Winter Smash-Up
IC date: Winter 84, 1006
OOC date: March 12, 2012
PCs: Salty, Jellybean, Typhoon-Wave, Hayseed, Snowfield, Bedhead, Siyana
NPCs: None
GM: Fluttershy

"Citizens of Horseshoe Harbor!"

The mayor's voice rings clearly through the town square as she stands from her makeshift stage outside the local tavern. For once, she appears to be steady on her hooves. Her boots are polished, her cravat is fluffed, and she looks slightly less crazy than usual. "Today begins the annual Winter Wrap-Up! Are you excited? You should be! Because it's bucking awesome! It's about dang time for Spring to get here and I could not be happier. Brrr." With a resounding clack, her booted hoof smacks her podium, made out of a stack of thick books from the library and a plank of wood on top. (We're classy here at the Harbor.)

"At any rate, because we're a small town, we have all week to get Winter Wrapped Up. That means there will be hard work /all week long/. Are you ready, my little ponies? Because I am /ready to rock and roll/!"

Jellybean has been looking forward to Winter Wrap-Up for approximately forever. It's his first time ever doing Winter Wrap-Up on the ground, after all. But getting here for the meeting has been such a trial, and the reason is readily evident. Flying in behind him as he comes down is a raincloud, and it's clear that he's trying to outrun it. He lands near the Mayor and the cloud comes to a rest above him, raining all over him and anyone nearby. "I'm sorry I'm late, mayor. What do you need me to do?"

Snowfield is not here to wrap up winter. In fact, she abhors this time of year when all of the beautiful white snow is shoveled away and replaced with brown grass that hasn't seen the light of day in months. That she happens to be in town at the same time that Salty announces the beginning of the end of the season is complete coincidence— she was just here to buy some winter berries.

The little white mare emits a 'feh' of distaste at Jellybean's arrival. Always wrestling with the clouds, that one, and apparently always losing. At least this one doesn't appear to be sticky and explosive.

Bedhead strolls into the square slowly, blinking up at the speaking pony with sleep-filled eyes. Evidently the sound of the annoucement woke him. "Hu-wha? Winter Wrap Up?" he mumbles, his ears flick back to show his dismay. "Ugh… that time already?" Maybe if he snuck away now, he could get away while everyone else was getting their jobs. The pegasi casts a suspicious gaze around at everyone to see if anyone had noticed him entering and starts backing out of the square, whistling a tune.

Typhoon-Wave cast a sidelong glance over at Jellybean as he approached, and a more direct glance up at the rain cloud as he landed; she may well have been one of the only ponies NOT to flinch at the sudden soaking, merely giving her wings a light shake. Actually, if anything, she seemed almost refreshed by it.

Not that that stopped a bit of snark. "How'd you get this one stuck to you? Did you actually manage to make a cloud angry?" As much as she tried to lighten the dry tone with a bit of warmth, it was not exactly her forte, and might have come out a bit more flat than friendly. She scuffed a front hoof on the cobblestone, twitching an ear.

Salty blinks and scuttles aside a little as Jellybean flies down with a raincloud over his head. "Uhh— well, you could get rid of that thing, for one," she points out, waving a hoof at it. But then she turns to the rest of the crowd to continue her announcement. "All pegasi will report to Jellything here for weather duty! Uhhhh… /you/!" She points right at Bedhead. "Help round everyone up for that, wouldja? Thanks. My, what a big crowd. All the unicorns and earth ponies will take joint duties, clearing the snow, making bird-houses, breaking up the ice, waking up the animals, and so on. Pick yer poison, people." She then points at Snowfield. "You get to direct the snow-clearing ponies." She assigns a few other roles, and then smacks her hooves. "Okay! Great! Let's boogie!"

"Well it's about time!" A strong-looking autumn-orange Unicorn mare called out from the back of the small 'crowd'. Hayseed had nothing against winter, really. It was a nice enough season. She could grow some darn nice berries in winter, don't get her wrong. But little of the /good/ stuff grew in the cold. Only so much you could do with winterberries, besides a nice pie. "I've had the seeds all sorted and ready to plant for weeks!"

Jellybean whimpers a little. "I've been trying to get rid of it all day but it just won't leave me alone, and when I bucked it it showed up again in an hour. But I'll do my best, mayor." He takes to the sky with the cloud following lazily after him, and surveys the ponies he's working with. "All right, everypony, who here's worked with clouds before? It's time to get rid of some. I mean, besides that one," he adds, pointing a hoof at the one that won't leave him alone, "because I've tried and it just won't go away."


