Wallaby Woes
IC date: Summer 62
OOC date: August 21
Location: Main Street
PCs: Dream-Daze Adelaide Magpie Pumpkin

Another lovely sunny day! It's almost like it was planned this way…

Perfect weather for prancing about of course. Which is what Dream Daze has been doing all day, every day, since the start of the beach party. If she's not at the beach, she's spending some hard-earned and saved allowances at some of the local joints, or scoping out shiny things around town. And now? Right now? She's standing outside of the theater, looking at what's going to be playing soon. Because there's nothing more enjoyable than a good movie. Or a good play!

Adelaide should be out exploring the Harbour. She's only been there a couple of days, after all, and she's spent the first few days unpacking, so it's about time she actually get to check out her new home. Instead she's running frantically through the street, rather like a chicken. "Rocko!" she calls, as she skids to a halt right behind Dreamy. She looks panicky. "Oh! 'Scuze me?" she taps Dreamy on the shoulder. "Have ya seen a wallaby 'round heh, mate?"

This is a fluffy little gryphon chick. Like most gryphons, she's aquiline in the front, leonine in the back, starting with a short, curved beak and ending in a swishy lion's tail. She's mostly white feathers and fur, except for dark grey stripes along her shoulders and the edges of her wings, and velvety black stripes over both of her clear blue eyes. Her beak is also tipped in black, but it rapidly fades to a bright yellow, while her tail is white except for a dark grey tuft at the end.

A breeze whips up the little Dreamy filly's tail as the panicked chick skids to a stop behind her. One ear swivels, but her attention isn't really grabbed until she's, well, grabbed. Or tapped, anyway. Only then does the little filly turn around obligingly, all smiles and sunshine, lifting a hoof in greeting to the new face. /New/ new face, at that! Her eyes widen. A griffon chick! Those are, like, so rare!

Oh but she was asked a question, wasn't she? Dreamy snaps herself out of the minor reverie of admiring such pristine white fluffy cuteness, to perk her ears and ponder. Wallaby..? She glances down one side of the street, then up the other, eventually shaking her head with a soft scuff of her hooftip against the street. No wallaby here!

Adelaide whinges, hopping from foot to foot. She looks up and down the street. "Oooh, but… but… but… what if he's goht himself all lost?" she asks. "Oi dunno what sohta strange creatchahs live round heh, what if one of 'em decides that wallabies ah tasty?" She shivers. "What if moi wallaby gets eaten?" she whinges, turning around in a circle, hoping to spot her pet, clearly.

Dreamy looks somewhat doubtful about things getting eaten, but lost is a horrible thing! Obviously this is a chick in need of assistance and this little filly has never been one not to help another in need. Especially a kid! Thus does she hop up, patting Adelaide on the back, helpfully nudging the chick in the first direction she can think of. Which happens to be towards the farmlands, because if anyone knows how to find a missing pet it's bound to be one of her friends. Yep.

Adelaide whimpers a little bit, then blinks as she gets patted and nudged. "Er. This way?" she asks, looking at Dreamy. "Ah ya shoh he went this way? He doesn't really like rollin' fahmlands. He prefehs ta sit on th' couch, ya know?" She trots along with Dreamy, deep in concern about her missing pet.

Pumpkin, meanwhile, is coming /from/ the farmlands, on account of it being where she lives. She's got her little money pouch tied to her waist today: apparently it's her allowance day. She sees Dreamy and the distraught-looking griffoness and joins them. "What's wrong?"

Dreamy starts to shake her head, when suddenly…Pumpkin! The little mute filly points helpfully at the other foal, nudging Adelaide that-a-way. She bounces twice with a big ol' goofy grin at seeing another friend, hopping in a circle around the farm filly, then plops herself down next to the griffon chick with a look of Such Seriousness, pointing at Adelaide. Serious problems, yo.

Adelaide ers. Oh, look, another foal. "Ehm. Alroight. Uh. Have you seen a wallaby 'round heh? He goht out eahliah, an' Oi'm afraid somethin's gonna eat him. Ya dohn't have crocodoiles heh, do you?" she asks, wringing her claws out nervously. She cranes her head to look around Pumpkin. "Oh deadly, deadly spidahs?"

As dusk falls over the Harbor, one pony watches. One pony protects. One pony… crusades.

"FEAR NOT, CITIZENS!" the voice calls from above. "The Crimson Crusader will protect you!" A rope, tied to the eaves of the theater, uncoils to hang in the dark, and a red-cloaked black filly slides down it. She tugs down her wide-brimmed red fedora and poses, tossing back her cloak to show off the many-pocketed red belt she's wearing. It's new! It's even got a little loop for her climbing rope!

Pumpkin blinks a few times. "A what now? Ah ain't ever heard of wallabies before. Are they lahk some kind of dog or somethin'?" A pause occurs when the Crimson Crusader arrives on scene. Then: "Howdy Magpie. D'you know what a wallaby is?"

Hrk. "Magpie? Who is this Magpie?!" Clearly it can't be this filly. Her coat is black. Or well, really dark gray. Charcoal, sorta thing. "I am the Crimson Crusader! And— uh… Wallaby?" She rubs her chin. "Is this a joke?"

