Welcoming Windrose
IC date: Autumn 4, 1007
OOC date: September 23, 2012
PCs: Rising-Chaos, Winter-Solstice, Windrose, Ruby-Blossom
NPCs: none
GM: None

It's Children's Day in Horseshoe Harbor, apparently. Did you know they celebrated such a holiday around here? It's true. Foals everywhere and not a parent in sight, all of them running amok without supervision. Many of them seem to be conducting themselves in an adult fashion, though, albeit the fashion of a particularly confused adult.

Either that or it's whatever blasted Poison Joke effect has left the majority of the town in an artificially regressed state. Some seem to be doing their best to Make Do. Others are letting it go to their heads and are running around and laughing and, you know, having fun, like kids. The fountain in the center of the town seems to be particularly busy, since what is normally wading-depth for most ponies is a freakin' SWIMMING POOL, how cool is that?

Off to one side, a little scene has developed in the road as two fillies argue about a rock. One of them, with a dull blue coat and a straight black mane that hangs in her face, is yelling in a heated fashion. Another one, with a porky build and a white coat and a peppermint-striped mane that is going in every direction, is also yelling in a heated fashion. Neither seems to be listening to the other.

"But we totally need another one I mean the first one I got doesn't even fit inside the living room and honestly I already brought it this far I can't just turn around and put it back!"
'For the last time you do not need another rock I mean you don't even have a place for the first one and it already looks enough like a mess out front with all of the fence posts you got from who knows where!'

"You just don't understand my vision for rocky beauty and besides take a look at the stripes on this one it's totally keen! And anyway they told me that if I didn't take care of it soon they'd throw me in the brig!"

'Then take care of it already, just don't bring it back to the shop because we don't NEED another one of these things and I swear you're such a- you're such- you're a DUMMY!'



They start to wrassle. The rock remains indifferent.

Where's the best place to start when you're arriving at a town for the first time? The center, of course. Or at least that was the idea. See, there's the fountain!… what is it with Ponies and having fountains in the center of town squares, anyways? It's like the third town she's seen that has that.

But if this is the town square, why is it overrun with foals like it was the school playground or something? She came here because she thought a harbor town would be a good place for an aspiring mapmaker or navigator, she's not here to foalsit!

With a huff Windrose flared her wings to a hovering flap, so she could pull a map from her saddlebags and open it between her forehooves. "This -should- be the Town Square of Horseshoe Harbor, not a kiddie park…."

She's got no idea what's going on here, at all.

Rising-Chaos is relaxing in the sun after taking a bit of a swim. She had got out once the flood of foals arrived, Chaos is a pony who likes her space; several dozen foals does not mean space! She has cleared an area of the town square all to herself, probably thanks to the rather large knife she's sharpening absentmindedly. She sets down the book she'd been reading as she catches sight fo the newcomer; an adult! she sheathes the knife and puts it away, as well as the book, in her saddle bag. Trotting up to the new pony, she's forced to look up, waaaay up, being a filly is inconvienient sometimes. "Hi!"

The wrasslin' pair by the rock tumble about for a bit more before pulling themselves upright and going back to shouting.

'You're FIRED!'

"You can't fire me, I QUIT!"

'You CAN'T quit because you don't WORK for me anymore!'

"Fine, I didn't want to work for you ANYWAY because I QUIT!"

'GOOD! Because if you show up for work tomorrow you CAN'T because you don't WORK for me anymore!'

"I'm gonna show up anyway because I live there and also I'm going to work anyway just because you're stupid and you're not my boss anymore!
'Fine! Then I'm still going to pay you so you don't think you can just get away with doing it!'



The dull blue filly tromps around to the far side of the rock while the pudgy white one stomps away, towards the fountain. She's thinking surly thoughts to herself when she recognizes someone across the way and perks right up, speeding up into a gallop that brings her near Rising Chaos. Chaos might recognize her as Winter Solstice, but half the size and also apparently overstuffed with cake. She hasn't so much as put on a lot of weight since yesterday's adventure as she has kept most of it while being shrunk down to something more space-efficient. The porky filly smiles cheerfully. "Hey! Rising! You're here! Good! I need your advice on-" Oh, she's busy. Winter looks up, and blinks at the pegasus in the air. She stares for a few moments before gasping aloud. "It's an adult!" Hopping up and down, flailing her hooves, sne calls up to Windrose above. "YOU THERE! REVEAL YOUR SECRETS! HOW'D YOU FIND A CURE?!"

