Who Likes Who Now
IC date: Winter 67, 1007
OOC date: February 25, 2013
Location: Rusty Bucket
PCs: Lorelei
NPCs: Rock'em, Sock'em

There was dancing, there was drinking, there was some sort of fun to be had. Sock'em can't remember any of it. After a certain dance, he's been a little out of sorts, taking extra 'patrol' routes all over town just so he doesn't have to lurk within the Mayor's manor. Which has left Rock'em as the lone escort for the Mayor herself! Which is where he is right now. Watching over the Mayor. In a bar. Where he totally invited her to lunch/dinner/something.

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. It didn't exactly occur to the incognito seapony that eating out with one's 'escort' could easily enough be construed as a date. Especially after going to the dance /as/ a date. Okay, so it seems somewhat obvious /now/, but at the time, it had just been going out for a meal, and of course her bodyguard would accompany. Now, though, she's feeling a bit awkward.

Of course, it's been a somewhat awkward past week or so. Lorelei hasn't had a clue what to say to Sock'em - dealing with such 'delicate' situations is something she admittedly lacked experience in - which has, granted, made it somewhat convenient that Sock'em's been avoiding her for the time being. She hasn't wanted to upset Rock'em, so the hesitance to rebuffing his apparent affections too harshly has resulted in… very little rebuffing at all, really. This entire thing has just been so /complicated/. Surely it's never this complicated with other seaponies. Silly landponies, making things so darn awkward.

Luckily for Lorelei, Rock'em has had a reason for his actions. Until now, however, it has been something of a mystery! Today he's all grins though, and after he's gotten a couple drinks ordered up, he chooses to explain.

"I know what ta do about Sockie, Boss." he states, simply. "I invited him ta come and eat with us. Hope he shows up. But, uh… Mebbe before he does I oughtta ask ya somethin'."

Lorelei blinks, shaking herself out of her thoughts to look over at him. "Oh. Oh, um… well, then." Don't read her mind, Rock'em, it makes you seem on top of things. She's confused enough already! "Well. I… hope we can cheer him up. Yes. Er, what do you need to ask me, then?"

Rock'em keeps grinning, right up until the moment he's meant to ask this supposedly all-important question. Then he gets an all too serious look, hunkering down against the tabletop, leaning forward just enough to lower his voice. He even squints at the Mayor, head tilted just so, "Well… How do ya feel about him? Cuz' y'know, I wouldn't wanna go tryin' to fix anything if it isn't broken."

Is it possible to blush and go pale at the same time? Is it? This is important. Because Lorelei somehow seems to have managed to do just that. She stares at Rock'em and his supposed serious face, opening and closing her mouth a few times in what can only be called a rather fishlike fashion."I… Well, I… I suppose he's… what I mean to say is…" ahem. Deep breath. "He's a… very nice stallion. Kind. Chivalrous. Intelligent… he's a good conversationalist…" that's important, you know. "Thoughtful… it sounds like he's a bit of a romantic…" she trails off, a bit pink, before she can go so far as to say that a /landpony/ is /handsome/. "You're very nice, too," she hurries to add. Yes. Yes, this is incredibly awkward.

"Uh-huh." Rock'em says, after almost every 'virtue' named off. His grin, of course, returns when he's called nice, too. "Well yeah, of course I'm nice. I'm the goofball." …Well at least he admits it, right? His 'serious' face comes back again. "Okay, look. I didn't mean to tick him off with the whole dance thing. So I'ma give him a chance to be all Sockie McLovedork all on his own. But it only works if you don't, y'know, /not/ like him. D'ya get me?"

Lorelei nods slowly, sheepishly rubbing the back of her head. Yeah, at least he knows his role! He fills it very well.

"Yes. Yes, I… 'get' you." Ahem. "I don't… not like him. I mean, I… well, he's… he seems a… a potentially acceptable match. Fo-…" No, probably best not to add that part on. Ahem again. She would probably be better at this if she stopped trying to sound so formal. Or maybe not.

Rock'em, however, looks appeased by the reaction. "See?" He points a hoof at the Mayor! "That's why you'n him get along so well. You're both easy to fluster, and way too formal for yer own good." Because that's a /great/ reason to be playing matchmaker with your /boss/, right?"Anyway, I told him to pick something up before he came, so whatever it is, try to act surprised, 'kay?" Rock'em grins. Poor guy, probably doesn't even know he just spoiled half of the surprise.

Around that time, the stallion in question noses his way into the Bucket. He's still got that 'Secret Service' pony getup on. Sunglasses and all. Carrying a small wrapped package on his back!

And there she goes unable to decide if this situation calls for 'pale and nervous' or 'blush and panic'. Lorelei sits up straighter, then bends down a bit; brushes her mane off to the left, then to the right instead; smiles big, then realizes that might be a bit much and tones it down to a smaller, more natural (for her at least) smile. Breathe, pony! This is a new situation for her; one can't blame her for being nervous!

Rock'em watches this with a piqued interest. "Uh… Breathe, Boss. It's just Sockie. S'not like he's gonna ask you to marry him or something."

