Winter Relapse
IC date: Spring 9, 1007
OOC date: March 30, 2012
PCs: Snowfield, Jellybean, Lorelei, Typhoon-Wave, Blackbird
NPCs: None
GM: None

Perhaps spending a night in the Wintersong Forest wasn't the brightest of ideas. When that dumb red pony crashed a whatever into her house, Snowfield found herself so frustrated that she ran off to her secret spot to cool off… only to remember when she got there that she's been refraining from using magic until she could figure out why her cloud manipulation spell, one she's used several times before and is well familiar with the inner workings of, failed so spectacularly. So she just tried to sleep off her annoyance instead.

Ever since then she's had a pounding ache in her head and her horn, one which she is blaming on the innate magical nature of the forest. Wondering if perhaps some fresh air will clear her head, the tiny mare has wandered into town during the daylight hours for once and headed towards the port to take in a fresh sea breeze. She's currently sitting on a short pier staring out at the horizon.

And wouldn't you know it, somepony else thought a trip to the pier would be a nice way to relax for the day. And by 'somepony' I mean 'Snowfield's Best Friend Ever'. And by 'Snowfield's Best Friend Ever' I mean 'Jellybean.' Clip clop clip clop go the hooves of the little pegasus as he trots along the docks. "Hi Snowfield!" he calls out when he sees her.

Typhoon-Wave is sitting on the end of the pier, staring out over the water and fidgetting nervously, scuffing a hoof on the ground. The sky was pretty clear today… not many clouds. There should be more clouds than this. Oh, man. Oh dear. Oh no. /Making/ clouds? From all this water? Her. This… could go wrong in so many ways. She'd never even been /near/ a body of water this big. And wavey. And storm-prone. …Oh dear.

So much for her headache going away. Snowfield's head shifts slightly to glance in Jellybean's direction. Her mane is falling over her eyes so it's difficult for the pegasus to make eye contact, although if he looks carefully he'll see that the ever-present bags under the unicorn's eyes seem deeper and darker than normal. "Hello," she says flatly, mustering as much strength as she can to sound at least a little cordial. It sort of works— she just sounds tired.

Jellybean tilts his head this way an that, looking at Snowfield. "Are you okay? You don't look so good. Can I get you something? Some water? Something to eat? A hug?" He's not feeling his best either, but that's the curse doing its thing.

Snowfield's expression hardens at Jelly's increasingly unwelcome suggestions. "No. I'll be fine." Her tone speaks volumes even if the individual words do not: stop being dumb. "I haven't slept well, that is all." She takes a deep breath of sea air. No, no, this isn't helping her headache at all. Darn. "Why don't you go ask that other pegasus if SHE wants a hug? She seems particularly forlorn." A hoof is gestured on Typhoon's direction.

Jellybean seems daunted by Snowfield's continued aura of unpleasantness. Or possibly by her not wanting a hug. How could somepony not want a hug? Hugs are nice. He does, however, notice Typhoon staring at the water and goes to her side. "Hi there, Typhoon. Have you worked with the weather machines before? I know not everypony gets that training."

Jellybean seems daunted by Snowfield's continued aura of unpleasantness. Or possibly by her not wanting a hug. How could somepony not want a hug? Hugs are nice. He does, however, notice Typhoon staring at the water and goes to her side. "Hi there, Typhoon. Have you worked with the weather machines before? I know not everypony gets that training."

Typhoon-Wave jumps slightly, turning to look back at him; she brightened a bit upon seeing him. Another weatherpony! Awesome! Help! "Oh, uh… I've… worked with them a… little. I wouldn't say I'm 'trained', though.

BONK. Something hard and metal hits Snowfield's already headachey head, as the budda-budda-squeaky-squeaky sound above her heralds… something. And that something is Blackbird, in a rickety roughshod unbalanced… /machine/, with whirly-blades that tips this way and that as he pedals frantically. "Uh — sorry!" he calls. The thing at her hooves, it seems, is a gear.

