008
OOC date: November 10, 2013
Location: Hobknob Theater
PCs: Hatch, Hemlock, Jellybean, Kick-Save, Magpie, Midnight-Sun, Queen-Pegasus, Rock'em-and-Sock'em, Snowfield, Typhoon-Wave, Wishy-Washy
GM: Wishy-Washy

Tonight's the big night! Many a flier has been passed out and even more word of mouth has been spread! There's a new act here at Pocketwatch's theater. While not quite the esteemed canterlot plays that the theater was originally imagined to host, the exotic dance of Saddle Arabia proved to be a popular one around the harbor and thus is bringing in a sizable crowd!

there's still a bit of time before the curtains pull, and of cours ehte theater is abuzz with the dull drone of various conversations, ranging from tonight's storied dance act (aplty referred to on the theater's Marquis and the fliers as 'Wish upon a Star') , to how important it is to getcher limes, mateys~!

Midnight-Sun looks all around with intense interest as he bustles down the aisle towards a free seat at the front. He's never had occasion to visit the theater before, but the posters feature a familiar pony and he had to see what this would be about! He's decided to honor the occasion with a suit jacket, but it is as ill-fitting as any clothes he wears always seem to be. Sophie has been persuaded to leave her opera glasses at home, but she did insist on a little black hat with a red band. She looks pretty spiffing in it. Midnight settles into the seat and immediately cranes around, looking for familiar faces or a hint that the show's about to start…

Jellybean hasn't ever been to see a play on the ground before, and so when he heard that there was going to be a showing at the theater he purchased two tickets for himself and Typhoon. Now he's inside, seated comfortably and looking around. One question remains in his mind, though: "I wonder how they're going to do the weather effects?"

Hatch pokes his head into the doors of the theater, peeking around for a vacant spot. Finally trotting in, it doesn't take too long to find an empty seat at the end of one row. The earth pony takes a seat and reclines, finding that a show as new to him as this would be a pleasant means of getting away from, well, everything. He is dressed in his usual attire, a long, black jacket with a thick collar, covering most of his tail and stopping right above his hooves, which makes the reclining process just a little tricky as he slides down the fabric a few times.

During his long stay in town, Hemlock has noticed a distressing lack of largew cultural events. Plenty of disasters but nothing that's just ncie and good entertainment. Thankfully, his darling Wishy Washy is fixing this and providing a wonderful show all in one, so of course Hemlock will attend. Hes front row center, with a big bouquet of roses like the dork he so often is. Of course, he's all dressed up in a lovely suit as some ponies are as well, the handsome stallion makes it look great, and he's kept plenty of seats open enar him in case of surprise friends.

Kick-Save is spread out across the back seats, lounging lazily enough to take up two seats and encroach upon a third. She looks drowsy, not paying a lot of attention, but not "bored", precisely - just quite tired. She hasn't dressed for the occasion in the slightest.

In the front row of the theater the forest witch of Wintersong is sitting calmly, perusing a program thoughtfully. One wouldn't normally expect Snowfield to go see a show, private as she usually is, but word has been filtering around the harbor that she's been making an effort to be more sociable of late. Word has /also/ been circulating that she and the star of tonight's show, Wishy Washy, are planning on moving in together. So, really, it only makes sense that the little unicorn would be here to watch her marefriend's debut, no?

Also in attendence, a pair of stallions in the back row! One, grinning like a buffoon, blushing like a rose, and hugging a little action figure of the supposed star of tonight's show. The other, wearing sunglasses, and trying awful hard not to look completely embarassed sitting next to the fanpony.

Oh see she looks fun! Hemlock looks around a bit before shifting seats over to sit next to Snowfield. He's grinning like a buffoon, just ahppy to be here. "Hello madame! (how cultural) It is pleasant to see you this fine evening, do you know the illustrious Wishy Washy?"

The little unicorn gives Hemlock a cursory glance when he moves next to her and begins making conversation. Is he flirting with her? It sounds a little like flirting. Is that a thing ponies do at the theater? "Mmhmm," Snowfield says lightly "Very well, in fact, we're the most intimate of friends. She personally invited me to watch her performance."

the most astute ponies in the crowd will notice a cyan hoof slightly part the curtains and a violet eye look out to assess the turnout so far before quickly going away once more a couple of the stagehand Pegusai start to go about and put out the candlelight that illuminates the theater, because as the crowd gets bigger, such a lighting scheme is a death sentence waiting to happen in this town.

