Wake Up Sleepyhead
IC date: 22/03/2013
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PCs: Codex Patches Clean-Sweep

Patches wakes up as the pod stops working, her wing bandaged and fully healed. Lost in a bit of a haze she stumbles out of the slumber pod looking confused. Last thing she remembered was helping a unicorn filly and than, there was shooting and explosions and… She shakes her head, looking around the room for any useful clues to her where abouts. She's in a medical laboratory, one that very recently opened up after power was lost. Alone and confused the Pegasus mare starts to travel the hall, a clinking and weight she doesn't recognize. looking down there is an odd contraption on her left fore hoof she has a Pip buck. She ignores the thing once she realizes it wont come off, a bit of woundering leads her through a lot of doors and finally she see's some natural light. The light is coming from the open lab door.

Codex has managed to get himself lost again, worse than usual this time. The fool has stumbled on what looks like a vault, but just can't be. "This isn't my house, right? I hadn't imagined I was so affluent." He wanders in, and is soon looking around at the machinery and other devices near the entrance.

Patches hears the noise and skirts back to hide bumping into some crates and making a terrible rachet. Falling to her belly she puts the front hooves over her face to hide. "Um… please dont shoot…" Her tone soft and shakie as she just lays there.

Codex looks around as if startled, not going for his gun. Actually, you can't even tell if he's armed underneath his muddy red robed. "Why would I shoot?" He scans the area for a while, with the air of a survivor, but a survivor who would rather be doing somehting else. Satisfied there's no danger, he goes back to messing with a computer.

Patches just stays still, though when she doesn't hear gun shots she peeks. "Um… hello? Do you, do you live here?" Curious she lifts her head, the pink and red mane seen now as well as those bright pink eyes. "I seem to have woken up in a place not my own, can… can you help me?"

Codex looks up form his work again, this time noticing the filly. "I don't think I live here, no. What kind of help would you need?" He finally lets the computer be, buit does start scribbling in a notebook instead. "I'm forced to assuem you'll extend to me the courtesy I extend to you."

Patches blinks and stands up on shakey legs. "Um, help… um… I'm not sure how really. I'm sorry, I just. Im so far from home and I don't think I can go back and, I." She bites her lower lip and tears start to fall. "Courtesy? you mean, not shooting? I, I haven't found any weapons yet to be honest. But I fix ponies, not break them."

Codex keeps scribbling in his notebook, looking up every once in a while to observe Patches for a moemnt before getting back to work. "Well that's no good, homes are important. Whatever could prevent you from going back, has it been razed? I'm afraid I would be unable to take you in, don't have the resources, and we would both starve." He looks around, once more in confusion. "Besides, I barely even know where I am. Though the news that you're unarmed is at once a relief and a shame, that's an issue."

Patches walks over and only bumps into a few things. "Maybe I can find something here? some medical supplies?" She flutters her wings a bit, one still wrapped but not restricted. "I came down with some friends to help but… we got shot at and blowed up at. I cant remember much else, aside from waking up here." Nervous now as you say she cant go with you.

Codex fishes his writing, and a sketch of Patches, and puts away his notebook. "Oh, I'm sure there's plenty to find in such a promisiing building, shall we look together? Perhaps I'll get a clue as to where I'm going as well." He gets up, observing the entrance, tyring to find where to go. "What a way to get introduced to the surface, I'll assume, then, that you aren't a native?"

"CODEX!" A voice screams gleefully from the stairs. "Codex I found MEDICAL grade disinfectant!" A pony clad hed to hoof in brighter than bright hazard yellow plastic bounces in. Her head srounded in a dome of glass, and in back a rebreather supplies air. Around her shoulders is a large Sniper rifle of unusual make. "This will make the Clean Room much easier to-OH!" the pony stops for a moment as she spots another pony. "Are you picking up strays again. Another one with wings! Luna above you are leaving her unmolested unlike that last bloke I do hope."

Patches blushes and shakes her mane. "No… I was born in the clouds, just came down a few days ago… I think?" Not sure how long she's been here. "I'd like to look around with some pony else, I… dont do alone well." Then she squees and runs into a nearby wall when a voice beams out. Rubbing her nose with a hoof.

Codex seems just about ready to head off to explore. "Well, welcome to the wastes, it's pretty rough." Then squeaks and loud ponies and crazy mares, another normal day. "Ah, Clean Sweep, I've been looking for you. How lucky to meet you here. As together as always, I see." He crosses his eyes, confused. "I do not remember another pegasus, and I certainly would never 'molest one', that's unseemly. This is, uh, I don't think I got your name, miss."