Snowfield stares at Salty as the drunken (wait, sober!?) sailor has the call not only to command her, but to put her in charge of snow clearing duty of all things! "Absolutely not!" she declares. "I won't be responsible for shoveling away such a wondrous landscape." The tiny mare stomps a hoof defiantly, although her tiny stature makes it look more like a filly throwing a tantrum than a mare standing up for her principles. "Why don't you be in charge of it?"

Bedhead froze in place as though he'd been caught with his hoof in the cookie jar when the Mayor pointed to him. "Who?! Me?? I wasn't leaving- oh. Yes ma'am." Hanging his head, he shuffles towards another pegasus and perks up a bit just a bit when he recognizes them Jellybean. "Hey, it's you. Jellybean, right? Looks like we've been roped into weather duty." Looking up, he reflexively trots to the side and out of the shadow of the looming cloud. "Uh… I've worked with clouds a bit…" And by worked, he meant… he knew how to nake a good bed of them. "I haven't seen one like this before, though, did you get it mad or something?" Jumping up, he gives it an experimental prod with his hoof, causing a small but ominous rumble of thunder from it.

Typhoon-Wave shakes her head slightly, looking up at Jellybean and the new pegasus. Geesh, these guys didn't know their stormclouds very well, did they? Well she'd just go take care of it and… she paused, wings half-spread. No… She'd probably just make it worse somehow. She sighed softly, glancing down and scuffing her hoof a bit. "I've done cloud work."

Salty blinks, as Snowfield reproaches her, and lifts a brow. "Because /I/ am overseeing everything. I can't do both. And you, citizen, are attempting to obstruct… justice or something. I mean, come on, my little pony. Aren't you going to help with turning the seasons? We sort of need everyone's hooves on board. So get to it, or else I'll make you clean the mess! … Oh, right, we don't have a mess. I'll make you…I don't know. There will be justice!" Whap! Another smack of hoof to table. "At any rate, all you heads should meet together and coordinate, or something. Chop-chop!"

Hayseed blinks and tilts her head almost quizzically. Animal waker-upper? Not her first choice. She wasn't… /bad/ with animals. But wasn't exactly spectacular either. Well… there was a full week, she supposed she could get things rolling and then see to clearing the fields and the planting and such.

She blinked at Snowfield's snark, shooting the little unicorn a light grin. "Want to trade?" she asked good-naturedly. "Don't imagine you'd enjoy pulling a plow around much, kind of heavy work."

Jellybean flinches when Bedhead kicks the cloud. "Careful, it's been doing weird things. It can't even decide what kind of cloud it is: I'm pretty sure it's some kind of magic. Let's focus on the ordinary clouds, okay? If it's close to the sea or the forest push it outward, otherwise just go ahead and buck it." He looks around. "Typhoon, you take some ponies and handle the docks. Bedhead, you take some and do the north end of town. I'll handle the center for now. Does everypony have that?"

Snowfield stares at Salty defiantly, then glances at Hayseed as the larger (much larger (dear Celestia, when did unicorns come that big!?)) mare offers to trade jobs. "No, if that's how she wants to play her little game, then game on," the white pony says.

Her attention turns back to Salty. "Fine! We'll do it your way!" The miniature mare glances around to any nearby unicorns who aren't already wandering off for nest-making or animal waker upper duty. "You, and you! Use your magic to clear snow from the roofs, that way any earth ponies pushing plows won't have to make a second pass." Her horn glows an icy cerulean as she demonstrates by lifting a great mound of snow off of a nearby building and dropping it in the middle of the square.

On top of the mayor. 'Oops.'

Bedhead looks away from the cloud to the violet pegasus, cringing a bit when Jellybean gives his orders. He'd just come up with a plot to get out of his job but there was no way that would work out if he was supposed to be leading a group. "I dunno, I don't really… do too well as a leader. I'm more of a… conceptual, planning sort of pony." His eyes light up as he gets an idea. "Hey, why don't I watch you guys for a bit? You can show me how it's done properly and I'll, uh… take over later!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks over at him, giving him a rather deadpan stare. "You mean why don't the two of us do three ponies' work and make the job take third again as long while you 'watch' the whole time? Or do you plan to join in at the end just in time to get full credit?" Laziness was not something she much appreciated when there was a job to be done.