Being among the most observant of ponies, Hemlock notices, and gvies the violet eye a happy little wave! "Is that so? That's wonderful, I wouldn't have missed this for the world. Wishy Washy is a mare I respect greatly." Is he flirting, yeah he is, it's what he does. "May I have the honour of knowing the name of such an honoured guest? I am Hemlock, local hero for hire." He takes one of the roses out and offers it to the littlest ice witch. "Rose?"

Midnight-Sun gets rapped on the head and, wincing, looks over a few seats. Okay. That's Snowfield. He's going to keep his distance from *her*. But it looks like Sophie wants him to grab the seat on the other side of the olive stallion, but… She glares. "Fine, fine, I guess I do owe you." He slips out of his seat and trots over. "Hey, Hemlock. This seat taken?" he interjects into a brief gap in the flirtation field. Sophie waves three enthusiastic hello-arms indiscriminately at stallion and witch while the pegasus smiles a little dubiously, kind of trying to pretend that Snowfield isn't right there.

Typhoon-Wave has settled herself next to her husband, looking around curiously herself. "There's going to be weather effects?" She asides at his question, ears perking slightly. "Can they do that inside?" She hadn't really thought about /indoor/ weather. Hm.

Jellybean looks puzzled. "It's a play, isn't it? How do you have a play without weather? When I was in grade school I was in a play. I was the raincloud." He smiles happily at the memory.

"Snowfield," the white mare says plainly, looking stageward when she sees Hemlock waving and smiling at the brief glimpse of a pony's eye between the curtains. "I'm a local artisan." She doesn't react at all to Midnight sitting down, perhaps to the pegasus' relief. Instead her horn glows around Hemlock's roses. "Thank you, they're lovely," she says as she floats the entire bouquet EXCEPT the one he offered her to her lap.

Hemlock doesn't even flinch as the roses are taken, instead he smiles even wider. "My pleasure, I'll have another one ordered for Wishy at the end of the performance. Very nice to meet you Snowfield." She /impressed/ him. The name also rings a bell, and he's heard SOME things around town about her. So that fills in some gapsd. He turns around in time to see Sophie waving at him, and returns the wave enthusiastically. "It is not at all my dear, please have a seat. Hello Sophie, Sun."

With the issue of the lighting settled, the the loud whirring of magic spurs up, causing a draft of warmth to billow from beneath the curtains, Giving the ponies in the front row in particular the kiss of a warm and dry breeze like the ones that come to relieve the hottest of summer days, so in that regard, Jellybean gets his wish!

The curtains billow before suddenly spreading apart to reveal a feat of illusion that would even make the likes of Rising chaos jealous! The stage gives way to a desertscape, complete with an impressively bright sun hanging low in the orange sky. well, it looks as impressive as a sun can when being obscured by a veil of constant sand blowing across the stage, which is thankfully also illusionary, as the grains of tiny rock don't seem to go beyond the stage.

"Aw. I'll bet you were a really good raincloud." Anything else Typhoon was intending to say is cut off as the curtain rises; she blinks, and turns to the stage with interest. Hey. That's different!

Hatch has only met the star of the show once in his time here in the Harbor, but knows now for a fact that she wasn't kidding about her origins. He shields his eyes with a hoof as a knee-jerk reaction to seeing both the blowing sand and sun, but finding himself to be one of the only few doing so quickly sets his hoof back down and lets himself slide down the chair a few inches. Being a rather sheltered earth pony, illusion isn't the first thought he entertains for the setting, instead ponder just where they got that much sand.

Snowfield closes her eyes and enjoys the hot breeze for the brief moment that it billows into the crowed before stabilizing. There's a hint of magic in the air which makes her feel at peace… blue eyes open to watch the sun beating down upon the stage with interest.

