We Don T Belong Here
IC date: Summer 54
OOC date: August 13
Location: Town Hall
PCs: Rock'em-and-Sock'em, Salty, Lorelei, Sunshine-Stormcloud, Sunflower, Ghost

A blizzard is no excuse for slacking! Salty has holed herself up in Town Hall, comfortably working on triplicate documents. It's cold, it's dreary, and it's terribly unpleasant, but she seems content enough.

Crash! Smash! Other breakable sounds! A commotion rises from upstairs, some form of shouting, and then the sounds of something stumbling through the halls. "'Ey! 'EY! Where are ya, you paper-stampin', fire-breathin', bloody zombie of a guv'ment clerk pirate fairy jerk! I know yer in here somewhere's!" Stumble, stumble, CRASH!

Then a head, dark sunglasses worn over his eyes, tie very much askew, pokes around the corner. He stares, tilts his head forward to look over his sunglasses rims to show horribly bloodshot eyes, then straightens up again with a very sloshed sniff. "Hmph. There ya are. In yer friggen castle o' joy 'n sunshine. I been lookin' all over for yous!"

Salty looks up over her reading glasses, eyeing the stallion with an entire lack of surprise. Not that she was expecting him — no it's more like she's incapable of real emotions lately. "I'm right here," she says flatly. "And I do not breathe fire."

Sock'em, for that is whom has come visiting the dark confines of the Mighty Clerk Saltlick's new throne, stumbles his way around the corner, a holster strapped to his side with a large bottle of no-doubt exceedingly cheap liquor. Not that one needed to see that when one can just smell the booze on the stallion's breath. "Oh don't give me that bullplop." Sock'em grumbles, head tossing back and forth, "Yer the great piiiiiirate queen Saltlick! The scourge of the seas, scarer of lil' foals ev'rywhere!" He tries to sit himself on the other side of the clerk's desk, but somehow his rear misses the floor and he ends up falling sideways with a loud THUMP.

One hoof appears on the edge of the desk, followed by another, lifting Socky back upright. His booze bottle in his mouth, set between his hooves in a way that makes it wobble dangerously before deciding to buck gravity and not fall over. Sock'em finishes his mighty climb, tie so askew it hangs off one shoulder, his sunshades hanging crooked off his nose. Again he sniffs. "Breathin' fire should be nothin' fer a great like you."

Salty is immune to his…uh, charms, it seems, because she just watches him bumble, not much in the way of reacting. "…I was once the dread Saltlick, yes. But that was terribly irresponsible, and ponies died because of me. I'm not a pirate anymore. I'm the mayor's aide. And you look like you need to lay off the alcohol, perhaps."

Sock'em rubs at his nose, misses twice (which fixes his sunglasses by way of knocking them off altogether), and ends up scratching his forehead instead. Eh, close enough. "Don' gimme that. Yooou ain't my boss! Yer nobody's boss!" He throws one arm across the other. "Hadda boss once. She was crazy, bu' she liked us. Life was in'treshting! 'N then you…ruined her! Cuz' that's what pirates do!" He sits up, sweeping a hoof around, "Swoop in!" There goes a stack of papers! "…'n ruin everything!" He spins! "Jus' like that!" Oop. Now he's not even facing Salty. "H..hey where'd you go? Don't run from me now ya blasted bum, I ain't done filin' my complaint!" His hooves flail!

Salty blinks and rears back, away from his hoof, so that he can't clock her in the snout. Her lips flatten a little. "She ruined me first," she huffs. "Killed by a weather vane. But then, I suppose I deserved it." She eyes the papers that have been knocked to the floor and sighs, leaning down to start picking them up again. "In any case, as I said, I'm not a pirate anymore, so you needn't worry about me swooping in and ruining things. I'll just do my paperwork."

