Wild Thing
IC date: Autumn 86
OOC date: 14/12/12
PCs: Unknown Rising-Chaos Dream Daze
NPCs: None
GM: None

The snow seems to be slowing down, thankfully. the streets look pristine and white, like a winter wonderland. Or at elast, like a winter wonderland if you don't look at all the burnt bits.

Rising Chaos tromps through the snow along main street. she is wearing a heavy soccer player's coat under her cape. She looks distracted, tired after a long day's work. She's put her notebook away for once, and it looking around her. Enjoying the sights, perhaps?

Look! Another pony tromping through the snow!

Actually it's a little more than that. Dream Daze, bundled up in a small scarf around her muzz, and a set of snowshoes, is tromping about in a part of the main street, hopping in such a way that she's making /faces/ out of the snow. So far, she's made a big smiley face in front of one of the few standing shops left over. The ice cream shack.

And a big frowny face in front of the burned-out husk of a movie theater. Awww…

And now she's working on a 'yuk' face in front of a store that she has no idea what it used to be!

CLANG CRASH. Around the other side of that store, a garbage can crashes to the snowy ground, with accompanying thump-thuds. A dirty, tiny foal roots around in the mess with loud snuffles and grunts, pawing with a forehoof. She doesn't seem cognizant of other ponies nearby, at this point. It's impossible to figure out what colour that little filly is, but best one can tell is maybe dank grey?

Rising-Chaos declines to notice Dreamy, she doesn't do foals. However, loud noises are much more of her concern. She spots the little wild foal and grins. This one is a special exemption. She moves forward slowly, not wanting to scare the little thing. She also moves around so the only place the filly could run is a dead end alley.

Stomp, tromp~ Sliiide! There's the 'yuk' face! Dreamy hops away to admire her handiwork when loud crashes happen! Little ears perk up, Dreamy glancing to the source with a curious flick of tail.

What's this? Another foal! And… Chaos! Whom she has no qualms about approaching after that whole lemonade thing. Off she bounces, her hops muffled by snow-covered cobblestone, unintentionally sneaking up behind Chaos and dirty filly alike.

The filly sticks her nose into a can, snuffles, grunts, and shakes her head quickly. Gruff. That's about the time she senses approaching ponies — though she manages to miss Dreamy for the moment — and she whirls, growling. Merlot-coloured eyes narrow as she leaps forward at Chaos in aggressive little hops. "RARR! RARRR! SSSS, RRARR!!" She's even going to try and bite!

Most ponies would jump or shy away when a little filly leaps at them. Especially if they've seen the pony attack somepony much sweeter than them. Chaos takes a different approach. She doesn't look intimidated at all, in fact, she takes a step forward. She smirks at the wild foal. "Just try it, little one. It wouldn't end well. But if you behave, I will. I'm not here to hurt you." She hasn't noticed Dreamy either, Chaos has never been an observant mare.

Blink. Dreamy's hopping slows, the littlest unicorn tilting her head at the unfolding scene. So much aggression! This is new! Usually ponies aren't so…hostile to each other. Moody and depressed, sure, but not hostile. She cautiously takes a couple more steps closer, hunkering down as low as she can in the snow. Active Dreamy Sneak, GO!

The foal growls and rarrs, and then looks distinctly confused and a little unnerved, when her prey disregards her attack and steps forward. Instead she scrambles back a step or two, darting quick glances here and there. "Rrr, rrrgh… rrrrr…" she huffs, snorting. Her gaze locks back on Rising, stance squaring as she prepares to take on her aggressor head-to-head — since clearly that's where this is going!

Rising-Chaos doesn't plan any aggression, just wants to show she isn't afraid. She chuckles grimly. "Now now, little one. No need to fight." She gives the filly a piercing look. "You do understand me, yes?" If this foal doesn't then this could be interesting to get her message across.

Dreamy scrunches her nose up and splays her ears. This foal is weird! And Rising looks like she's trying to do something Responsible Adult-ish. Should she try to help..? Her horn starts to glow as she ponders her options. Should she try to send the foal a soothing daydream..?

