Winter War
IC date: Winter 18
OOC date: 06/01/13
PCs: Hemlock, Stormchaser, Mbaya-Ndoto
NPCs: None
GM: None

There's vibrant colors upon a slate grey day, the brightest summery colors do a good job of making a pony stand out, though this is no pony pony, but the bold colors of a Zebra. Mbaya-Ndoto to be precice. The mare steps carefully through the snow, staring at it as if confused by its presence, the crunch it makes under her hooves, the sound, the chill, the, the whole whiteness of it all, and that dreadfull weather that looms above, and none of that looking particularly natural, and she well knows it. She paces in from the far edge of the Wintersong Forest finally venturing this far after such a time weaving around in the forest watching the patterns of trees and odd life that exists there. Out here she's in the open, and evidently not exactly comfortable with it.

Hemlock has been more than comfortably aware of the zebra's present. Up until now the forest's edge has been mostly his territory, with several campsites spread all over. He's feeling rather put out, forced out of the forest almost, bytthis frightening new zebra. Now she's coming in to town, and he watches her from his new camp. What is she up to?

Stormchaser flies around town a bit, seeing if she can find anyone she knows. When she notices Hemlock, she starts to dive down, stopping when she also notices Mbaya. She descides to drop down behind some cover and walk the rest of the way, finally making contact with the two, she smiles. 'Hey Hemlock, Hey Mbaya! Howre you two?"

Mbaya-Ndoto was concentrating on snow, and what noises it made under her hooves and then ponies calling out her name. She bolts upright, as if lifted bodily by an unknown force and drops back onto her hooves, jerking her head around to see whom just startled her so, "Ahh flyerpony and friend" she still eyes stormchaser so coldly, and looks to Hemlock with a cold but /reasonably/ friendly glance, "Good Afternoon" she states to them both, well really more Hemlock, as she merely regards the flyer with distrust still present, "What ponies brew this Foul weather, Is this of your doing Pegasus?" she asks "Dabbling ponies of weather?

Hemlock smiles as Stormchaser joins him, a friendly face. "Why hello there miss Stormchaser, what a pleasure to see you again." He gets to his hooves, rising from his sitting position, he may have been at rest in his camp, but he's fully equipped. "Now hold on miss Mbaya-Ndoto. The snow was done by the pegasi, to be sure. But that storm out there was caused by a seapony, if what I'm told is true. What I am sure of is it's magical in nature." Hemlock stands his ground beside Stormchaser, not going to let some mean zebra push around pretty mares on his watch.

Stormchaser pouts a little at Mbaya's accusations of the weatherponies. 'We didnt make the storm, besides, im not even on the weather team yet, so i had no part in any of it." she scoots close to Hemlock, smiling and leaning against him. "Though thw snow is nice, i love the snow!" she says with a smile, waving a hoof in it lazily

Mbaya-Ndoto nods some taking in that information and she steps forward and with a flourish of those many scarves she actually bows before the two, several white scarves slip from her form and line themselves neatly at her forehooves and remain there, she was actually bowing to you both, amazingly, "Than my apoligies to you both, I know that the pegasi dabble with the weather to no end, I was not aware of the seaponies taking an interest in outside affairs enough so to effect" she waves a hoof up, "this, which drew me here in the first place" she stands to her full height, then leans toward the scarves in the snow, each of them white as snow itself, she seems to say something, and then each of them slither off in a differint direction, one of which slithers right past the two other ponies standing there. The Zebra stands back up to her full height and looks to you both, "This Snow, is, decidedly, Interisting" she offers with a hint of curiousity in her voice.

Hemlock hugs Stormchaser as she comes close, it's cold, after all. Struggling not to scream in panic and run away at the slithering scarves, he smiles. "No harmd one, I'm sure miss Mabya-Ndoto. A reasonable mistake. The pegasi here have to change the weather, because it doesnt happen by itself. The snow is part of wintertime equestria, and it's beautiful." He grins, an idea forming. Maybe the zebvra likes fun, because who doesn't like fun? "It's awesome." He let's go of Stormchaser and hops in to the snow. Seconds later, a snowball is tossed Stormchaser's way, lightly.

Stormchaser meeps as the snowball explodes against her side, looking quite hurt. "That wasnt very nice!" she says, her hooves slowly working at something on the ground. 'You dont throw snowballs at anypony! Not unless you expect some back!" she says, her voice turning from a feigned hurt to a playful tone, throwing two snowballs back!

Mbaya-Ndoto watches the sudden warfare with keen interest, she's not seen this thing before, they are throwing hardened snow at each other now, this is odd, this is wild, this is Vicious, is this the way of things here, oh certainly I can try this, this sport, how hard can I throw something yes, yes, the pegasus is the target! now that earth pony is thinking, now he is worthy! "IF we take her together we shall CRUSH HER!" she calls out to Hemlock, as she plunges forward and down to start making snow balls, for which she makes many many snow balls and really does nothing with them, though there seem to be many scarves slipping from her arms, her cloud depleting some, by about half at least, oh gods what is she planning?!