"Meet me here? Codex your forgetful nag we came in together." Sweep playful taps a hoof on the Scribes shoulders. From the way she rolls her eyes its clear this band of crazy has been looning it up for a while. "Why do all the pretty mares flee from me!" giving another look at patches she notices her spotty coat and sticks out her tongue. "Well. Mares anyway. Little Pop is still in the Clean Room if you can't recall that either." tapping Codex again this time on his noggin. In retun her magic takes a cloth and wipes her black booted hoof clean as well as Codex's head.

Patches just blinks and watches the odd exchange. "I'm sorry, I was recently blowed up and am a bit… jumpy?" Looking at the pair and their odd contact. "Um… should I be wearing a suit? is this place dangerous?" Lifting her hooves and looking at the bottom as if expection the worst. "Wait, there are more of you?"

Codex frowns. "Now Sweep, I am moderately certain I did not come in with you. Also, while I appreciate the thought of you cleaning me, it is most degrading." His frown eases, if there's one thing he remembers, it's that Clean Sweep is impossible. "Well armour is generally desireable, everywhere is dangerous. Although, since we are currently breathing and whole, I would assume we are currently not under attack, we have time to find you some. Though as far as I'm aware, it is just Sweep here and I, Pop Kettle was just a filly we found yesterday. There was some trouble. Now, your name please?"

"We came here together looking for supplies. You thought there might be some still active medical equipment from the strange powerdraw I thought I could get more cleaning supplies." Clean Sweep holds up her large container of cleaner and shakes it with her magic. "And if someone doesn't make sure your clean well … you would be unbearable." she sticks out her tongue her her glass bubble that even keep her mane perfect and sealed away. "Stallions~ you know how they can be." rolling her eyes in her head before noticing Patches in more detail and looks agast at the state Patches is in. Blood caked in Patches' fur from now healed wounds, dirt and grime usual to traveling in the waist. "Oh Luna forgive me, dear you are filthy! Look at you like you crawled out of a lawn mower." prancing in blace she isn't sure if she should just dump the cleaning solution on Patches or look for some water. "No, no armor can wait, what this girl needs is a BATH!"

Patches kicks at some rubble shyly and looks at the floor. "I'm sorry, my names Patches. I was with the Volunteer corp, we came to help everypony but got well shot at and blowed up. I dont think anypony else made it." She looks really hurt about that and just plops onto her tummy again. "I'm alone, i don't like alone." Though the strange mare catches her attention with talk of a bath. "Oh that would be nice, a bath and maybe a long mane brushing?" She gets to her feet and is a very willowy thing indeed, though the super light patches along her coat are cute on the otherwise white mare. "My uniform and weapon might be around here somewhere? And my med kit, that would be nice."

Codex chuckles, not actually mad. "Very well, I suppose that makes sense." He finally actually looks at Patches as well. "You are right, our new friend Patches here is in quite a state. I think, before even a bath, we should try and locate medical supplies? Then bath, then we treat her? Or perhaps you go do your bathing thing, I'll go find the equipment, that would work, yes?"

Clean-Sweap claps her hooves and squees. You think she just about hugged Patches, though that would require an amount of pyhsicailty the mare is incapable of as afraid of germs as she is. "It has been SO long since I got to play with another mare's mane. Well Pop … I mean conscious mares. Well conscious mares that also happen to be willing." pausing to think to make sure that is all true with a happy nod she smiles. "Oh we will go along Code-y after all you will forget what your doing without my polite reminds."

Patches watches Sweep and smiles, her white cheeks going very pink. "I, well My friends used to braid my hair, they thought I was crazy joining the Cops but I wanted to help. I just wasn't sure how till then." She seems excited now, not alone and not in danger she will happily follow the group. "Oh, I'm all healed i just havent taken the bandages off yet, could you help maybe, i cant get them off alone very well."

Codex nods at the news he'll have company. "Well, if you managed to survive this long, I'd say you show promise, Patches. Sweep and I will get you going right, won't we?" He checks for any signs of activity. "Would you like my help with the bandages Sweep? I know you're better at the medical field, though you do dislike getting dirty, so I'll take over if needed." He goes aroudn to peer in to another room, hoping to see something promising

"I would rather not that look … filthy." Sweep twitches nervously. "About all I know about wounds is you are meant to disinfect them." giving a worried look she pulls out some alcohol and readies it for use on any wounds. "Maybe team effort is needed?"

Patches shakes her head. "I'm alright, my wounds are healed I just need these icky ol bandages off is all." Shy as she looks at her wing, then the caked dry blood. "Oh no, I am a mess. I'm sorry, I'm normally very clean." Emberrased as she flaps her wings a bit, kicking up dust.