The filly doesn't react, really at all! Does she understand? Doesn't seem to give any hint of it — no sudden glimmer of recognition, no searching look, not even a twitch of muscle. She just snorts and growls low, like a cat. Maybe a soothing daydream would help.

Rising-Chaos sighs and gets up, backing away. clearly this is a waste of time. She backs away, keeping an eye on the feral filly. After a few steps she bumps into somepony else. She whirls around and spots Dream Daze. "Oh, hello there." She eyes Dreamy warily, why was she following her? "Do I know you from somewhere?"

Dreamy, so intent on what she's about to do, doesn't even budge until Rising's nearly tripping over her! She huffs out the closest thing to a squeak she can make, scampering back a few steps herself! Big eyes peek up at Rising, blink once, and then the little filly foal shoots Chaos a brief mental image of the foal's lemonade stand from the summer! So. Yeah. One could say they've met. She smiles, her best greeting, and then turns her attention back to the dirty growling foal.

She's decided on something… It's an image she uses on her sister now and then. A daydream about a lullabye~ Soft. Soothing. And strangely musical for a daydream. Complete with images of sleeping peaceful foals~

The foal snorts and stomps, growling a little triumphantly. And with Chaos's retreat, she turns around— and halts, leaping ten feet into the air. When she lands again, she whirls around in confused circles, shaking her head and pawing at her skull with confused mewls. She backs into the fallen trashcan, and falls over, blinking in utter dismay and confusion. What is this strange magic?!

Rising-Chaos recognizes the filly with her help. "Ah yes." She processes what she's just seen, and raises an eyebrow. "What a remarkable talent you have." What Chaos wouldn't give to pick over that mind. She turns back to the panicking foal, then back to Dreamy. "Do you think you can help me speak with that filly?"

Oops… OKay, Dreamy probably should've realized that it was probably going to look a little odd to a strange, growling foal. The little unicorn winces as the other dirty foal seems to get all sorts of confused and discombobulated. Her glow fades right quick, those eyes turning back up to Chaos to blink. She has a big 'oops' face on, but she nods her agreement. She can try! She also points a hoof at the…stunned foal. It might not be very effective though!

The foal stuffs her head in the snow and shakes it with a vigorous grarrr, apparently trying to clear her head. When she jerks her head out again, she pants, eyes wide, looking between the two (two!!) aggressors. But this is the kind of thing she can't fight, and, terrified, she starts backing up, tail cementing itself to her belly and ears flat against her skull, even as she bares her teeth under wide, terrified eyes.

Rising-Chaos smiles, the filly will co-operate. Thankfully, Chaos never even understood charades, because that wouldn't help with communication at all. "Yes, that one," she says when Dreamy points at the wild filly. When said filly starts to retreat, Chaos sighs, she knows how to handle this. "Listen, Dream, I'm going to have to do something that may look mean, but it's for the good, trust me."

Rising Chaos stalks forward, herding the unknown foal to the dead end alley. She uses her magic to pile up snow and make little walls to try and make the retreating foal go in the trap. If they can get her in there, the plan will work.

Dreamy looks so confused. She's used to some adults giving her the evil eye when they didn't expect her particular brand of 'communication', but this is the first foal that's outright been disturbed by it. She looks up at Rising again, shrugs and nods her head. She'll trust the adult! And then…she watches, getting up out of the snow and trotting along more or less in Rising's shadow as she goes about foal-herding.

The foal scrambles back and squeaks as she runs into snow and finds herself effectively herded. Finally backed against the wall, she throws back her head and starts squalling. "GRAAANNHHH! GRAAAAANNNNHHHH!!" It sounds… rather feline, the way she cries. But after a few plaintive cries, she just huddles up against the wall and weeps, occasionally throwing out another calling wail.

Rising-Chaos frowns, this wasn't the expected reaction. Still, it can be worked with. She turns to Dream Daze and sighs, exaggerating it a bit. "Could you send her a picture of Ruby blossom please? Or just something soothing?" Meanwhile Chaos backs off a bit, fully realizing her presence is disturbing the poor thing. But because she isn't a fool, the filly is still effectively trapped.

