Watching and Waiting
IC date: Autumn 41, 1007 A.N.
OOC date: October 30, 2012
PCs: Solar-Wind, Kludge
NPCs: None
GM: None

Solar-Wind pads through into the room sporting fresh bandages and new scars, and a mean scowl on his muzzle as he tromps to the door, and sits down beside it practically staring through the massive entry way. He glances over to Kludge, "Kludge" he intones lightly, without too much more emotion than worried annoyance. He resumes staring at the door.

Kludge looks up from the carpentry he had been working on. "Hey Solar," he responds. "Feeling stuck here?"

Solar-Wind offers a little sigh, "was out on a mission earlier, and awaiting a pony to return" he offers curtly, "we ran into some issues" he looks over his flanks more or less highlighting his fresh (fresh as in just a few hours fresh) bandages scrapes and scars. "Now, taking up Guard Duty" he murmurs, "Keeping a lookout for someone"

Kludge nods with a grimace of understanding. "Ah. Sounds like it was good that I was working here." A thoughtful look crosses his face. "Who are you watching for?" he inquires.

Solar-Wind nods, "us vs a flippin' batillion of Shadow Bolts, just the three of us, we did pretty well till the zombies showed up. We all got back ok thanks to some team work but there's this pony that's even More stubborn than I am" He stomps one of his hooves HARD into the door, enough that there's a revebrating echo that bounces through-out the room. He snorts and grumbles, "Commander Blossom" he murmurs with some obvious concern in his voice.

Kludge's eyes widen as his heart feels like a lump in his throat. "Was… Ruby doing okay when you last saw her?" he asks, trying to tone down the concern in his voice… and not completely succeeding.

Solar-Wind turns from his steely gaze upon the door to look to Kludge, "We've all seen better days Kludge" he mentions, "She's seen some combat action too, lately, but she's Ruby, taking it like she always does. bull by the horns" he notes, turns some and sits right down against the door. "Don't you get any ideas, I have orders to remain here under her command" he notes. "Right now the Shadowbolts are on heavy patrol out there, she stands a chance because well, its Ruby she just seem to get away with it." he mentions

Solar's head ducks some "I'm Worried about her too" he mentions. "I've been darn close to the camp and I can tell you they've beefed up troops, so leaving here without a full guard is insane, but if there's one pony thats crazy enough to do just that, its her, and so We wait" he states and slams a hoof down before himself, "YOU're NOT GOING THROUGH ME" He states boldly angling his head down body in a defensive position of something no pony in their right mind would want to cross.

Kludge looks towards the door, but it's plain to tell that his focus is beyond there. "Yeah, if anyone can make it out there, it'd be her," he agrees. If he had said that a week ago, the worst he would have felt would be a twinge of concern. But now…

Solar-Wind practically slumps where he sits head falling a bit, "s sorry Kludge" he murmurs, "didn't mean to yell" he mumbles closing his eyes tightly. Big guy is wound up obviously never having 'come down' from the earlier combat, and having been ordered to return. He gets up paces down to the entry threshold and lays down leaning slightly on the door itself so that if someone opened it, he'd know. Wound up, but worn out. as its obvious the big pegasus took some hits and likely gave some as well and you soon see that he's pretty much passed out against the door. You can tell that he'd be on his hooves the moment that door opened though!

Kludge looks at the wounded pegasus, then goes and gets some pillows and blankets for Solar. "I'll keep watch; you get some rest," he offers, then sits, watching the door and awaiting Ruby's arrival.