"N..noot true!" Sock'em says, trying /so very hard/ to turn himself back around. Somehow he ends up on his back, hooves pawing at the air. "Jus' cuz' you're not a pirate don't mean I ain't gotta worry! Yer friends… Pirate friends! They did it for ya!" It takes the worthy sacrifice of another nearby stack of papers to get Sock'em sitting upright again, facing the right direction to boot. "…Mwaaaaai." he states, prolonging the name like a distasteful syllable. "He did it. S'his fault, my brother's goin' and bein' all piratey. And y'know what? It got me thinkin'!" He puts his forehooves on his temples, rocking. "Thoughts! Watched him walk off to do summin' stupid, and it made me relish…realign..realize summin'!"

Both hooves get planted on the desktop again, Sock'em looking as serious as a stone drunk can look. "We…" He wiggles his hoof between the clerk and himself. "…don' belong here."

Salty throws up her hooves when the second stack goes. She puts said hooves on her hips, listening as she has little better to do. "Mwai? What's this have to do with Mwai?" she asks. Sock'em's expert conclusion makes her mouth twist. "We don't belong here?" she asks dryly. "And where do we belong?"

That's a question that Sock'em doesn't seem to have thought about yet, because he waves it off with a hoof, pushing the upright liquor bottle towards the clerk mare. "Not here." he emphasizes. "…Here. Been drinkin' alone all night, you drink with me." His head rests against his other arm on the desktop. "Yer jus' like me, you know. Tryin' to pretend we're all goodie goodie again, but it ain't right. Look at me!" He sits up, gesturing at himself, leaning too far back and nearly tipping over. "I'm a friggen… Glorified..crossing guard! An' Sunshine was a trashpony! An' Rocky was a foalsitter! And YOU!" he points, hooftip coming dangerously close to knocking over the bottle he just pushed her way, "…Look at'chu! Rode back to town on a boat made outta fire 'n tears, reduced to a paper-pushin' red-tape-chewin' lifeless pencil-muncher…"

His head falls onto the desktop. "I bet'chu don't even know what the weather's like outside right now, s'how long you been pretendin' to be dead."

Salty stares at him. And stares at the bottle. And then back at him. Her mouth tightens a little. "Better a crossing guard than a murderer," she says dully, pushing the bottle away. She looks away from him, but now she's too disquieted to do paperwork. There's a lot of truth in what he says, and it's all truth she very staunchly denies.

"Issit?" Sock'em wonders. He'd almost dozed off in that moment of staring, but his ears perk up again. "Issit better? Beh." He draws circles (very misshapen squigly-lined circles) on a paper on the desktop, with a hooftip. "I wasn't a murderer. I'mma bodyguard. We didn' go out lookin' to hurt anybody! It happened cuz' things never go right!" He sits up a little too quickly, this time he does tip backwards! Right into a bookcase, which creaks ominously. "At least bein' a crook, we made stuff happen!"

The stallion, now on his back, sprawls in the papers. "…I dunno if I wanna be a crook again. Bu' I know if Rocky's gonna go do summin' stupid, I wanna go do summin' stupid too an' see if he's right. But they're gone… So." Just the stallion's eyes poke from over the desktop. "Yer my only hope. You…pirate." A pause, his eyebrows creasing as he somehow notes the bottle has hardly moved. "Howcome you ain't drunk anything yet? S'posed to be a drinkin' buddy rantfest. Yer s'posed ta /drink/."

"Because I don't drink anymore," Salty says, delicately nudging the bottle back toward him. "Look, I sympathize with you. I…do. But I've left that life behind me. I need to be a good influence now. I can't be a pirate! Don't you know what happens when I pirate at things?"

Sock'em pushes himself to sit up, yet again. "Yuh." he says, smartly. "Stuff catches fire. Loooootta fire!" Yet again does the stallion sniff, his nose awful runny between the cold and the booze. "…Issit cuz' it's cheap booze?" His ears splay. "Can't afford anything good.." He swipes up the bottle with a hoof, uncorks it with his teeth, and takes one big drink!