Jellybean says "Well, the first thing we're going to need are some buckets. To get the water up to the shack." He hears a loud CLONK and spins around, wincing at the sight of Snowfiel getting clocked. "Are you sure you don't need anything, Snowfield?"

Jellybean says "Well, the first thing we're going to need are some buckets. To get the water up to the shack." He hears a loud CLONK and spins around, wincing at the sight of Snowfiel getting clocked. "Are you sure you don't need anything, Snowfield?"

Snowfield sighs again and lays down, staring down at the choppy waves beneath her splashing against the struts of the pier. If she decided to take a nap here, would anypony bother her? Yeah, probably, that's just what ponies do. Oh well. She closes her eyes anyway and takes a deep breath, letting it out with a long sigh and a cold cloud escaping her lips.

Sure enough, it takes mere SECONDS for something to clip her horn, sending pain reverberating through her skull and causing her to bolt upright with a start. "Bitter berry!" she shouts angrily, causing a passing well-to-do stallion's monocle to pop out of his eye in shock. She raises a hoof to her sore head and glowers at Blackbird. "What in Celestia's name do you think you're doing?"

Typhoon-Wave says "Right… buckets." She could probably handle water-carting without doing any damage, right? She opened her mouth to say something else, but was interrupted by Snowfield's shout, starting and whipping her head around to look back at her."

"Uhh — well! I'm just … ing the… ccelerator so…doesn't…tilt the gyro… ter!" That explanation was muffled by his weird contraption weeble-wobbling above her, of course, and Blackbird seems to be tilting toward her. And lowering. At a rather alarming speed. "Whoa— whoa!! No no no!" May-daaaaay

Jellybean decides that now is a time for action! Having so decided he flies in to swoop down and pull Snowfield away from the dangerous-looking contraption. "I know you don't want a hug from me, but is this okay? I don't like seeing my friends get hurt."

Typhoon-Wave blinks and scrambles to her hooves quickly, looking startled — though admittedly a bit curious — at the contraption. She took a few steps towards Snowfield, but paused as Jellybean was faster, getting her out of the way hopefully safely.

Snowfield grunts at Blackbird's reply. The pain in her horn isn't abating in the slightest— in fact, it feels like it's getting worse the longer she talks. She raises her hooves to her face and rubs it, trying to ineffectually to will the discomfort away. When she looks up again the whirligig is descending straight for her. Her eyes go wide as panic sets in and she instinctively uses a spell to protect herself, or would at least if not for the pegasus rushing in to safe the day and pulling her away.

Carried through the air, the unicorn kicks her hind legs a few times looking for footing that isn't there. "Aaaahh put me down somewhere I don't fly!" she yelps. Her horn is giving a faint glow all the while and although she doesn't appear to be casting a spell her body is becoming cold to the touch.

Blackbird's whirlygig is tilting faster and faster. "No! Bad whirlycopter! No no no, I over shot the … no — ponyfeathers!!" And CRUNCH. It plasters into the sand and its passenger shakes his head, rubbing it lightly with a hoof. "Ow. Aw, jeez. Snowfield, I'm sorry about that!"

Jellybean eeps and sets his passenger down gingerly, fluttering about a yard away from her. "Sorry, Snowfield. I just wanted to make sure you were safe." He sounds maybe just a little bit reproachful. Just a teensy bit.

Typhoon-Wave trots over to the edge of the pier, looking out over the sands. "Is everypony okay? …What /is/ that thing?"

Snowfield is set gently on the sand some yards away from Blackbird's contraption, the ground beneath her frosting over the moment her hooves contact it. "As you very well should be!" she declares, kicking a hoof for emphasis and sending a clump of sand flying off in a random direction. "Why on earth would you fly such a contraption in a populated area? Have you even tested it?"

The air around the whirlycopter becomes much literally colder as the unicorn approaches it, looking to unfasten the mad scientist pony from his whatevertheheck.

"Well, it /was/ working fine," Blackbird sighs. "I swear, I've flown it countless times. It's just, the gyroscope was getting off-balanced and I needed to adjust the belt— uhh." He eyes the sand beneath her hooves as he works on unbuckling himself unsuccessfully. "Hey, it's okay, I er. I can handle it."

