We Scream For Ice Cream
IC date: Summer 77, 1007
OOC date: 09/05/2012
PCs: Ruby-Blossom, Kludge, Spearmint, Magpie, Whistlestop, Skyflower
GM: None

For once, this summer, it's cloudy. In fact, it's drizzling. Which means it's, hot, humid, and altogether unpleasant, despite the breeze coming off the Glimmering Sea. The mugginess is oppressive, and plenty a pony is draped over benches, sprawled against tables, or otherwise melting into puddles of unhappy pony goo.

The ice cream shop, on the other hand, is doing wonderfully today, and there's a line out the door. At the window rears a rather enormous plum-colored pegasus, easily twice the size or larger of a normal pegasus colt. His hooves rest on the glass, his face pressed plaintively flat as he stares in. The sound of a whine, much like a dog, comes from his throat as he watches Soft-Serve fix up triple scoop cones with all sorts of fixin's. He might be drooling a little.

A pair of earth ponies trot down the side walk - making their way towards the ice cream shop from down. "I just wouldn't peg your favorite ice cream as being so…fruity…" those ruby red eyes curiously looking the oddly colored stallion. "Well on second thought…" the tone seeming with playfullness "Personally I prefer a nice Dulce de leche or" her voice becomes rather haughty - perhaps a little snobby, suddenly talking like some well-to-do pony "Salted caramel to you commoners."

This weather is simply unbearable, and on top of that business has been entirely too slow all week. That having been said, Skyflower has opeted to put up the 'out to lunch' sign and perhaps try to get out and find something more enjoyable to do than think about what this humidity is doing to her mane. Which readily explains her presence in the line for ice cream, humming a little ditty to herself.

Kludge shrugs. "It's tasty; what more could one want for ice cream?" he asks Ruby somewhat rhetorically.

A small, minty-colored colt is trudging along the path, shaking his head often to try and get the damp off. Of course, it's unsuccessful, but that doesn't stop him from trying. Eeeeeh, it's gross out. Blah. The ground feels kinda mushy, and Spearmint does not like it. At least he can walk around with his eyes closed against the drizzle and suffer no ill effects! Besides, y'know, looking a little odd.

The colt leaning against the window paws a little bit. And whimpers. A nearby pony in line eyes him up and down. "Aren't you a little old to be wanting ice cream?" the pink mare asks dryly.

Whistlestop turns big wibbly eyes toward her. "But /ice cream/," he whimpers. "It's /hot/."

Ruby-Blossom 's pace picks up just a tad in response to Kludge's rhetort, and in a sing-song voice she replies. "Chocolate, butterscotch, caramel and a cherry or twenty. So many delightful toppings a plenty~o" She turns to face Kludge now walking backwards in front of him. "Something like that?" liable to bump into somepony if she doesn't pay attention.

"Something like that," chuckles Kludge in agreement, a quick smile crossing his face in response to Ruby's snippet of song.

Magpie is hovering around the edges of the crowd, sweating and trying not to melt into goo. Sticky and gross. But, she's got more to think about than how long until she gets ice cream.

Skyflower feels somepony trot into her and turns around to face her assailant's… flank. She smirks a little. "I understand that there's such a thing as artistic expression, but don't you think that perhaps you'd be best served by walking forward, rather than backward?" But on the other hand, today isn't the best day for being snarkypony and so she relaxes. "Have we met? I'm Skyflower: I work at the pharmacy over there." She points a hoof to the little building with a hanging sign showing a red-and-yellow pill bottle.

Rusty-Gears flops down on a bench near the ice cream parlor with a heavy sigh. Blargh! It's not a pleasant day for weather. She's been out shopping for this and that, but as 'this and that' to her usually means 'metal objects of varying weight and size', the idea of walking all the way home with her spoil-filled saddlebags in /this/ is not the most enticing. The ice cream parlor, though, that is a good deal moreso. If she can convince herself to un-flop, that is.

