Weather Or Not
IC date: Winter 43
OOC date: 1/31/13
PCs: Jellybean, Dustdevil, Hemlock, Windrose, Sky-sparkler, Typhoon-Wave, Moonglow, Zula
NPCs: Captain Rill and the Starlight Harbor Overwatch Outrders, B Division
GM: Spindrift


The Spire is angry. The storm is angry. One of them is. Both are. It's hard to tell: A titanic roar echoes from the tower of detritus, out there in the midst of the harbor, as it trembles so hard that bits of debris and chunks of accumulated flotsam shake free to rain down around it. At the same time, the whirling maelstrom grows wide and unruly, winds reaching a fever pitch, howling furiously. Gathered thunder in the low-hanging cloud-bank above releases in several thundering crashes; lightning strikes the Spire, arcing down its length, crackling between the tower and several long chains that hang off the structure at odd angles that plunge towards the water and heavy anchors down below. The whole awful spectacle, so long held at bay by the Seapony Outrider forces, is now crashing and rattling its bindings like beast struggling to break free.

The soldiers are quick to act. They're not due to try firing off another storm battery for two more days, but clearly they cannot wait. The holder is prepared; an empty battery is brought to bear, placed up on the pedestal. One of the troops touches it with the horn of her helmet…

tttTTTTHUMP. The muffled sound of storm energy captured in the sphere echoes dully across the harbor. For half a minute, the storm wobbles about, quiet and mollified, evening out… but it only begins to build once more. Faster. Angrier.

"Ready another!" howls Captain Rill, over the rage of the wind that already whips her short white mane about her face and rattles the crates battened down against the boardwalk nearby. "And send runners out into the city! Round up all able-bodied weatherponies you can- we're all going to have to pitch into quell this tantrum tonight!!!"

The guards are quick to act, three of them detaching from the group and sprinting off into the city. They holler as they careen down the streets: "Weatherponies and pegasi needed at the the beaches! Unicorns and earth ponies, too! Anybody able to help, please, come at once!"

Jellybean had a bad feeling about today: a sort of rumbly feeling that told him that something was going to happen. He gets those sometimes. And so he's been nervously pacing around the weather shack all day, puttering around with various tools and doing a fair amount of busywork. On the desk in the back corner of the shed is a letter he was in the process of writing.
But there's no time for that now: the weather's gone worse and the town needs him. He trots out the door of the shack and spreads his wings to take flight. First thing to do is find everypony else, of course.

Rude awakening, right, but it is right howling outside. He steps from the back of the Cafe, looking up, and out and oh gosh.
Not a weather pony, but trained. Check. Pegasus, Check.
Dustdevil, charges out from the backside of the Carrot Corner Cafe, "Dustdevil Reporting for Duty" he reply's to the passing guard, and looks to the beach where the rest of the seapony guard exists at.

Did somepony call for a hero? Actually, no, no they didn't but they did call for help. It's not like you could miss the furious growling and terrible storm, but you could certainly try. Hemlock wouldn't dream of trying, and he was already walking over to see if he could do anything. Once he sees and hears the guards, he nods. "Right, on the way!" Soon the stallion is sprinting down to the beach, while he's no pegasus he does put on a turn of speed.

Hemlock skids to a stop on the beach. His fears are nagging at him, but they aren't important right now. Being a hero means fears cannot rule you when danger looms. His burgundy shirt is soaked through, and his eyes are wild as he addresses a pony he assumes to be in charge, purely on the basis they look the most angry. "How can I help?"

Aaah, serenity. As much as Windrose loved hanging out with Ruby and Kludge, maybe it was time to see about getting her own place. Half-living at the salon was getting to be a pain in the flank with Unknown running around raising a ruckus pretty much all the time… and now there were TWO of those little untamed brats romping about! Thankfully the pegasus wasn't flying yet, so she could safely hide out someplace high. Which just happened to on the roof of the weather shed at least until thunder booms and storm batteries wail across the beach.

"AAAAAUGH!" *POOF* Windrose bolts so hard she misses the roof coming down and lands in the clouds the shed stands atop instead. Legs flail haplessly for a moment before she manages to right herself and shake the cloud fluff off her head. "What the blue blazes was that?!"

There are limits to a unicorn's abilities, even within their specialization. Sky Sparkler is an expert when it comes to electrical storms, but she hasn't DARED to make herself master of this one. It's been all she could do to ground the lightning headed toward the town, keeping it from sparking a house-consuming fire, despite the downpours. She's been keeping long hours, only going home to rest when Jellybean told her to.
Today, when things start to happen, Sky Sparkler is on duty at the harbor, watching the storm with her sense for electricity, when things start getting worse. "I don't know if using them in series will be enough!" she shouts back to Captain Rill.
Oh yes. No pencil in her nose this time, but the umbrella hat does detract a little from the drama.

Typhoon-Wave has spent most of the day trying to shove rainclouds out of town. Out to the forest, up to the mountains, hardly matters where they go as long as the town doesn't flood, after all! But that job's gotten progressively harder and more futile as the day's gone on, and she looks… almost relieved, to hear the call for something else already. She blinks and gulps and darts for the beach as quickly as she could - and freezes mid-bolt, nearly dropping out of the air. That… that is a big angry storm. Oooooh dear.

Moonglow 's ears perk up at the distinctive thump of the storm battery. That's odd. Wasn't scheduled for a while. The storm sounds.. different, too. Angrier. This becomes somewhat less academic as the commotion, and guard outriders, become clear. She puts her book away and digs out her foul weather goggles, responding to the call.
And.. ohmy. That is a whole lotta storm.

Ponies that look to be making use of themselves are waved by the runners towards the boardwalk. "Coordinate with Captain Rill!" they shout, before moving on to see who else can be rounded up.

Down at the docks, Rill is furiously barking out orders as the eight soldiers who aren't rounding up more ponies get to work. The battery that just got filled is quickly, if carefully stashed in a crate, and that crate wheeled off to the side- no time to try and get it out of the town right now- while another is readied, then fired off.

tttthhhhhuUUUUUMP! Once more, a big bite is taken out of the storm, but it barely lasts before more raging wind and roaring thunder fills the brief moment of tranquility carved into the chaos! The captain curses under her breath, and turns to nod to Sky Sparkler as she approaches. "You're right…." she notes, eyeing the unicorn for a moment. "We're going to need something else. Quick- where are your magical talents at? Do you know anything about energy containment?"

As Rill speaks- or rather shouts- with Sparkler, another seapony is waving to the pegasi drawing inward. "You there!" The guard knows enough to know Jellybean is the pretty little captain of this group, and directs her questions to him. "Does your team have any sort of contingency in place for hurricanes or the like? Are you trained for situations like this?"

Jellybean lands and gives Captain Rill a nod. Then, perhaps confusingly, he shakes his head. "Hurricanes aren't normal here, or at least they haven't shown up in the year I've been here. I took the classes on storm safety but the big stuff…" he scuffs a hoof in the grass, "…we'll all do our best. What about your magic things? Can they help us hold this off or are we using wingpower the whole way?" He looks to the sky nervously: he wants to know where Typhoon is. She'd know what to do.

