Well Met In Rain Fall
IC date: Winter 15
OOC date: 3/1/13
PCs: Hemlock, Stormchaser, Starchild, Shining-Light
NPCs: None
GM: None

It's raining in town square, what a bummer. In fact, it's been a pretty rainy day in general, and that's just unfortunate. It slows down activity in the already quiet town. There's few ponies around, no merchants selling their wares. What few ponies seem disinclined to chat, or have any kind of fun.

Hemlock is rather put off by this. Ponies not wanting fun and smiles? Madness, he says! In fact, he's called several ponies mad for being all sad. Chuckling at his little internal rhyme, the grown, adult stallion in a big burgundy rain coat is doing serious work. He's playing in the rain, splashing puddles, all with a distinctive, heroic air.

Stormchaser wanders around town, still trying to figure out the new town. She flies around in the rain with a smile on her face, finding the stallion playing in puddles. Grinning, she flies downward and lands in a puddle near Hemlock. "Hello! I'm Stormchaser, I'm new in town."

Similar to Hemlock's activities are those of Starchild, who is spinning about in the rain, singing to himself. It would go unnoticed the older adventurer, though, since he is on the other side of the Town Square. He isn't even vexed by the lack of enthusiasm in the town, and seems to be enjoying himself fairly well.

If anything will be a distraction for him, though, it's a mare he hasn't met. It doesn't take him long to catch a glimpse of Stormchaser, with none other than his trusty pal Hemlock. He canters over, humming to himself. "Good evening, my dear, I don't believe we've met. My name is Starchild, and I see that you've met my good friend Hemlock!"

Stormchaser smiles as Starchild introduces himself. 'Hi, I'm Stormchaser, its nice to meet you." she says softly. "Nice to meet ponies who like playing out in the rain."

Hemlock is having a grand old time. Hopping around in puddles. See, this water is okay! fun even, in fact, it's the exact opposite of other water, which is cursed and scary. Then his day just gets better! A pretty mare, who is smiling unlike the other grumps in this silly town. Bonus, she's playing in puddles too! He hops up and down in his puddle, possibly splashing Stormchaser. "Hey there milady! What a distinct pleasure it is t-" The day gets better again! Starchild, his faithful bard and prodigy. "Why hello there young colt. I just seem to be a lucky pony on this fine winter's day."

Shining-Light walks in to the town square still slightly dazed by his new surroundings. Glad to see some new faces he introduces himself "Hey everypony, I'm Shining-Light nice to meet all of you."

Stormchaser smiles and extends her wings, spinning around in the rain a bit. "I'm new to the town, just got her a few days ago. Know any fun things to do around here?"

Hemlock bows low to the ground, for the mare. "An honour, mistress Stormchaser, I am sure." Then the day gets better! New ponies, maybe not as much of a pretty mare, but a nice stallion none the less. "Hello there shining Light! I am Hemlock." The stallion turns so he can address both unfamiliar ponies and strikes a pose. "Hero extraordinaire! I am where the fun is, because I am the fun." Charming grin, another bow, he's got this in the bag.

Starchild gives a wide grin to Hemlock. "It's good to see that the boat didn't sink with you inside, hmm?" He laughs and turns to Stormchaser. "Well, that depends on who you are. Why don't you tell us more about yourself?" As Shining Light enters, he raises an eyebrow curiously. "Ah, another new pony. Seems to be quite an influx of them these days. What brings you here?"

Stormchaser blushes a bit at Hemlock, not used to being called such things. 'J-just Stormchaser, no need for the mistress." She looks over to Starchild and smiles. "Well, I came from Baltimare hoping to become a weatherpony here. I mostly just trying to find a place to live and meet new friends."

Shining-Light addresses Hemlock "Nice to meet you Hemlock, I'm Shining-Light, nice to meet you!" Shining-Light then turns towards Starchild "I heard of the troubles that had befallen this town and thought it to be a great time to adventure and make new friends." under his breath he mumbles "Though I probably should've said goodbye to everyone before leaving…. oh well."

Hemlock growls at the younger colt, poking Starchild in the chest. "That's, not, funny." For a moment he's frowning, obviously a touchy subject. Soon enough, he's back to being his bouncy self, giving Stormchaser a wide grin. "Ah, but how else could I properly convey my respect for you, miss Stormchaser? As for you, mister Shining Light, you two simply must tell me all about yourselves some time." A sudden surge of excitement makes him leap in front of the new arrival. "You're an adventurer? That's great! What kind of places have you been?"

Stormchaser blushes more and kicks shyly at the ground, since Hemlock still calls her miss. Her wings flitting around, she looks to the other ponies "So what do you all do here?"

"Why, we adventure, of course," Starchild says as he throws his arm around Hemlock, and turns to Shining Light. "And it's most exciting to hear that of yourself as well. It's great to see such fighting spirit in so many ponies here. After all, it's our duty to keep ones such as yourself safe." He flashes a grin at Stormchaser.

Shining-Light smiles widely at hemlock and Starchild "All this talk of adventures and fighting spirit reminds me, do either of you know how I could best assist everypony around here?"

Hemlock waits for Shining Lights reply but kicks back to nudge Starchild in the side. "Hey now, colt. We never remind everypony that we're keeping them safe, that's just ungentlecoltly." Then the new pony answers, and it is an adorable answer. Hemlock laughs throatily. "Well, my dear Shining Light, I have been in this town a couple week now. Would you like to guess what it needs most? How about you Stormchaser? what do you ponies think this town needs?"

Stormchaser shrugs a bit at Hemlocks question. "I dunno really, i only got here a few days ago. Though a place to get dry might be nice, starting to get cold out here."