And when he's had his fill, the stallion holds his hoof out, then begins to empty the rest of the cheap alcohol on the desk. "Fine, if yer not gonna drink with me, I'mma do somethin' extra-stupid…"

Salty blinks and waves her hooves. "Whoa whoa, now! Hold on!! Don't go burning the place down!" She makes a grab for the bottle with her hooves!

Sock'em has his head tucked into the side-holster he had the booze in. Out comes a little book of matches! That ought to be entertaining, watching a drunk pony try to strike a match. Except it looks like Salty's already onto him, making the stallion puff his chest up, matchbook balanced. "Well how else'm I gonna convince you? You won't drink, an' you wanna be a pencil-pusher pirate instead'a help me, I gotta do somethin'!" Now how this was supposed to help? Yeah, that's anybody's guess. The matchbook is opened, and one match flicked out with a hooftip!

Salty glares and smacks her hooves on the table, her horn lighting up with a red overglow as she tries to yank the matches from him with her magic. But, of course, chaos is as chaos does and the whole matchbook goes up in flames. She yelps and backpedals, flinging the matches into the air, where they saaaaaail up in an arc…and drop down with a FWOOSH into the alcohol.

Salty stares in disbelief. /Stares/. And then she grabs the bottle to try and smash out the fire. Which goes as well as one would think.

Whups! Sock'em stares at his hooves, now free from the onerous duty of attempting to do something dexterious! Matches fly, alcohol catches fire, and as one might expect, paper is just as willing to burn as booze. Cracking the rest of the booze bottle on the desk? That sends little flaming embers every which way! Now the whole room's smoldering!

Sock'em nods his head sagely. "What'd I tell you? Nothin' ever goes right! Might as well help'em go wrong!" And he throws a book (likely full of VERY IMPORTANT RECEIPTS) onto the desk blaze. "If this don't wake ya up, nothin' will!"

"Wha— those are very important receipts!" protests Salty, hooves clapping to her cheeks as the whole thing goes up in flames. "What would Polaris do, what would Polaris do! Uhh — panic!!" She grabs the underside of the table and with a great yell and a burst of magic, she sends it spinning through the air to crash into another tremendous stack of papers. "No! Wait! That's not what I wanted!!!"

"Well what did'ja want?" Sock'em slurrs, starting to march out of the now-brightly burning office. "You wanna keep starin' at papers or you wanna go out and do somethin' fun and stupid? I wanna go do somethin' stupid. An' I think you oughtta come with me! Cuz' otherwise you gonna rot here with all your books and ink and blah!"

He seems to have absolutely no concern that the fire is going to spread to the /rest/ of Town Hall. Or maybe, y'know, the rest of /town/.

Salty just keeps running hooves through her mane in a panic. "Lorelei's gonna kill me! Okay, I have to — I have to put this out!" This has a 99% chance of failing spectacularly. Her magic envelopes the burning desk and the swiftly growing pile of burning papers … and EXPLODES, making her yelp and scrabble backwards. "I — I don't know what I want! I just don't want to burn to death!"

"Welp." Sock'em says, still trotting down the hall away from the burning that's going on. "You might not wanna stand where all yer precious papers are if you don' wanna burn. Mebbe go alert the fireponies?" He pauses, ears perked. "L..lorelei. …uh." And NOW he glances back. Explosions! "O..oh bullplop. She's gonna kill me too!"

"I'M SUPPOSED TO BE RESPONSIBLE," wails Salty, as she scarred mare drags her hooves down her face in a panic. "I'm not supposed to set things on fire anymore! I don't know how to clerk! I'm not a very good one!!"

Sock'em snorts, trotting back down the way he came to try and drag Salty away from the burning! "Sh'up and get movin' already!" he grumbles, his hooves nudging something. Oh look! Another bottle! Of some unnamed liquor. Sock'em lets Salty go long enough to lean down, plucking up the convenient booze. "…Welp."