"Hhn?" Ears perk up at being spoken to, and Windrose peeks up over her parchment map. "Oh, hello there." Well at least one of the foals is being sociable and decent. She tucks the map away again and lowers herself to the ground, wings tucked up at her sides. Though poor Chaos is still going to have to look up a fair bit due to her being tall. "Is this Horseshoe Harbor? I'm suppose to be going…" and trails off briefly as she notices the handle sticking out of one of the kid's bags. That's.. okay. Why whould a foal have a—

But before she can actually ask anything farther a much more beligerant intrusion occurs to the conversation. "What?" She turns to stare down at the portly filly. "Cure for -what-?!"

Rising-Chaos nods enthusiastically, "sure is Horseshoe Harbour miss!" she quips, what a nice mare this newcomer is. Her thoughts are interrupted by Winter. "Winter, hi! What did you need help with?" She says, when have fillies ever beeng ood at focusing when friends are around?

Winter-Solstice bounces up and down as Windrose lands, even without apparent need. She may have a chubby physique, but she seems far more energetic than one would expect, such that even as she stops bouncing she prances from foot to foot so that no more than two hooves are in contact with the ground at any one moment. "Yes! This is Horseshoe Harbor, home of the-" She blinks and prances silently for four seconds. "We don't have a sports team OR a deep-fried delicacy we're known for, I don't think. Home of the… the, uh… the boats." Prance prance. She surges towards Windrose, then, and looks about ready to climb up on top of the taller pegasus. "A cure! A cure! Look at all of us! Normally the town is full of a few adults and a lot of rascally kids that don't know any better, but now it's all kids! It's awful! Nobody can reach any high shelves! Clothes everywhere aren't fitting! It's chaos, I tell you- look at it!" She gestures back behind herself at Rising Chaos for a moment, then pauses. "Wait! Wrong Chaos.


Shifting her gesture, she instead indicates a pack of colts outside a tavern on the opposite side of the square. One is gumming a corncob pipe, another playing a little accordion, the others sitting around and putting on a grizzled air. They're conducting themselves in the manner of seasoned, if stereotypical, sailors, and doing so in a rather calm fashion.Winter seems distraught. "Can you BELIEVE it?!"

Windrose blinks a couple of times, then cranes her head in the second indicated direction. Back down to the two foals near her. And then to the tavern again. Then back down.

"… This isn't some sort of trick you play on newcomers, is it?"

Rising-Chaos gives Windrose a withering glance, surprinsingly effective in the body of a filly! "I really don't think this is entirely feasable as a trick, turning the entire town into children, for a single arrival? Not likely." She blows some hair out of her face, and pouts. "this is going to put a serious cramp in my research, and I just got a cool new assistant too." She sighs, then looks back to Windrose. "I guess I should still be polite, I'm Rising Chaos, I do research-y stuff, what's your name and what do you do?"

Winter-Solstice bites her lower lip and continues to do her antsy dance. LOGIC INDICATES that Windrose has a secret the others lack, but Winter is starting to buy the new pegasus's ignorance act. Which is all the more distressing, since she was really hoping she was on to a cure for now. With a squeal of frustration she runs a few laps around Rising and Windrose both, then skids to a stop where she was before and sits her rump down. "Deep breaths, deep breaths! Haaa! Hoo! Haa! Hoo." Huff, puff. "Yes! Who are you? Which I mean in a good way, that is, not a bad way! I'm Winter Solstice. Rising Chaos and I go on ADVENTURES." At this, she slings a heavy twinkie of a foreleg around Rising's shoulders in a far more companionable fashion than Chaos would likely expect or approve of. "Although maybe you're not new. I'm sort of new myself. It's not like I know EVERYBODY yet. I probably only know like fifteen percent of all the people. But you're not a kid, so I'm guessing you weren't around when all THIS happened. That's logic is what it is."