Codex rolls his eyes and pulls away form the door. "Very well, I, at least, do not mind getting my hooves dirty." He gives Clean Sweep a playful smirk, not meaning any offence. He quickly and efficiently starts to unwrap Patches' bandages. "You really were badly wounded, miss. Quite spectacular that you managed to survive, and your recovery. Most interesting. You say we may be able to find your equipment nearby? I'd like that very much." He's just making conversation, setting minds at ease. "I'm Codex, historian and schoalr. Before you cma edown here, what was your job?"

Its like magic words spoken through the aether. Clean Sweep does the unthinkable and leads a hoof to careufully remove the bandages after all. "Well of course if it is in the mission of cleaning a friend." Friend is not a word this mare throws around very often, Codex might have been called that maybe twice if he can recall the moments at all. Seems she likes a mare who knows the importance of stay clean! "He is also a Scribe, though I think he is determined to for get that. Scribe Codex." with a splash of alcohol to make sure your safe from infection she smiles. "Now how about searching for some stimpacks!"

Patches shivers, the alcohol is cold on her warm feathers. "I… *giggle* I am a medic, a medic with the Volunteer corp. Sort of Onclave military light in a way… I guess?" Curious how to explain her possition. I just, I fix ponies." Amused as she starts to trot toward the room she came from, shaking her left hoof without thinking as she walks. The Pipbuck still odd to walk with.

Codex huffs. "I can hardly remember what I would be a scribe of, so I do not wish to wear such ridiculous titles. Either way, searching for supplies is a good idea." He follows Patches, passing her at a brisk pace and chekcing the room, before heading in. "I am familiar with the volunteer corps. A wel intentioned, but unfortunately disastrous endeavour. Medics can always find a job in the wasteland though, and you certainly have a means of escape." Codex certainly seems like he can scavange, and quickly scans the room to find anything of value. Whether that means of vlaue to him, or of value to anypony else, remains to be seen.

Now that gets Sweep to pause. She knows Patches mentioned she was from above the clouds but … above the clouds is just kinda a rumor, a urban myth. Its where the sun and the moon hang out not ponies. Wiggling a bit, she itches inside her suit and can do nothing about it. "Enclave?" scratching at the back of her neck the best she can do without getting out of her suit. "What is that? I never heard of them." she looks back to the smart pony. "Codex do I like teh Enclave? They don't work for Red Eyes do they? He is the only one I know with a military."

After a moment of reflection, Clean-Sweep says "Well him or, I guess, the Goddess""

Patches watches Codex as he passes and she smiles, he is rather sweet to go running ahead. "Mr Codex… why is your memory so bad, if you dont mind me asking?" Her tone soft and shy as she watches the ground. "Disastrous because we got shot up? I don't think its the end, just the begining of the rescue." She nods and heads into the room, looking around till she finds a locked door. "Shoot, its locked…" Frowning and kicking at the door for a few moments before realizing it wasn't gonna budge. "Wait… you never heard of the Enclave? They are only the best and bravest of all. They are working to save all of the ponies and bring order to the wastes."

Codex has found another terminal to mess with, hoping to find an inventory or spare parts. "My memory is just fine, thank you. I am a historian, if I have troubles remembering the now, it's because I'm remembering the then. As for the volunteer corps, besides some small scale successes, they weren't provided with adequate support, equipment or reinforcments. All records indicate most units were wiped out, no follow ups have been made in most sectors, as would be expected form enclave high command." He looks up at Sweep. It takes him a moment, and he has to open up his books, but he remembers all thsoe ponies she mentioned.

"No Sweep, you do not like the enclave. No surface pony likes the enclave, they like the volunteer corps like our brave little medic here. Usually they dislike earth ponies and unicorns, most encounters are short and brutal. My standing orders for you here is to treat as hostile until proven otherwise, but not to provoke engagment. Threat level is moderate to extreme, volunteer corps are neutral, no threat." Most of that didn't sound like him, almost as if he was quoting verbatim and he sounded older, more respectable, more used to command. It fades just as fast though, and his face goes back in to the faint smile it always wears. He shuts the books, and gets back to work.

"Oh." Sweep looks a little torn at the mare that fallows along with her. "Well I will keep that in mind. Sorry Patchy, but I don't want anything to get too messy. I will keep a clean distance then so I can …" Sweep trails of and hoists her rifle up a bit, letting the large piece of harware speak for itself. The exchange from them seems a bit different almost as if they are a tight military unit them selves.