He sits, the fire starting to creep out of the office and to other offices. Sock'em holds up his newfound booze to the flames. "Here's to doin' stupid things." Gulp, gulp, ahh! The bottle is offered to Salty. Because hey, it makes sense in the drunk stallion's mind. "NOW you wanna be a drinkin' buddy?"

Gallopgallopgallopthumpbangcrashowstairsgallopgallop. Lorelei comes dashing around the corner and down the hallway, wide-eyed, frantic, and a maybe more than a little bit bruised. "What? What happened? What went boom? What's going on? IS THAT FIRE?! WHY ARE WE ON FIRE?!" Important questions indeed.

Salty lets herself be dragged, but honestly, she's just staring at this point. And when he offers her the bottle, she takes it, although she doesn't drink just yet. No, it's not until Lorelei arrives that she looks more seriously at the botle. Yep. She is not drunk enough for this.

And so, down the hatch it goes. Which is not at all an answer for Lorelei, in the least.

Sock'em's ears perk! Speaking of Lorelei… Sock'em pats Salty on the back when she gets to drinking, glancing over his own shoulder to spy his…boss! "S..sorry Boss. I did summin' stupid. But s'okay cuz' now I can go be a pirate 'n find Rocky 'n make everything sense right!"

Way too calm for a pony watching flames grow all throughout Town Hall. "Uh. Mebbe we need some water though. I didn' mean to…burn ev'rything down…"

"YOU WHAT?!" Apparently Lorelei loses some amount of volume control when she is panicking. Which is very much what she is doing right now. Panicking. She dashes towards the burning room, stops, spins to dash away from it, stops, turns back towards it again. AAAAAAAAH FIRE AAAAAAH WHAT DO AAAAAAAH "Water? Water! I can water!" And there she goes again. Let's see how far she gets before she remembers that there is /not/ water conveniently right outside the nearest window.

Salty keeps that bottle upended into her mouth. This is no time for moderation.

"Aw c'mon!" Sock'em shouts after Lorelei bolts, "It's not that bad!"

Only what, half of Town Hall by now?

The stallion gives Salty a few more pats, eyeing the bottle she's got upended. "H..hey, I'm still thirsty too y'know. Drinkin' buddies s'posed to share. Lemme have another go."

There is not water outside the window! But there is snow. SNOW IS WATER. THANK YOU SNOW. "Out of the way out of the way out of the way!" Lorelei barrels past Sock'em and Salty again and back towards the fire, a swirling stream of melting snow following along behind her from the nearest large-windowed room she'd been able to locate. AAAAAAH FIRE DIE AAAAAAH. Splash! And then sizzling. MORE WATER AAAAAAAH. And there she goes for the window again. (This is gonna happen a couple times.)

Salty slams the bottle onto the ground in a finishing gesture, thankfully not smashing it. She stands right where she is, chest heaving for breath, as the alcohol swirls through her blood vessels, making her light-headed. That's of course when their earth pony mayor runs by with water floating behind her. "…what."

Sock'em gives Salty one more pat on the back, grinning with quite the rosy pair of cheeks! "Izzokay, she's a seapony. Water is her thing. Go waterrrrrpony!" He flails a hoof! Then he catches sight of the bottle… He picks it up, tips it back, and…nothing. What? Not a drop left? Maybe a single drop. A single, solitary drop to touch the pony's lips. Tsk. "…dangit, ya drank it all." he grumbles, tossing the bottle back over his shoulder, where it bounces twice and rolls up against a wall. He props his face up against a hoof.

It takes a few (naturally) panicked dashes back and forth, but eventually there appears to be no more fire. Just a lot of smoke and dampness. And, y'know. Ash. That was a lot of paper in there. Also, one tired-looking and somewhat smoky maybe-not-actually-earth-pony. "Wh-what the /hay/ was th-that?!"

Salty just stares. "A seapony? Lorelei's a seapony?" She rubs a hoof over her lips, blinking through the haze. "Er. Sorry."