"It could be a bunch of local foals just dressed up like adults," Windrose points out. But then seems to reconsider that. "Granted, that would be a -lot- of kids to get into costume." Shrugs her shoulders. "But I'm sorry, I just got here, I really have no idea what's going on." Holds a forehoof up to her snout to cough into in the process of switching topics to introductions. "I'm Windrose. I make maps and navigate, figured a harbor town might turn up a job or two for those sort of skills."

Lifts her head to glance around again briefly. "Well, under normal circumstances…" Hoo boy. What a first day in town. And how is such a chubby little adult-in-foal's-body so goss darn energetic?!

Rising-Chaos let's out a nervous chuckle as the ever enthusiastic Winter puts her arm around her, at least a little uncomfortable with it. "That we do, we've gone on several. Winter is a pretty awesome pony." She grins up at Windrose. "Pleasure to meet you Windrose, I'm sure you'll get a job once this all blows over, mapmaking sounds very useful!" Chaos is a happy pony, it seems.

Winter-Solstice unslings her arm and sits up straight with such enthusiastic momentum to hop into the air half a foot bfore landing back on all fours. "Yeah! Maps are great! Granted, I'm more fond of the ancient treasure map kind, and those are sort of hard to, you know, make, yourself, they naturally form in old libraries and treasure chests and stuff. But I'm sure there are lots of nautical types around here that could use some decent cartography." She stares at Windrose for a bit. "Do you like rocks, by the way?" She gestures over to the big boulder stuck in the middle of the square, somewhere opposite the fountain from the trio. "Isn't that a nice one?" It is not a particularly noteworth rock, but it does have a stripe. "I found it and my boss says I can't keep it. Isn't she stupid or what?"

".. Right." Apparently the de-aging affects the mind to a degree. Windrose decides to just play along for the moment, because the last thing she needs is a foal throwing a temper tantrum. "Maybe -some- day one of my maps will be a treasure map, but that takes a very, very, -very- long time for the map to be… well, it's like how cheese is better with age." Nods her head a bit. She's an expert in maps and how they're made, she'd know, right? At least enough to keep the kid happy. "You don't see very many rocks with a stripe that's not painted, at least." Then turns back to the two foals. "… This thing isn't contagious, is it?"

Rising-Chaos turns away from admiring Winter's rock, Winter's majestic, geological rock. she shoots a glance Windrose's way. "Practically every single pony in town was affected in a single ngiht, draw your own conclusions." A thought occurs. "Hmmm, Winter, should we really be thinking about treasure maps just now? we have the current quest to finish, after all. Although if you do find one I want in, no way I'm being left out of awesome adventures! I can even bring my assistant, it's what she's for, right?" Chaos starts talking faster as she becomes more excited.

Winter-Solstice taps her chin with a hoof, considering as Windrose brings up the matter of contagion. "I'm not sure." She reaches out and pokes the pegasus, assuming she doesn't pull away fast enough. "We'll see!" Putting her hoof back down, she turns to smile brightly at Chaos. "No kidding! I wonder what Flintlock and Gamble are up to. I still want to know what the music box sounds like…." She quiets for a bit. "Wait, you have an assistant? Who is it?" She looks back to Windrose, suddenly shocked. "Hey, I thought pegasi had some kind of weather direction north sense! Why do you guys need maps, anyway?!"

Windrose flares her wings in surprise as Winter pokes at her. "Hey! If it -is- contagious you shouldn't be trying to spread it!" … But she seems to still be herself? Good. Maybe. Being one of the few 'adults' may be its own problem…. Wings settle back at her sides as she calms down, though she's giving Winter a much more wary watch in case she tries something else. "Because they're for other ponies that don't, of course," she answers. "And I've seen a few pegasus that can't tell directions OTHER than North very well."

Rising-Chaos nods to winter. "Yuppers, sure do, Sky Sparkler became mine a couple days ago, we're roomies now!" She humms with pleasure, doing a little filly dance. She pauses, deep in thought for a moment, then turns a baelful glare of suspicion Windrose's way. "Say, it's awfully convenient that you roll into town the morning after we are all filly-sised, being the the only adult in town may have all sorts of advantages." She surges wtowards Windrose, right up to what would normally be face to face, but is more face to chest at the moment. "What's your plan, miss?"