Dreamy's eyes go all wide! Oooooh, flashy entrance! She hops a circle around the Crimson Crusader, bouncing to a halt to blink blankly at Pumpkin when she calls her Magpie. Wha? She turns her head to squint at the Crusader. Her head tilts. Tilts again. …She starts poking at that charcoal pelt. What is this nonsense! The wallaby is, momentarily, forgotten.

"Joke!" Adelaide says. "It's noht a joke! He's lost an' scahed an' Oi gohtta find him!" She whinges again, then blinks, peering at Magpie. "Also, why'ah ya dressed loike that?" She ohs at Pumpkin. "A wallaby. It's loike a kangeroo, but smalleh. Oh a walleroo, but smalleh."

Pumpkin peers at Magpie. Peeeeeer. "…right. Anyway, we gotta help her find her… wait, what in tarnation's a kangaroo? Are these griffon words're somethin'?"

Magpie sidesteps away from Dream, whose hooftip is now kind of sooty-grayish. "Uh… Ah! A kidnapping!" She beams at Adelaide. "I'm a HERO! I solve mysteries, fight crime, and battle villains! …um. And patrol the city, y'know… in case." She coughs. "Anyway! Kangaroo. I've heard of those. THey look like… uh… like…" She waves her hooves vaguely, tracing a shape in the air both horrible and terrifying. "Like that."

Dreamy eyes her hoof. Sooty! Ah well~ The little mute filly trots back to Adelaide's side, giving her a pat. With the sooty hoof. Whups. Grey hoofprints! Amid all the discussion of 'what is a kangaroo', the littlest filly rolls her eyes. Is she the only one that has picturebooks of things like animals?

Clearly this calls for a little magic, Dreamy setting her horn alight so she can broadcast a little daydream of a kangaroo in all its picturebook-esque glory! It's a very brief daydream, and when it's done Dreamy beams at her friends. She's useful!

Magpie protests to Dreamy, "I said that!"

Adelaide flails at Pumpkin. "They'ah noht gryphon wohds! They dohn't look like horrible an' terrifyin' things, eitheh!" she says, pouting at Magpie. Then she blinks at the daydream. "Uh. What was that?" she asks, utterly confused. Then she ohs! "An' that's what a kangaroo looks like! An' a wallaby looks like that, only smalleh! An' Rocko looks like… oh, Oi have a pitchah." She digs in a pouch and pulls out a picture of herself, posing with a wallaby in a hawaiian shirt.

Dreamy blinks when Adelaide just whips out a photo. Her hoof goes to her forehead, leaving a grey hoofprint behind there too. Sigh. …She peeks at the photo anyway. Awwwww, so cute~

Pumpkin has to admit that that's pretty adorable. "Well, don't you worry none. We'll help you find your pet. Where'd you last see him?"
The Crimson Crusader does not d'awww. That's just the noise she makes when she's memorizing the victim's face. That's all. "Uh — Okay. The kidnappers could be anywhere in the vicinity. So we have to be on our hooves. Keep your eyes open and start a three by three search pattern!" No idea what that means, but it sounds cool. "If you see the wallaby, sing out!" She runs back over to the rope and starts shinnying up it. "I'll search from above!" she announces.

Adelaide eyes the grey hoofprint on Dreamy's forehead, then ohs at Pumpkin. "Well, Oi was just finishin' up organisin' moi bookshelf, 'cuz moi dad told me he moight give me a flyin' lesson if Oi goht it all finished, an' Oi noticed moi mum had left open th' back dooh ta ouah house. A-an' Oi hadn't seen Rocko all day, so Oi asked mum if she'd seen him, but she didn't answeh, an' dad said he hadn't seen him eithah, so Oi reckoned he ran out th' dooh somet… uh…" She watshes The 'Crusader' shimmy up the rope. "What's a three boi three seahch pattehn?" she asks Dreamy and Pumpkin.

Dreamy can only shrug in reply. She has no idea, but it sounds cool~ It also seems to mean 'look for the pet', so the little unicorn starts wandering down the street, peeking down alleyways and pushing over boxes to look underneath them and getting up on the rims of trash cans to look inside!

Pumpkin says "Ah don't know. But ah don't often know what Ma- ah mean, the Crimson Crusader means by all o' this superhero stuff. But ah guess she means we should split up to look or somethin'?""

Magpie perches on the tippy top of the roof to untie her rope and carefully coil it back up, securing it to her belt when she's done. THen it's off across the rooftops with the rustle and snap of her cloak!

From the rooftops, it's actually pretty easy to find the wayward wallaby. Rocko's sitting on top of a fence, nibbling on an ice cream cone (with vanilla ice cream). Adelaide, meanwhile, takes off in entirely the opposite of the correct directly, yelling her pet's name at the top of her (surprisingly powerful) lungs. "ROCKO! Dohn't have been eaten by a crocodile, mate!"
Pumpkin wanders off in a random direction and begins an incredibly methodical search for the wallaby. Incredibly methodical. 'Looking under rocks' methodical.

