log:Welcome Ashore Part 1
IC date: Spring 29, 1008
OOC date: March 19, 2013
Location: The Rusty Bucket
PCs: Moonglow Blaze-Song

Moonglow sits quietly, reading a book. It's fairly calm here, now, in the
early afternoon. A few ponies quietly nurse drinks, but it's not the raucous
den of marginally seaworthy carousing it will be later. And hey, the food's
good. Well, cheap. And after you spend enough time in the Harbor, there's
actually something calming about the Bucket.

A red earth pony, nerviously pokes his head in through the door, "Oh.. the
local drinking establishment, Oh good!" he shuffles in, his head held low,
eyes flicking around. he seemed out of sorts and very on edge.. he could be
heard muttering to himself "What do I do.. I have to get it back, its
driving me crazy! Silly Rune..patches me up, and tells me to "solve my own

Moonglow looks up at the new arrival, and waves politely. "Hi! Can I.. help

Blaze-Song jumps a little, "o-oh I'm sorry, miss I didn't see you there..
well, help.. I don't know, but may I join you?

Moonglow nods. "Certainly!" As he sits, she peers a bit more closely at the
red pony before her. There's something a little.. off about his coat. A
sudden realization strikes her. "Is this your first time on land? You seem..

Blaze-Song says "wha- you… know what I am? But.. but, how, I was told if I
was to ever go on land, not that I HAD ANY CHOICE in the matter, I was told
to keep my identiy as an Aqua Equine hidden."

Moonglow smiles warmly. "We get a lot of seaponies here, in the Harbor. But I
take it this wasn't your choice?"

Blaze-Song sits down and looks at her, eyes full of anger and sadness, "what
do you know of us, miss?, oh yes I'm Blaze Song, Musician and Maker, Call me

Moonglow "Well, I was involved with that whole business with the Spire a few
months ago. And before that, even - like I said, we get ALL kinds here in
the Harbor." She smiles. "And you walk like a seapony who hasn't gotten his
shore legs yet. I know that your kin tend towards the secretive; but trust
me - you're safe here."Moonglow"I'm Moonglow. I'm an astronomer, though it
seems I get a lot of opportunities to.. expand my horizons these days."

Blaze-Song tears up "m-my tail was stolen… whoever they where, thay came
prepared.. Miss Rune found me, she did not seem concerned, that MY TAIL was
taken from me, I am no slouch. But that.. Net, it.. Stopped me from reaching
out to the water, I was helpless"

Moonglow looks up in alarm. "Somepony stole your phylactery? That's.. that's..
Just not right."

Moonglow says "A few months ago.. we dealt with.. I was part of.. reuniting one with
its rightful bearer. It was complicated."

Blaze-Song nods "Well, they stole everything.. including my plylactery, I was
star gazing on a rock shelf, the fact they had that Net.."

Blaze-Song cringes "I think a may hurt one of them, I do not know, should have
stayed home"

Moonglow perks up at the mention. "You are a student of the stars, as well?"

Blaze-Song grins "not so much, I use them for insparation, I have the odd gift
of hearing… things.."

Moonglow says "Oh?"

Blaze-Song says "things like.. fire, and the wind.. it has a song, a harmony""

Moonglow "Ah! Now that is interesting. I haven't met a seapony who was attuned
in quite that way." She gestures at the book before her. "I see that too; to
me it's poetry, pattern, dance."