Winter-Solstice is right beside Chaos, pressing up close. She has as much presence as a filly can muster, though her porly bearing might have something to do with that. "Yeah! What's the big idea, anyway?" Her face splits into a grin even before she finishes her sentence. "'Big' idea, get it? Because you're big, like a grown-up! Ha!" She fixes her grin on Chaos instead. "Sparkly is your apprentice now? That's cool! I don't even know what you guys do. Except she starts explosions, I think? She had a bunch in her bags last night…" She quiets for a moment and stares at Chaos. What was she doing last night, anyway? She disappeared for a bit during the brouhaha in the cave. Come to think of it, she did that again a week before, in that OTHER cave when there was a DIFFERENT brouhaha. Winter's face screws up into a suspicious squint for a moment, but she doesn't voice her sudden curiousity, merely letting her gaze slowly snap back up to Windrose. "HUH?!"

Windrose rears back a few inchs off the ground with a shocked expression at the accusations, putting forehooves to her chest. "What, you think *I* had something to do with this?! Don't bepreposterous!" Wings quickly flutter a few times to keep her aloft, because now she's suddenly a -lot- more wary of Chaos and that knife she has in her bags. Knew she should of taken more time to check out the town before deciding to come here. "Seriously, if *I* were, theoretically, to somehow do such a thing if I could, I sure as buck wouldn't be showing up publicly the day after. No, I'd wait a few days, let word spread, maybe a quarentine issued down from Canterlot to keep nosey ponies out." Then narrows her own eyes and lays ears back a bit as she leans down to be staring level with the two foals again. "Besides, if somepony wanted to take advantage of it wouldn't they show up claiming to have the cure and trying to sell it off for bagloads of bits?"

Rising-Chaos narrows her eyes. "That's a pretty detailed plan you ahve there lady, not making a very good case." She grins back to winter beside her. "Yeah, I hired Sky, she said she was looking for a job and a place to stay, it was super weird, I've been a boss before." She gets just a little bit uncomfortable as Winter holds her gaze for just a bit too long. When Winter is finished inspecting her and looks back at Windrose, she does the same. "And as for why? That's easy." She says, getting up and poking Windrose in the ribs for emphasis. "You stroll into town, being the only adult we all obey you without question. You buy all our stuff because foals aren't allwoed to own stuff like houses, rent it back to us at a profit; then make us all work for you for little pay. Filly. Slave. Labour."

Winter-Solstice points an accusing hoof at Windrose. "Yeah! But maybe the cure is… is maps! And here you are, showing up, being a mapmaker! That seems AWFULLY CONVENIENT, don't you agree?" Her eyes are still narrowed with suspicion, but she's grinning. It's not entirely clear if she's serious or being silly- or rather, it's clear she's not entirely sure herself. She looks to Rising a moment later. "That is convenient, isn't it? I don't know how magic works, for all I know maps could cure foal-itis." Turning back towards Windrose, she hops a few times. "Gimme a map! Gimme a map!!"

Windrose reels back as she slaps a forehoof to her face. "Oh now you're just being obsurd." Lowers herself down to just above the ground again to wave both hooves at the foals. "With those tiny legs? And look at how dumpy — no offense Winter — you've are. Foals wouldn't be useful for labor anyways, only a mad pony would think of such a scheme." Pause. Then returns the scrutinizing look again. "Which you just did… how do *I* know you're not really the masterminds trying to dupe me into taking the blame?" Followed by an eyeroll, and yanking a random rolled up paper out of her saddlepags and flicking it towards Winter. "Here. Just stop doing that weird dance, it looks like you need to use the pasture."

As Windrose makes the accusation, Rising Chaos' eyes water up, she backs off, clearly upset. "B-but I was changed into a filly too, and I'm a researcher, I don't need willing slaves. I'm not a bad pony, I wouldn't do anything like that." she sniffles, completely ignoring the fact she just finished accusing Windrose of the same thing. "I wouldn't do that to this town, I made a bunch of friends here, and, and…" Chaos falls on her rump, little filly tears forming in her eyes as looks up at Windrose. "I'm sorry… I'm not a monster pony."