Kick-Save stirs, propping herself up in her lounging seat enough to catch a glimpse of the action on stage. Through squinted, tired eyes she peers up at the scape ahead of her, snout wrinkling a little bit in what looks like annoyance.

Hemlock straightens up in his chair to watch the show. He occasionally shoots glances at the ponies beside him to see how they react, because it is interesting!

Midnight-Sun is saved from having to try to make conversation ("So, defeated any villains lately?" — "All of them.") by the rise of the curtain. His wings flick reflexively at the kiss of hot air, but he settles them and himself to watch. He has some theories about Wishy Washy. Time to see if he can add anything to them.

The sandstorm dies down and the sun sets, giving way to a very impressive starscape in the background. although it's a bit more obvious as a Matte painting , the stars give off convincing light and twinkle all the same. With a Bassy downbeat, a familiar Unicorn BURSTS fourth from one of the dunes and starts to animate, flicking the sand off of her new outfit that likely only one or two ponies in the audice at most will have seen Wishy making. It almost resembles something in between the sultry sheer silk that Wishy usually wraps herself in, only in dove white, and gilded armor that a soldier would wear in a parade moreso than something that looks practical and functional, since it really only consists of a fancy helmet that Wishy's bangs still poke out under and pauldrons that have little sequins hanging off of them.

The song playing still has that saddle arabian feel, but with a much more house techno-y feel with the instrumentation.

Jellybean watches appreciatively, folding a wing over Typhoon. This isn't much at all like he was expecting, but it's neat!

Hatch gives a quiet gasp of awe as the scenery changes, though his feelings become mixed at the sound of the music, thinking to himself that Saddle Arabia's rich heritage has caught this 'dance music' disease. Still, the his intrigue is kept alive by the unique attire on the performing mare.

It also might be worth mentioning that a couple of the ushers come along with bags of peanuts and honeyd crunchy daffodil petals for ponies that didn't happen to bring a snack.

Snowfield hmms and leans over to Hemlock. "You should have seen her when she was practicing this dance," she murmurs. "It's absolutely beautiful. If you appreciate the technicality of the art keep an eye on her hooves, their movements are the most interesting part."

Ooh! Rock'em flags down one of the ushers, getting himself a bag of peanuts to go with the awesome play! Crunch, crunch, munch.

Midnight-Sun's ears twitch in time with the music and he subconsciously starts cataloguing it. Odd beat, but very engaging. Sophie throws her legs in the air (because she just don't care) — this is gonna be *great*! A nudge on the shoulder turns Midnight's head — and now he is the proud owner of two bags of daffodil petals, oh yeah. He crunches a mouthful — then his ears flatten and he chews much. more. quietly.

Hemlock leans in towards Snowfield a bit. "I would have loved to watch that, she is a most singularily talented amre. You are quite lucky, madame Snowfield." He keeps his voice low as well, so as not to break any concentration. "I am keeping an eye on her hooves, of course, I can appreciate such raw skill when I see it." He still has the last rose, because it adds tone to his outfit.

As per usual, Wishy's coregraphy is spot on. there's certainly already more hoof work and less belly than normal as she flourishes around the stage, but the next surprise to those familiar with Wishy's act pops up; Singing! One of the benefits of having a more perminant venue and more expensive audio equipment means that mics and speakers can be about, and apparantly there's a microphone in that helmet Wishy has on!

They say, we live in the darkneeees
They say, there's trouble aheaaaad
Every day there's sorrow: today, tomorrow
But IIII'm dancing insteaaaaaaaad~

As this first verse is sung, Wishy's horn lights up, monsters and ponies made of sand with glowy eyes rising from the dunes around Wishy.

Jellybean oohs and aaah appreciatively.

Hatch finally embraces the music once Wishy adds in her voice, which combined with the choreography is nothing short of fascinating to him. In fact, the modern dance style of the music begins to grow on him as watches eagerly with a grin.

Snowfield may have seen the dances being practiced but she's never had a chance to witness the special effects. She feels her breath taken away by the appearance of the monsters rising from the dunes, instinctively leaning forward in her seat. Fight them off, Wishy.

One of the usher ponies after making his rounds quietly sits next to snowfield, munching on an open hoofull of peanuts, the stallion chewing lazily with his mouth open. Munch. Munch. Munch.

