What Is That
IC date: DATE
OOC date: 4/15
Location: Crane-Town
PCs: Overhaul Solar-Wind Grinder

Grinder is back to normal more or less, sure she still sports bandages but she's also up to no good more or less, still having some challenges with her magic though as its pretty much shot, and thus she still isn't wearing her normal barding just wearing a simple blanket thrown over her shoulders for /something/ Well she's up early and at making breakfast for the current residents, herself and O, and she calls out in her usual cheery voice, "G'morning O, breakfast's up and ready" she calls out unsure if he's in his bedroom or not.

In front of the front door is the massive guard pegasus ghoul standing there as if he were a statue. When O returned to the 'house' last night he likely invited the other pegasus inside like any pony would, but the large stallion politely refused, it appears the guard was still the same claustrophobic pony that Solar-Wind always was, though he labels it differently here. 'Too tight of a space for him' was how he put it. 'didn't wish to damage the structure' its a good excuse considering the demonstration the day prior of him landing on that former sky chariot and crushing it as if it were nothing. Anyway, he's been out there on duty the entire night his red eyes gazing slowly about leaving no place unlooked upon by the red eyed gaze.

Grinder has fixed two bowls of the usual fare oat-meal but with hint of some sugar she gleaned from somewhere. "Come on O, its Breakfast time" she shouts incase he's up on his rooftop patrols again.

As has become common in the morning, there's the sound of hooves up on the roof of the storage-container apartment. Even though Solar had been standing at the door keep guard, O still had gone up to the roof to keep a lookout. Perhaps he's just a firm believer in "2 sets of eyes are better than 1."

He glides down and gives a 'hello' sort of nod to the Ghoul before emitting a simple "Thank you", likely for coming with him the night before and helping keep watching over his younger friend. "Food?" He asks. He isn't quite sure if Ghouls need, or want, to eat at all so offers just in case. The stallion is more than willing to share his portion. He sits down in front of the bowl and looks towards the guard for an answer.

Solar twists his head about hearing the call of food, he seems to sigh as his gaze passes practically through O to the inside. "mmmm, I envy you O" he murmurs as he turns his gaze back around to continue his survey of the area around this 'home' evidently that is a no on the question of food he adds in softly, "Thank you though, go enjoy some for me" he calmly adds.

Meanwhile the filly is practically frozen in her tracks staring at that massive armored pegasi, she's seen nothing like it, and those red eyes makes her actually squeak and dart back inside absolutely spooked, thinking she's got an enclave soldier or something on her front doorstep, or or , well he's so well armed, and he's HUGE! and she's not, so yeah, her and O's oat-meal are left there while she goes to hide in some corner or something.

The corner of O's mouth tweaks up a little in an almost-smile at Solar as he gives another nod on his way towards the food. His brows lift as he watches Grinder slink off from the ghoulish guest and go into hiding. "Friend?" he offers in her direction, trying to tell her that the armored pegasus is no threat.

In such a place, there aren't too many places to run off to and thus it's not very hard for O to locate the filly. "Solar friend. Not enclave. Not bad" the stallion notes to her to try and ease her doubts. He nudged her flank to try and herd her towards the visitor so they can properly introduce each other.

Solar nods some, to O then turns slightly as he watches the minuscule filly dash away looking up to O as if in questioning. She is rightly tiny in comparison and would be likely seen as a mere foal under his impressive size. In age, well everyone is a child compared to him, but that is unfair really.

Grinder is easily found and looks overwhelmed a bit, "that, he, it, he's HUGE, I, I, I didn't think pegasus ponies came that big, he, he, he'd barely fit through the door, where did he come from? and, and that Armor? Thats" she blinks, "not Enclave?" she gulps, "Than what?" she is confused as she is indeed herded to the front door where she can't help but look up, WAY UP.

Overhaul stands behind the filly. He towers over her on his own enough as it is and stays close to help her feel like she's still protected. He looks at the glowing eyes of Solar for a few seconds before leaning his muzzle down next to Grinder's head.

"Canterlot Fireguard" he explains, pointing a hoof towards the freeze-cannon and the emblems on the armor, "Very old." He holds back on letting her know he's a Ghoul; she's startled enough as it is and surely wouldn't respond well to such news.