Hemlock frowns, realizing this pony is probably not in charge. Taking a moment to actually use his eyes and look around, he spots a far more likely candidate in Captain Rill. The stallion trots over, with a smile on his face. Realizing that they are having an important conversation, the hero turns to the other guards. "Come now everypony, keep at it. I believe in you!" He really hopes they are doing something important, or else he's going to have to improvise.

Dustdevil lands just behind Jellybean as he approaches, "Captain" he nods to Captain Rill, and Captain Jellybean respectively. "I'm knowledgable with snowstorms, and minor wind disturbances, nothing to this scale, but uhh" he looks to the storm. "I've got a maneuver that kicks up a good vortex pattern of my wingtips" he admits, "Don't know if it would help in this circumstance" he offers

"Lightning magic, and weather management!" Sky Sparkler shouts back over the storm to Captain Rill. "I'm one of the weather ponies here in town, and I've been working to ground out the thunderbolts headed for buildings. I could try bringing the charge into balance more aggressively, but that's only part of the problem." She gestures to the storm. "I don't think something like that CAN be contained, not that much energy! It needs to be channeled somewhere safe…" She gets the start of a few ideas. "How many of those batteries can you fill at once?" she asks. "And how far away should they be before they can be safely discharged?" She nods to Jellybean as she sees her boss-stallion arrive.

Windrose still isn't entirely sure just what happened, but she she's quick to follow after Jellybean (and apparently every pony else) all the same.

Typhoon-Wave eventually snaps herself out of her stare and flutters over to the growing group, panting a bit. "Oh man, oh man, oh man, uh… this… this doesn't look good. What are we doing? We've gotta rein it in somehow…" Despite the powerful winds, she hasn't landed yet; she's hovering in place, adjusting her position to stay at level for each gust, looking ready to dash off again at a moment's notice.

Captain Rill shakes her head in response to Sparkler's questions. "They're good for slow containment, but not so much for this," she says, nodding to the second battery- a glassy sphere containing a roiling cloud of opaque grey- as it is crated and set aside. "Too many too fast and it has dangerous effects on local weather patterns. And they can't be discharged until they can be brought out to the open ocean far away from here."

She turns to look over the group, and shakes her head. "Accursed witch. Alright, everybody, listen up! We've got another system in place- but we're not going to be able to deploy it without help. It's not going to work with the storm raging out of control like this. Weather team-" She turns to nod to Jellybean, and the pegasi joining him. "And friends- you all are going to have to take to the air and try and contain the storm as best you can. Some of the energy is going to have to be bled off into the upper atmosphere, if you think you can handle it."

"Unicorn…" She turns and nods to Sky Sparkler. "We're going to need you to help ground a storm shunt we're going to set up. It's going to redirect some of the energy into a containment system of sorts, but it's highly unstable and needs to be monitored. It might not be exactly what you're used to, but working with lightning means you're better qualified than you think."

The captain turns and regards Hemlock. "And you, make sure you're on hand to fill in as needed. If you've got any experience with first aid, that'll help. Otherwise make sure nothing disrupts the efforts on the ground. And as for ALL of you:"

The captain turns, and raises her gruff voice over the ire of the storm. "We're all going to have to work TOGETHER to pull this off! This storm is going to carry away anybody who tries to Top Gun it for themselves. So I hope you know how to cooperate. Are there any questions?"

Moonglow raises a wing. "I'm no weatherpony, but I've been in a couple big storms. How can I help?" She also really, really hopes that two all-wings calls over the past decade isn't the most experience with megastorms anyone here has.

Dustdevil looks to Jellybean for advice "Guess I'm joining the weather team today, where's the dotted line to sign up on, Ooh, and whats dental benefits look like, medical benefits, 401K?" he asks of Jellybean then settles, "Ready for duty" he adds in.

For a supposed captain, Jellybean has no problem following instructions. "Okay team, just follow Rill's lead. Typhoon," he says, looking up at his fiancee flying so calmly in the middle of this tempest, "this is a storm. You know how to handle them best out of anypony here, so don't be afraid to trust your instincts and let us know what to do. Other than that, we learned all of this in school, right?" With that, he takes to the skies and starts trying to coax a part of the cloud system away from the town.

To Moonglow: "You want to use your wings and your weight to try and guide the storm cloud. Feel the way it moves when you move by it," he says, making another pass, "but, uhm, this is a storm cloud so you've gotta be careful."

A certain amount of curiosity has brought Zula to portside to quietly observe the various ponies and their abilities. A quite trot brings her alongside Hemlock as she settles in to observe for the moment.

Hemlock stops mid-cheer once orders start being thrown around. Captain Rill is given an appraising glance, but this isn't his operation, so he'll follow orders given. "Right, understood." Thankfully he brought his saddlebags. Which admittedly carry mostly poisons and miscellaneous sneaky tools, but they also contain more than a few bandages and varied potions. He nods to Zula who joins him. "Storm's getting worse. I'm to form a perimeter and help where needed. Care to join me, miss Zula?"

Several of the Seapony troops are dragging a large crate over and kicking open the metal latches that keep it shut. They gather around the box- taller than they are- and haul the lid up and off, revealing what appears to be… a large Nautilus shell. That's it? A shell? Except this one's different- several holes have been bored in its sides, ringed by brass and silver fittings. The whole thing resembles an elaborate musical instrument the more one studies it: in fact, as more of the wind whistles through, the shell even begins to hum and whistle softly. The seaponies lift it up and out of its crate and settle it down on a sturdy stand, such that its open mouth is facing towards the harbor.

Rill waves a hoof up to Jellybean as he takes off. "You're in charge in the air, Captain Jellybean! Remember: Stem the storm enough that we can contain it once more!!"

The seapony captain turns and nods to Moonglow. "Work with Jellybean and the others. They'll have to direct you further. If nothing else, just stay with the group, and help them rein in the storm."

Zula glances sideways at Hemlock then turns to look right at him with head cocked to one-side in a 'you serious?' fashion. A moment later she stands. "Very well, Hemlock. I will assist you for the moment." admittedly still far curious about all the unfamiliar ponies, then again they might look more familiar if she got once in a while.

Typhoon-Wave blinks, looking rather uneasy for a moment before swallowing thickly and nodding. "Right. Yeah. Okay. Okay… we can do this." She gives her wings a powerful flap to get higher up in the air, circling to try to wrangle a few clouds together before beginning to push them back away from town. This is familiar - this is what she's been doing all day! This is okay. This isn't going to go terribly wrong at all, nope.
"We WANT to disrupt local weather patterns!" Sky Sparkler snaps back to Captain Rill, one hoof raising to point at the current storm, centered above the spire. "Unless you think it'd be worse than what we have NOW, we can deal with later damage at a saner pace!" Even shouting over the storm, she sounds angry… anger that calms down, as she focuses on her task at hand. "But you're in charge for this. You won't have to worry about the storm shunt." She's confidant in her ability to manage the tool; true, she hasn't seen one since Cloudsdale U's weather program, but she does have experience using one.
As she moves to the storm shunt, she comments over to Dustdevil, "You'll probably have to sign the paperwork in crayon."