Dreamy tilts her head. That's what she tried the first time! She glances from Rising to the scared little foal and back, and starts moving into the alleyway. Just a couple steps, where she stops, and lays down in the snow again, horn alight. She tries to send a different image…

This one of a sun-lit meadow, with…cats rolling around in flowers. Making the same oddly felineish noises that she heard the foal making just a moment ago. It's just a hunch…

The foal whimpers, and looks up suddenly, tears streaking through the layers and layers of dirt and muck on her cheeks. She finally seems to still, lip wobbling, as she mewls to herself. "Muuu…muuuu…" She seems to be docile…for the moment anyway!

Rising-Chaos gets low to the ground and moves forwards to keep a watch over Dreamy. It seems whatever Dream is doing is working though, since the foal quiets down. Or, stops screaming and starts crying, which is worse. "I don't know why this filly popped up, but if it stays alone out here nothing good can happen. I know Ruby expressed interest in taking care of it, can you help me get it to accept that?" Besides, Ruby will never let her hear the end of this if the filly disappears. Meanwhile, Chaos has no idea what images what the magical foal is sending to the other foal, and is more a clueless observer.

Chaos earns a squint from Dreamy, trying to process that particular request. Tricky! Especially when she's dealing with a pony that doesn't understand conventional images! It's like… It's like trying to speak another language. Through pictures.

Still, she has an idea, and directs her attention back to the foal, magicking up another daydream… This one of Ruby in the field of cats and cat-like ponies… With the little foal herself, in Ruby's lap! Being groomed with a brush, and soft, soft purring. A purring daydream. Maybe that'll work…

The foal's eyes are finally squeezed shut as she curls in a ball, whimpering and mewling. The daydream, though, takes a little bit…and slowly, the tension starts to ease. And finally, finally, she purrs. Dead-on, like a cat, she purrs, curling her tail around herself peacefully.

Rising-Chaos smiles, progress. This is more her style, results. "Good, perfect," she whispers, keeping her voice low. Maybe her plan will work out after all. She won't even have to threaten anypony, the best kind of success. She still doesn't want to approach the filly, since she'll just frighten the little thing. Chaos ponders ideas.

For now, Dreamy just keeps the daydream going, and creeps closer. Because she wants to get a better look anyway! Creep, creep, creep~ More mental purring. Purr, purr, purr~ And a glance back at Rising, because she should be /doing/ something right about now!

The foal further relaxes, purring along with the image. As the adrenaline drains from her little tiny body, she seems to be dropping into a light snooze. Zzzzz purr zzzz.

Rising-Chaos has an idea, what a clever mare. She dashes back down the street once she sees the filly is asleep. She returns moments later with a dubiously acquired piece of cloth, enough to be used as a blanket. She gets low and crawls over to where Dream Daze is. "I don't think she would trust me. So what I'm going to do is give her this as a blanket, and we'll leave her here. I'll see if I can get her some food tomorrow, and maybe bring Ruby to give it to her." She gives Dreamy a big grin, this filly just saved her a lot of trouble. "Thank you very much, would you like some… Tea? something to drink? My treat."

Dreamy beams~ She gives her tail an expressive wag, and a nod of her head, but sneaks a quick image to Rising about the little filly sleeping. Cuz' she's /tired/ now. She starts to sneak back… If Rising's gonna leave the foal there with a blanket, that seems…okay enough. If only because she's not sure they could disturb her to get her somewhere warmer without invoking the wrath of Bitey McGrowlerflank.

Snoozy foal! Snooze snooze purr snooze. She in fact stops purring as she fully drops into dreamland.

Rising-Chaos moves forward a bit and drapes the blanket over the foal's sleeping form. She piles some snow in front of it so nopony spots the sleeping filly. She stands, backing away to look at what she's done. "I do hope you are worth the trouble," she mutter to herself, privately. "If you end up hurting Ruby it will not go well for you." She turns back and escorts Dreamy out of the alley. "Well, you lead on then, bed or drinks, after today, I could do with either."

Dreamy trots out with Chaos, floating up a mental image of a raincloud and a checkmark. Because she's going straight to bed now. Sometime she'll cash in on that tea offer!