Two Thirds Crazy
IC date: Autumn 41, 1007
OOC date: November 2, 2012
PCs: Sodium-Fizz, Solar-Wind
GM: None

Icy has been pacing the entry way for several hours now, with Breeze slumped in the corner by the big door and leaning on a big heavy looking metal spear, perhaps for nailing any zombies that happen this way. Ice-Wind speaks up first, "Dang him, he's about as good as that scary false Will character, what, Commander Blossom or something" he hrumphs, "Nobody even saw him leave, and we're suposed to be watching the door now like crazy"

Polar-Breeze grumbles, "I was sleeping I guess when ever he left, what a day and a half ago?" she grumbles "why are all these 'transfers' all freekin crazy, A day and a half out there in the midst of Nightmare Night, with all these zombies, what and the Queen hanging out around here. thats just asking for trouble, think he'll make it back in?"

Ice-Wind shrugs, "Him, heck I don't know, heck you've seen some of the injuries he's been hit with, guy is pretty darn durable!

Polar-Wind Hrumphs some, "durable is one thing, He is still just a pony though, and a big pony without anything magical about him…

"Oh, you don't need much magic, I figure, to be impressive. Even if he's impressively annoying at times," came a chuckle from behind as Sodium-Fizz approached them. Like always the mare was shrouded in her aged, tattered and blod-stained rags-turned-cloak outfit. Fizz does appear to be limping though. "I mean, just look at me. I'm worse with pegasus-magic than he is, not to mention much smaller and physicaly weaker… but of the two of us, it's me you should really fear."

The alchemist shot Ice-Wind a annoyed stare, "And do be curtious will you? Ruby's done plenty to help you lot out, just like Solar."

Solar-Wind Both Ice-Wind and Polar-Breeze snap to attention per the diligent training of their Captain, and call in unision, (dang he did quite a good job with them) "Yes Lt. Fizz" Ice-Wind offfers an explaination somewhat doggedly, "We are concerned for the Captain's Saftey since his disappearance a day and a half ago" Breeze mumbles, "Why do all the cute ones have to be so stupid" she grumbles "so big n strong n-" Ice's wing slips out and thwacks her on the side, and retucks with a little laugh under his breath, and steps back to attention. "Yes Maamm, Commander Ruby's tactics are uhh, umm, crazy, but effective" Ice mentions back to her.

Sodium-Fizz actualy smirks as she limps closer, even if her muzzle scrunches up slightly at the rank. "I'm not military so shut it, else I'll shut it for you. As for Solar… Well, that's Solar for you, really. He doesn't seem to think first and still mostly manages." Her smirk grows into a full-on teasing smile though as she nudges Breeze with a hoof. "And I don't know, you don't seem particularly stupid."
both 'soldiers' slip into an at ease position more or less resuming being themsleves. Polar-Breeze just blushes at having been caught, "Hey, not many flyers around here, that are 'new' she admits, what, a mare can't admire the cand-er other flyers here?" she asks sounding a might embarassed over the admission. *Thump* Ice-wind laughs some, "what I'm not good enough for ya?" he chuckles, "yeah, yeah, he's /so/ big n strong, not to mention Crazy!" he laughs, "oh well he keeps getting us home somehow so, he's not all bad" Ice looks over to Fizzy, "I'm sure he had his part in getting you back home the other night too, so don't you go and complain about him too" Ice shoots back to Sodium-Fizz.

"I guess if big, strong and not-to-bright stallions is your thing," Fizz said with a shrug. "Certain as snow it isn't mine. As for complaining about him, I claim dimensional rights to do so, so there. Besides, neither of you had to nurse the git back to health, or try to, anyway…" The scowl on Sodium-Fizz's muzzle could most likely make gods cringe. Small ones. Really small ones.

"But, now that I've found the two of you. I might require a bit of a helping hoof here. I was thinking of a way to bypass mines, in case they were getting more to set up… and I ran into a bit of a hitch."

*THUMP* thump, thump, *THUMP-THUMP-THUMP* sounds upon the big door, followed by a very paniced somewhat framiliar voice, that of Solar-Wind, "LETMEIN! OH PLEASE LET ME IN!" he's practically whining by now, "In NOW, please now, please Now, let me IN!" he's begging from outside pleading even. Wow, thats not like him in the slightest. Ice-Wind, and Polar-Breeze dodge about getting spears for breeze, and a big nasty looking old simatar for Ice, and man the door pulling it open just enough for Solar-Wind to get through. "Get in with ya!" practically biting at Solar's hooves was a right swarm of zombies, and carnage as he did his best to defend himself from them. He's unscathed but not un-frightened, actually Solar looks right terrified about the un-dead swarm as both Breeze and Ice step outside to deal with these dead undead whatnots. to beat them back enough to charge back through the door and close it again. Both Ice, and Breeze stand there panting dropping their various chosen weapons and stand there at the door glad for its solid securement. Solar-Wind on the other hand is just standing in the middle of the room practically quivering, from fright, total throughout bodily chill, and exaustion by the sounds of things. He's panting so deeply you can see his snowsuit nearly rip about his chest. The big guy looks as if perhaps he was running full tilt, and or doing the same flying for hours or something. He knows he's inside, but thats about it.