"I'll take an angry storm over psychotic zombie ponies and whiny snotnosed mare's dragon pets any day of the year!" Windrose beats her wings to take off right after Jellybean. Finally, a disaster she actually knows what the buck they're doing… Though after she catches up to Jelly and Typhoon she slows down for a moment. "… Wait, how do we make it discharge upward instead of downward?"

Moonglow nods, and looks to Jellybean. "What's your strategy with this one? Are we venting up, or diverting to leeward?" She tags along, close enough to actually hear the reply.

Hemlock smiles widely and nods. "Thanks Zula, I knew you'd help if there's actually danger." He prances off to guard the nautilus shell, standing far enough awya not to interfere, while close enough to receive any instructions or intervene if necessary. He's obviously done this before.

Typhoon-Wave casts a look over at Windrose. "It's the same as down, but you come at it from the other direction, and you've gotta go at it harder 'cause you're working against where it'd naturally go." She states this rather certainly, then blinks and tilts an ear. "…I think." It'd suck to give the wrong advice /now/, wouldn't it.

Jellybean shakes his head to Windrose's question. "Discharging would be too dangerous for a storm this big. We just want to keep it back off of the town for now, try to push it back out to sea before we do anything else." He looks around at the storm for any specific areas of trouble. "Once it's out further venting will be a good idea but if we do it here somepony could get hurt. Right now…" He looks. "Windrose and," he realizes that he doesn't know Moonglow's name, "you, try and guide that flank there back towards the body of the storm," gesturing to a group of bruise-dark clouds encroaching on the town, "Dustdevil, there's a lighter area over that way which needs attention. Typhoon, can you help me push the main body back?"

Dustdevil plays wingpony to the more experienced weather team ponies then shouts over to jellybean, "Try a horizontal tornado, and angle it so that it blows back into the core of the spire?

Jellybean says "Just don't show off. This isn't a weather show: we don't need fancy tricks to make this work."

Typhoon-Wave nods, fluttering up beside Jellybean and taking a deep breath. "Right with you." She flashes him an admittedly shaky smile. This will work. "We'll make this work." Confidence! She's… not very good at it. But she's trying!

Moonglow nods. "Moonglow." She turns and gently approaches the offending drift of cloud, staying wary of the nasty microbursts so common in storms this size. Once you've seen somepony get hit by one of those, you lose any desire to showboat you might have ever had. She looks back at Windrose. "Ready?"

Hemlock stops to think for a moment, and sidles over to Captain Rill. "Excuse me, miss. What chances are there do you think, that things will get violent? I'd just like to be prepared for any eventuality, you understand." He smiles, and bows low. "My name is Hemlock, by the way. It's an honor to help you out tonight."

Windrose rears up to salute Jellybean with one hoof. "On it boss!" Then loops over to head towards the indicated lump of clouds. "Moonglow, eh? Name's Windrose." Brief wave as she glides by. "Let's show this overgrown drizzle who's the real bosses of this harbor."

The Maelstrom rages! Right now it appears to be encompassing about 90% of the breadth of the harbor! The boardwalk rattles atop its pilings; the rain-slicked wood clatters in places as if readying to tear free from the nails. Shingles are torn from the roofs of nearby businesses, while the burnt-out husk of the Lusty Seapony swirls with old ashes dredged up by the furious winds and carried off into the town. The soldiers are struggling to keep their footing on the boardwalk, several hunkering beside the looming shell of the Storm Shunt to help keep it anchored!

"Alright! The shunt is going to catch errant energy- like so!" howls Captain Rill, shielding her face from the wind as she addresses Sparkler. "I want you to focus on the gathering energy, and help ground some of the surges. If it builds too fast, the device will burst before we can deploy the containment!"

In the meantime, one of the other guards is waving at the pegasi above. "Keep it up!" she tries to shout. "You're starting to get a lead on it!

Captain Rill watches for a moment, then squints through the rain at Hemlock. "Unlikely. I've seen the tower spit out monsters before but I don't know if it can manage to do so through the wind like this!"

Jellybean rolls 1d10 — Result: 4 | Sum: 4
Dustdevil rolls 1d10 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1
Windrose rolls 1d10 — Result: 8 | Sum: 8
Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 6 | Sum: 6
Typhoon-Wave rolls 1d10 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

Honestly - Zula isn't sure what good her presence will do here on the ground - weather manipulation simply isn't her proficiency; the mare trots a slow half circle around Hemlock as he hits on the Captain - err, introduces himself.

The storm shudders and wails as ponies begin to fight back against it in earnest! for a moment, its rage is stymied…b ut not by much. It continues to swell with rage, but now it has actual resistance in the form of the brave pegasi struggling against its fury! It gradually contracts to encompass about 78% of the harbor's breadth! Furious, it lets loose a crash of thunder, the clouds above rippling with white and yellow light!

Captain Rill turns and glowers up at it. "A good start, but we'll need more!" she shouts into the wind- though it's questionable if her voice will even reach the ponies up ahead. "Keep at it!"

Hemlock nods and flashes another smile. "Noted, ma'am. I'll keep a careful watch just in case." He turns, leaving the Captain to her very important work. No need for the mask then, but he will get out the armor. From his left saddlebag he pulls out a long roll of black cloth, very fine. A few deft movements has it wrapped around most of his torso, the silk armor (for that is what it is) seems to resist the rain, at least a bit. HE nods to Zula. "We may not be super important, but it's our job to do what we can, right?"

The Storm Shunt rattles on its stand as it scoops up wind and channels it down the length of its spiral. Just where does it go? It's magic! But as the wind is briefly lessened, it becomes apparent it's not just rattling from being buffeted by the breeze- the building energy is causing the device to quiver where it sits! Soon blue lightning arcs across the trumpet-like mouth of the massive nautilus shell, then splits away to crawl through the rain-slicked cobblestones! A soldier nearby calls out to Sky Sparkler: "It's surging! Try and ground it!!"

Jellybean is doing his best but his efforts are being spread out between active stormfighting and helping direct everypony else's efforts. With a frown he decides to trust his teammates and concentrate on his own area. "Typhoon, with me!" He does a glide-by on a particularly nasty-looking front of the storm, trying to channel it back in towards itself with his wings and the air currents he creates while flying.

Sky Sparkler is setting up to manage the Storm Shunt even before it is fully anchored, using to pull energy out of the storm, into the shunt, through herself, and finally into the ground, bringing things closer to balance.

You see, that's what electrical discharges are. Imbalances correcting too fast.

Dustdevil thought he was going to be getting after the 'lighter' looking clouds, but Nooooo, he is horribly buffeted, doing his best to even keep a level flight path. He's just shy of screaming 'may-day, may-day' as he is right blasted by the currents, Yeoch! he dodge-rolls this way and that. He looks like a foal fresh off the line, like his first day of class or something, so embarrassing

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d20 — Result: 14 | Sum: 14

Moonglow takes wide swipes at the cloud bank, starting to build angular momentum. As the cloud bank begins to slowly rotate, its forward momentum is blunted and, well, it's not headed TOWARDS the town anymore. She shouts at Windrose as their paths cross - "This one's ready! Let's kick it towards the forest, across the bay! It should work itself out over the forest just fine, all we've got to do is give it enough oomph to get there!"

