When Somepony Loves You
IC date: Winter 39, 1007
OOC date: January 27, 2012
PCs: Whistlestop, Skyflower
GM: None

When a sailor goes across the sea to destinations unknown, his partner, left behind to tend to home and life, will often be seen standing at the jetty, hoping to catch a glimpse of her erstwhile lover. Or so the stories say. It seems that this is holding true, however, with a rather unlikely pair. Instead of a slight, willowy maiden of melancholy, it's a huge lug of a stallion who's sitting like a sad gargoyle on the pier.

Ever since Skyflower's gone on the trip to fix the storm, Whistlestop has spent more time than he really ought to sitting on the beach and watching for ships. He's like a lost puppy, waiting for her return.

Skyflower steps off of the boat onto the jetty, trotting up towards the boardwalk. It doesn't take her long to spot her big darling lamb sitting there, looking ever so forlorn and lonesome. "Whistlestop! Darling, there you are! I've MISSED you!" She runs, mane streaming in the wind like in a shampoo advert to be with him.

Whistlestop's droopy mien perks right up as he hears her voice, and he looks back and forth quickly, trying to spot her. And then: there she his! His pretty pink pony! He leaps to his hooves and bounds over to her with utmost excitement. "Skyflower! Skyflower! It is a you! You are here! You are not there! You are with me! Hooray! HOORAY!" And, WHUMPF. Skyflower is tackled rather bodily with a hug.

Skyflower has gotten used to receiving the most thorough of hugs from the most wonderful stallion in the world, and so she manages only a small 'urk' when she is so squozen. "Whistlestop, lamb, I'm so happy to see you. How have you been? Are you all right? Have you been sleeping well? Eating the right foods?"

Whistlestop, after thoroughly giving Skyflower her hug, lets her down gingerly to the dock — as he is often used to doing now as well. He dutifully tries to answer her questions, rifling through his mind. "I am happy to see you too! I have been okay. I missed you. But I am okay. I am not sleeping very well, because it has been very cold! And I am eating mostly cider." Hiccup. He beams.

Skyflower frowns a little, but only a little. "Darling, you shouldn't do that. Too much cider is bad for you, you know." She thinks, "You're not drinking it because you miss me, are you lamb?"

Whistlestop blinks. "Oh! No. I am drinking it because it is cold, and the grasses are dead, and I do not want to eat flowers because you are a flower and that would make me sad. And I usually eat at the Rusty Bucket, but the Rusty Bucket is gone! It is very easy to get cider, though. Hic!"
Whistlestop covers his mouth with a blush.

Skyflower can't help but giggle at his explanation. "Oh dear, you silly goose. I shall simply have to cook you supper tonight, shan't I? But you see, darling, I was wondering: would you like to come back with me? I've been to the seapony city and it's simply magnificent. I've never seen anything like it, and there's important work to be done there to keep our home safe. I want to help them," she says, leaning in to nuzzle his strong shoulders, "but on the other hoof I do so hate being away from you."

Whistlestop blinks at her. And blinks again. And then his eyes get very wide. "You want me to come with to the seaponies??" he gasps. There's some large amount of sparkle in his eyes, all of a sudden. "I want to come with to the seaponies!! I want to see the magnuffi… magni… magnicifent city too!" Oh dear, too excited. Starting to stutter again. "I want to be with S… Skyflower! It is /boring/ here!" Lightning cracks overhead, and the downpour that's already happening seems to take a sterner stance. "I w-wanna go! Can I g…go? And eat S…Skyflower's dinners, a…and be with Skyflower a…/all/ the time?" That would be the BEST THING EVER, if his expression is anything to go by.

You're making her blush, not that one can readily tell. She's making this little noise, an 'eeee' just on the edge of hearing, and then she leaps forward to wrap her forelegs around him in as giant a hug as she can manage. "Why of COURSE you can, darling! It will be simply LOVELY to have you along. Oh, things will be so much more bearable with you around. It's delightful and it's beautiful but there are just SO many stuffy old mares and stallions to put up with sometimes."

There is now an 'eeee' to accompany hers, but it is very much in the realm of hearing as he sweeps her up in a big, Skyflower-crushing hug as he nuzzles into her cheek and wags his tail in the sand like a dog. "OH BOY!" he exclaims excitedly. "I am so happy! I missed you! I missed you so much! I want to hold you forever and I do not like it when you are gone and that is not very fun and I want to be with you with the stuffy seaponies and can I come and we should go eat dinner because I am VERY HUNGRY." Pant.

So much hugging! Is there an upper limit to hugging? One hopes not! Skyflower is laughing with delight and nuzzling him back. "Certainly, darling, certainly. Shall we come back to my home, then? I'll cook up a dinner for the two of us and my uncle: I'm sure he's missed me terribly as well."
In the distance, a pony goes 'grunt!' without knowing why. It's a fond grunt, though. A loving grunt.

"Yes please! I want a dinner please! And a Skyflower please! I am so happy you are home!" As Whistlestop sets her down, he jumps to his hooves again, unable to stop from gallumphing about like a doofy pony: excited, and happy, and in love. In fact, at the crest of each jump, he flutters his wings excitedly, prolonging his stay in the air just a little bit. And then he whuds firmly into the sand suddenly, eyes wide. "The… the parade is soon! The parade! I should— we should— I— Oh!"

Skyflower tilts her head. "Parade? Whatever are you talking about, lamb?" She does, in fact, love a good parade. Not usually a fireworks sort of event, but still! Parades! "Will we have time to eat first? I could make us up some sandwiches."

"The, um, the, um," Whistlestop blushes. "The Parade of Lights! It is coming up soon… I just realized it. I have never had a…" He pauses, and looks down at the soggy ground as he pokes his hoof at it self-consciously. "A…special somepony for the parade…"

Skyflower's eyes widen. "Oh, why, of-of c-course! How silly of me to have forgott-why, I don't know what to s-YES! YES, of course, silly lamb!" She nuzzles him again before kissing him on the lips. The Parade of Lights!

Whistlestop's ears perk right up, nearly off his head, as his eyes swirl and his whole body turns red from nose to tail. In fact, at that kiss, his wings flutter and his hooves lift off the ground in the silliest of ways. And then he flumps back down, thoroughly melty, with a dopey, happy expression on his face. Thud. "You…you… I… you… I have a special somepony and it is… it is Miss Skyflower." On cloud nine?

Skyflower is feeling pretty melty herself. "You've made me the happiest mare in Equestria, Whistlestop. I couldn't imagine a more wonderful very special somepony than you."
Oh hey.
Look at that.
There's an audience.
Not a huge one, just some of the usual tavern crawlers, but they're smiling and waving. One of them whistles.
Skyflower turns bright, bright red. "Dinner, darling?"

Whistlestop's droopy eyes open, and he gets a silly, happy grin as he manages to pick his woobly legs up off the ground. The whistle doesn't even faze him as he nuzzles her most affectionately and then bumps his head under her to scoot her onto his back. Pony ride! "Dinner!" he crows, and he stumble-plod-thuds his way toward her home, still all woogly with ~love~.