Shining-Light nods in agreement

"Just what are you getting at?" Starchild says. "Besides, everypony knows that what this town needs is…" He feels a desperate need to think of /something/, since to him, an unfinished sentence is a crime against nature. "Just come out with it."

Hemlock has been sleeping out in the open most nights, hasn't found it that bad. Still, he nods to the two others. "Good suggestions, of course. Very good." His grin some how becomes even wider. "I was thinking of something else though. This town needs laughter, and stories, and happiness. I have no idea what the deal with that big thing out in the bay is, but we're not gonna make it go away by being sad at it, now are we? I have been through many rough spots, but it's always better when ponies are smiling and working together." This is something that's really been bothering him, he's a happy pony at heart.

Stormchaser gets a sweet smile across her face. 'You're quite the optimistic pony aren't you Hemlock?" She looks curiously at Hemlock. "What is this 'big thing in the bay' i keep hearing about?" she asks softly "Nothing dangerous i hope."

Starchild only blinks. He looks up at the sky, and around at the trickling rain. "It's subjective, I suppose."

Hemlock chuckles, a tad more nervously. "Stormchaser, I meant the large spire. Apparently it was made with the intent on destroying the town by some madpony." Before anypony could react he gives her a great big hug. "But don't you worry miss, that won't happen. Because Hemlock is on the case, and I can't die." Letting her go, he gives her a wink and strike another pose. "The greatest of heroes will stop any nefariousness, along with my band of fellow adventurers. Of which the devilishly handsome Starchild is but one part of."

Stormchaser looks out to the spire and frowns. "Why would anyponeeEEEP!" She squeaks is surprise as she is hugged, her wings extending a bit and a blush creeping across her face. She listens to Hemlock talk about stopping any bad ponies from doing such a thing and smiles. 'My heroes!" she says with a giggle, blowing a kiss to all the adventurers

Starchild blushes and gives a confident grin to Stormchaser. "Please, my dear, the pleasure is ours to protect you. Why, whoever started this mess will regret they ever chose this town for their evildoing. I can assure you of that. Be it in land, sky, or sea." He laughs and turns to Hemlock. "Isn't that right?"

Hemlock makes a show of catching the kiss and blushing. What a sweet mare! Hemlock can see her being a good friend of his, they should hang out! Starchild is being charming as usual. "Why of course, my dearest bard. The safety, well being and happiness of the townsfoalk is my primary concern. Our little band is more than capable of dealing with this, spundraft, or whatever her name is. she's small time." He wraps a foreleg around Star's shoulders, chuckling. "And perhaps you'll allow me to treat you to dinner some time Stormchaser, you as well Starchild. No better way to get some smiles and make some friends than to spend time together!"

Stormchaser blushes and fidgets a bit in place, but smiles a little when Hemlock talks about going to dinner. "T-that would be nice." she manages to say quietly.

"That sounds lovely," Starchild replies. "I look forward to getting to know you both better." With nothing left to say, he closes his eyes and listens, as a very faint magical aura surrounds his horn. "Ah, listen to the music of the storm. The pitter-patter of rain, and trickling of it flooding throughout the town, travelling more than some do in our lifetime." Opening his eyes and ceasing the aura, he looks back at the two. "See, it's truly nothing to fear."

Hemlock lets go of his bard and hops around with joy. Yay, friends! "Well my dears, it will truly my honour to treat you to a fine dinner. Separately or together." In truth he just loves being around ponies, talking to them, revelling in their company. Starchild's little speech seems to clear the mood about the rain as well. "It's a lovely storm, isn't it? but still a storm, do you have somewhere dry to be tonight Stormchaser? I can offer you my rain coat."

Stormchaser smiles at having new friends and nuzzles both ponies. "It is a nice storm, but i dunno if i wanna sleep in it. No, I don't have a dry place tonight." she says, shaking her head. You can keep your raincoat Hemlock, lets just go find some place dry." she says with a smile

Starchild grins and nuzzles back. "Perhaps we can start simple, and find a nice bar or tavern. I'd be happy to supply the first round." Panic strikes him for a moment as he has no idea where to go. He will drink every now and again at his house, but has never been to a bar. Quickly looking around for somewhere to go, he adds, "Or perhaps somewhere for a snack."

Hemlock pats Starchild on the cheek. "not tonight, my faithful bard and wonderful little colt. For tonight you get some rest. I'll let you know when dinner happens, no fear." Hemlock trots over to stand beside Stormchaser. "Now, I must find my excellent new friend a place to sleep. We can't have such a lovely mare sleeping out in the open, can we?" He chuckles, still got it, friend maker extraordinaire. He'll find Stormchaser a place to bed down and then go sleep out in the woods, like usual. Perfect plan.

Stormchaser shivers a bit and nuzzles against Hemlock, trying to warm up. 'Do you know of any place to go?" she asks curiously, ready to follow

Starchild nods and looks off into the distance, perhaps the direction of where he'll be sleeping tonight. "That sounds just fine, I'm rather tired myself. I do look forward to seeing you two again, soon." He gives each of them a brief but strong embrace, and begins to set off.

Hemlock undoes his rain coat and puts it on Stormchaser. "come now hun, you need it. Let's get you somewhere warm, I'll find a place." Certainly, there's nowhere in town that will turn him down. He hugs Starchild back. "See you later, bud." Afterwards, he sets off deeper in to town with Stormchaser's very pleasant company.

Stormchaser takes the coat and wiggles into it, seeming happy to have it. She gives Starchild a hug and waves. 'See you later." she says with a smile before heading off with Hemlock