Winter-Solstice's anger and suspicion dissipate immediately as she gets a map. If she's offended by being called 'dumpy,' then she doesn't show it. Spreading the map out on the ground, she starts poring over it, humming under her breath as though she knows what she's doing. "Yes, yes… I can see the latitudes," she muses, before pointing at a spot. "Aha! There's the destination. Fifteen leagues away." Nodding with satisfaction, she rolls the map back up sits back to hold it between her forehooves for a few moments, saying nothing, not moving. Her brow gradually folds inward in a worried fashion. Eventually she sighs. "Nope! That didn't cure anything. Maybe I read it wrong, or maybe maps aren't the solution. You're the worst doctor ever." She hands the map back up to Windrose. "Also I don't know how to dance so I don't know WHAT you're taking about." Turning her head, she watches Rising Chaos blankly, at a loss for words as to why she is leaking from the face.

Windrose buries her face in both hooves as Chaos starts to sniffle and tear up. "Of for the love of the stars," she exhales under her breath, before looking up long enough to take back the map and tuck it away. She'd make some sort of retort about never claiming to be a doctor, but that's not important right now. She plops down on her flank and drapes a wing over Chaos'… well most of her body considering she's foal sized. "Oh come on, there's no need for that. You're just… emotionally unstable because of this… change… or something… Dear Celestia I am -so- not prepared for this sort of thing…"

Winter-Solstice takes a cue from Windrose to reach out and put a foreleg around Chaos's shoulders once more. "Yeah. There there!" she says in the awkward fashion of someone who isn't qualified for this and knows it. "There there."

Rising-Chaos stops sniffling immediately, and hugs Windrose tight. "Thanks guys. Okay, so maybe you didn't poison us to turn us into foal slaves, but that still doesn't explain how it happened." she stops to consider Windrose's words for a moment before continuing. "My dear, I really have altered mentaly with the change; this could bear some studying. Oh, I hope the effects don't get worse as time goes by, we may not last the week! We'll be reduced to being unfocused, friendly, perceptive, we'll be… Having fun" Oh noes!

Winter-Solstice withdraws her arm and considers. "That's funny, I don't really feel any different. Well, aside from being short. And, uh." She pokes at her chubby flank. "And I guess that's distressing? It is sort of neat. Normally I'm the one looking down at everybody. Maybe this is karma." Glancing around, she surveys everybody else that has been foalified. "… just… just, like, really poorly aimed karma."

"…" Well at least she stopped crying. Windrose hmmms, tapping a hoof to her chin. This isn't exactly her forte of expertise but she is good at nitpicking over details. "You say almost the whole town was transformed in one night? That's a lot of ponies to effect." She removes her wing from Chaos' shoulders not that she's stopped crying and takes to pacing around the fountain. "So either it's something blanketing the whole town, or from something that every pony effect would have been exposed to…."

Ruby-Blossom zooms in from the Outskirts of town - inside of her ears all flushed pink with embarrassment - foals have a horrible tendancy to not look where they're going. The small turquoise filly collides with the pacing mare whom is circling the fountain - a perfectly timed collison sends the newcomer toppling into the fountain! Get used to it babe, this is the way we roll in Horseshoe Harbor. The small filly squeeling in pain "Why does everything collide with my head lately!"

Unfortunately her sense of direction doesn't apply to things coming -at- her at high speed. Thus there's a light thud followed by a splash as Windrose ends up toppling into the fountain!

Rising-Chaos bursts into giggles wiht the arrival or Ruby. Waving in her friend's direction "Hi Ruby, that's Windrose, she's new." she pauses for a momemnt, feeling like the introduction is insufficient. "She also didn't poison the whole town!" Chaos is completely unconcerned with Windrose as she gets a nice Horshoe Harbour welcome.

Ruby-Blossom in addition to an assault by evil Queenie Meanie, this past week has been quite traumatizing for Ruby's poor head as she's been repeatedly on the receiving end of head truma - she's due bed rest but somepony kinda burned her home down. Softly hissing "Hiiii RC." attempting to shake her head to clear the dull ringing "No that only makes it worse. "Hi ma'am…argh, did I just call somepony ma'am?" stopping one hoof "Stupid Kludge. Stupid everypony."