Salty seems very satisfied when Snowfield starts barking out orders. What a good mayor she is, motivating slackerponies to do their work! All that time on the ship was worth something — she learned that ponies need direction sometimes. And she is perfectly qualified to give those orders. Why, someday they might even give her a medal for being such a good mayor. Yes, that would be a lovely day, with ribbons and maybe even a crown—

"AIEE!!!" The shrill squeal that cuts through the icy air comes straight from the Mayor when a huge mound of snow clomps down on her head, chilling her instantly to the bone. Frozen for a moment, she chatters her teeth, then squeaks out, "G-G-G-Good w-wo-wo-work!"

Hayseed scrambles out of the way of the incoming snow in time to miss most of it, laughing lightly. "Well look at that! That was darned impressive. Take it back, you'll be pretty good at this, plow or no!" She shook a bit of powder off of herself. "Not sure the middle of the square is the best place to gather it all, though… gonna have to cart it all back out again in the end, but hey, central location, I suppose."

Ouch. Those words and that glare went right through him. Shrinking down a little and avoiding her eyes, Bedhead tried to come up with an excuse and found… nothing. "No, I-I didn't mean that… I just… It was just an idea. N-Never mind." He dragged a hoof in the dirt sheepishly, like a scolded foal. Seemed like there was no getting out of this, not with her around. "…north end of town was mine, right?" He asked in a small voice.

Jellybean wrinkles his brow. "Well, if you're not really familiar with how cloudbreaking works it'd be best if Typhoon and I took care of halves of the town. It'd mean less coordination to worry about, at least. Let's split it at the town square, okay Typhoon? Bedhead, you're with me." He gives the other pegasus a smile, "I'll show you how this is all done."

"It's off the roofs, that's the important thing," Snowfield says to Hayseed with smug satisfaction as she admires her handiwork and Salty's chattering teeth. "It doesn't do anypony any good to have it where the plows can't reach it in the first place." Although perhaps the wintry unicorn can think of something better to do with the snow than just 'cart it away somewhere'. She'll need to think about that.

Salty shakes herself off and shivers her way down the platform toward the group of ponies talking in the middle. "So, how's preparations coming along then? Small Pony, that was an excellent idea. K-kudos to you. All of the commendations. And you guys, you're all coordinating okay then?"

Snowfield pointedly ignores Salty, although the patch of cleared ground at her feet starts to frost over at the name 'Small Pony'.

Bedhead gives Jellybean a grateful look, like he'd just thrown him a lifeline. He practically glues himself to the other pony, taking a place by his side. "Yeah, thanks. Let's go?" With more speed than he normally seemed capable of, the lazy pegasus was in the air above the other two, facing their half of town. "Are you coming?"

Typhoon-Wave glances back and forth between Bedhead and Jellybean for a moment before sighing, scuffing a hoof and giving herself a firm shake to rid herself of the last of the rainwater. "…I'll take the dockside I guess," she mumbled resignedly, ears back a bit. Maybe kicking out a good storm or two over the water would be worth doing half the work alone.

Hayseed chuckles, giving Snowfield a good-natured grin. "Well, if you or your team needs any help, don't hesitate to ask. I might not be able to magic snow off the roofs in that quantity, but I can pull a plow or a snowcart with the best of 'em. If I've got time between the… bell-ringing and animal waking."

Salty smiles brightly at the ponies, and is just turning around to retake her spot at the podium, when the ground starts to rumble. And then a little louder. Little stones bounce and shimmy along the ground as snow starts to shake from the rooves of nearby structures on its own.

"Um." Salty pauses, looking around. "It's not earthquake season! What's going on?"

Jellybean stops in the middle of his attempt to shoo away the raincloud again when he hears the rumbling noise. He looks towards the mountains: is it an avalanche? No, that's the ground. He starts flying overhead, looking for any serious damage or any ponies in trouble. "Is everypony all right?"

Snowfield tilts her head quizzically at Hayseed. "Wouldn't it be faster to just get a big gong and ring that?" It's hard to tell if it's an honest suggestion or not from her tone of voice, she's making an effort to keep her tone level until she's gotten over the 'Small Pony' remark.

Suddenly, an earthquake! The moment she begins to lose her footing Snowfield dashes across the square and jumps into one of the drifts of snow she created. She feels much safer in snow than on cobble or pavement. "Is somepony moving glaciers?"

Typhoon-Wave leapt into the air as soon as she felt the rumbling, looking rather like a startled filly for a second as she looked around with wide eyes, trying to figure out what was going on.