Jellybean looks around, feeling generally awkward. He looks over to Typhoon Wave. "Uhm, I think I'm going to go find those buckets in the shack and maybe try to get some water for the clouds. I can show you how to do it later if you like, okay?" With that he offers a little wave to everypony present and flies away.

Typhoon-Wave blinks and looks after Jellybean. "Oh, uh… right, okay, sure, I…" she blushed and trailed off, nodding and waving a bit, glancing back over at the whirly-thing.

"You've gotten your belts all twisted up in the crash," Snowfield says with annoyance. "I doubt it'll unfasten that easily, you ought to just cut yourself out." Showing a blatant disregard for Blackbird's personal space she puts her hooves on the whirlycopter's frame and reaches her head over his shoulder to grab hold of one of the restraints with her teeth. It might very well be enough to make Blackbird blush if not for the fact that her coat is icy to the touch should she happen to brush against him.

Giving the restraint a yank and possibly squeezing some of the wind out of Blackbird in doing so she tries to pull it over to a piece of the frame which twisted in the crash, looking for a jagged edge to saw it against to cut the belt in half and release the poor pilot.

Her horn continues to glow faintly.

Blackbird flails in his seat, until Snowfield pushes the air out of him as she starts sawing him free. The upside-down schoolteacher-inventor-pilot's eyes cross as he flails, and at last he tumbles free, head-first into the sand. "Oof! Snowfield, you're…uh. Mighty cold. And glowing."

Typhoon-Wave hesitates a long moment before hopping down onto the sand, heading over towards them. "Are you guys alright? Need any help?"

Snowfield's brow lifts skeptically as she glances down at herself. "I don't look like I'm glowing," she says, not able to see the glow coming from the middle of her forehead. She does manage to put two and two together when she sees the wet sand beneath her turning into gritty ice. "…huh. That's weird. I'm not casting anything, and I can't freeze salt water regardless." She taps the sand with her hoof to see how frozen it is. Survey says: pretty solid!

Blackbird blinks a little bit and looks over to Typhoon. "Well, I'm okay. I'll probably have a lump here, and I'm going to have quite the project getting my whirlygig back in repair…" Sigh. :( "But Snowfield's, uhh… hmm." He squints at the frozen sand. "You're not doing that?"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and tilts an ear, looking down at the sand as well. That… that was not normal. She clicked a hoof on it, backing up a bit. "Uh… what… um… hm." Typhoon-Wave is incredibly articulate.

Snowfield looks between Typhoon and Blackbird, then back down at the sand freezing beneath her. "I don't believe that I am." She tests her own magic, seeing if she can stop the spell that she is apparently the source of.

…yeah, it looks like it is her, though she can hardly believe she's unconsciously casting. That only ever happens to little foals! And… and ponies who can't control their spells, like Snowfield wasn't able to the last time. A frown tugs down at her lips as she tries to interrupt the spell, the familiar feeling of not being able to wrap her mind around the casting filling her with dread. Even attempting to do so is making the pain in her horn feel even worse. "Oh, this can't end well," she declares succinctly.

"O-kay," Blackbird huffs, nerves starting to tick up to their usual panic frequency, as he starts dancing on his hooves in an effort to stay focused. "Okay. Okay. I've dealt with unicorn foals before. Okay. Can you…lay back and think of Britain? No, wait, wrong topic. Very wrong topic. Uh. Uhhhh!" No ideas are coming! HALP.

Typhoon-Wave frowns uncertainly, taking a few more steps back. Yeah… yeah, this was not her element. She had /no/ clue what to do about… magic… stuff. "Can't you just… y'know… stop doing it?"

He just HAD to use the 'f' word, didn't he? Snowfield rounds on Blackbird and yells, "I'm not a foal!" at him with as much indignance as she can muster. Her horn's glow flares and the ice at her feet spreads rapidly. In seconds several yards worth of wet beach is frozen solid before Snowfield can catch herself and try to mitigate the spell.