The pink mare in line waves a hoof. "You're leaving grease on the glass, boy. Go mooch elsewhere." And the big dumb buck flops down on all fours, wilting under her stare. The huge pony tries to tip toe away, but it's more like CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP, as he runs right into Skyflower. "Whuh!"

Ruby-Blossom swiftly turns about when her tail brushes against the mare behind her - a quick and graceful motion all without misstep. Ruby ohs softly "My apologies, Kludge and I were simply having an tantalizing discussion regarding the best flavor of ice cream." a playful little bow of her shoulders "Ruby-Blossom. Proprietor of The Mane Event Salon…on main street of course. A pleasure, a Skyflower."

Kludge gives a small bow. "Kludge, carpenter and craftspony. Well met, Skyflower."

"I'm Whistlestop!" The huge buck answers proudly, apparently unawares he wasn't being addressed.

A brief gust of wind kicks up the drizzle, but quickly fades away.

Magpie 's eyes widen. An instant before the massive buck runs into Skyflower, her horn flashes, and as he hits here there's a loud crash of her money pouch hitting the paving stones. With all the confusion of two bumps in quick succession, it would take quick eyes to notice two bits flitting across the cobbles and stepped on by an innocent little filly who's just staring at the mess!

Apparently today is the day where everypony mistakes Skyflower for part of the road. She lets out a yelp as she's nearly bowled over, spinning in place again. Oh my. What a big stallion he is. She looks to the lumbering lavender lad with a ladylike smile. "Why hello, Whistlestop! It's wonderful to meet you too. All of you, just lovely. And it's a lovely day for an ice cream, don't you think?"

Skyflower has yet to notice that her coin purse fell out of her saddlebags.

"I like ice cream," Whistlestop comments with a big grin. Then he pauses, warm brown eyes resting on Skyflower, and then on Ruby, and then on Kludge. He certainly isn't about to notice the coins. "It is nice to meet you," he says slowly. "Pink pony, blue pony, other-blue pony."

If there's any pony that notices Magpie's hijinx - it's Ruby; those beautiful ruby colored eyes glancing briefly in Magpie's - it couldn't be more obvious that Ruby know's exactly what's occuring. The glance is brief as Ruby has no intention of drawing attention to the youngling, although is quite curious. Once the rogue bits are sufficently plundered she taps Skyflower on the shoulder. "I believe you dropped your coin purse." (Her timing isn't half bad…" another brief glance Magpie's direction.

Magpie swallows and peeks at Skyflower. She hasn't noticed. SHE HASN'T NOTICED! The little filly slowly starts to edge toward— Shoot.

Spearmint pauses midstep and perks his ears. A collision… two… and… coins? Hrm. He tilts his head, hesitating a moment before turning towards the sound, opening his mouth to speak — but, Ruby is faster! Oh. Well then! As long as somepony gets it~

Kludge rolls his eyes at Whistlestop's lack of name catching, but lets it pass. "Shouldn't we get out of this miserable drizzle?"

Whistlestop blinks and looks down, lifting his hooves one at a time, before he pauses, and realizes: "I don't have a coin purse." He blinks, and then beams at Ruby. "Drizzle…? Oh… yes. We should go get dry." Nod. Nod.
Magpie hmms. "Miserable drizzle," she says to herself. "Driserable mizzle. Miserable drizzerable. Drizzerable." She giggles a little.

Skyflower gestures to the line. "I for one would love to, but there's the small matter of all the other ponies who want a cool and tasty treat today, don't you think? Oh!" she says, when she catches the mention of her coin purse: she picks it up with her horn and puts it away. "Why thank you! I'm not sure I would have caught that." She looks around for a moment, spotting a few coins that spilled out of their own accord, not too far from Magpie. "O! Cooee, my little pony," this to Magpie, "would you be a dear and fetch those coins for me? Then you can join us for some ice cream: doesn't that sound lovely?"

Magpie blinks at Skyflower. She looks down at the coins. She can feel the ones under her forehooves. "I, uh…" Her horn lights, flickers. Lights, flickers. She visibly strains, and a few sad little rose sparks scatter down from it. "Sorry, miss," she pants.