Snowfield sloooowly turns to look at the usher, staring at him and his mouthful of nuts. "…"

There's a thump in the back of the loud usher's seat. When he turns around to investigate, Kick Save is already fully sitting up, right in his face. She grins. "What are ya lookin' at me for?", she questions, in a low whisper. She extends a hoof. "Show's up there."

The worker seems obvlivious to snowfield's angry gaze, but he does swallow his nuts before he turns around at Kick Save and rolls his eyes. He then turns back to the stage and smiles. "It's been a while since we got an act this Sexy. what I wouldn't give to rub that cutie mark…"

Meanwhile, the creatures all try to pounche or throw punches and kicks at Wishy, which she nimbly dodges around with well timed and coreographed dance steps. she gets on her hind hooves and bends over backwards as two of them leap at the same time and collide with each other in the air, falling harmlessly over at Wishy's hind hooves.

'Cause I can dance through the danger
The magic flows through my soul
All around it's seeming in this dream I'm dreaming
A better day… can't be far away!

So I will dance through the danger
And fly away to the stars!
Take my lead and I'll start it to the beat of my heart
I'll never give up in my fiiiight 'til the future is briiiiight~

Snowfield frowns deeply at the usher. "Somehow, I don't think she'd let even you if you asked nicely," the ice witch says as she looks back at the stage. That elegant dance is so much more powerful within context. Her heart flutters at the sight of the proud warrior nimbly defeating her foes without lifting a hoof in violence. It's like something out of a fairy tale… which, actually, it might be. She'll need to check her books when she returns home.

Midnight-Sun blinks as the act becomes some sort of… dancefighting routine? Recent experiences notwithstanding, that still seems strange. Strange and wonderful, she is really quite the mover for a unicorn. He nudges a neighbor. "Did *you* know there was a Saddle Arabian dancefighting style?" he asks in a hushed tone. "I thought that was mostly a Neighverland thing." He looks along his leg to the neighbor he's nudged. She is small and white.

Magpie peeks out at Wishy from offstage. Wow, that's really neat! It's probably neater from, you know, /out in the audience/. It's not /her/ fault the backstage area is so confusing to navigate. It's like they don't intend to have ponies coming in through the previously-locked staff entrance. Sheesh.

Amidst the various ponies in the crowded, dark theater is on the harbors far less popular residents; Queen Pegasus has settled into one of the darker corners - after all she's not exactly welcomed anywhere. Quietly Queen scrunches her nose in a minor expression of distaste while watching the little harlequin perform on stage.

Amidst the various ponies in the crowded, dark theater is on the harbors far less popular residents; Queen Pegasus has settled into one of the darker corners - after all she's not exactly welcomed anywhere. Quietly Queen scrunches her nose in a minor expression of distaste while watching the little harlequin perform on stage.

Hatch finds himself enthralled with the performance, albeit somewhat distracted by the interactions a few rows down. Not in a bad way, mind, as he finds them almost equally entertaining, his ears easily picking up a verbal exchange every now and then. Still, none of the ponies there seem all that familiar.

Cue a guitar solo! Wishy swishes and dances around the now combined blob of sand monsers, drawing her jambiya with her magic and cutting away at hunks of sand as she effortlessly tumbles aorund the tendrils of animate sand that try and grab for her.

The usher next to snowfield frowns a bit and stares down at the sleepy looking kid next to him. "Hey! A guy can dream, can't he?!?"

Jellybean continues to watch. He finally stops dropping his jaw long enough to whisper to Typhoon. "I don't think unicorns do weather in their plays."

Snowfield looks past Hemlock to Midnight Sun as the pegasus pokes her. "Most cultures have a dancing style which resembles fighting, it's a common trope in stage productions going back hundreds if not thousands of years. I don't believe Saddle Arabia's is actually good in a fight unmodified." Though from experience Snowfield knows Wishy can make it good. She doesn't look back up at the usher when she says, "Dream? Yes, certainly. Nothing prevents you from desperately wanting to."

Finally, Magpie has had enough. She waits for her moment, then a little swish of black and white slips out from under one of the red velvet curtains, sending it rustling. She hurries up the aisle and starts looking for an empty seat while trying to keep half an eye on the actual performance.