Hemlock looks up to see why Stormchaser sounds hurt. This mean that he is hit in the face and chest by her return fire. Laughing uproariously he tosses another of his own. Mbaya-Nodot's challenge ignites a fire in his eyes. "Oh, I never said there were teams, did I?" He bounds over and tosses a snowball at the zebra, very lgihtly. "I mean, I couldn't gang up against one of you beautiful mares now could I? It's almost unfair, having to go against the mighty Hemlock!" He says, while standing in the open and making no attempt to duck or dudge. The smile on his face is confidence, obviously.

Stormchaser starts scurrying around in the snow, making a wall of snow to protect her, all while avoiding fire. She gets the wall up and starts making snowballs, now far behind in ammunition making. She manages to make a cuople and toss one at Mbaya, a wide grin on her face

Mbaya-Ndoto is first lightly hit by that incoming projectile from Hemlock, which causes her eyes to go wide with shock, he, he attacked me, me?! then the pegasus, she expeded no less from her, but this transgression, this outrage, she stands upon her hind hooves, "This Transgression shall not go unnoticed, This IS WAR!" She yells out, with this bizzare echoed voice that seems to echo about even where echo's shouldn't be. She looks really scary too as the rest of her scarves have radiated from her body, and make her look like a Zebra version of Medusa, but prettier, every one of her scarves looks just snake like and actually hisses, thats around fiftey hissing scarves of every color imaginable while she practically radiates dark energy and drops to her hooves and dances in circles, then she reaches down and grips a scarf in her mouth, the scarf has a buckshot of snowballs loaded into it and the Zebra spinns around and lets it fly in Hemlock's location then ducks down to spinn again with a shot toward the 'pegasus'

Hemlock is taken out swiftly by the snowball cannon. "Woah now miss, this is all in fun. It's not about war or anything." He's seen it often enough. "It's a game, Mbaya-Ndoto." He gets to his hooves, suddenly business. It'll take more than just snow balls to knock him over now. Hemlock may be a goof, but he's a strong goof.

Stormchaser meeps and hides behind her fort as Mbaya becomes all snakey and scary, glad she descided to hide as dozens of snowballs start flying through the air, still a couple manage to poof on her flank as she builds more snowballs. She peeks over when the snowballs stop, tossing a couple wildly though the air

Mbaya-Ndoto pauses, and smiles to Hemlock, she sits down as other snow balls fall around her, her attack was two fold, after all, while the snowballs hit Hemlock, then too was a 'snake' deployed, and as he begins to talk, one of her wonderful scaves slithers right up to him and attempts to ensnare him in its 'coils', The pegasus however is lucky as most of Mbaya's snoballs hit her fortwalls, and the snake merely slithers back to its master. "Good fun, yessss" she hisses, back "You attacked her, she returned the attack, and did well of it, You both attacked me, I returned the assult, as is war" she smiles intently pleased by this

Hemlock stares at the zebra for a while, worried. "Just wanted to amke sure it didn't get out of hand," he assure with a smile. Suddenly he freezes in place as the scarf starts ensnaring him. Hemlock backs away, in a state of total panic. Trying to keep up appearances, another snowbal is launched Stormchaser's way, but for now the 'hero' is just a target.

Stormchaser looks over at whats happening curiously, realizing that Hem is scared, she grabs a couple snowballs under the wing not facing Mbaya. She runs over to Hem, looking a bit worries about the snake as well, but scoots closer to it and drops all the snow onto it, scooting in front of Hemlock. "Maybe we should play a different game."

Mbaya-Ndoto can't help but watch the proceedings, she waves a hoof, "My apoligies, sometimes my pets get out of hoof" she comments, "Fear not, its only /fabric/ she states, and what remains un snowballed, simply goes limp, "and look at that color, quite an interisting shade of green, and purple, I do believe he was just being friendly, your colors even" she smiles at Hemlock pointedly and nods with a smile to the pegasus, "Fabric is completely /harmless/" she states, "its a gift" she smiles again with a twinkle in her eyes, "For a good /game/ of war" she nodnods and just laughs softly to herself.

Hemlock keeps panicing until it goes limp. Zebra curses are scary and he can't deal with them. Then pretty mares see him being scared and he blushes a deep crimson. "Oh, um, of course, just startled me. That's all." He takes the scarf in his hooves, obviously not happy about it. "And this one won't have any kind of enchantments, will it?" He regains his compoosure enough to send a meaningful glance Mbaya-Ndoto's way. "But it was fun, always love spending in such good company."