"Hello Solar, I see you've had a bit of an interesting day. Or night. It's hard to tell 'round these parts," Sodium-Fizz smiles brightly at him from where she's been standing through the whole debacle, seeming more or less content to watch Breeze and Ice do all the work. "You look like you might have had a bit of a run-in with something. Or somepony. You weren't out making googly eyes on whats-'er-name, were you?"

It appears the mare is rather in a teasing mood today. The cheeky smile on her muzzle stating boldly that the previous sentance might be a bit of an understatement.

Solar-Wind pulls his visor up, and hood off. its downright crispy from ice, and you can plainly see ice scaring upon his neck and shoulders showing that the ice has seeped through the 'thermal garb' or he was playing in a snowstorm at altitude. "Yes, I met with Captain Twist of the Shadowbolts, I wanted to test a theroy, see how far Will's Magic reaches. and Its pretty dang far. so far that I won't be trusting Professor Redmane any further, nor whom ever that danged Will touched, he states, Her magic is VERY powerful" he grunts. as he tries, tries, and tries to pull the thermals off. He stomps his hoof in frustration still wrasping out for air as very slowly Ice-wind and Breeze start to help the big guy out some, seeing how the ice has gotten through his garb, Its evident he's been sweating, which is a bad thing in the chill zone out here. His entire body must be right crisp with ice by now. He squints his eyes shut, then boldly opens them again, staggers a little, "Fizz, that leaves us three in charge of this place, Ruby, me and You, or whatever, and and, and Twist says that their group is mining for rescources, digging under ground!!!" he shouts "Where are we RIGHT NOW, and what did we just steal from them?!" he swallows looking to you to see if you put the peices together, "When they attack us, I doubt very highly they'll be coming through the front door, though they will likely have a batallion of guards and other creatures up there waiting for us!" he shouts now as his thermals have been removed. and the light can be seen shining offf the ice that clings to his pelt.

"Huh… Ironicaly fortious then. See, I've been working on something to avoid obstacles on the ground, though it would be rather useful to keep hidden… Well, once I get all the kinks worked out of the formula anyway," Fizz said with a smile, lifting her front right hoof out from under her cloak. It… appears to have been caked over with stone. "With some work, the Stonefish Potion might work wounders colapsing tunels too I figure."
Solar-Wind huffs some and shakes his head, "only get us so far" he points out as he slowly walks towards the med bay with his assistants in tow. "Need a hot shower first" he mentions veering of towards the barrax showers. "so cold" he chatters as he pads into the open stalls not long thereafter. "Ice, please go tell Heatsink to get me some good steamy water please, gonna need it, can barely feel my hooves" he sighs out looking back to Fizzy, "we'll need to leave here, if they are mining into our tunnels, we won't know which way they'll be coming at is. hay they could be coming just below and collapasing our own tunnels from under neath us!" he states eyes lidding while he shivers there awaiting the hot water. "Breeze could you get me some towels please, and a blanket or something" he huffhufffs looking to Fizzy, "Cold, not in a good place right now, gear soaked through" he comments, "I've been flying or running since I left the Ice Sea. we both flew out as far as our wings could take us against the storm.

I wanted to see her without the influence of Will's magic, see her for whom she was. Fizz, she's the first flyer I've met here on this side that has had respect for others, honor, and dignity even" he notes, "something I respect" he sighs out, "I, don't know why, but I wanted to help her, set her free from that of what Will desires for her" he shakes his head as finally the water comes, hot and steamy. Everyone in the room can hear an audible squeak from the big guy as the hot water hits him, and litterally saps his strength away. or saps away all that pent up everything. He aquires a serious lean against the wall as the water flows over him. Headhung low now, just standing there taking that water. "I couldn't break the spell, but it diid weaken and She started to be able to think for herself. she warned me and then before she left, she left me with a heat orb so I could thaw out, she didn't take advantage of my weakness, which she easily could have done, When we next meet, we'll be enemies on the battle field again, and, and, and I couldn't think to hurt her, she's already hurt so much, what with Will does to her" he sighs out.