Sock'em spots the table! He isn't smiling, and looks just about as nervous in all honesty, arriving with a brief cough and a buck of his flank to bump the present up atop his head! He glances at Rock'em, who just smiles back, and sets the box down (suspiciously chocolate-box shaped), sliding into a seat. "Uh. Hey Boss. …Wanted to say sorry fer bein' a little distant lately." he mumbles.

Lorelei smiles over at him, nodding slightly. "Oh, it… it's quite alright. You've seemed… busy." She perks her ears, casting the box a glance. Even if she doesn't recognize 'chocolates', even seaponies know the custom of boxing up treats, and that looks like a box of treats. And who doesn't like treats? "I just want to make sure things are… alright, you know?"

"Oh, er…" Sock'em gets a neutral expression. "Things're great, Boss. Great. Y'know they were havin' a candy sale the other day? So uh.. I picked up something for ya. To make up for stuff." The box is nudged towards Lorelei, gingerly. "I mean, I know you like my brother 'n stuff—" he starts to say, when Rock'em coughs, loudly, to interrupt.

"How's about you see what's inside?" Rock'em says hastily, shooting Sock'em a hasty glance. "…Then we can talk about who likes who around here."

Lorelei smiles and nods, reaching for the box. "Indeed. Thank you! This is quite nice of you." Indeed, it is candy! Yes, candy is a good thing~ She unwraps the box carefully. She's one of /those/ present-unwrappers. The ones who do it one corner at a time and seem furiously adverse to ripping the wrapping paper.

Sock'em is, at least, watching this with baited breath. Rock'em is, on the other hoof, looking towards the bar and wondering where their drinks are. And the bartender is chatting up a mare. Figures.

When opened, the box is full of chocolates! Mixed chocolates. In a heart shape. Awwww. Sock'em clears his throat. "It was..a Hearts and Hooves sale. All they had was heart-shaped." he explains, ears pinning back.

Awwww indeed. Lorelei flushes a bit but smiles, genuinely even! "It's quite alright. This is very… sweet." Yay, chocolates~ "It is quite a… heart-shaped holiday, isn't it? Hearts everywhere. Lots of pink, too."

Sock'em rubs at the back of his head. Silly pony hasn't even taken his sunglasses off yet. "Well yeah.. Tradition and all that. What do seaponies do for affectionate holidays?"

Rock'em finally turns from staring at the bar, to staring at the box of chocolates. "…Really? Sockie? That's what you got? Oy…" He doesn't seem impressed. "You've got a long ways to go to learn proper wooing technique." he notes. "Rule number one. Never /tell/ the girl you bought her after-sale candy. That makes you look cheap! They better not taste old!" In fact, it seems he's going to take a taste, plucking one of the candies up in a hoof and popping it into his mouth!

Lorelei rolls her eyes slightly, shooting Rock'em an exasperated if amused glance. "It's fine. I'm sure they're perfectly tasty." She scoops one up herself, in fact. "We have a similar holiday, actually. Exchange trinkets and treats. Usually we find pretty shells and stones to make charms out of, and trade those to ponies we care for - friends, family. Some ponies get quite the charm bracelets by the end!" She nibbles daintily on the chocolate, for it would be undignified to scarf it down.

Sock'em, naturally, doesn't bother with the chocolate. He's busy giving Rock'em a stern look. "Hey now. We aren't all 'master love ponies' like you. Some of us actually, y'know, take it seriously.."

But Rock'em isn't paying attention. He's blinking and squinting and… Staring. At Lorelei!

"Uh… Rockie? Hey? I'm tryin' to lecture you here. Pay attention." He waves a hoof in front of Rock'em's face, to no avail! That is one hard pony stare! And his face is /so serious/.

Lorelei is staring right on back. And not the /usual/ stare she gives him (that quizzical, confused, 'what in the seven seas are you talking about Rocky' stare, you know, that one). This is a much less quizzical, much more… intrigued, stare. She's a bit blushy again, too. What was she saying? She'd been saying something. "Uh…"

"…Uh…" is about all Sock'em can say, tipping his sunglasses down to peer from pony to pony. "…Rockie? Boss? Hellooooo..?" More hoofwaving!

Which Rock'em ignores. Too busy staring. "I feel kinda funny.." he admits a moment later. "Boss? I think.. I think I like you a whole awful lot.

Sock'em blinks. His ears flatten against his head.

Lorelei blinks and swallows slowly - probably gulping down the last bit of that chocolate. She's still staring like a starstruck filly. It takes her a second to respond, but when she does, it's with much blushing and shy fidgeting. "Y-yeah? Wow…" Fidgetfidget. "I think I kinda like you t-too."

Rock'em's gaze goes practically starry-eyed! He creeps hooves across the table, reaching for Lorelei's! "That's… That's awesome!" Much more staring ensues.

Poor Sock'em just stares at the two, nudging his sunglasses back up where they belong. "…Right. That's what you meant by clearing up who likes who, huh? Glad we got that out of the way. If you two will excuse me now, I got..things..of /import/ to..take care of."

Neither pony probably even hears the sniff Sock'em gives when he up and turns, briskly trotting right back out of the Rusty Bucket.