Typhoon-Wave gives a faint chuckle, nuzzling Jelly's cheek lightly. "I guess not." Weather or not, though, wow. This is not what she expected, but it sure is interesting.

Hatch perks an eyebrow at a brief swish that seemed too out of place to be part of the show, especially when it makes its way up the aisle at a slower pace. Leaning into the aisle, he taps on the filly's shoulder when she scurries by, pointing to an empty seat in front of him, just between his row and that of Snowfield and the others, gesturing with a rapidly waving hoof. "Pssssst."

Wishy-Washy and the sand beast RUSH at each other, wishy lunging towards the audience with dagger in mouth while the sandy beast leaps back stage and they both stand still. the music stops and quiet briefly overtakes the stage before the sand creature lets out a gurgling death rattle and collapses and the curtains close, Wishy taking a gentle bow to the audience.

Magpie gasps and covers her mouth as the beast charges Wishy, then lets out a cheer as the mare bows, stomping her hooves thunderou— well, firecrackerously anyway.

Kick-Save hoof-pumps in triumph at Wishy's victory. It seem's she's really woken up and gotten into the thing, though whether that can be attributed to the excitement of the performance or the fact she totally got to near-body-check someone at the theater is perhaps best left unanswered.

Snowfield stamps her hooves as well. Not bad for an opening scene, not bad at all! She looks forward to the next act.

Clop! Clop! Clop! Somepony really enjoyed the show judging from the sound of their hooves firmly stomping against the ground. "Bravo! How splendid!" The voice of who is likely the least welcome pony in the theater rings out from the shadowy edges of the theater. "I suppose a pony can always count on you for a good show, after all you've plenty of experience pretending. Don't you?" the tall, slender former of Queen Pegasus climbing the steps and onto the edge of the stage. "You certainly are some unicorn." Her tone is more than a little sarcastic, and her expression rather smug as she watches Wishy-Washy with a single blue eye.

Magpie whisks into the seat Hatch was indicating to watch the show. This is still part of the show, right? Yeah. It's gotta be.

Rock'em gets out of his seat, stamping forehooves in wild applause. "Woooooo! That was awesome! Yeaaaaaaah!" Peanuts spill into the next row up! As does the Wishy-Washy action figure he'd brought with him.

Sock'em puts a hoof over his face. His other one's stamping out polite applause though. It /was/ rather good. He just can't express it as well as the goofball next to him. Or maybe because of the goofball next to him. Then both ponies stop their applause, fearing maybe that the show wasn't actually over yet. Uh. What?

"O..oh there's more!" Rock'em squeaks, setting back down in a hurry, on the edge of his seat.

Snowfield frowns as somepony begins speaking loudly in the audience. Her ice blue eyes track the edges of the theater, looking for the source. She doesn't need to look very long before Queen Pegasus shows up front and center, climbing onto the stage no less. "…this isn't part of the show," the witch intones as she gets out of her seat.

Wishy-Washy 's heart flutters as she hears the applause through the theater, and then lifts her head, blinking slowly at the mare adressing her directly. "I am… certainly glad you are enjoying yourself? I suppose Camilla talked you into getting out a bit more or such…? I shall have to chat with you after the show, but I am most certainly glad you caould make it out…!"

The tubby usher nods in agreement with Snowfield, slowly lumbering out of his seat. "Like… yeah, man! I'mma have to ask you to take your seat, miss!"

Hatch hums curiously as the pegasus makes her way onto the stage, Wishy's comments making it clear that she isn't welcome. His head turns back and looks for the exit as he feels a sense of impending conflict, but remains seated in his chair still - after all, it's still an interesting conflict to watch, so long as the audience isn't brought into some sort of brawl. They all seem too nice for that, anyway.

