Why So Serious
IC date: Spring 27
OOC date: April 17
Location: Main Street
PCs: Lavender Sunshine

A rainy evening in the Harbor. The last time a certain little white filly was out and about in this sort of weather, it ended badly. Tonight it just doesn't feel the same! So there's the white filly, Sunshine, getting to know the stormclouds better by way of standing out in the rain, just in front of the Mane Event, with a small sheer raincoat.

Lightning crackles and thunder rumbles… Sunshine cringes! Then a moment later, "Y-y-you big meanie! I'm g-gonna track you d-d-d-own and hug you 'til you g-g-give up!" Yell little filly, yell.

Trot trot trot. A rather older pinkish filly wearing a beaten tricorne hat, an obvious gap where a skull-and-bones used to be, comes by to see who's yelling in the rain. "What's wrong, little one?"

Eep! Sunshine, so intent on yelling at the storm, doesn't even notice the approaching filly until she's spoken up! This makes Sunshine squeak and jump, splashing down right into a nearby puddle! "Ah! O..o…oh…" She tries to tug the hood of her raincoat down a little, but given that it's a see-through raincoat that doesn't mean much. "N-n-nothing… J-just yelling at t-t-the storm." The little white filly taps a hoof into the puddle. "T-the pegasi are p-p-playing rough up there t-t-today…"

Lavender trots, well, splashes up to the filly and puts a hoof around her. "Don't worry, they'll calm down eventually…You doing alright? You seem kind of on edge."

Who, Sunshine? On edge?

The little filly can only shrug and blush underneath her raincoat, the offered hoof giving Sunny plenty of reason to take some comfort from the bigger (but still filly-sized!) pony. "I g-guess… I'm s-s-supposed to go find my other s-self and be a big pony again… But I'm s-scared to. She's mean." Grumpyface. "A-and I don't wanna be mean." Did that even make sense?
Lavender frowns a little. Fillies this young should not have to deal with adult problems. "Well, just…don't be mean, then. Or, get in charge and tell her not to be mean." She quirks an ear. "Wait, who is this other self you've got?"

Sunshine blushes darker! "S-stormcloud…" she stammers, starting to pace along the puddle and back."I'm s'posed to keep her from being mean. B-but I'm just a little filly!"

Lavender sits down next to the puddle, "Hey. You are not just a little filly. Nobody in all of Equestria is just a little filly, we've all got tons and tons inside of us, thoughts and emotions and memories and wants and dreams. I've never met you before, so…Why don'tcha tell me some of your own hopes and dreams?"

Such new talk! Sunshine looks at the puddle, looks up at the pinkish pony, and steps out of the puddle to sit next to her. "O-okay." Let's see. Hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams… Sunny looks up at the rainy skies. "I hope that everything turns out okay and we find Stormcloud and she's nice and I never have to worry about being put in a cage again and she'll be friends with everybody forever and ever and ever!" All in one breath! Which leaves the filly panting by the end of it. Huff!

The hatted, elder filly's smiles, then it turns to a look of stern ear-lowered dismay when mention of the cage comes around. She leans away a little bit and blinks. "Cage?.. Wait, um. You're still a filly. Surely there's more to worry about in life than just one mean older pony, right?"

"I don't know, maybe?" Sunshine answers, peeking at her reflection in the puddle. "It's confusing." she admits. "B-but if I yell at the storm enough maybe I'll get brave and grow up quick so I can stand up to her!" Her ears perk up. "That's… That's a good dream, right?"

Lavender laughs a little, "Hey…Kid. You can't define yourself by someone else, even if they're family or whatever this other pony is. You gotta go find strength of your own, too. Even if that means, like…going out into the scary hills all alone and watching the stars so you can look back and point at something and say 'There, that's me, that's something she can't take away ever'. You know, that kind of thing." It doesn't sound 100% like philosophy, there might be a bit of experience in it too.

Sunshine tilts her head, considering the advice. Hey, she's impressionable. Everything's good to her. "Scary hills.." she echos, glancing up at the stormy clouds. "I..is yelling at storms like that? I think they're scary…"

Lavender puts a hoof around the little filly again, "But you're not yelling at storms…you're yelling at her, aren't you. You need to get your mind off her for a little while. Oh…if only I could, I'd want to take you out treasure hunting with the others…"

Sunshine's ears flick back. "I g-guess…yeah…" Those ears perk right back up again too! "Treasure hunting..?" Because what little filly can resist the temptation of treasure hunting?

Lavender grins, "Well, um…Yeah! I know some of the other fillies have a map…and I, uh," thinks of a good fib, "know there's something buried out in the hills somewhere. I just don't know where. If you wanna go out and try and find it instead it sitting here yelling at clouds…It would take your mind off things! And make you stronger!"

Stronger! Just the word Sunshine needed to hear. The little filly's eyes get big just thinking about it, her little white head nodding absently. "O..okay! S-should I go alone..?" she asks, that excited spark in her eyes clouding over just a touch with apprehension. Alone…

Lavender gets a momentary look of wide eyed panic. For the filly, or for herself? She hides it mostly well. "No, no! I'll go with. Otherwise, how will we know where to dig? But it's okay. Just as long as you're not here brooding about silly old whats-her-face. This is about you."

A new friend, and the sound of something fun! This definitely appeals to the little white filly. "Okay!" she practically squeaks, "B..but I should let Ruby know… And Magpie. A..and maybe Sadaka too. M-maybe they should come…" She has her brow furrowed in thought, casting a questioning look to the other filly. This wasn't her idea, she's just trying to figure out the rules as she goes along.