"Ah… no, that wasn't right at all," she says flatly, unnervingly calm all things considered. Her headache lightened a bit when she loosed her magic just then. "I don't think I can," Snowfield says to Typhoon in that creepy near-monotone. "I don't suppose you have any lavendar, do you? That worked brilliantly last time."

"No, I know that, but you appear to be having the same problem foals have, with the… magic out of control… and listen, that's my only real realm of expertise! I'm an inventor, not a doctor!" Blackbird tries to scramble back from the ice, but it catches him first and he winds up scrambling on the slippery beach. "I am definitely out of lavender," he yelps.

Typhoon-Wave squeaks and jumps into the air quickly to avoid the rapidly spreading ice. "Uh… no? I… I could go try and find some!" she offered, more out of alarm than any actual 'this could help!' line of thought. There was a big random lavender patch outside town, right?

"Blackbird, why must you fail me at the most inopportune moments?" Snowfield sighs. It's oddly satisfying in a weird sort of way to have her magic running amok again, now that the pressure is lifting from her head. Perhaps refraining from spellcasting since the new year was not the best idea. "I don't think there'll be enough time to go get some."

She turns her attention back to Blackbird as the glow around her horn becomes brighter and her irises begin to glow. "What do you attempt to do if you can't get the spell under control? Neither of you are unicorns, either, so a counterspell is out of the question."

Blackbird blinks, and blinks again, and tries to quickly run through his dusty emergency protocols — filed haphazardly away in some distant mental file cabinet marked 'Tea,' which is why he could never find them in the first place. He didn't even like tea. "Uh — okay. Take deep breaths, calming breaths. Focus your mind on… someplace nice for you. A spring field or…" He pauses, adding weakly, hopefully, "a snowy…mountain… or something. And try to make your breaths slow, and your inhale should last as long as your exhale. And think calming thoughts. Calming thoughts."

Typhoon-Wave looks back and forth between them, eyes wide. "Uh… uh… here!" She dashes to a nearby windowgarden, snatching some random flower out of it and hurrying back. "It's not lavender, but it's pretty… and blue… blue's… calming… ish…"

"I'm already pretty calm," Snowfield says. "It's not helping. I think it's more like an arcane energy build-up that's releasing on its own. It actually feels kind of nice." She tilts her head and considers the rush of energy flowing out of her mind. Sure, 'nice' is as good a word as any for it. "Is it even safe to release that kind of magic all at once? This close to town?"

The blue flower is glanced at and disregarded. "It's the smell, not the color, I think. I don't know how it works. Where's that flower pony when you need her?"

"Well… so taking your mind off it won't help." Blackbird frowns, looking down as the ice creeps slowly along. "I…honestly have no idea. Perhaps we should get you as far from town as we can. The end of the pier, perhaps? Unless you think we can make it all the way out to the flatlands before you explode, or something." He looks to Typhoon. "Can you carry her…or something? Maybe? Or I suppose I could… Maybe distracting her will help. Do you know how to dance?"

Typhoon-Wave blinks. "Uh… I dunno… on her farms, I guess… working…" she mutters in answer, seemingly missing the point of a rhetorical question. She glances over at Blackbird. "I… /might/ be able to carry her, she's small enough, I…"

"…Dance?" She somehow managed to go from 'slight alarm' to quite deadpan in the space of the pause. -_- She didn't dance.

"Isolation… yes, that might work. I don't think I could get through town without damaging anything at the current rate of release, though." A brightly glowing gaze is cast towards Typhoon. "And I don't think you want to touch me right now. If I was cold before, I imagine I'll give you frostbite now."

After a few more moments worth pondering Snowfield seems to come to a decision. "Oh, I know what will work." And without another word she begins to trot down the beach towards the sealine.

Blackbird blinks, as he watches her go. "Oh, dear. Uhhh. Don't freeze yourself in, or anything." He gallops after her, abandoning his whirlygig wreckage to run after. "Should I get… I dunno, a blanket? Or something? Oh gods what do I do?"