Winter-Solstice's consideration of the targeting methods of karma evaporates once a familiar face approaches, and promptly upends Windrose. Gadzooks, danger! Instincts kick in, and Winter romps over to the side of the pool, bellowing in a shrill voice! "Hold on, Windy! I'll save you!" She leans up over the edge of the fountain and reaches in, and with strong hooves grabs one of Windrose's nearest limbs to drag her back into dry land with it. Nevermind that the tall mare can probably just, you know, stand up. Still, it's remarkable how strong the portly Winter is, more so than one might expect.

Even mid-heroics, she turns to smile cheerfully at Ruby. Ruby will quickly notice that Winter has the chubby physique of a filly raised on cake and ice cream and couches. "Hiya, Ruby! I see -THEY- got you, too! Isn't this neat, in a terrible sort of way?!

Really, the fountain is shallow enough Windrose just sits up and spits some water out of her mouth, her previously curly bangs now matted wettly down against her forehead. "Why do I have a feeling -that- is going to be a reaccuring even—awk!" And she gets yanked out of the fountain despite not really needing it. Proptly puts a hoof to Winter's chest to hold her back. "Don't

even -think- of CPR, I spat the water out already."


And then she bolts to her hooves in a panic. "By the stars, what if the water supply is contaminated?!" Wings flare as if to take off, but that doesn't really work well when they're wet, so she ends up just sort of rearing up and patting herself with her forehooves.

Ruby-Blossom glances up at Windrose with a deadpan expression on her face; all the while craddling the side of her head with both hoofs "You don't want to know how many foals peed in that fountain today." her tone super dry and entirely serious.

Rising Chaos' face goes blank. what if it was the water?! Common sense prevails though, and she thinks about ti for a second. "No, that can't be right, I came in late last night and went straight to bed, I woke up a filly."

Winter-Solstice lets go of Windrose's leg, or wing or face or whatever, once she is held at bay. She may be Heroic, but she knows everybody has their boundaries. She smacks her lips a bit at the thought of mouth-to-mouth, though. She wasn't planning on it, but now that it isn't an option, she sort of wishes she'd tried it, just to be sure. Turning her head, she considers

Ruby's comment about peein' foals, and then looks at the fountain, and thinks for a moment. "Twenty-two?" she asks, turning towards Ruby with a hopeful smile.

Windrose makes the most utterly disgusted expression possible at that revelation. "THAT STILL COUNTS AS CONTAMINATED!"

Ruby-Blossom leans over to curiously glance at a small bucket beside the fountain - mummbling "Oh, you're right Winny! 22 foals paid a bit fine for peeing in the fountain today, I imagine alot of ponies got kiss drunk last night and well…

Winter-Solstice claps her hooves with a positively radiant grin. "Yay! I'm the best guesser!" She peers into the water, eyebrows arched. "That's sooo gross!"

Ruby-Blossom places her front hooves on the ledge of the fountain to peer over with Winny "Totally gross." she gently nudges Winny before giving her a big ol' hug. "Looking good, big gal." she plops back down to all fours before waving to Windrose "Sorry about the whole…uh…yeah. Take care!" darting around, stopping only to pat RC before trotting on her merry way.

Windrose flops on her back and covers her face with her hooves. "*groan* Now you're doing it on purpose." Sigh. Kids. This is entirely not how she expected her first day into town to go. Having gotten her fussing moment out of the way she rolls over and back onto her hooves. "… Well, I suppose. With no adults around there's not anypony that's going to have a job for me." She pulls out her map and unscrolls it, then spreads it out on the ground between her hooves. She absently waves after Ruby, "Seeya…. hmmm, where else could I go…"

Rising-Chaos trots over to her new friend Windy. "Hey now, it's not a total loss, I may actually even have a job for you!" she says, enthusiastically. "yeah, I totally have a job for you actually, you stick around, this kid thing can't be permenant, I'll find a cure within the week." She bounces around in front of Windrose. she stops after a bit, a serious look coming over her face. "I don't want to lose a friend so soon, please stay." incoming puppy eyes, 3, 2, 1…

Winter-Solstice wobbles slightly at the hug, not expecting that. She moves to reciprocate as Ruby withdraws, hooves lifting and waggling at Ruby in a useless and flailing fashion. "Oh, uh, bye! Be careful out there!" She settles back down and turns to watch Rising and Windy, quiet for once.