"New friend."

Solar-Wind steps a pace backwards, flicks out massive armored wings, then kneels forward onto his forehooves in the bow/salute that he would present to that of Celestia herself "Mylady Grinder I presume?" he intones in that layered voice of his, seemingly echoing in from a multitude of directions regardless of him being right there and being more 'down on her level' as it were.

The Filly gulps but takes the explanation at face value, and that O is reassuring her/backing her up is of great relief to her, she does stick closer to O as if being backed up by 'big-brother' in case this dude is a bad pony, "Uhh, Yeah, I, I'm Grinder, new Friend" she gulps still a bit unsure of this, "Umm" she gulps then Oh's softly to herself, She FOCUSES mightily a moment, and actually floats over her own bowl of oatmeal, "Breakfast?" she asks of him, its really the only thing she can ask, then she stares at that seal, "Hey, I've seen that before, That logo, thats of the Queen' but its both of them, Celestia and Luna!" she then gasps and looking him up and down, "I don't understand?" she looks even more confused, "O?" she looks to the guard, "Where are you from?" she asks rather meekly. Meek is not a trait you usually notice of her mind you,

Overhaul looks between both ponies a few times more and lets out a sigh. He really didn't want to have to explain what Solar was, but it's the truth or nothing at all. After swallowing and taking a deep breath, he explains in the simplest of terms.


To help ensure that the filly can trust that the 'new friend' is indeed good, he pulls out Grinder's repaired and customized gun from one of his saddle bags.

"I fix, but he found."

Solar keeps himself low and 'un threatening' if you can call a red eyed monster of a pony unthreatening, and holds his ground there "I am from Canterlot, I'm old, very old, older than everypony in this town, and then some" he offers then nods to O with an evident sigh. "I can go if you wish" he offers "I do not wish to frighten anypony" the old ghoul offers to the filly though there is a distinct sound of pain in his voice that O would certainly detect.

Grinder seems to press closer to O, "G Ghoul, you mean you're dead?!" she GULPS hard then sees her gun, "My Two-shot, wait, wait, its different, that was My Mom's gun, she gave it to me, but, why is it different O?" she asks looking to the weapon, then to O, then to Solar as she still looks unsure of herself around this dead creature. She just looks worried a little bit and well as long as O is right there she has /some/ confidence in herself, really in him though. "So, I take it no on the breakfast" she gulps, "Unless we're your breakfast?" she gulps harder.

Overhaul nuzzles Grinder assuringly as he lets her know, "Ghouls don't eat." He looks back up to Solar and shakes his head, repeating the same word he used the first time they met. "Stay."

He figures he has some explaining to do and a bit of grief grows on his face upon the mentioning that the gun had been Grinder's mom's. He can't work up the words to fully apologize, so he attempts to at least explain his reasoning. "Gun…was…was broken. Did not work. Fixed…made better. Fires better ammo." Upon further inspection, it seems he's right. With the two half-barrels and larger chambers, it now accepts a slightly larger and much more common form of ammunition. His head droops down and he looks away like a puppy after getting yelled at.


Solar pulls his wings up as if to hover, then stops, that command again. He nods slightly, and retucks his wings pausing for now watching the emotions play out upon the other stallion's muzzle, and hearing the reaction of the filly. "The weapon was damaged and in a state that could not be functional. If It were to be fired it may injure or even kill the pony choosing to operate it, this configuration is optimal" he shifts some. "It fires better, and more reliably, and your friend thought of your safety foremost, you are lucky to have him as a friend" the Ghoul echo's before looking away pointedly.

The filly looks to O curiously as the 'monster' explains things to her. She does tear up a bit and finds her bravery. There's a sudden and firm nudge from the filly's muzzle giving O a strong nuzzle and a soft little whimper of "thank you O" she smiles up at him, "I, thank you for fixing it, I think mom would approve" she nodnod's then looks to the monster.