Typhoon-Wave frowns, still hovering in the air as she looked after her. "Wait, there's… water that way, that's not going to help anypony…"

Lorelei had spent most of her day lounging on a small rock out in the harbor, idly watching the pier and shore. However, today had been… uneventful. Boring, even… not much interesting to spy on. No ships coming and going, no ponies of note… but it was still a nice rock, and a pleasant, warm day, and as such, this had seemed as good a place as any for a nap. So that's what she was doing, draped over the rock cozily, bottom half of her body still submerged in the water to keep herself cool in the sun.

"No, no, it's a great idea," Snowfield says. "Best case scenario I just drop the temperature of the harbor for a while when I can't freeze that much salt water." The worst case, of course, is that it spontaneously becomes winter again. She doesn't say that part out loud, though. "Surely a pony of science such as yourself can see that it's the best option."

As she marches towards the water the sand freezes before the unicorn, her hooves clicking louder and louder as the ratio of sand to water shifts in the other direction. At the water's edge a thick sheet of ice begins to form upon the surface. "Looks like it's just a matter of brute force after all," she comments to herself.

"She's right," Blackbird offers, but he still looks pretty nervous about it. "What will happen if she /does/ freeze the harbor? What if the seaponies take it as a declared war? Oh, I have a bad feeling about this."

Typhoon-Wave flutters nervously. "But we need the water… for the clouds… I don't think I can make clouds out of ice," she offers lamely, not looking entirely pleased with her involvement in this situation.

"Then step one in my quest towards total dominion over the elements shall be complete," Snowfield says, as seriously as anything else she's said this conversation. She steps gingerly out upon the ice, testing to see if it would hold her weight. "Can't you use the freshwater reservoir? I heard Cloudsdale tried to tap Horseshoe Harbor for that a few years ago." She pauses. "I also heard that they had to cancel when all the pegasi got hangovers celebrating being picked."

Feeling confident that the ice can hold her weight, Snowfield charges out into the middle of the harbor. She stumbles a bit getting past a wave that was starting to break when her magic hit it, but once she's more than a few dozen yards out it becomes smooth sailing for the mare, as the saying goes.

Blackbird stares as Snowfield freezes the saltwater, jaw dropping and eyes widening. "How… but… wha… /what/." He of course makes no protests at the story — it's true, it's all true — but he does decide to be an idiot, and run out after her on the ice. Because she she runs out of magic and falls in, that would be bad.

Typhoon-Wave stares after them for a moment dumbly. "Wait, you… you're serious. You're really gonna do this. In the water. With the ice…" she sighs faintly. "…Lovely." She shook her head, but followed above them, vaguely entertaining the notion that should the ice break or some other thing go wrong, maybe she could pull somepony back to shore.

Snowfield wishes she could freeze salt water this easily, but the unicorn has a sneaking suspicion it's only because she's letting her magic run out of control that it's managing to do as such. The sound of her spell echoes in her ears, and she tries to remember the melody of unicorn magic manipulating the world with such strength. Perhaps when this is all over she'll be able to use that to help refine her intentional casting. The sound also drowns out the sound of hoofclops behind her and she remains oblivious to Blackbird following her out onto the ice— he might want to be careful climbing the waves, it's a lot harder than she makes it look.

Once she's gotten to around the middle of the harbor the little mare takes a deep breath and relaxes. She'd been holding a tenuous grip upon her casting for a while now to keep it from going full-force too early, but without her mind interceding the energy begins to rush out at an amazing speed. Water begins to swirl around Snowfield in a magically-induced wind, crashing around her and freezing on impact. The surface of the ocean turns into an immense ice floe in moments. Seconds later the flow cracks as the water beneath that begins to freeze as well, forcing the stuff above to move out of the way.

It's an impressive sight for over a minute as the entire harbor seems to glow a pale, baleful blue, and when the deed is done the ocean here looks like salt flats in the middle of the desert, with a great spikey crystal in the middle in which the source of the magic is presumable entombed.