Sodium-Fizz hummed and nodded as she listened, limping after Solar-Wind on her stone-encased hoof to take a seat right outside the shower. Her cheery mood seems to evaporate as she does, then downright plumets at the mention of Will's mind-control magic. In the end, though, she does nod encouragingly. "While I think going out like that might be a bad idea… I should know, I make bad choices when I'm ticked off and I brought you and Ruby out… I really can't fault you for it. Nopony should have to be held in bondage like /that/. If you want, I can see if I can dig out a bag of knockout powder for you if you wind up facing her in a fight again…"

After several moment she sighs, smiling softly. "You know, I was joking when I told you two to kiss and make up… but you really do seem to have a bit of a soft spot for her. I hope you can figure out a way… I've been trying to solve the issue on my end, using the magic in the booze you brought. I'm no unicorn though, and it's way outside my theoretical understanding of magic like that…"

Solar-Wind slowly makes his way out of the stall, his shoulders slouched, and just looking beat to Tartarus, he' is starting to look like that mare he's seemingly been after, beat up and scared. His left cutie mark is severed by a thick scar running across it, looks quite painfull back there, but he pays his scars no mind. To think he came here unblemished it would be surprising, now he looks as if he's been in a war. "is there any chance in getting that rock from your hoof?" he asks with concern as he looks to her right hoof. "must be awefully akward like that" he comments, "A shockwave, perhaps magic?, perhaps some cooking oil, grease even?" he asks with a concerned query. and sighs, "The knockout powder, yes, that would be nice, I'd appreciaite that" he nods, looking to you, "there are two ways to eliminate that magic, both involve blood. either the death of Will or the death of…" he trails off with a very saddened sigh, head hung low. "The death of Captain Twist" he finishes softly kinda choking on his own words. "Dangit I don't know why I've gotten like this lately" he grumbles out to himself.

Solar looks to Fizzy, "The alcohol, err, the mistyeyed stuff?" he swallows hard and looks to her, "I, I'd be willing" he gulps hard, "Willing to try anything if you have made some developments on it. just so long as you have something to control me, if something goes wrong" he offers, "or if you strap me down or something so when it does take effect, or what ever it does, it won't be a threat to you" he comments

Sodium-Fizz sighed and threw her hooves, or at least her one non-stone-traped one, into the air. "That's the thing! I'm not making any progress with it! I need a smarty-pants unicorn for it, it's less alchemy and more magic. I don't even know where to begin with the darned thing. It's… annoying." The last came out with a frustrated mutter, the alchemist starting to slowly pace in circles, sounding out a repeating clop-clop-clop-…THUNK on the floor.

"As for… Will," she stoper her pacing, spitting the word, "I am going to see her dead! That insolent, flank-headed, evil, uggly little git!" She huffed, taking a few moments to collect herself before giving Solar a rueful little smile. "And… yeah, I know what you mean… This place is bringing out the worst in me, and while it's useful I'm not overly fond of it… As for this hunk of rock, I was going to ask your pretty little soldier to help me smash it up."

A quick squeak from Polar-Breeze indicates that she's still here, just kinda tucked by the door watching the both of them, hey a mare can dream right?, But she trots forward to look to Sodium-Fizz. "Maam, I'd be happy to help ya however I can, If I can do so" she offers, then looks back to Solar, "Umm Sir?" she asks, for which Solar nods, "yes, Breeze, please assist Lt. Fizz with her rock issues" he nods a little, "You'll both have to excuse me, I am absoloutely exausted, I need to get /some/ rest. "Yes, the death of Will but pleasse Fizz, Please let me know if you have any crazy ideas, smart crazy or crazy crazy, before jumping on the idea." he asks somewhat as he dries off and collects his garb so he may get it washed or something.

Sodium-Fizz scowls, rather irritatedly. "Only if you make them /stop/ doing that… and you too for that matter. Seriously, Lieutenant Sodium-Fizz? I am, honestly, one of the ponies you should not trust with responsibility Solar-Wind… in large part because of crazy ideas. Be they smart crazy or crazy crazy!" She sighed loudly and put a hoof to her throbing forhead. Or would have, had she not hit herself upon her noggin' with the rock surounding said hoof.

Solar-Wind laughs deeply and smiles, "Of your crazy ideas I fully give them merit and cunning the likes of which keeps our chilly 'friends out there' guessing, so, Its Ruby's crazy ideas, my crazy ideas, or your crazy ideas, take your pick!" he laughs some causing Polar-Breeze to just facehoof to herself, "The Lot of you is all crazy if you ask me" she grumbles and leads off towards the med bay area, "Lt. Fizz you come with me, and we'll get you fixed up, You" she points a hoof at her Captain, "You go sleep!" she practically shouts, "we'll get this all settled soon" she huffs seemingly the only sane left in this place!