Bedhead says "Looks all okay from here…" In the air, Bedhead hadn't felt the earthquake, but he guessed it'd been a pretty sizable one, if everypony being so startled was any indication. "That wasn't part of the wrap up?" It looked effective at quickly shaking the snow off the buildings into piles on the ground. Maybe they should keep that in mind for next year…"

Hayseed's amused chuckle at this suggestion was cut off with a small yelp at the sudden shaking; she planted her hooves and braced herself, managing not to get too shaken around. "What the hay… where'd that come from?"

There's a peeling bell from the forest, ringing far in the distance. And, as it turns out, that's the direction of the rumbling, too. A small voice rises above the clamor from the north. "Run! Runnnn! Get out of the waaaaay!!!"

"Everypony stay calm and listen to the mayor! I'm sure she knows what to do!" Jellybean flies down to the mayor and paws the ground a little. "Uhm, mayor? What do we do? I'm sure you'd know best, being the mayor and all."

Salty scrambles just to keep her footing. "Uh! Well. Um… uh well." She blinks and looks over North-ways, and then looks up at Jellybean. "Uhh, well. We should, clearly, go to higher ground and… and fire the cannons! … That we don't have. Uh — call — call the night guard! Or something."

(OOC) Snowfield debates how impressively she wants to run headlong into the peril.
(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: you can't do that, it's perilous.
(OOC) Jellybean: You should be careful about peril.
(OOC) Snowfield: Let me face the peril!
(OOC) Jellybean: No, it's too dangerous.
(OOC) Typhoon-Wave: no, no, it's too perilous.

Bedhead takes a bit higher to the air, trying to see if he can find the source of the voice or the rumbling. "I don't see anything… what's going on? Nothing like this has ever happened here before?"

Typhoon-Wave flies a bit higher herself, wincing slightly at the outcry. "Oh, that sounds promising." It was barely the start and something was already going wrong? Figures.

A bell… from the forest? "My home!" Snowfield cries out when she figures out where the commotion is coming from. In a instant she's zipping down the streets— literally surfing aboard a wave of the snow that she'd pulled off the roofs, a great flurry of white swirling around and behind her as its caught in the corona of her magic. She's surprisingly agile like this, gliding between whatever panicking ponies might by in her way and kicking up only minimal snow in their faces.

(OOC) Snowfield: If you've watched the Incredibles, I am Frozone'ing right now. '-'
(OOC) Salty bahaha
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"Oh for crying out… Nopony panic!" Hayseed rose her voice over the rising din, stamping a hoof to add a bit to it. "If you're worried, just calmly head for higher ground! Stay away from anything that could fall in, watch out for falling snow or debris, and for the love of Celestia /don't stampede/ again! Let's just figure out what's going on!"

The ponies around are getting a little edgy, rather close to stampeding themselves, but the ponies of the Harbor are made of sterner stuff than those soft Ponyville ponies. They start edging back as Snowfield goes careening off on her icecapade, and as the pegasi flap their way up into the air, it becomes apparent that there's a /huge/ herd of animals thundering out from the forest. And somewhere in the middle is a little blue-haired zebra. "Get out of the waaaayyy!" she yelps, clinging to the back of a bear as he thunders toward the residential outskirts of town. Her little wake-up bell is clutched between her hooves, jangling with every loping gallumph of the creature beneath her. "help!"

Jellybean isn't terribly heroic, as a rule. He tries to help out but he's generally too readily confused and perhaps too skittish to be particularly notable in that area. But on the other hand sometimes he manages to do the right thing, or at least what he thinks is the right thing, and this is the best explanation to be made for his dive out of the sky to try and grab the zebra with the bell before she can get trampled. "Easy does it, easy does it," he says in a reassuring tone.

Hovering a few feet above everypony's head, Bedhead gets a good look at the oncoming stampede and almost falls out of the sky from shock. "Blessed Celestia - everypony get out of the way, there's a stampede!" He calls out to the crowd, darting higher to be heard, but mostly to be sure he's completely out of the way of the agitated animals heading towards them.

Typhoon-Wave cursed and darted after Jellybean before she even had time to stop and think what she was doing. Bear + filly + stampede = only bad things. "Okay, okayokayokay, just… just…" Just what? She had no clue. "Get the filly, and… something!" Animals were not clouds. She had no idea how to do a thing with animals.