Sock'em is all grins now that the fire's gone and Salty's drunk! It's like… It's like all is suddenly right with the world. "S'okay boss! You fixed it! Hurray!" He flings his hooves up and tips backwards, ending up leaning against the hallway wall.

Lorelei blinks. Twice. And then stares over at him flatly. "Okay? OKAY?! The building /caught on fire/! Half the place just burned! One of those was the record room!" She thinks, anyway. That's where that was, right? Yeah. Probably. Maybe. "I've got like fifty things to work with the weather team and we're missing the storm expert and the leader and a bunch of the paperwork was in there and I fell down the /stairs/ and I did something to my /leg/ and it /HURTS/ AND THERE WAS FIRE!"

Salty's ears flatten as she leans back from Lorelei's ranting. After a long moment, she points at Sock'em. "He started it."

Sock'em's grin fades with every new layer of 'rant', the drunk bodyguard rubbing the back of his head, maybe even look sheepish! "But… The fire's gone?" he offers, glancing towards Salty. Halp! Only to have her point at HIM. He looks from Salty to Lorelei, back and forth, and..eventually just tries to make his best innocent (drunk) smile at Lorelei.

Ghost trots around, and inspects the fountain.

Lorelei just stares for a good minute or two, panting and looking between the two. It's probably a good thing she's /not/ a unicorn or that gaze might set something on fire again. "We all could have /died/," she finally states, perhaps a bit /too/ calmly considering the volume of the last ranty bits. "The whole /town/ could've burned down." Unlikely thanks to all the snow, but.

Salty looks back at the smoldering, charred mess of what used to be, oh, half of Town Hall. And then looks back at Lorelei. "Y'know…" she says slowly. "You know, Socky's right. I don' belong behind a desk. I can't do papers. I'm a turrible aide. I can' even hold a quill like a decent unicorn. Nope. I don' belong /nowhere/." Hic.

Sock'em pins back his ears. "But it didn't?" he says, lamely. He glances sideways towards Salty. "..Told'ja."

In fact, Sock'em feels the whole..evening thing catching up to him. Maybe it was the bad booze. Maybe it was the smoke inhalation. Whatever it was in the end, Sock'em just tips over, and flat-passes out.

Lorelei stares for a moment more, then gives a faint groan and turns to limp back for the stairs. Those haven't burned, right? Surely there are more stairs /somewhere/ in this place. "Don't set anything /else/ on fire. In fact, get out of here. Go outside or something. Nevermind. I'll get Sunshine to take you."

In the prevailing weather conditions, flying is downright life-threatening, which is why Sunflower isn't doing it. That doesn't mean she isn't looking wistfully skyward, fluttering her wings with nervous energy. Her sole concession to the weather is a silver scarf wrapped around her neck, but she doesn't seem to mind otherwise.

When she sees the still-smouldering town hall, she gasps, breaking into a trot and running closer.

Salty flops over and huffs, sulking and crossing her arms. "Pirating. Hmph," mutters the ex-mayor. "This is all your fault, y'know." But Sock'em has pretty much passed out, and Salty slumps against the wall, waiting for the Watch to take her.

Lorelei eventually gives up on the stairs. They're looking scorched, and she doesn't want to fall down them again. Instead, after making a call to the Watch to come pick the drunks up off her floor, she makes her way into what's left of the record room and starts irritably sorting through piles of ashes as if she might find something useful in them, muttering to herself.

Sunflower draws as near to the building as she dares, spotting Lorelei as she does. "Hello?" she calls. "Is there anything I can do to help?" She doesn't see a fire crew or anything, so presumably the greatest threat is gone.

Lorelei jumps a bit, hooves giving up a little poof of ash as she lands. "What? Who… Uh… no. No, it… it's out. It's gone. No more fire. Just…" she scuffs a hoof at the pile of ashes and winces. "…I'm going to have to sign /so many things/ now."

Ghost looks at the burned wall. "huh."