Out of the corner of her eye, Queen Peagsus catches at least one - make that two ponies who recognizes this isn't part of the show. "Tsk Tsk. No audience participation, that wouldn't be very /cannon/ of you." she remarks off-handedly to Snowfield while trotting further on stage and right into the spotlight, skirting about the edge of the light as she circles Wishy-Washy in slow, graceful trot. "If you think I listen to that little bird-brain, or her feathered ilk you're sadly mistaken. I've been spending my days cooped up and alone; it's given me plenty of time to reflect and research." she's like a shark right now. "The dismal results of my previous venture has left with me limited options. But then I came across the most interesting of texts, Saddle Arabian Nights. Heard of it?" her right wing flutters slightly, allowing the golden object hidden below to catch the stage lights above and glimmer briefly. "Thusly I've spent my time researching Saddle Arabian lore. Go ahead and show your surprise, yes I am quite the study. Apologizes for dispelling the preconception that I'm a simpleton with a bad attitude."

Wishy-Washy 's eyes go wide with terror the moment the mention of the 1,001 nights crops up. she has to do something, so her horn lights up and then… nothing…? wishy instantly crumples under the light of the spotlight, shaking her head. "P-please! not here! not in front of a crowd, please! I beg you, please don't…!"

Jellybean's wings flutter with worry, looking from Queen Pegasus to Wishy Washy.

Typhoon-Wave tilts an ear, looking confused and a bit concerned, halfway between sitting and standing. This does not seem to be part of the show anymore.

Magpie uh… She hesitates, then essays a "Yay Wishy?"

Rock'em practically bounces on the edge of his seat. "Wow… I knew she was good, but this is so..natural! She really looks afraid!"

Sock'em's ears splay out. "Oy, Rocky. I'm havin' doubts that this is actually part of the show."

"Oh psh." Rock'em wags a hoof at Sock'em. "Of course it's part of the show! Who would be dumb enough to interrupt one of darling Wishy's acts?"

Snowfield doesn't move for the stage herself. She knows Wishy can take care of herself. Her marefriend was strong enough to take on a windigo, after all! Took it on, conquered it and won the spoils from the encounter. Surely some upstart sea pirate would… would…

A glimpse of gold under the pegasus' pink wing. Mention of Saddle Arabian mythology. Her special somepony collapsing into a sobbing heap. The ice witch's eyes go wide and her horn glows a brilliant blue. a pillar of ice explodes from the ground beneath her, tossing the little unicorn onto the stage where she lands heavily but safely on her hooves. "Hoof it over," Snowfield growls. "Right now. You have no clue what game you're playing."

Hatch crosses his eyes at the pegasus on the stage, displeased enough with the interruption that leaving isn't an option he'd like to take if the mare dares to ruin Wishy's performance in whatever way she has planned. Once Snowfield courageously brings herself onto the stage, he places a hind leg onto his seat, ready to leap in whichever direction he pleases.

Queen gasps mockingly as Snowfield bursts onto stage in a flurry. "And here I thought Wishy-Washy was mare with the flare, bravo." She levels her gaze onto Snowfield and gently taps the tip of her hoof on the stage. "I wasn't expecting a third monster for this show." Mindful of her positioning on stage - intently keeping Wishy-Washy between herself and Snowfield if possible. "I've tried to be pleasant these past few months, but it seems ponies aren't very forgiving." Her wing begins to flutter softly, rubbing against what lies concealed between her wing. "So, why should I be the only monster?"

the Tubby usher goes to start trotting up onto the stage, but very much gets a face full of icicle, bonking onto it and knocking himself out!

Wishy smiles a bit when Snowfield springs onto the stage, gulping just a tad. she tries to near a hoof to Queen Pegasus, but then… something odd starts to happen she pulls it away quickly, a bit of cyan smoke wafting into the air. "Please don't… please please -PLEASE- don't do it… p-please…" the unicorn lowers her head in defeat. "I'm sorry about coming onto your ship uninvited that one day and… and everything, just please don't do it…!"

Snowfield begins to slowly step to the side, circling around Wishy in a dance far more dangerous than the show just performed by the Saddle Arabian. "The ponies of this town are more forgiving than you could imagine," she says slowly. "I've already been the monster. I fought them and hurt them and tried to destroy their lives… and still I sit among them as a friend." Her heart wrenches at the sound of her special somepony's pitiful cries. "You've proved your point, you've made her hurt and cry and beg. Give it to me and let's move on."