Snowfield turns sideways and skids to a stop as she reaches the town limits, kicking up a great shower of snow and sending the flurry in her wake shooting past her dramatically. "Idiots," she murmurs as she crouches lot to the ground, horn glowing brightly again. The snow around her begins to glow in kind and as the seconds pass the aura of magic around her begins to expand further across the ground.

They say that when a unicorn's specialty is related to magic, they can perform amazing feats within their field of expertise under the right circumstances. Perhaps now might be such a time… though whatever she's planning to do with ice magic Snowfield isn't actually telling anyone what it might be, focused as she is on her spell and standing square in the path of the stampede.

At Bedhead's warning, the ponies start to scatter, beating it into buildings and out of the way of the oncoming stampede. Of course, a few stick around to help, but not many. Still, Siyana moves her bell to her teeth, and leans up to grab up at Jellybean. It's a little hard though! The bear is loping and it's tough to get a good grab on her. The stampede — bunnies, raccoons, birds, bees, deer, bears, and all manner of strange creature — is getting closer to Snowfield, nearly bearing down on her.

Jellybean makes a noise best described as 'urk' and tries to help Siyana up before the bear happens to her. "It's okay, just stay calm and hold on." With that he grabs onto the zebra foal as tight as he can and launches into the air. "What happened? Where did all these animals come from? I mean, I know they came from the forest, but what's got them all so upset?" Oh. And of course it's raining on both of them.

Hayseed took off running immediately towards the stampede of animals. She might not have a lasso or any such fancy thing, but she'd been put in charge of this division, and darned if she wasn't going to do her job. She sprinted past Snowfield, horn gleaming a bright green as she tried to tug up what remained of any roots and stems in the long-chilled ground enough to slow the herd up, aiming to run alongside them and, hopefully, herd them away from the town and off some other way.

Typhoon-Wave looked the stampede over almost frantically before diving towards the bear, having absolutely no clue what she was trying to do but vaguely hoping she could at least distract the thing enough to slow it up somewhat so Jellybean could get at Siyana. She'd never even /seen/ a bear, let alone this close up — it didn't look like something that would be particularly fun to ride, she thought fleetingly.

Snowfield spares a moment's glance to Hayseed as the larger unicorn runs past her, giving her a curt nod but no verbal affirmation. She's got to keep her mind focused.

The snow on the ground over a reasonably sizable area is now glowing the same ice-blue of Sephi's horn and she begins to do her work. See the crystals of the flakes, break them apart, drop the temperature to refreeze them. Guide the cryrstals up— no, not out, UP! Her She grits her teeth as the force of her mind doesn't seem to be enough to keep her spell going where she wants it, and she resorts to more… kinetic focusing mechanisms.

Stamping one of her hooves she wrenches her head skywards and exhales sharply, trying to push an extra burst of magic into that one gesture and cause all of the half-melted snow under her control to surge skywards and refreeze into an icy wall, tall enough to discourage the animals from charging headlong into it and perhaps encouraging them to follow Hayseed's lead and go /thattaway/.

In the mean time, Bedhead is starting to panic, darting from one end of the square to the other. "What do I do, what do I do?" The scrawny pegasus didn't really have the skill with animals or the physical strength to help turn the crowd. Jellybean had saved the zebra foal already… With a jolt, an idea struck hit him as he remembered Jellybean's earlier mishap with the errant cloud. Scrambling as quickly as he could, he shoved a few of the stray storm clouds
Hayseed manages to pull up the little roots and seedlings under the snow, forcing the smaller animals to slow down. Typhoon swoops in front of the bear, and it pulls up short, rearing up and roaring with a mighty swat at the pegasus. Jellybean gets a good grab at Siyana then, and yanks up the little zebra filly, who wails, "I WAS JUST TRYIN' TO HEEEELP!" Meanwhile, Snowfield's ice shield surges into the air, and Bedhead swoops into town to make a thundering racket. Between those two and Hayseed, the stampede starts to scramble away from town and toward the plains with startled sounds.

Jellybean waits for things to quiet down a bit and sets the filly down somewhere nice and safe-looking. "What happened, Siyana? Is everything okay? Was this about the ghost again?" Ghosts scare animals, right?
Typhoon-Wave yelps as she's batted away rather easily by the large creature, toppling head over hooves with a dazed neigh; luckily, she wasn't knocked into the brunt of the stampede, instead thumping to the ground rather gracelessly near enough to the edges to hopefully not be completely trampled.