Stormchaser wonders if she just dosnt understand zebras, yeah, that must be it. "Well, it was certainly fun." she says, snuggling up next to Hemlock. "What would we like to do now?" she asks curiously, trying to think of something to do

Mbaya-Ndoto smiles to Hemlock with a surprised look on her muzzle, "Enchantments, Oh my, why yess, indeed it does sir, It will help you sleep, offer a good rest when you do sleep, bring dreams it does" she nods gently, with a smile, that is somehow very wicked looking, "Oh and of course like all my scarves, it will obey my command if I ask it so, as I weaved it, I am its mother if you will, but fear not, he likes you" she offers, "If you are so discomforted by this" she indicates of her scarves, I will send them off" she smiles, to them both with a bob of her head. She shrugs a little, whispers some thing and her body looks to be melting colors, as almost every single one of her scarves abandons their master, all snaking this way and that, heading back toward the forest, leaving her only in that light linnen hooded jacket, and perhaps one or two scarves still there as a necceity.

Hemlock is more than aware of what dreams this thing will bring, if it's anything like the one given to Stormchaser. The thing would have caused bad dreams and been a problem if he hadn't had Zula look at it first. Still, rejecting the gift would be bad manners, and he IS a hero. "It's a wonderful gift, thank you Mbaya-Ndoto. It's just that in my line of work it pays to be careful." A charming grin is flashed her way, but his eyes give the hint that he knows exactly what's going on. "Well Stormchaser, I haven't had lunch yet.

Stormchaser sighs and looks relieved as the snakey scarves all go back to Mbaya, smiling at her a bit. She looks up at the scarf given to Hem and smiles. 'Thanks again for the scarf Mbaya." she says, seeming happy about her own. Her own stomach rumbles a bit and looks back to Hemlock. 'Lunch does sound good."

Mbaya-Ndoto smiles to each in turn and still amazingly so still smiles to Stormchaser, perhaps she is getting used to the pegasus to some extent, though each of you would likely still believe that she would have little difficulty actually trusting her fully, if ever at all really. "Certainly dear Stormchaser and Sir Hemlock" she intones gently, "Ahh, but I should return as I found answers to my questions" she indicates, "and ponies willing to answeer" the rather plain looking zebra mare intones with a smile, "Fair well you both" she offers as she promptly turns about and starts off towards the Wintersong Forest

Each of the scarves around your neck comes partially to life again and waves goodbye to their master, while the few scarves upon the zebra return the polite wave of 'goodbye' to their left behind brethern

Stormchaser scoots next to Hemlock and leans against him, smiling happily and nuzzling his neck. 'Shall we get some lunch?" she asks softly

Hemlock bows low as the sebra leaves. "well met again Mbaya-Ndoto, until next time." Formalities finished, he gvies Stormchaser a winning smile. As she leans against him he gives her another hug. "Lunch sounds great, I know just the place!" For a moemnt there's dillema where he ponder to how get a pretty mare off of him, it's a common one.

Stormchaser makes a little snowball and tosses it at your side, giggling softly. She then starts trotting off toward town, fixing her scarf a bit to keep her warm

Hemlock isn't about to take that sitting down. Which is good, because he's standing up. With a heartfelt chuckle he follows his freind in to town. "so I didn't know you liked the snow miss Stormchaser. I have been to many snowy places in my travels. Perhaps I should take you to one some time." He fondly remembers some of the places he'd been while trotting alongside the pretty pegasus.

Stormchaser smiles, a softly blush creeping across her face. 'That sounds like it'd be really fun! And what pony doesnt like snow? Snow is the funnest ever!" she says with a silly tone, running around in the snow a bit.

Hemlock suddenyl remembers why he had to go adventuring there in the first place. "Well, it will be fun so long as I'm there to keep you safe. I wouldn't let those monster hurt a single feather on your pretty little wings." He gallops around in the snow, even rolling aroudn a bit to have some fun. Lunch is seemingly forgotten, for now.

Stormchaser smirks and flops around in the snow with you, playfully throwing some snow at you. 'Promise you wont let and big monsters eat me?" she asks with a smile as she flops near you

Hemlock chuckles throatily, laying on his back in the snow. "Of course not, miss Stormchaser. I would hardly be a great hero if I did, now would I." He flips to his hooves, which is quite challenging from a laying on your back position. He makes it look easy, what a champ. "And I can asssure you, I am the best hero."

Stormchaser wiggles around on the ground a bit, trying to get herself up. She finally gets onto her hooves and smiles at you. 'My hero!" she flies over you and lands a bit in front of you, trotting to town again.

Hemlock smiles at her enthusiasm and bows low. "At your service, milady." That silliness over with, he follows her in to town. Hopefully to enjoy a nice lunch.