Sunflower looks confused, but nonetheless spreads her wings and, with a preparatory shifting of weight, takes off. Her form is… unusual, possibly due to her broad wings; it's clearly an effort for her to do what many pegasi do with a thought. She also makes an impressive impact in the snow beneath her, blowing it into flurries visible even in the general windiness.

Struggling in the shifting winds, she nonetheless manages to land next to Lorelei, smiling wanly. "Are you with the fire department, then?"

Lorelei blinks. "What? No. No, of course not. Are they here? They /should/ be. I didn't put together a brigade for them to be /late/. Storm or no storm." She huffs. "No, I'm the Mayor."

Sunflower's eyes widen at that. "Oh! Oh my. I'm very sorry about what's happened to your office," she says, her expression practically exuding compassionate sympathy. "Was anyone hurt?"

Lorelei shakes her head, then pauses and glances down at one bruised and slightly swollen foreleg. "…I fell down the stairs," she states bluntly, as if only just remembering that. "Otherwise, um, no. Socky and Salty were fine and Rock'em wasn't here. Inkwell's Archives are in the library, he wouldn't have been here either. Thank the waves for that."

Suddenly, a Harbor Guardspony!

A heavy 'thunk-thunk-clop-clop' of half-metal, half-real hooves could be heard galloping down the street, rounding the bend, and arriving to the scene! Sunshine Stormcloud gives Ghost the briefest of glances, then takes her heavy steps inside to join the mayor and…someone else! Oh my, look at all the burned wreckage!

"You rang, mayor?" Sunshine states when she finds the right place with the right ponies, sparing a glance at Sunflower, too. "I see the Harbor's arch-nemesis has been busy again."

This seems to amuse the ice-blue pony. Lorelei giggles. Not really a humorous giggle. More of an exhausted this-has-been-a-really-bad-hour giggle. "Oh, it's only… months worth of government records. And paperwork. And contracts. And business permits. And the weather records. And…" she lets out a breath in a huff. "Oh. Hello, Sunshine. There you are. You missed the… fun."

Sunflower winces at Lorelei's recital of the damages. "I'm sorry to hear that," she says. "But at least no one was harmed." She glances briefly at Lorelei's leg, fluttering her wings anxiously, and adds, "Significantly." As Sunshine approaches, she offers an inquisitive smile.

"Fun. Yeeeeah…" Sunshine says, peering at the burnt spots. "Well, I can't say I'm not unhappy to have missed out on the 'fun'…" Her eyes glance back to Sunflower again, and this time the metal-legged mare dips her head in polite greeting. "Evening. Don't mind me, I'm just here to clean up…"

Sunflower dips her head back, just a little deeper. "If I can assist you in any way, I would be honored."

Ghost steps into the building, still looking around.

Lorelei points a hoof towards the hallway. "Socky and Salty… /should/ be down there somewhere. Drunk. They need to go somewhere and sleep it off. Preferably somewhere fireproof." She sits back on her haunches, examining her leg idly. "At least the storm kept anything from spreading," she notes. "And yes, it's good nopony was badly hurt." She glances up as another unfamiliar pony pokes in. "Oh. Hello."

So much bowing! Sunshine takes her turn to give Sunflower an inquisitive glance. She does smile, briefly, then gestures towards all the burnt out pieces of furniture and papers and whatnot. "If you really want to, be my guest. That's a lot of sweeping that needs to get done. Luckily our local carpenter team's used to quick fixes of entire buildings." When Lorelei speaks, the metal-legged mare nods. "Right… I got a nice fireproof place they can sleep it off in." she says, hiding her grin until she passes the mayor, heading down the hall to pick up pony cargo.

Ghost stops in his tracks, raising a hoof up, and starts to trot backwards. "Oh, sorry, didn't realize I was intruding on something."

Sunflower nods to Sunshine. "Has the building been surveyed for safety? I wouldn't want to break something or injure myself." She glances at Ghost, offering a reassuring smile, but says nothing; she's no authority to make him welcome.