Magpie jumps up in her seat. "HEY! This isn't part of the show!" she shouts indignantly when an ice pillar suddenly erupts out of the audience. "Cut it out, you jerk!"

Kick-Save even recognizes that the show isn't proceeding at planned at this point, but her confusion and hesitation prevents her from doing much about it. All she can muster is standing atop her seat, teeth bared in an angry growl at what looks like the evil one, the snow witc - no, it's the pegasus. Definitely the pegasus. Grrr.

Queen's gaze remains steady, fixated on Snowfield who poses a clear and present danger; wing still rubbing against the shiny object concealed below. "You assume me to be cruel - lashing out to make her suffer." Queen scoffs. "This is an act of kindness, she only cries because she fears the backlash from her own lie. Isn't that right, genie?"

Midnight-Sun's brain clicks. Secrets and lies. Suspicions and being too slow to act on them. The horror of realization, of being too slow *again*, stuns the pegasus in his seat. "Horseapples," he says quietly as ponies variously protest the situation. She's said it.

"Genie?" "Did she say genie?" mutter mutter mutter rhubarb rhubarb rhubarb

Magpie protests, still from her seat, "She's not a genie! Genies have, y'know, like smoke for a butt!" She knows stuff. She's seen pictures.

Rock'em shoots Sock'em a confused look. Sock'em shrugs. Rock'em turns back to the stage, flipping a peanut into his mouth. "Maybe this is a modern-day fairy tale? I told you this was still a show. Genies." Scoff.

The word is like a trigger. Snowfield stops circling Wishy and dashes forward instead, icy hoofprings on the stage in her wake. Her horn shines like a beacon as she tries to reach out with her magic to Queen Pegasus, hoping to freeze the very blood in her veins for daring to hurt her most important pony!

Wishy-Washy outright recoils. Queen said the word. She said the word, and is thus fully intent on showing the audience, letting the word spread all over horseshoe harbor, bringing those with only greed and malice and despair to her door. there was no use hiding anymore. with tears running down her cheek and her other half beckoning, Wishy stands up and walks towards the pegasus, smoke starting to rise from her body. the outfit on the lower half of her body falls off and the cyan mare starts to float, all that smoke starting to seep under Queenie's wing. "Y… yes, my misstress."

Murmurs start from the various people in the croud talking, looking at the stage in fascination. some were still convinced this was still a port of the show, while others started to mutter about things they'd wish for if they had a genie.

Wishy watches snowfield spring to action, her magic working out of instinct and causing some serious magical interference around the pegasus.


Hatch keeps his hoof in place on the seat, but leans forward, squinting at the sight. Clearly, at this moment, anyway, it is not his place to intervene, and had he not run into Wishy at all those few months back, he'd have next to no concern for the outcome, but with that acquaintanceship present, and the pegasus' words seeming ever so slightly malicious, he still remains ready to move, ears lifted as he continues to observe.

Rock'em and Sock'em both blink. "U..uh that's just..an effect, right?" Rock'em says, dropping his peanuts. For the second time. Sock'em, equally dumbfounded. "Holy carp…"

"Don't blame me, she practically broadcasted the fact she was a genie." Waving a hoof dismissively before Snowfield's sudden lunge has prompts her to stumble backwards while simultaneously thrusting one front hoof under her other wing; the sudden and unexpected protection prompts Queen to steady herself and grin smugly. "How unexpected, my own guardian genie." She eyes Snowfield - the passion displayed by the mare could only mean one thing; and it brings jealous scowl about. "Enough. Listen carefully, genie. I've enough - I seek solitude and luxury; a towering castle to shield me from the world and all those that shun me. This is my wish." A sudden thought occurs, perhaps that was too vague. "Maybe I should have scripted this." She mutters aloud.

Snowfield's spell… fails? Her charge, intending to gore Queen Pegasus with her horn, is interrupted as well by a wave of magical energy that slows her to a halt despite her charging hooves. "Wishy, no!" she shouts to the genie floating above the stage. She reaches a hoof out to try and grab hold of that ephemeral tail.