Ruby-Blossom hadn't intended for Magpie to be denied her little prize - in fact she had hoped the bustling situation would have allowed the mare to claim what she earned - yes Ruby considers those coins earned not stolen. She takes a step forward to peek around Skyflower "Yes, sweetie. Why don't you come join us?" a hint of a 'I know what you did' grin present. "I hear Kludge just offered to buy you some ice cream." once again offering for Kludge to pay - despite having no right to do so =3

Whistlestop beams, pleased that there is ice cream offered! … And then slowly realizes that he isn't a little pony, or indeed the object of that statement. The whole buck visibly droops, sinking into a mournful pout. "I am sorry for bumping into pretty pink pony. Maybe I can have ice cream too?" Oh! He's perked again, hopeful.

Kludge is not too surprised that he's been volunteered to buy ice cream for Magpie, but given how she looks like a filly, he's not going to begrudge her some ice cream. "I'm getting cherry ice cream; what flavor do you want?" he asks Magpie.

Magpie twitches. She leans down to gather up the dropped coins, trying to be subtle about shuffling her ill-gotten change from one hoof to the other. She trots over with 'her' coins in her hoof and Skyflower's coins between her teeth. She holds her head out, offering them to Skyflower mutely. Largely because one of the large coins somehow got underneath her tongue.

Skyflower accepts the coins with a look of some confusion. "Thank you, there's a lamb." The coins go back in the purse. Whistlestop… needs to stop being a big, adorable lug. "Why of COURSE, dear! Everypony should have some on a dreadful day like this." The line does finally seem to be moving forward, at least: evidently somepony was taking their time to decide what they wanted, as is evidenced by the dark blue mare trotting off with what looks like a quintuple-scoop. "Now what flavor would you like, do you know?" This question is addressed to both Magpie and Whistlestop both. To Kludge: "I'll handle these two, if you'd care to purchase for your, ah, ladyfriend?"

WHOMP. WHOMP. This is the sound of Whistlestop jumping happily in place, his wings buzzing as fast as they can and doing exactly nothing to keep him elevated. "Thank you! I like ice cream!" he exclaims, before sweeping Skyflower up into a big, bone-crushing hug, complete with cheek-pressing nuzzles. As for the question of flavor, his brain hasn't caught up yet! He's too busy looping ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM in his mind.

Magpie takes the moment when everyone is distracted by the ice cream stack to spit out the coin. She blinks at the giant ice cream. "Um…" she finds herself bouncing in response to the big stallion whether she wants to or not! She ums at Skyflower. "I… don't know. What's the best one?" The little filly hardly knows what flavors are available, much less which ones she likes…

Ruby-Blossom seems to be all smiles whenever Magpie looks her direction, it couldn't be more obvious to the guilty party that Ruby knows - to everypony else Ruby is simply smiling warmly. "I prefer salted caramel myself, of course a nice fresh vanilla is quite delicious as well. I'm sure they'd even let you sample a flavor or two if need be." she trots closer, and close until she can begin to curiously examine the unfamiliar pony.

Magpie gives Ruby a nervous smile. Why… why does the mare keep… grinning? She shifts on her hooves. If she knows something why won't she say anything? IF she doesn't… why does she keep smiling like that?!

Kludge blinks a bit and shrugs slightly. Buying an ice cream cone for Ruby as part of a group outing hadn't been a thought for this go-round, but he sees no reason to complain. If he wants to pay for a meal or snack for the two of them in the future (without the impromptu crowd), there will be plenty of chances for that. After all, what are good friends (with shared secrets) for?

Skyflower gasps for breath, eyes fairly bulging in their sockets from the affectionate pressure of the great grape goliath. "Y-you're quite welcome," she wheezes, patting him on the back with a free hoof. "Only could you let me down please? Terribly afraid of heights, you see. Terribly."