"New Friend" she gulps some and steps forward between O, and Solar-Wind. She looks over her shoulder, "My big brother trusts you and calls you New friend" she gulps, takes another pace forward standing practically hoof to hoof with the towering armored beast. "If My BIG BROTHER trusts you, I trust you New Friend" she states boldly, with so much bravery right there and a new title being placed upon O

Overhaul leans down again and nuzzles the filly in return, though his ears being laid back suggest he still feels back. After all, he likely could have kept it looking a bit more like the original. But…what's done is done and returning the gun to it's original form would downgrade the performance, something that O would not settle for. When it comes to protection, he doesn't want to take any chances with faulty weaponry. The hours he's spent while Grinder is asleep maintaining his own firearms is perfect proof of that.

The stallion's ears perk up at the mentioning of being her 'Big Brother'. He does his best to retain his composure as he's reminded that his other, his real little sister, is still out there somewhere and hopefully still alive. The thought is certainly appreciated and he fights to hold back tears as he nuzzles her tightly. One or two of the tears manage to break free.

Solar-Wind gazes to the two of them and would smile at the acceptance, his body stance slides into a slightly more relaxed position O would see it or at least understand that there's a weight lifted from his shoulders and a new responsibility also added. He looks pointedly to O the glance is questioning but not asking out loud, if the other stallion seeks to reveal something to the old guard than he will in his own time.

Grinder brushes those tears away, "We'll find her, and I'm Sure New Friend will help" she looks over, "We can't keep calling you New Friend" she kinda giggles a little under her breath, "What is your name?" she asks of the old protector. "Oh, and uhh, do you need a place to stay?" she asks "I'm sure I can find another shipping container, cause ours are kinda getting a bit too tight for more ponies, and, uhh, you're alot bigger than most ponies too" she kinda chuffs lightly before giving her brother another loving nuzzle.

Overhaul returns shortly to his more stable self. His emotions have been getting to him more and more lately, but there's only so long he can hold back the repressed memories of everything that has happened to him in the recent weeks. He wraps a leg around Grinder in a small but still comforting hug.

His gaze eventually turns to meet with 'New Friend' and he nods before giving Grinder the other pegasi's name. "Solar Wind" the white stallion notes, the corners of his mouth trying to turn back up again into a smile. His stomach growls and he peers over at the food. "Eat now?" he asks before mentioning, "Make house bigger?"

Grinder grins feeling very happy to have a brother now, this is so cool is her whole body language, ears forward perked and happy. She can't help but nuzzle in to that hug. She looks to New Friend, "Solar-Wind, Ok thats cool" she looks over to O, "Yeah, eat then we work on making the house bigger" she practically bounces.

Solar lifts a hoof and shakes his head, "I live downtown, I have a place to stay at the Sheriff's office" he pauses, "But perhaps your right, a place here would be a good thing as well" The guard looks conflicted as if he is abandoning something, "I won't be here all the time, I have something I am looking for too" he offers, "Perhaps this addition would merely be for guests whom happen to be staying for a short time, or could be a few different rooms" he suggests aloud not wanting the others to go to great efforts to house him.

Overhaul relaxes even more, not only feeling comfortable seeing Grinder up, about, and looking much better, but something about the Ghoul's presence also makes him far more at ease than he'd been in quite some time. Perhaps it's knowing that Solar understands in many ways just what he's going through, or that he's not the only one now with sufficient firepower to help protect Grinder. It might be that now he has one more friend, one more pony to help him not feel quite so alone after losing everypony he'd known. More than likely, it's a combination of everything.

His voice…changes. It's not as much tone or volume as it is the way he speaks. "He lives at the old mayor's office." he explains, for the first time since either pony has known him making a complete sentence.

Solar's head was transfixed to the far side of town and this change in vocal patterns and, demeanor change brings his head about rapidly, to stare to O head twisting slightly in 'surprise', ear mounts swiveling in a tracking motion. A pair of dorsal plates lift as if activating an external radar surface or scouting for changeling armor. The Solar guard actually looks confused for a moment before he buries that concept to just look at O.

Grinder is taken aback, "O?" she looks to him, "Are you OK?" she asks totally caring about him, then looks to Solar, "Solar, thats dangerous though, you could get hurt, or or" she shakes her head, "The slavers nearly captured me near there, thats dangerous territory" she admits and looks back to O looking completely puzzled, "O, tell him that is dangerous, I mean you and that other lady pegasus lady, had quite a time there with those slavers, Its dangerous"

Overhaul's eyes get a little wide, his ears perked up in his own surprise as he realized he talked and not just a few random words strung together in hopes of making some form of a complete picture. No…he /spoke/. He looks to Grinder, then Solar, then back to Grinder. His head drops and ears lay back as he suddenly gets a bit bashful, looking away from the others again. As the subject is changed he looks to the Ghoul and nods.