Typhoon-Wave nods and turns to dive after Jellybean, doing her best to push the clouds in, but she's been at this all day, and she's kind of tired, and these are big clouds. She circles a few times, trying to cut the group of clouds down a bit, and tries again - enough small chunks dealt with and eventually you've got the whole thing! At the very least, the wind and rain don't seem to be bothering her! She adjusts for each gust of wind, keeping on a straight course apparently without all that much effort.
As she nears the cluster of clouds they had been directed towards Windrose goes to gliding, spreading her wings to let the mad winds blow through them, whipping her tail about behind her, slowing her progress for a moment as the winds trying to blow her back again. But this was how she gauged wind speed and direction, to which her talent with directions could take over.

"Just make sure it doesn't try to bulge out around us!" she shouts to Moonglow, though the yelling is only to be heard over the wind. Then she beats her wings, and dives down, then banks upward to come at the clouds from underneath to use her hooves and speed to try and roll them back over on themselves in the direction her partner suggested. Going head-on would be too difficult at this point, so she's cutting across the wind instead of trying to push against the wind directly. Well more like upper cutting it, but you get the idea.

The Shunt shudders and dances about, the soldiers struggling to keep it down- it looks about ready to burst! Sparkler's efforts immediately pay off, however, and the shell rattles to a standstill. Rather abruptly, near where its spiral joins together, where a small, silver ring has been set into the shell, a rod of gleaming silver is spat out to rattle to the pavement.

One of the soldiers dips down to scoop it up in her mouth, and prances over to Hemlock. "Here!" she says, around the rod, dropping it into a hoof and shoving it towards the earth pony. "Run this down to our crew on the beach!"

Down on the beach, another trooper is unloading a bundle of what look like harpoons off the back of the big, friendly-looking sea turtle the troop uses to ferry goods back and forth across the harbor.

Zula glances towards Hemlock as he's handed a rod to carry. "Perhaps you'll get a treat when you're done playing fetch." The stoic mare teases her companion with a dry, bored tone.

Hemlock doesn't hesitate. He rips off a salute to the guard and picks up the rod. "Right away ma'am." He gives Zula a sidelong glance. "Only if I get pets afterwards, that's the best part." He goes from standing to full gallop, and races off towards the crew on the beach. He may not be able to do much, but he'll do that with gusto. The stallion can put on quite a turn of speed, and is there is no time at all.

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d2 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1
Dustdevil rolls 1d10 — Result: 9 | Sum: 9
Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 6 | Sum: 6
Jellybean rolls 1d10 — Result: 2 | Sum: 2
Windrose rolls 1d10 — Result: 3 | Sum: 3
Typhoon-Wave rolls 1d10 — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Sky Sparkler is. Just. That. Good.
She still can't make wearing a umbrella hat look bad-flank.
She does blink a little as she notice the rod of silver being ejected from the storm shunt, and being curious as to how the seapony version of the device differs from the version she used in her classes, she asks, "Wait, what did it just do to make that?"

The soldier down at the beach accepts the rod with a grin. "Thanks." She's quick to drop it into a slot in the haft of one of the harpoons and add it to a stack nearby. "Make sure they keep these coming."

Up top, along the boardwalk, Captain Rill, joining the others in manning the Shunt, glances to Sky Sparkler. "Crystalized storm energy. We're going to repurposes it for a containment field." She shakes her head. "It's not very elegant and it doesn't last very long, but it'll give us the power we need to hold the storm for now!"

The storm wobbles about on its axis of the Spire as energy is shifted around it. Hunks of whirling, angry clouds are sheared right off- sent hurtling off towards the forest! It's definitely looking narrower, now, but for everything that is contained about the breadth of the storm, more and more is pouring upwards, raging up into the thick cloud cover above, pushing it into a boiling funnel that rises high into the sky. The storm howls with fury, though with decidedly less volume than it did before. It only seems to be covering about 57% of the harbor right now!

The buildings along the waterfront are no longer being ravaged by the storm's winds- but they're still slathered by rain, as windows rattle in their frames and wind howls amongst the eaves. Regular waves wash up against the beach and the pilings of the boardwalk, wet but harmless. Unless you find water harmful.

But the shunt is beginning to kick around once more, the troops shouting as they move to help hold it down. One of the brass fittings rattles and shoots off like a deadly ninja throwing star, embedding itself int he wood of the boardwalk nearby. Captain Rill shouts across to Sparkler! "Again! Try and tamp it down a bit!"

This pegasus goes from FAIL to Freeking awesome as he gets his bearings right finally, but sees other ponies are now in trouble from this right mixer of a storm. He keeps on pounding into the storm, and does his very best to drive into the nastier weather, so it won't hurt the other members of the weather team, Dustdevil dances in the wind, trying to outmatch it for every gust.

Dustdevil rolls 1d10 — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

Moonglow continues to gently shepherd the cloud bank towards the forest, for certain bucking-and-dodging, getting-your-cardio values of gentle. Which is to say, at least it's going in the right direction. As the clouds slowly pick up speed, she continues to weave in and out. Uppercut. Side swipe to patch a weak spot in the wall. Flare wings and shave close, don't let it buckle and spill out into a column. Not too fast, we don't want a tornado here. Just what would be light sculpting work if it wasn't for, you know, the GIANT STORM all around her.
"I think we're safe here! It'll be over the forest soon! Let's head back!"

Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

Jellybean's concerned: it's tightening, but that also means that it's in danger of spilling over. He calls out. "Typhoon! The upper half! We should make sure it stays tight up top as well!" With that he flies up, his 'inside wing' just barely grazing the clouds of the storm as he tries to work containment on the way up.

Jellybean rolls 1d10 — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

Hemlock pulls off another salute as he drops off the rod. It's not his job to know what it is, or what it's being used for. He is on transport duty right now, and relishes in the task. By all appearances he is having the time of his life as he bounds back to Zula's side. His face is split in to a wide grin. "Another one? Maybe if there's two you and I could race!"

Zula greets Hemlock's suggestion with the slightest hint of a smile - after all there's chance Hemlock could win. "That could be interesting. You wager you could win?"

Smaller clouds seems to be a good strategy! Typhoon works them in towards the Spire a lot better now. She nods to Jellybean, "Got it!" and darts upwards, circling the opposite direction as him and doing her best to make sure nothing spills over higher up. Even if this means a little dodging of lightning or other such unpleasantness.

Typhoon-Wave rolls 1d10 — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

It worked, it worked! Unfortunately Windrose catches a bad crosswind on her ascent afterwards that sends her tumbling out of control for a few moments, crashes through a bank of churning clouds, and spat out again. Though tossing her about seems to at least have diverted some of its energy as it tries to suck the clouds she crashed through back together.