The huge pony huuuuuuugs Skyflower tightly, then blinks slowly. "Afraid of heights?" He looks up at the sky. Down at the ground. Looks at her in confusion. "But you are not very high, pink pony." There's a long moment as his brain processes, and he sets her down on her hooves. "I am sorry, pretty pony. I did not mean to… but I like ice cream!"

And off he goes, leaping and bounding and WHOMPing around in circles, excitedly … and steamrolling right into Spearmint. He trips, falls with a yell, and lands with a resounding THUDDDDD. "Oh! No! I tripped!" he flails.

Ruby-Blossom can't help but chuckle at the whole situation with the purple stallion, another big lug. Glancing him over "Not nearly as cute…" easily over heard - her observation of Winny vs Whistle might be taken as a comparison of Whistle and somepony else…

Yipe! The poor colt never saw it coming (ha. ha.). Spearmint was bowled over easily, giving a startled squeak, hooves flailing as he tried to wriggle away from what clearly must have been a runaway wagon that just careened into him. "Yah!"

Skyflower frets. "Oh dear. Oh no, this won't do at all." She canters out of line towards the dreadful tableaux. "Whistlestop, please do try to be more careful." She strains, using her horn to lift the giant just a little bit to help the poor little foal get out. "Are you all right, little one?" She holds out a hoof helpfully, of course not knowing that the poor dear is blind. "I'm ever so sorry, there was just a little bit of an accident."

Whistle is quite heavy to lift, but he doesn't move until she sets him back down. Then, slowly, carefully, ever so gingerly, Whistlestop creeps to his hooves, hunched over in apology. "Yes, Miss Pink Pony," he says obediently. His eyes drift downward, to spy the minty foal, and his eyes widen. "Oh! Oh, I am so sorry, little pony. I did not see you. I am sorry! I am very sorry!"

Spearmint drags himself from beneath the larger pony, perhaps a bit flattened but intact. "Woah… geez…" He picks himself up unsteadily and gives himself a little shake. "Er, sorry, I didn't mean to get… underhoof. I thought I was far enough away from your group."

Magpie trots over. "Are you all right, kiddo?" she asks the little colt, looking him over. She scowls up at the big cowering pony and moves to stand between him and Spearmint, scolding, "You ought to be more careful! You could've hurt him!"

So much hectic action today - it's at this point she leans in to whisper to Magpie. "That wasn't half bad, sticky hoof and all." leaning away to trot close to the front door to keep up with the moving line. "Hey Kludge, get in gear. This ice cream won't eat itself." That is unless Dischord's Delight *tm*

Oooh, Whistlestop hunches lower, ears flat, big eyes looking just /so/ apologetic. "I am sorry, little spotty pony. I am very sorry. I will be more careful! I promise!" And, thus wounded, he starts to creep backward, hunched against the ground like a moving, shuffling purple hill. "I will be careful. I will be careful. Oh!" And it occurs to him, he should be looking where he's going if he's going to be careful, so he turns to look over his shoulder as he creeps backward. "Beep beep, please do not let me run into you!"

Kludge moves along with the group, keeping an eye on Whistlestop. The plum pegasus reminds him of a good-natured stampede of cattle: not bad company, but hazardous if you find yourself in front of them.

She can't help it. Skyflower's ears droop at the sight of the contrite look on Whisltestop's face and she trots next to him. "There now, don't be sad. You should be more careful but everypony seems to be all right. Nopony's angry at you." To Spearmint, "I'm so sorry about everything, little one. Would you care to join us for ice cream? My treat." Her job pays well, after all, and she can't spend it ALL on gunpowder and fancy dresses.

Spearmint blinks and perks up a bit. "Ice cream? Well… well sure! Okay. Er, thanks, miss."

Magpie watches Whistlestop in confusion. He's… he's huge but he acts like a, well.. .foal. "I… I, uh… I'm sorry, mister. It's okay. I'm not really mad. Honest."