Patches looks sad and shakes her head. "No, that can't be right… they send troops to help all the time, I see them leave I just. I wanted to be part of something big and special." She looks hurt and then goes back to kicking the door out of frustration. "Grrr, open already." Even her angry voice is soft and polite as she glares at the locked door.

Codex stares at Sweep with annoyance. "Oh put the gun down, Patches here in no threat. Friendly, friendly, she's volunteer and unarmed. Off the list, and such." He smack the computer with frustration. "Not working, no good parts, typical." He wanders over to the locked door, looking it up and down. "It was a large effort, to be sure. The volunteer corps was, in theory, one of the greatest things ot happen to the wasteland in a long time. In practice, the only thing that stopped it going well, was the wasteland itself." He tries a kick, then decides it isn't worth the effort, he goes to search a couple desks. "However, if you'd like, I do belivee your orders don't have an expiration date, yes? What were your orders, do you remember?"

"Hun no pony knows how to unlock things. It is a curse of a waistland." Giving a dramatic wave of a hoof and finds the spot on the floor that is the most clean to set down and let her friend sort through all the grime. That kind of thing is just not for her. "I never heard of them hun, and I have been everywhere from The Harbor to Friendship City." giving the stressed out mare a concerned look. "Wait. How do you know of them Coddy? About the only places I haven't been is Filly and the Hoof."

Codex shakes his head, and he was being all optimistic. There's no rush to go to her aid, she'll be fine. A search of the room turns up plenty of caps, some ammo (how do those things keep showing up?) and a healing potion, just their luck. "Locked doors are, indeed, a msot vexing challenge. Provided, of course, we don't have the ordinance." His eyebrow perks up. "Apparently, young volunteer corps medics count as heavy ordinance, how fascinating. Here, drink this, it'll help. The last thing we'd want is for such a magnificent specimen such as yourself to have a hurt leg. Not good for travel, or combat, not advised." He tries to open the door, thinking it looks better now.

Sweep leans in closer to Codex to whisper something so Patches can't hear. "If she is Enclave, and assuming you're right and they are bad, I would prefer if we left her with the healing poultice and left." Giving a concerned look to the mare who politely kicked a safe open. "huh …" not the cleanest way to open a lock … but it worked. "Oh Miss Patches! Me and Codex will be on our way. We ocationally will poke about the … urge Rusty Bucket." the word causes her to shiver like the word itself is oozing with taint. "You can look for us their if you need our services in teh future! Ta-ta!"

Patches drinks the offered potion and wiggles her leg. "Oh, that is better… I'm sorry, I was just so… flustered…" Standing she goes to look at the door, not pushing past Codex or anything. Though as Sweep speaks she looks scared. "Wait, your… your leaving me? Alone?…" Shivering and shaking her head. "Can't i come with you?"

Codex frowns, but nods. "Understood, we don't need complication. I'll deal with this, you get the door and watch the entrance." That done, he smiles politely and walks over to Patches. "I really wasn't kidding when I said we couldn't take you along, Patches. We just don't have the supplies, we'll all starve in a matter of days. Even Pop Kettle is being told ot go once she's recovered. We'll always be around, a common sight in the Harbour, in fact. you fly on down to us if you'd like a chat, but we are a pair, Sweep and I, we work by ourselves. If you ever need our help, you know where to find us. Oh, and here." He rummages in his saddlebags, and pulls out an old 9mm, droppin it on the gorund for Partches. "In case you don't find one, there's a clip of ammo in there, and a few more clips on the desk over there. You keep yourself safe, I'm sure you will." With that, he's off, back to wandering.

Clean-Sweep says "Yep! We sure are." without an second glance the slightly off mare trots to the door, going over her enviormental suit with a cloth ot make sure it is spotless one last time before she is out in 'public' again. "Also nope. Three is a crowd and that is what we have at home. Four would be like. Gosh … a party?" the eyes on a poster of a surten pink pony almost seem to move to fallow the ponies gathered about. "Can't have a party. We live in a CLEAN room and parties are notoriously messy." said pink pony poster practically frowns at the statement. If it where possible for posters to have changing emotions"

Patches just blinks and watches the pair a bit concerned. "I… i understand." She looks a bit sick but than stands up and dusts off, she's not helpless she can do this. A gleam from inside the closet catches her attention and she trots over. "Its all here… I cant believe it." She pushes up the door and pulls out her saddle bags and weapon. "Oh… Mr Codex. You can have your gun back. My things are here, seem to all be here. And they fixed my rifle, I do have one favor if I may?"

But the odd duo has already disappeared.