Windrose regains her bearings as she spreads her and rolls out of the fall, pulling herself back up towards the storm altitude again. "Yeah, I think we've got this under control. Just keep an eye out for stragglers.. like that one!" She bolts towards a clump of dark clouds trying to pull off the spinning mass, grabs it with her forehooves and tries to shove it back in the right direction. "Uh uh uh, back you go."

Windrose rolls 1d10 — Result: 5 | Sum: 5

Hemlock chuckles and places a hoof on his chest. "Nopony wouldn't bet on this champion racehorse." He just reeks of confidence, doesn't he? "I'd bet on how much i'd beat you by though." He sticks his tongue out playfully, then dodges away to avoid retribution.

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d20 — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

"Crystalized storm energy used to contain a storm? I've heard that was theoretically possible, but impractical under most circumstances as it is more expedient to bring in more pegasus ponies to- ahh, this is the sea pony version, and you don't-" Sky Sparkler breaks off, suddenly remembering what she's SUPPOSED to be doing, and goes back to managing the Storm Shunt. Thankfully BEFORE things go wildly out of control.

The shunt bucks like a wild bronco- or, uh, whatever the closest equivalent in this land of talking horses is- before it hisses and calms. This time it spits out two silver rods- and a little jolt of blue lightning that sets the mane of the soldier that retrieves the rods on edge and makes her teeth rattle in her skull! She drops to the pavement with a dazed expression, hooves up-stretched and waggling at the air.

Captain Rill bends to retrieve the rods and ferry them over to Hemlock and Zula. "Well, if you two wanted a race, here's your chance." She swings her head to toss a rod to either of the two ponies. "Get 'em down to Sea Cinder and Bobber on the beach!"
You paged Hemlock with 'Mbaya actually wouldn't dare harm a foal, she considers them total innocents, even pegasus foals for that matter,'.

Sky Sparkler SHOULD be focusing on the shunt.
But on seeing another pony get shocked, complete with the 'Tesla' hairdo, her horn glows briefly as she pulls the extra static charge from the seepony's hair and into herself.

In the meantime, the storm continues to pitch a fit! It's not happy as the pegasi continue to whittle away at its edges and bring it more and more inward- its deep, bellowing roars reduced to hoots and high-pitched howls! More bits of barnacles and broken driftwood are shaken from the trembling Spire, caught by the wind and whipping all around. Though the storm is contained further, it's struggling harder against the efforts of the ponies struggling to contain it. It appears to be encompassing about ansi(hc of the harbor at the moment, but within that tight, narrow breadth, the winds shrieks and whip around at a furious pace.

Rather abruptly, an old fishing net, bound up in the other sea-born debris on the tower, is torn free and hurls into the air! The net twists and spins about, heading straight for…
The storm is about 38% the breadth of the harbor! Grrr!

Windrose rolls 1d20 — Result: 19 | Sum: 19

Moonglow swings back towards the town, eyeing the scattered storm-clouds that have drifted in. Not as many as before - whew. "Let's clean these stragglers up real quick - don't want them to coalesce! Then we can get back and see what Jelly's up to." She darts off, side to side, quick kicks dissipating the dark wisps, wings wide, nice and simple. Just steadily grinding through like a pony methodically slurping every marshmallow from atop their hot chocolate.

Out of the corner of her eye, Moonglow sees a dark shape hurtling towards Windrose. She flares her wings, turning sharp - and sees Windrose deftly dodge. Relieved, Moonglow turns back and, seeing the other pegasi locked in with the storm's main column, flaps hard to join them. "Windrose, c'mon!"

Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

Dustdevil takes a few hits from the buffeting winds, and it slows him down a bit, but he keeps his assault on the clouds making up the spire. Duck and roll, duck and roll, kick here and there when he gets the chance. A cross cloud bolt of lightening catches him off-guard and gets a line of singed feathers which he totally was not expecting. Besides the sound of the thunder, there's a distinct sound of "YEeeeoch!" but he makes it through luckily,

Dustdevil rolls 1d10 — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

This seems to be working: Jellybean grits his teeth and follows the routine as best as he knows how, trying to guide it into a tighter circle but mostly following Typhoon's lead at this point: she knows what she's doing and the end results are, naturally, great.

Jellybean rolls 1d10 — Result: 9 | Sum: 9

Typhoon-Wave continues to circle the condensing storm, dashing out to catch any clouds that tried to sneak out and away from the main body. This… actually seems to be working moderately well! Which is a relief. "I think we've almost got it!" She calls to Jellybean hopefully as she passes him on one go-round.

Typhoon-Wave rolls 1d10 — Result: 6 | Sum: 6

Hemlock wags his tail jokingly for Zula's benefit as he scoops up the rod. "Well, here's your chance, miss! 3, 2, 1 go!" He bolts off towards the beach guards, laughing his fool head off. At least SOMEPONY is having fun here, jeez guys.
I mean only the lives and livelihoods of the entire population is at stake.

Windrose just keeps stomping and swatting at bits of cloud that try to squirm free past the weatherteam. Her ears flick up as she feels the direction of the wind shift around her in the same direction. With a jolt she snaps her wings and barrel rolls to the side as an old net gets flung at her by the storm's temper tantrum.

Then turns to grab the corner of it with her hooves. "Hey thanks, I can use this!" Taking the net in her hooves she flies back into the storm, using it somewhere between its intended purpose of catching things, and like an oversized strainer to shrink the clouds by dragging more moisture out of them. Or at least, that's the idea.

Windrose rolls 1d10 — Result: 10 | Sum: 10

Moonglow arrives at the main storm as Typhoon and Jelly proceed to thoroughly kick its flank. It's beautiful. And that cloud's not supposed to be there. Kick! That one either! Kick! In the process she spirals high, up near where the storm-column tops out. And then down again, spiraling down, kick kick kick. "Git along little cloudies!" she shouts, and immediately hopes that no one heard her.

Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 8 | Sum: 8

The winds caught by the yawning mouth of the Storm Shunt howl like an off-key brass orchestra; you'd think someone would tune this thing, but no! The noise means it's *working.* But in a predictable enough fashion, it starts to crackle once more, sending little arcs of electricity along the limbs of the nearby seaponies struggling to keep the thing anchored as it bounces and rattles about as if reading to vault into the sky like a lightning-charged popcorn kernel. One of the soldiers waves desperately at Sky Sparkler- again, again!

The Captain shields her face against the wind and glowers up at the storm, her silver-colored eyes boring a hole into it with their gaze. "We're beating this thing! Your weather team is made of sterner stuff than they look like!" she calls back, to the other ponies gathered on the docks.

Zula takes the rod presented to her with far less zealous demeanor and enthusiasm than Hemlock. Her approach is strangely leisurely at least until Hemlock reaches the half-way point, and without warning Zula /shoots/ off towards the speed with eerily unnatural speed. Within seconds she's shooting past Hemlock and closing on the finish.

Sky Sparkler is back at the Storm Shunt, looking like she is INTENTLY focused on the technomagical device, driven to master the arcane power.
In truth? She loves using the thing, and wishes the town weather department had one of their own. It's just such a FUN way to storm-bust!