That good-natured stampede of cattle looks up at Skyflower with big wibbly eyes. And then down at Magpie, eyes getting only wibblier. "Really?" Pause. "Can…I still have ice cream?" WIBBLE. /WIBBLE/.

Skyflower gaps. "What? Of COURSE you can, darling, of course you can. On a horrid day like this I simply wouldn't dream of denying somepony ice cream for having an accident. You simply must be a little more careful, that's all." She tousles his mane fondly. Oh! Look, there nearly to the front.

Ruby-Blossom can't help but grin softly at the entire, absurd situation; it's all really quite amusing. She trots back over to Magpie - actually hoping to be able to speak to her this time. "Perhaps after a little ice cream you'd like to come visit my shop, I'm positive we could help you look simply fabulous." that knowing grin having creeped back onto Ruby's face.

Whistlestop beams and hops to his hooves…and then very gingerly arranges them in a square stance. Not hopping, not this buck. Nope! "Thank you, pretty pony! Little green pony, I am sorry." He pauses, and cants his head. "What are you looking at?"

Magpie blinks. Red flags going up in her head. "Oh, I don't think I could, uh… I really ought to go home afters," she demurs.

Spearmint blinks and blushes deeply, scuffing a hoof in the dirt. "Looking at… me? I, er… well, I'm not really 'looking' at anything, sir. I'm sorry, if I'm making you uncomfortable, I'll turn this way." He dipped his head so as not to inadvertently stare at anypony, ears flicking sheepishly. It always felt a bit awkward to 'stare' without being aware of it. Sometimes ponies got offended! Which was even more awkward.

Kludge leans over to Magpie. "She's got a soft spot for children," he whispers, glancing over to Ruby to indicate who he meant.

Skyflower tilts her head again at Spearmint's odd comment. Comprehension dawns. "Oh! Oh. Don't worry about it, little one, mustn't fuss. Do you need help with the menu, perhaps?"

Ruby-Blossom laughs softly and shakes her head before gently, patting Magpie's shoulder. "I insist. But we'll discuss details after ice cream, I do believe it's almost your turn to order. I'm Ruby by the way.

"…you're not looking at anything?" Whistlestop asks, clearly confused. He doesn't get it. "I'm not uncomfortable. I am fine. I just don't understand. Your eyes are open but you're not looking at anything?" Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Tick— "…ooohhhhhhhhhh. You are blind!" He sounds so excited about it too! … Really, he's excited he understood.

Magpie squeaks and looks up. "Uh! Um. Magg- Magpie." She looks forward. Ice cream. Right. Flavors. Sssss-tr-aw… straw… berry. Right. Row… kye… Row-ad? Um. "I'll just… have what you're having," he says to Ruby, intimidated by

…the list

Well, it's a long list!

Kludge nods. "Three cones, please - two salted caramels and a cherry." He does try to pay attention, y'know.

Spearmint blushes, but looks a bit relieved at the lack of fuss. "Oh… that'd be helpful, ma'am, thank you… do, er, do they have mint-chocolate?" Whistlestop's exclaimation makes him blush deeper, though, ears laying back shyly. "Uh… yeah. I am. Sorry. …But I'm not voodoo cursed or something." Because you never know when there's a zebra in the group.

"What…is voodoo cursed?" Whistlestop edges his way in line behind Skyflower, which leads to some annoyed sounds from the ponies behind him. After all, they have to back up into the muggy outdoors to allow for his enormous frame. He flaps his wings in embarrassment. "Sorry. Sorry." He then cranes his neck to get another peek at Spearmint. "Why do you say sorry? You don't have to say sorry. Blind is not a bad thing. It is just a thing!"

Skyflower smiles at Spearmint's request. "Why as it happens they do, and it's one of my favorite flavors as well." She favors the mare behind the counter with another friendly smile. "Hello there. I'll have one mint chocolate, one mint cookie and," she turns around. "Whistlestop, dear? What kind of ice cream would you like?"

Whistlestop's eyes get big, as he looks to Skyflower. And then to the mare behind the counter. "… all of them," he whispers, wide-eyed.