"Grinder trapped" he states. Uh-oh. It seems he slipped back to his bits-and-peices way of speech.

Solar steps forward a pace or two leans his head practically muzzle to muzzle with O twisting his head, his stare intensifies enough so that his redeye stare could likely make O's eyes not be too happy, but he pulls back again eyes toning down again, he looks down to Grinder, "He's ok, Just checking" he murmurs to her, then looks up to O, "That must have been the rabble that was harassing me the other day, they are unorganized, though they do have a strong armament, I would not advise playing with them without backup" he suggests "I dealt with a group of them the other day 8 or 9 ponies with varying weaponry grades from small arms to heavy armor piercing rounds, it would be advised to steer clear of that area until I can secure it further.

O would just feel a heavy nuzzlethump from Grinder and a definite hug from her. She pauses as she hears just what the guard said, "8 or 9, did, did you have somepony as Backup?" she gulps some sounding worried, "We will be building that other building for you so you can have a comfortable place to sleep, stay, recover if you do that" she offers to Solar-Wind.

Overhaul looks outright puzzled as the Guard steps forward and examines him. He has a PipBuck of his own to give a diagnostics reading, after all! But, he still for some reason trusts Solar's judgement and doesn't give him any trouble about it. O looks to Grinder for a moment with the hug before peering down at his heavy-duty armaments. Between the two stallions, there's certainly enough fire-power to fend off a decent-sized group of foes, depending on what kind of firepower was aiming back at them. In what seems like a natural manner for him, he asks, "Can help?"

Solar Stands a pace back from O now and makes a slow look around the pony, before lifting a hoof and pressing it gently against O's chest, "You need armor" he states "I will not take any pony into a situation without some form of armor. The stallion looks down to the filly and admits, "I did not have backup, though at that time I did not have friends like I do now" the guard offers to her.
Grinder is right slurping her oatmeal right down and is almost done when he responds to her, she nods and looks straight at Solar, "Ok" she grins and pokes O herself, "I can help ya with armor if ya like?" she offers, "got some spare welding barding, it uhh helps pad ya out and well look around there's scrap steel everywhere!" she offers

Overhaul looks down at himself and at the lack of said armor. He looks a little bit uncomfortable at the notion, "Armor?" The pegasus gulps. He looks to the side as he loses himself in thought, trying to reason with himself why and why not. He's never been fond of the stuff. It gets in the way…slows you down. Though, armor such as that of the Steel Rangers, the Enclave, and the Royal Fireguard has been enchanted to make it lighter, but trying to find such an enchantment would be next to impossible. He looks down and finally gives in, "For you…"

Solar-Wind nods some then looks away, "I would like to check on some things" he offers to the both of them "I will return though, I promise" he offers "and I'd be happy to assist in this building project, I can be a heavy lifter if need be" the stallion offers before giving a quick salute, turning and runing into a strong flight which sends him up high flying towards his old home.

Grinder finishes off her own oatmeal and watches the big guard pony leave. She sighs some, "O, I think I'm gonna go back to bed, still not feeling top-notch" she offers softly, "If ya know of anything that fixes unicorns quicker, let me know" she smiles, "My magic is still pathetic, I barely was able to lift that bowl of breakfast!" she churrs some as she offers a hug before she starts towards her bedroom section.

Overhaul stands in the doorway, watching the Ghoul as he disappears into the sky and keeps still for a moment in silence. After what seems like forever and a half he finally turns around and shakes his head at the filly. "Don't have" he responds in regards to a cure for the magic. "Rest" he insists as he follows her into her bedroom. When she's done getting settled in and tucks her in, finishing off with a nuzzle to her cheek. His stomach rumbles a bit…he still hadn't touched his food. It's likely gone cold by now but considering some of the other things he's had to eat to survive, he'd take cold oatmeal any day. He lays down at the bowl in such a way that he can stare out the door as he slowly begins to work at his breakfast.