Hemlock laughs even harder as he's passed, that's a good trick. As he skids to a stop at the guard's post beside the speedy Zula, he prances about in a circle. "That was great! I'm a fast pony but you just went 'fwoosh!' Right past me!" He sits down and chuckles, so much energy! "Nothing I haven' seen before, but it never gets old. Race you back? I think I've got your stride now, I won't be letting you win this one." With a wink he dashes off back towards the Captain, going much, much faster this time. Let's make a game of it!

Half the seapony soldiers are now making their way down the beach, following after Hemlock and Zula. The earth pony and zebra, racing against each other as they are, get there far earlier- which is just as well, as Sea Cinder, waiting by the turtle, accepts the relayed rods of crystalized storm energy and pops them into more of those harpoons. Three have been loaded up, now, and they're passed off to three soldiers, who go splashing off into the surf. With the storm increasingly contained, they can actually go out and swim in the water without getting spun up like a top! Wahey! And speaking of the storm…

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d20 — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

After delivering the rod Zula gives Hemlock a curious glance, the mare looking a tad tuckered from just one brief race; she watches Hemlock dart off without allowing her a moment to respond. Quietly, leisurely she trots back towards the the starting point.
There's an angry hoot from the increasingly narrow storm as more of its fury is vented off by the skilled efforts of the weather team. Not only was its flung net unsuccessful- but that blasted pegasus is turning it against her! In fact, the storm is so stymied by the weather team's efforts that, for a moment, it seems to stall out entirely, restricted to a narrow, whirling band of raging wind and rain extending only a hundred feet outward from the core of the Spire. Altogether it's only about 13% of the harbor's breadth. Should the pegasi draw any closer, they might run the risk of crashing into the assorted protuberances of the Spire- the hunks of driftwood and jutting, shattered ships' masts, or the chains that swing from its base and arc towards the water below.

Captain Rill's voice rings out from the harbor as one of the pegasi swings past- so dulled is the wind, the voluminous seapony captain can actually be heard! "Good work- that should hold it it! Maintain a holding pattern and make sure it doesn't get any bigger! We'll get the containment array deployed as fast as we can!"

Dustdevil ducks in and really gives the storm a good proper beating, ducking dodging and recovering, even trying to help out others that aren't taking it as good as he is, cover all grounds, keep it up "We got this, We so Got this!

Dustdevil rolls 1d10 — Result: 1 | Sum: 1

The shunt kicks and rattles. Sparkler's latest attempt doesn't seem to catch much of the energy- the surging blue lightning flares brighter and brighter, until with a thunderous crash, it erupts in a powerful bolt that shoots from the mouth of the nautilus shell and hits the water with enough force to send a thick geyser of boiled steam high into the air! The soldiers gathered around the shell are thrown back, as it clatters back along the boardwalk and crashes up against the base of a building. Several small, fractured shards of gleaming silver crystal are ejected from the device's various ports.

Jellybean manages to make out Rill's words below. "You heard him," he calls out, trying to be heard over the storm as he works on maintaining the storm where it is rather than pushing it back any further.

Jellybean rolls 1d10 — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

With a *poof* Sky Sparkler's hair stands on end, as a moment's inattention causes the Storm Shunt to go wild. This is the second time this has happened to the weather unicorn, and has the same meaning; she's seriously feeling the stress. She's still trying to bring the storm shunt under control, and either processing the energy into crystalized form, or at least have it discharge through her own body, trusting in her friendly relationship with electricity that makes her such a good lightning rod.

Moonglow continues to whirl around. Back and forth, up and down. It'd be soothing if there wasn't flying debris. Especially SHINY SILVER SHRAPNEL. It's through sheer luck that she doesn't fly head-on into the Spire before she can pull her attention back to the job at hand.

Moonglow rolls 1d10 — Result: 4 | Sum: 4

Once the net is full of squished clouds Windrose tosses it back into the contained mass of the storm. "And don't come back now, you hear!" She dusts her hooves off, then pulls into formation with the others. "Keep a half-circle around it, harbor side. Don't spread out too far so we can cover more ground and watch each other's backs." As her wings flap she half crouches, much like the goalie would in the net for soccer, guarding her range!

Windrose rolls 1d10 — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

Containment! Keep on doing what they're doing. Typhoon can do that. She spirals up a bit higher and kicks an errant cloud back into place - and then drops quickly back down with an eep, barely avoiding smacking into a ship's mast. Oops! "Look out for the… structure… thing!" She calls down to the others, ears back sheepishly.

Typhoon-Wave rolls 1d10 — Result: 7 | Sum: 7

Hemlock frowns at the big shell. "It's, not supposed to do that, right?" He can't really pick up those shards. "You okay miss Sparkler? Hold on." He digs in to a saddlebag, and rolls a thermos of tea along the ground towards the streeing mare. Afterwards, he prances over to Captain Rill. "Anypony hurt?"

The captain curses and bolts across the boardwalk, head tucked low as she leans into a gallop. With a brusque nudge she pushes a few of her troops back up to their feet. "Not hurt, but we're going to need a hand getting this thing upright! All of you, over here, now!!" She and three of the troops that have managed to regain their wits- one other is still dazed on the boardwalk, and the others are all down on the beach- struggle to get the heavy, oversized, metal-laden nautilus shell upright once more, but even they are struggling. Then again, they are a bunch of skinny seapony magic-wielders, excepting the burly Rill, so who can blame them? If only they had a hero! And a zebra! And Sky Sparkler!

Zula returns to the boardwalk and takes a seat away from the hustle and bustle - exerting herself was a silly thing to do. She settles in to watch and wait - she'll provide help if needed and when able.

Zula perks at the call for help and looks curiously at the large, heavy shell. She pushes up from her spot and quietly trots over to have a better look. "Is…that all?" she asks rather boredly, sounding as if doesn't think the big heavy thing is all that much of a challenge.

As if they REALLY need more than Hemlock, THE MIGHTY! Seriously, it's in the name. The stallion gives another salute and charges to help. He pulls out a rope and wraps it around the shell. "You push, I pull!" And he starts to do just that. Credit where credit is due, the stallion is really strong, and he's straining all of his considerable muscles towards righting the shunt.

The storm continues to snarl and roar! Even when their efforts prove ineffective, the weatherponies, as a group, are unstoppable. Their wings cut through the grey murk like butter; their feathers all but turn aside the rain and occasional chunks of hail. Lightning crackles through the air in their wake, but dissipates harmlessly.

But though the storm is contained, it cannot be defeated. It seems to realize this- and hunches inward, no longer struggling to spread further and rage at the town's edges as it did before, but to maintain its furious claim around the creaking Spire. The good news is the weather ponies barely need to exert themselves to keep it in check… but the bad news is the seaponies don't have their system up just yet. Not until the Shunt can be brought back online and a few more crystals churned out!