Lorelei blinks. "Safety? Um… I'm sure it… was at some point. You know, that paperwork was probably in here too? It was rebuilt last spring. At least I think it was. Maybe it was winter. At least part of it." She clears her throat. "Either way, um, don't do anything you aren't comfortable doing." To Ghost, she shrugs. "You aren't, really. I /was/ trying to see what I could salvage, but… well, not much in here, it seems."

Sunshine trudges back down the hallway into view again, two ponies piled onto her back. She has to take it quite a bit slower with the extra weight, but she seems to be managing the balancing act of two unconscious ponies well enough. She pauses near the assorted gathered ponies again, adjusting the pile on her back. "Geez. Sockie really didn't take the news 'bout his brother very well, did he? He smells like he bathed in bad booze." A pause, then, "I'll alert a few of the other guards that there's a mess to clean up." she states. She, however, has no intention of being part of the cleanup crew. She's got plenty of things to clean up already.

Ghost says "I see."

Sunflower wanders around the office, or what's left of it, picking her footing carefully. "Uh, I… don't have any supplies with me or anything. Do you know where I can…?"

Lorelei blinks and flushes. "Oh! Oh, right! S-sorry. Yes. Um, I know there's a broom closet… near the front. That shouldn't have burned. Um…" she turns to limp for the hallway, pausing to glance to Sunshine and her 'cargo'. She eyes Sock'em, then gives a small sigh. "What am I going to do with you?"

Almost like magic, there's a couple extra guardsponies that conveniently show up with some of the broom closet supplies. Of course there's an extra set that gets left out, in case some helpful pony decides to do some menial task like…sweep ashes. That's /horribly exciting/.

"You could just bury him in a hole." Sunshine suggests to Lorelei. "Bury'em both. Only way they'll stop causing trouble." She may be a little biased though.

Sunflower is only too happy to help with the menial task! It does raise the question of why. Maybe she's just the helpful sort.

Lorelei gives a wry chuckle. At the moment that doesn't seem like a terrible idea. "And to think, I expected him to be the /sensible/ one." Somepony is going to owe somepony something /special/ after all this. At the very least there should be flowers involved. Many flowers. Probably chocolate too for good measure. She reaches to take a broom, looking down at it and turning it this way and that for a moment as if she's legitimately trying to figure out what she's supposed to do with it.

Sunshine shakes her head. "He's still the sensible one." she states, casting a sideways glance towards the mayor. "He didn't show you Rocky's letter, did he?"

Lorelei shakes her head. "No… this is all news to me. Nopony's told me anything. Apparently he's run off to… I don't know, be a pirate? Another mess I'll have to clean up, I'll bet."

Sunflower comments, "Excuse me. I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation, but… does this… sort of thing happen often?" She's surprised by how calm everyone is about the town hall burning down.

Sunshine beams at Lorelei. "Oh. So you /do/ know about it. Yeah… You can get the full story from numbskull here later. I'll send word when he's woken up." Then she turns to Sunflower. "It..happens often enough. Have you noticed all the newer buildings we have for a place that's been around a few decades? Not that /I/ had anything to do with it." Turning carefully, the metal-legged mare begins to trudge off, presumably to deposit her pony passengers to a 'safe place' to nap.

The Mayor sighs. She almost seems to droop a bit, leaning on the broom, looking ever-so-slightly defeated. "I /thought/ it had stopped happening. I started a fire brigade. I changed up all the building codes. I had everything inspected. I installed street lamps! There hasn't been a fire in months. Not since the schoolhouse burned down." Huff. "Fire hates me."

Sunflower admits, "I haven't gotten a good look at the town, what with the blizzard and all. It makes it difficult to fly."

Sunflower flutters her wings absently, shifting as she does. "Oh, I've just realized—in all the confusion, I never introduced myself!" She smiles brightly at the mayor; if the mayor's going to take it in stride, so will she. "I'm Sunflower, Faithful of the Sisters."

Lorelei blinks and glances back up. "Oh. Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Where are my manners. I'm Lorelei, it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Sunflower."