Wishy-Washy 's body spasms a bit… funnily, the tail seems somewhat solid-ish… it mus be the same principle that allows Pegasus magic to interact with clouds. regardless, upon queen's words, a bright glow eminates from underneath queenie's wing and travels up that smoke trail, wishy's eyes washing over (hue) in a bright white light. the magical energy travels up the genie's body, causing her to spasm violently before it amasses in her horn. "Y…. your wish is… my command..!" with that, a bright light flashes in the room and the next sensation to rock… well everything is that of an earthquake! the crowd starts to panic and ponies start to filter out of the building or seek shelter as lights fall from above and a sense of cataclysm fills the air.

Time to fly. Midnight Sun drops a full bag of candied daffodils in his haste to flip around and launch from the building which, if fairy-tale principles hold true, is about to be extensively redecorated. For once, Sophie does not seem to find anything fun about the situation.

Hatch finally takes the seismic events as his cue to leave, but opts for merely hopping off of his seat and darting up the aisle, not having much confidence in pulling off a proper landing in these kinds of conditions.

Magpie starts heading for the door, scrambling along under the chairs, weaving between spilled drinks and dropped popcorn. Oh, look, a bit— LEAVE IT!

Jellybean can see something bad happening. Worriedly, he grabs Typhoon's hoof and starts making for the door as well.

Typhoon-Wave squeaks, following after Jellybean, if slightly more hesitantly. "W-wait, what about…" she glances over her shoulder. Wishy and Snowfield are coming too, right? That other pegasus, /her/ she's not too worried about, but.

Kick-Save's show of bravado entirely dissipates as she worriedly drops down into her seat. A flick of her head and glow of the horn retrieves her helmet-mask from her saddlebag and puts it into place, giving her enough protection for the way out.

Everything begins falling apart?! Rock'em is back on the edge of his seat. "Whoa! The special effects are-"

Sock'em starts dragging Rock'em out of the building. "Dummy! The whole place is collapsing! It ain't no show anymore, gotta get outta here!"

Snowfield doesn't move at all. She stays on the stage with Wishy and Queen Pegasus, horror and fear and anger all playing across her features at once. "Release her!" she screams at the pirate.

Surprise is the look on Queen's face; this is all very fascinating afterall. "So dramatic!" she chirps, finding the whole thing very amusing it would seem.

The shaking stops as most of the crowd filters out, thankfully not causing too much more damage to the theater.

"Your castle is ready, my misstress… Y… you have two more wishes before the pact is complete" Wishy sinks back down and lowers her head obediently, her horn sizzling from the magical strain that summoning a castle from the ground usually entails.

For those who did filter out toe main street, there's a set of large marble castle walls that seem to have erupted from the town square from underground! the walls to the marble fortress are patrolled by ponies armored from head to toe and carrying various impliments of archery.

Queen gives Wishy a little look, it's like 'seriously?'. "Then, why are we still here?" she asks dryly; fully expecting the genie to do the genie thing. "Or am I going to have to fly myself?"

Snowfield fights against the magical field keeping her from assaulting Queen Pegasis, rage building within her as she's so casually ignored. "I'll save you, Wishy!" she cries out. "I won't let her use you! You're not going to be caged while I still breathe!"

Outside of the theater, now that it's no longer crumbling, Rock'em and Sock'em have joined the crowd. Rocky's still got his peanuts. He's still munching them. Where'd he get those 3-d glasses from? "Socky, how many magical graphics designers you think it took to make all these effects so lifelike?"

Sock'em thunks his forehead and starts to wander off down the street. Looks like he's got a mayor to update about the castle that just erupted from the ground and took out Town Square.

Wishy-Washy sets snowfield, down, and shakes her head. "I'm sorry. I cannot defy the will of my misstress. I promise as soon as I'm done I'll come and see you, but… I don't know if I can stay in horshoe Harbor anymore now that ponies know…" A simple teleportation spell isn't so far out of reach when you have PHENOMINAL COSMIC POWERS, and at Queenie's impatient request, they're gone in a flash of light.

Snowfield is left alone in the theater, the audience having fled in fear, her lover and enemy fleeing in triupmh. Tears well in her eyes and quickly form a rime of frost upon her cheeks as she wails in anguish to the empty room.