The storm is.. giving up? No, can't be. But it seems to have decided to huddle in its corner and stew like a scolded foal instead for the time being. "Yeah, that's right." She rears up on her back legs in mid-air, wings fluttering to keep her there as she holds her front legs up in a hoof-boxing pose. "You sit there and sulk, you got your flank kicked by the best weather team this side of Everfree!" shouts Windrose

Dustdevil keeps up with the weather assault trying to keep it at bay, and he's doing a great job just that he keeps ducking low with a strained expression on his muzzle that scorch mark on his wing must be starting to really tax the dude, The lightening strike he took from earlier is causing him to really strain his flight, and it shows. He's keeping at it, but he is really not well off for it, he needs ground time soon!

It takes a bit of effort, but with Hemlock and even the detached Zula contributing, the Storm Shunt is brought back upright and shuffled back over to its stand. Rill braces herself behind it, the other soldiers flanking it. Sure enough, the thing is soon crackling with an overabundance of energy once more, and the Captain nods at Sky Sparkler. "This should do it- one more time. Keep it steady while it crystalizes the storm's force!"

From down on the beach, one of the other soldiers calls out. "Captain! We need just two more! Hurry an-"

"WE'RE WORKING ON IT," bellows Rill, voice booming down the boardwalk.

A few moments later, the soldier on the beach pipes up. "sorry!"

Moonglow flies lazy circles around the Spire. There's not much to do now, but a few clouds try to break out and — wait, is that Dusty? He doesn't look too good. Moonglow swoops down, forming up close. "Dusty! Your wing! Let's get you down - you did a great job, and we've got it under control now. Last thing we need these days is another broken wing on a fine weatherpony!" She gestures to a now-calm part of the dock, and slowly flies towards it, shadowing Dusty just-in-case that wing gives out.

Sky-Sparkler rolls 1d20 — Result: 2 | Sum: 2

Windrose waves down to Moonglow and Dustdevil. "Get him back to the docks, Moon, we can keep an eye on this now." Then turns back to shoot a dirty look at the storm lurking around the Spire. "It's gonna stay put, because we've got plenty of puttin' to give yet if it don't!" Is she.. trying to intimiate the storm? Must be a pegasus thing.
And this is the mare that tries to claim she's the sane one?

Sky Sparkler throws all she has left into this final push!
Too bad she had next to nothing left to put into it. She blanks out, falling over, hair still in 'bottlebrush' mode.

Now that it's a little more under control Typhoon loosens up her circling, backing off enough to avoid nearly running into something else. This went better than she thought it might - now they just had to hold it. She glances up and down the length of the storm, looking for anywhere it might try to break loose again, but things seem somewhat contained at the moment! Yay.

Zula wanders closer to the shell and gives its a gentle little nudge with one hoof - not a very helpful zebra mare at all. Any pony paying attention to the next few moments might get a good chuckle as Zula's face slowly takes on a rounder, fuller look as if she were putting on some weight - accompanied by a faint blush. The mare seems to be getting stockier and plumper by the moment - quite the comical scene. Stepping forward she pushes her hooves up against the nautilus shell and pushes it fully into the upright position with what appears to be ease. The moment the shell is upright away her form seems to deflate to it's naturally diminutive state - appearing perfectly natural save for looking gravely exhausted.

Contained, but only barely so. The wind shrieks as it curls around the tower at a breakneck pace- so thick with rain and wind, with bits of the Spire torn off and caught up in the torrent, that it is nearly opaque. It roars upward through a hole punched in the clouds above, streaking into the sky, spiraling higher and higher until at last it wears out its rage some miles above the ocean.

As for the shunt, and the efforts back on the boardwalk….

Dustdevil gives a little cough and grumble, but also then a smile up to Moonglow as and the others, "yeah, dockside sounds good bout now, this thing's killin' me" he huffs and ducks in flaring and just keeping it to a somewhat erratic glide pattern to the dockside, he's definitely not at his best for flying, and his landing is outright pathetic sprawling in the sand at long last, at least the landing was soft more or less. for now he just remains with this winced look on his muzzle, as he tucks his good wing in, yet leaves the other out and extended. Thats gotta hurt!

Moonglow eases Dustdevil down on the dock and leans in to more closely examine the damage. "Moderate lightning burns.. your primaries are okay.. right hand secondaries are burnt clean off. You'll be listing to port for a while."
"Hang on, this may hurt a little." She reaches down and gently preens his damaged wing, lifting away the charred feathers and general grime of the storm.
"Bleah. Um, no offense. It's not you, it's your feathers.. I mean not your feathers, but the burning and all.."
"Right now, you just rest." She gently extends a wing over most of Dusty and settles down with a watchful eye, alert for feather shock. No symptoms yet, but with these lightning strikes you can't be too careful.

Windrose eeps and backs off a bit when the storm cracks its wind and howls to rattle the debris within it. Though a moment later she's back upright and holding her position. "Yeah, well… yer poppa was a drizzle and yer momma wears kites!"

As before, blue lightning begins to crackle up through the spiraling cavity of the oversized nautilus shell and arc across its opening, already seared black by the last blast. It's threatening to build to another powerful discharge- but it's not being dissipated! The thing trembles and shakes, the seapony soldiers clustering around it to try and hold it down, until with a sudden CRACK, it releases the dangerous energies in an explosive burst! But rather than send a bolt of energy out into the water as it did last time, the device bursts- shards of shell and silvery wire blasting outward, a hole torn in the side of the device, ruining its yawning opening. The soldiers cry out and fall back, and only the the bulk of Captain Rill, propping the thing up from the side, manages to keep the device from blasting onto its side. Even then, she's very nearly bowled over.

The thing quivers for a moment, then grows still and inert, save for the hollow hum of wind whistling through its various holes. One more rod of silvery crystal is ejected from the port at the center.

The captain looks up, and curses. "That's all we're getting from it." She looks up. One of her troops is down, wounded by the shrapnel of the explosion, favoring a gash on her leg. Another kneels by her, helping to tend to the injury. The third scoops up the final rod of storm energy and gallops off, ferrying it down to the beach.

Sky-Sparkler is still out of things, tiny little purple alicorns prancing around her head.

Hemlock frowns as Sky passes out, then frowns again at the explosion. He even missed out helping to contain it, and din't get to do anything stupid,. how disappointing. Still, there's work to be done. With bandages and potions out he prance over to the wounded guard, tending to her as best her can. The stallion moves quickly and competently, he's done this before. "Will that be enough, miss? " He asks the captain. "Or are we in some trouble?"

Dustdevil listens to Moonglow's report on his wing status, then wince/scowl/YeochYeochYeocn's at her preening of charbroiled wing and the mess of his feathers. He just gasps and clamps his jaw shut. He sighs and just lays there totally frustrated that he can't be of more help, he lifts a forehoof and drops it with a sigh "Thanks Moonglow" he sighs some sounding defeated at being grounded like this.

Windrose idly glances over her shoulder towards the shore. "Anytime you're ready back there Captain!" she yells to be heard over the fit the storm is still pitching in its corner, so to speak.

Typhoon-Wave glances back towards the port, trying to catch sight of what they're doing. Hopefully whatever it is it's done soon! Because she is starting to get rather worn out. She weaves her way between a few of the Spire's outcroppings, peering up the length. Wow, this storm's gone up real high. Well, as long as it stays up there and doesn't come back out here!