Not the eyes not the eyes not the… oh dang she's going to use the eyes isn't she? However Windrose isn't -quite- bought in yet, if only due to her own nagging over details. Heh. Nagging. Not that she's old enough to be a nag… anyways! "But what if this isn't over? What if I wake up tomorrow and I'm a foal too?"

Rising-Chaos beams up at Windrose. "Oh, that totally won't happen, I did the math and the chance of thiat not happening is like, 35." She does a little dance, her smile staying exactly the same size. "and my rule is that if it's over 30, it's bound to work." She waves over to the suddenly quiet Winter, motioning her to come join them. "you okay Winter?"

Winter-Solstice nods rapidly with a bright smile. "Yeah! I just figure, you know. Leave the math to the experts, that's all." She reaches up to scratch the back of her head with a hoof, and then looks to Windrose. "And hey, if the same thing happens to you, then… then, uh… I guess… I guess you'll be in good company? The good news is, if anybody is likely to find a cure… or rather, a cure that WORKS…" She glances meaningfully at Windrose's maps. "… then this is the place they'll be distributing it! AND there are enough jerky pirate types that if they try to gouge everyone for it, they'll probably have it stolen from them and get a bucket on their heads and a boot in their bonker. So you're right where you need to be!"

Windrose gets up on her hooves and rolls up her map, tucking it under a wing. "There's nowhere in a night's flight anyways and it's getting late." That's totally going to be her excuse. Not the cute regressed foals and their sad puppy eyes. Nope, totally not that. "But I am -not- changing any diapers!"

Rising-Chaos starts hopping arond, trying to attract Windrose's attention. "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, Windy! Windy! You can stay with me, I have room; and a couch if you don't want my bed." Her nose wrinkles with distate at windrose's implication. "Ew gross, we aren't little toddlers, we're fully functional fillies, we even have all our normal faculties." Her bouncing stops at the though. Back to wearing diaper? Blech, no thanks.

Winter-Solstice is likewise making a face. "Okay, being a kid, that I can get behind, but if they start trying to make me a baby I'm just gonna…" She shakes her head rapidly. "I'm not going to stand for it, by gum!" She does stand, actually, before turning to look back at the Rock on the far side of the plaza. Her earlier companion is nowhere to be seen, apparently having wandered off at some point. "I should probably be getting home, anyway. My boss is gonna be mad if I'm out too late, especially now that we've been arguing. She's always really mad when we argue for some reason." Lookin gback to the others, she smiles cheerfully. "It was nice to meet you, though, Windy! Sorry about thing with the stuff. Good luck not getting infected with whatever we have!"

"Well that's a relief," Windrose retorts somewhat sardonically. Though she's really glad it hasn't regressed that far. That'd just be… yeah. "I could just go crash on some clouds for the nig—hrrm?" She pauses, spreading one wing overhead now that it's dried off. ".. Wind's shifting, it'll be coming down off the mountains by midnight. Brrrrr, that'd get cold." Abruptly she's trotting after Rising. "Couch it is then!" She'll take potentially walking up brat aged over sleeping in the cold.

Winter-Solstice watches Rising and Windy go, and waves a forehoof. "Bye! See you! Have a… a good evening, bye!" She turns and waves goodbye to a few other random passerby, too, before pointing portside-ward and romping off like a motivated jellyroll.

Rising-Chaos leads Windrose off to her house, so excited, first a roomie and now a guest! chaos must be popular. "I live out near the outskirts, you get a lovely view of the forest in the morning. I hope you enjoy your stay!" She trots off leading her new friend away, she's so excited, being a filly might be fun if days are gonna be this good!

"Later, Winter!" Windrose just hopes she isn't going to regreat this in the morning. "Well at least I don't have to dish out for an inn room for the night, so I guess this didn't turn out -too- bad in the end. That does sound like a nice wake-up view."