Dreamy peeks into several more random things, finding…all sorts of interesting bits and pieces. So far she's found: Ten bits, a paperclip, three beads of glassed sand, a fake snowflake, a small iron disc, and a new bottlecap she's never seen before.

But no wallaby.

She little unicorn, her growing pile of treasure carefully balanced in a pile on her back, peeks up towards the rooftops to see if she can spot Magpie and how her search is going.

Magpie turns back to shout over her shoulder. "Pumpkin, Dreamy! Griffon kid! I found 'im!" She then slides down a drainpipe and approaches the victim. She pauses to adjust her domino mask — the mask that protects her family from retribution for her crime-fighting activities (and occasional petty theft). "Excuse me, citizen. Are you Rocko the Wallaby?"

Rocko the Wallaby stares at Magpie in utter wallabic confusion. He looks down at his ice cream, then up at Magpie, then holds the ice cream cone out to Magpie.

Addy perks up at the call of 'found 'im' and immediately tears off towards wherever she heard Magpie shouting. "Oi'm not a gryphon," she protests, skidding (again) to a halt. "Rocko! Ya alroight!" She scoops up her wallaby into a tight hug. Rocko wiggles a little bit, then hugs the gryphon back with a happy wallaby sort of noise.

Dreamy likewise perks up! Pet, found? She starts skipping her merry way towards the happy reunion, beaming now that the mystery of the runaway wallaby has been solved. That wasn't so hard~ When she does catch up, she bounces a few circles around the griff and her pet, stopping next to the Crusader to pat the caped one for a job well done.

Pumpkin starts running back to meet the rest of the group, skidding to a halt when she sees the wallaby. She grins. "Aww, he's cute! Happy we could help!" Pause, blush. "Ah forgot to ask your name. Ah'm Pumpkin."

Magpie poses proudly, her cape flapping in the breeze. She giggles a bit. "Aww, he's adorable." She grins. "Oh, yes. Sorry, citizens. I should have asked for your names. Especially you, small griffon!"

Adelaide nuzzles her wallaby, whewing. "Oi'm Adelaide." She bristles a bit. "An' Oi'm noht a gryphon," she repeats, huffing a bit. Hrmph. She ohs and nudges Dreamy. "Thanks foh ya help. What's ya name?" she asks. She nods at Maggie and Pumpkin. "And ya two, too. Oi neveh woulda found pooh Rocko if ya hadn't helped me. An' then he moighta goht et boi a crocodile." Rocko looks up in alarm.

Pumpkin says "Ah don't think we've got crocodiles here. Ah mean, there's spooky stuff in the forest, lahk the snow bunnies. But no crocodiles. At least, ah don't think so. Ah'm pretty sure ah'dve seen one by now."

Dreamy gets nudged! Her little pile of shinyish things falls into the street! Aw. Oh well, she can pick it up later. She gives the griffon a bump back, and plucks her nametag up in her muzzle to offer it by way of giving her name. Like literally. …Then she gets this confused look. Not a griffon? What?

The Crusader asks the question the others are wondering. Well, Dreamy anyway. "What's that mean? You're obviously a griffon." Slowly, the red-cloaked pony is sounding less like Heroic Defender and more like Bossy Big Sister.

"Hello, moi name is Dream Daze," Adelaide reads, peering at the nametag. "Oh. Um. Hi, Dreamy! Noice ta meetcha!" She glowers at Magpie. "Oi'm noht! Heh, look," she digs out another photo, this time of Addy hugging onto a pegasus stallion with a boomerang cutie mark while a disinterested looking gryphon. "See? Moi dad's a pegasus, which officially makes me a hippogryph. It's in th' rules. Somewheh."

Pumpkin looks at the picture, then at Adelaide. "Oh. Okay, ah guess that makes sense. Well, it's nice ta meet you, Adelaide."

A hippogryph! Dream Daze nods slowly, as though she always knew that. It's amazing how close to griffons hippogryphs look!
Magpie blinkblinks. Rubs at her mane. "…No, it doesn't make sense. I don't — that can't happen. It's impossible. YOU're impossible." She wheels around and wanders off, talking to herself, muttering, "She's impossible. I don't believe in hippogriffs. Wallabys are imaginary."

Pumpkin leans across to Adelaide. "Don't you fret about her. She just gets confused sometimes. Ah think it's th' cape."

Adelaide smiles at Pumpkin and Dreamy, then blinks at Magpie. "Uh. Okay." She shrugs, then ohs, hearing somepony calling her name. She waves a hoof as the pegasus in the photo comes fluttering overhead. "Dad!" she calls. She waves to her new friends. "Oi gohtta get home. Thanks foh helpin' me find Rocko!" Then she trots off.

Dreamy snorts as the Crimson Crusader slinks off. That doesn't make sense. If wallabys and hippogryphs are impossible, what's this? …This, of course, prompts Dreamy to give Adela one more prod before she skips off. Oop! Prodding turns into waving instead, the little filly happy to have another friend. Yay friendship! Yay superheroes! Yay shiny things!

Pumpkin, seeing that folks are heading their separate ways, continues on to the candy store, as per her plan.