He really shouldn't have blinked.

The trail was okay. The trail stretched Blackbird's imagination a little, but he could handle it. He was barely able to keep footing on the trail, that impossible trail of frozen saltwater, but the fact that it was /there/ was just on the bounds of acceptability.

It's when the entire dang harbor seems to flash freeze and starts to solidify that his grip on reality starts to go off-kilter not unlike his uncalibrated whirlygig. "Wha…juh…nuh…muh…" The off-white dolt just stands there, eyes wide and mouth agape. Yep. Something broke in there.
And suddenly it's not such a warm day anymore.

Lorelei shakes herself awake at the chill, which very quickly turned into more than a 'chill'. "What the…" she rubbed at her eyes, sitting upright and looking around in startled confusion, for a moment too shocked to move… and that moment was a bad mistake. She scrabbled vainly at the rock, trying to pull herself out of what had moments ago been pleasantly cool water and now was /very/ unpleasantly cold ice. "Oh… wha… how… nngh…" She gave one last pull before giving up, panting and looking caught between 'what the hay I must be dreaming' and absolute panic. It was the panic that broke through after a bit of a stunned pause. "HELP!"

Typhoon-Wave comes to a stop mid-flap so fast she actually pulled off a frontflip. Not a very graceful one. More of a shocked 'nearly fall right out of the air out of pure stunned disbelief' sort of topple. She managed to catch herself before dropping onto the ice, staring around wide-eyed and with mouth agape at the harbor-that-was-now-an-ice-desert.

Blackbird scrambles over toward the ice spike, skidding and stumbling and completely missing it. Especially when the cry for help rather overshadows it. There's nothing he can do about that right now — and someone is actively in trouble. Also Snowfi seems the type to thrive in a frozen condition like that, so! You know! Help!

The colt busies himself trying to get over to Lorelei, skidding and sliding every which way. "I'm coming! I'm coming! Hold on!"

Lorelei squirms rather uselessly, admittedly flailing a bit as she tried to twist around and see what was going on. It's spring! There's no ice in spring. Not ice like /this/, especially. "Somepony get me out of this!" she wailed, going back to trying to pull herself up onto the rock.

Typhoon-Wave looks up at the cry, shaking her head to try and clear it of the stunned 'WHAT' currently going on. "Who… what… oh, man…" she dashed after Blackbird, casting a glance back at the frozen spike that she could only assume had a pony in it now.

Blackbird skids smack into Lorelei, and tries to get himself upright in a tangle of limbs. "Sorry! Sorry! Here!" He starts trying to tug her out, since he does not possess any tools to chip her out at the moment.

Lorelei gives a startled yelp as something smacks into her, momentarily knocking the wind out of her. She clung onto him automatically, shivering slightly as she tried not to think about how /cold/ this position was. Oh, this was /not/ how she wanted to wind up until summer. She wriggled as best she could, trying to get her fins and tail loose.

Typhoon-Wave flies up after him, panting a bit as she looked the scene over, biting back a less-than-polite exclaimation. "I know this'd go badly… what do I do? Should I… I don't know, get someone? Get the Mayor? Or… um…"

"NO! Don't get the mayor! For the love of Celestia! Uhhh! Get… get… I don't know! Help me pull her out!" Blackbird scrabbles at the ice with his hooves, and then lets her go to start stamping and chipping at it. "How deep is the ice? Is it an inch deep? Can you wriggle?"

"I'm /trying/ to wriggle!" the disgruntled little seapony snapped irritably, twisting around to stamp at the ice herself as best she could. "I don't know how deep it is, it's just /cold/, I can't feel any water… What the barnacle where you landponies trying to /do/?!"

Typhoon-Wave blinks and nods, grabbing hold of her and trying to tug her loose. "We weren't /trying/ to do anything, her magic went all wacky or something, I don't know…"

Blackbird jumps and stamps, getting the ice to crack just a little bit, and between the three of them, they manage to loosen the seapony just…a smidge… … and not enough.

It's going to be a long night.