After such exertion Snowfield is panting heavily, mane clinging to her face and making her look rather bedraggled. She looks through her ice-wall before it has a chance to frost over and sees the animals start scrambling in a different direction thanks to Hayseed's herding and the great peals of thunder behind her. She looks around to see who else is helping save the town and notices… a distinct absense. "Where in Celestia's name is that loudmouth of a mayor?" she shouts at nopony in particular. There may not even be anyone within earshot since they were all led to safety.

"Hah! Move on then! Get on!" Hayseed looked both exhilerated and incredibly relieved that this seemed to actually be working as she urged the bunch of animals out towards the plains. "Well they're awake now, huh?" she called up at Jellybean and Siyana, cantering along to keep up with the beasts until she was sure they'd been fully turned away from the town enough to avoid doing any real damage.

With the herd of animals turning away, Bedhead stops his assault on the storm clouds and heaves a sigh of relief, flopping gracelessly on top of them with no concern for how damp or static-charged they were. That was more excitement than he wanted in a lifetime… he figured that he'd earned a break. As he starts to sit down though, he catches sight of Typhoon sprawled on the ground quite close to where the stampede had passed. A quick look at the other ponies revealed that no one else seemed to have noticed her, so with some trepidation, he flies down to her side. "H-hey…" He taps her shoulder hesitantly, as though she might turn around to bite him. Apparently her first words to him had left a bit of a lasting impression. "Are you okay?"

Typhoon rolls to a stop out of harm's way, dazed but doing alright otherwise, and Bedhead's able to get to her side with no problem. As the animals filter out, they're slowing down and starting to calm down out in the wide fields. Dangerous they may no longer be, but it's going to be hay to plow around them later. Perhaps more animal-oriented ponies can coax them back to their newly cleaned homes?

Meanwhile, Loudmouth Mayor is nowhere to be seen at the moment, but Siyana is bawling on the ground where Jellybean's placed her. "I— I was trying to help!" she wails. "I'm sorry! Don't tell the Captain!"

Typhoon-Wave shakes her head dazedly, battered and with a few scratches, but thankfully nothing serious. "…Ow. Why did I do that." She blinked up at him, blushing a bit. "Oh, uh… y-yeah, I, um… I'm… good. …Thanks." She climbed to her hooves stiffly, wincing and checking her wings to make sure she still had all her feathers.

Hayseed skidded to a stop, hardly looking winded and giving her mane a light toss to get it back 'in place' after the gallop. "Whoo! Well that was a way to start things off!" She turned to trot back towards the town, stopping short again and giving a low whistle at the sight of the ice wall. "Well /there's/ something I have not seen before." She glanced over at Siyana, gaze softening a bit. "Aw, don't be upset, little filly. It's all fixed now, no real harm done. They calm down, we'll gather 'em together and get 'em on back home."

Jellybean blinks at the mention of a captain. Maybe she means the mayor? "I'm not going to tell anypony, don't you fret. It's all just a misunderstanding, I'm sure, okay? So just calm down and we'll take care of this. With that he takes to the skies again for a moment to keep an eye out for any potential problems, while staying close enough that he can hear Siyana if she says anything else.

Bedhead says "No problem…" He rubs at his mane awkwardly, looking past her at the direction of town. "Everything's settled down now, so… we should get back to the town square. Are your wings hurt? Can you walk?" He'd offer a helping hoof to lean on but he didn't really trust his strength - he looked like a biggish pony in height, but there was no muscle on him."

Slowly but surely Snowfield is catching her breath. "Darn it… if they came from the forest, they'd better not have…" The misadventures of the zebras as well as the pegasii who saved her are of no concern to the little mare. With a wave of her horn a tunnel in the ice wall large enough for a filly to easily trot through opens up, and she… well, easily trots through it before breaking into a gallop in the direction of the forest. Hopefully that fool zebra didn't wake up anything that could cause too large of a mess.

Siyana sniffles, wide blue eyes looking up at Jellybean as she scrambles up to her hooves. "Thank you, Jellybean! I…I'll make it up to everyone…" She nods a little at Hayseed. "Yeah…I…I won't try to help on that. It'll probably go way wrong." Her head sinks, her ears drooping. ;-;

Bedhead nods. "Jellybean saved her, she's in the square with the others. Everything's okay now."

Hayseed smiled soothingly down at her. "Hey, not everypony is great with animals. That's nothing to mope about. We'll find you something to help out with you'll be just great at, c'mon. Maybe you can make some nests… or hey, help me with the planting in a couple days if you don't mind some work!"