The wounded guard- a slender, lavender-hued mare that looks barely old enough to be considered an adult- has an ugly cut on her leg, but a skilled medic such as Hemlock is able to staunch the wound soon enough. She smiles shakily to him, pale and weary, but obviously grateful.

The Captain watches for a moment, then nods in response to the question. "That should be enough. My Outriders are bearing the harpoons out to the edges of the storm as we speak. Once they're planted…"

That's about when five columns of silver light erupt from the water, in a rough perimeter around the storm. Four shine brightly, though the fifth sputters and falters and eventually dies out entirely. But the remaining four beams of light soon become the seeds of whirling, columnar tornados, whipping up and out of the water and carrying curls of white surf with them as they arc up into the air. They spin counter to the whirling of the storm- and seem to contain it to a degree, as the maelstrom rages and surges outward, only to be rebuffed by the surrounding, smaller cyclones.

Rill watches this with a flat expression. "There we go." She watches a moment longer, then shakes her head. "This isn't an elegant solution. It may only be able to hold for a matter of days- but hopefully that will give us time to recover and ready for the next time this happens. And hopefully…"

She turns and eyes Hemlock. "Hopefully the team in Silver Shallows has found something useful. I'm not sure we have enough tricks up our sleeve to do this again." She glances towards the shattered Storm Shunt. "In fact, I know we don't."

"And that's my cue to get the buck outta the way." Windrose banks around when the seaponies start shooting their harpoons and heads back to shore, coming down to land near the others not long after. "Aw, don't worry Captain. If they -didn't- have anything, we would of gotten a message to evacuate the city by now," she replies optimistically. Sort of. You can't really say the logic is wrong, can you?

Hemlock runs a hoof through the mare's mane, smiling reassuringly. "Now now, my dear don't fret. Such a pretty young thing, you'll be back on your hooves in no time, that's a promise." He gives her a pat on the shoulder. "You were very brave, I'm proud of you." Medical attention is the worst part of the job, seeing nice ponies hurt is the worst. "Well, miss, that's where I come in. Hemlock never stops having more tricks up his sleeve. I'll be around if you ever need me. I never did catch the name of the beautiful, heroic mare that I was assisting, if you would honor me by sharing?" He bows low, the very symbol of gentlecoltliness.

Typhoon-Wave also wheels to the side as the whirlpools shoot up from the harpoons, hovering in place once she was far enough away to peer back at what they'd done. Okay… that's pretty cool. And it works! Yay! Of course, she's a bit too far away to hear the whole 'temporary solution' thing. But, hey, let her be happy about it for now. She gives a weary huff, turning to glide back towards shore.

Dustdevil watches 'Captain mares-man' at his best swooning yet another mare into his spell. He rolls his eyes a little but shrugs a little, he is already being tended by an expert at pegasi, another pegasus, and a very kind one at that!

The captain narrows her eyes somewhat as she regards Windrose. "My understanding is that an evacuation is what the sea witch demanded to begin with. If you received an evacuation notice, would you have even followed it?"

She glances to Hemlock as he starts getting chummy. If she's taken by his winsome ways, she shows very little of it. The broad-shouldered, tall mare looks like she's good at shrugging off all sorts of things- punches, affection, explosions, you name it! "Captain Rill," she says. "And these-" Reaching out with a hoof, she indicates the soldiers milling about. With nearly half out at sea, there's only six others milling about. The small group is busily picking up their scattered supplies, excepting the one that's down and favoring her recently-bandaged injury (and gazing at Hemlock with unabashed adoration). "… are the Starlight Harbor Overwatch Outrders, B Division."

She turns to nod to the pegasi as they come swooping back in, acknowledging each in turn. "You performed very well out there- not that I could do any better myself. Your town is lucky you all here to help defend it."

"Just doing our job." Windrose replies, then gives a dismissive wave at Rill's remark about evacuations. "That's besides the point if we'd listen or not." Then leans closer to Rill as she drops her voice to a conspiratorial tone. "Trust me, I've been unable to leave since I got here. This place sucks you in."
Sky-Sparkler is still passed out.

Eventually a couple soldiers scoop Sparkler up and get her off someplace dry. She's still a trooper in their book! They will give her a Junior Outrider sticker and everything.

Hemlock nods. "I think I'll stay around for a while, I do tend to worry. I am entirely at your, and your troop's disposal." He looks around, to see if anything else needs doing. The stallion is still full of energy! He spots the wounded Dustdevil and waves. "Ho there good sir! I see you have some aid already, but perhaps you would like some more?"

Typhoon-Wave drops down to land on the docks, giving herself a shake. Hey! It's not so wet anymore. Progress. She trots wearily over towards the group, still casting glances out at the Maelstrom - just to make sure it stays put.

Moonglow glances up. "I think he'll be fine. It's mostly a wing burn; the skin's not too deeply burnt, but we should probably get some salve on it though.""

Indeed, it isn't as wet. In fact, while the maelstrom continues to howl furiously in its confinement, the rest of the town seems… normal.

Sure, most of the clouds have been swept from the sky, and there's still an unseasonable spring-like warmth in the air, and everything is wet, but it isn't raining anymore. It's almost like things are back to normal. Almost. Except for the giant tower of flotsam and jetsam in the middle of the harbor and the narrow cyclone of fury that circles it. But for now, it is contained- despite all its rage, it is still just a storm in a cage.

Rill looks around with a frown, then back to Windrose, eyes narrowed. "A bit dry for my tastes," she grunts.

Dustdevil smiles over to Hemlock and looks up to his medical pony overseeing his recovery for which he smiles. "Thanks to you both" he offers politely, "Though I do think we should seek some shelter" he kinda laughs some then kinda recoils at that thought of something touching that

Moonglow nods and tries to gently shake most of the water off her wings before folding them, without splashing everypony. She mostly succeeds.

Hemlock prances over and drops off a healing potion. "Least I could do for such a hero as yourself. You take care now, lighting hurts." He says, as if from experience. It actually is from experience, too. With that done, he prances back over to the troops, suddenly without anything to do and still with SO MUCH ENERGY. He tap-tap-taps his hooves on the ground, thinking he'll have to go exercise for a bit. "Well done everypony. Thank you all for your efforts," he throws out.

Typhoon-Wave nods to the seaponies as she passes them, blushing faintly. "…Thanks, a-all of you… g-glad that worked, whatever it w-was. It's a b-big help." She clears her throat, stretching her wings and looking about for a moment before heading to where the other Pegasi seemed to be gathering.

Dustdevil gets himself upright more or less one wing tucked, the other not so tucked but he /won't/ drag it either, he does /not/ look forward to this next few days like this (grumble groan)

Moonglow looks at Dustdevil. "C'mon, let's get you home. I'll WALK you" - putting a bit of emphasis on the WALK part.

Dustdevil grumps at that emphasis, but goes along, "you lead, I tend to rough it out in the forests" he comments

Hemlock looks around, not seeing anything else to do, or any more acts of HEROISM to perform, and bounces up. "I shall return, Captain Rill, never fear!" The stallion goes running off in the direction of the forest. exercise, running, fun!