Twist To The Day
IC date: Winter 48, 1007
OOC date: Feb 6, 2013
PCs: Plot-Twist, Quintessent-Rune
GM: None

It is a rather normal day in the Harbour. Which means that had it been anyplace else a lot of iffy things would be going on. Such as a midnight blue pony with a black mane and a scarf standing infront of a shop window, a big blue fish plushy hefted under one foreleg. All in all it's not that remarkable, excluding the tension in the mares stance and the tense twitch in her right ear and the corner of her mouth. The stance of somepony that's almost about to blow up with anger, and maybe smash something.

Quintessent-Rune does rather well to cover the rest of the signs up under an impassive, blank expression as she stares at the storefront and the offending 'Closed' sign. "Closed, Servant… They cannot be closed now, I need the supplies found within this establishment!"

Twist is out in the day again. Time and time again this proves to be an ill advised action as all the weird ponies seem to come out durring the day. The night is so much more calm! Like for example the mare over there yelling at a closed shop. "You might try else where. Yelling at the door wont help." Twist offers simple wisdom to the very unhappy pony. "What is it you need so bad anyway?" the larger mare looks down, through a pair of yellow tinted goggles, that do a very poor job of hiding all her scars that run all over the left side of her face.

"I need the the fine detail engraving tools being sold here," muttered Quintessent-Rune as she turned around. And took a startled step back upon seeing Twist just behind herself. Suprisingly enough, that's the only sign of suprise short of a widening of the eyes that actualy shows up before she bottles it right back down. "Ah, Miss Twist is? Greetings. How does the day find you?" she asked, grasping at the first empty phrase she could find.

The stance the young mare holds vaugely reminds of Nightmare's Will, in a way. Though where one mare was bright the other is dark, and when one nasty the other… Well, that remains to be seen, right?

Twist has a tendancy to loom over ponies in a rather imposing kind of way, a mixture of her stature and years of drilling recruits, (not to mention those SCARS), she forgets just how much so she can be at times. Taking a step back as you jump away, a hoof tugging at her hood of her uniform to try and cover the scars more. The posture of the other mare is not lost on her, there is a reason she approached after all …. "You seem to have me at a disadvantage ma'am." the captain gives a polite little nod "You know my name but I don't think we met … maybe at the festival of lights?" you can't make out the face she is making behind all the hoods and goggles for sure, but she might look a little lost, most of that day was lost on her. "I haven't the slightest where you could find that anywhere but here. Looks like you might as well cool down and wait till tomarrow." tapping the hours of operation sign on the door. "Not that its any of my business. You just seem distressed is all."

"Indeed, the Festival of Light - though what is so festive about closeness of family is lost of me, and I have no need for friends or paramours," muttered Quintessent-Rune before taking a calming breath, steady but not deep. "We did meet, breifly. Master Hemlock spoke your name in passing, I do not belive we introduce ourselves. I am l-… Miss Quintessent Rune."

The mare's head whipped around at the ofending sign, tossing her black mane into her face. A exasperated sigh and a raised hoof cleaned that up after a few moments. Then the sign got the full brunt of her rightly reined in ire. "And I cannot wait till tomorrow, I am in the process of important repair work and my tools have been broken by use. I simply need to aquire new ones as expidently as possible."

There is a pause, with Twist just staring down at you for a moment with an unreadable expression. Just when you think she might have broken or something, she stirs and gives a shrug. "Well." a slow statement that only seems to drag the odd conversation out longer. "Can't change the fact the place is closed, but maybe we can fix the tools you have. Years of being where I have you learn to make do." stepping away from the shop with a slow pace, but her long legs make for huge strides that might make it hard to keep up with her. "You coming?" she says to you without looking back. "Your work seemed important."

Quintessent-Rune blinks, seeming a tad bit… supprised by the offer to help, it seems. After a swift transfer of her fish-plushy to her back and a few bounding steps to catch up to Plot-Twist (and keeping a slow trotting pace to stay there). "I would say it is, indeed. Though I do belive it is a matter of opinion however, my family never did find it particular important - shows them for shoortsighted buffons that, it is not as if we can survive by what we have soley." Sounding bitter, much? Even then, it only carries in Quintessen't voice, and even then it's more just a little tweak of the voice.

After a moment she glanced up at Plot-Twist. "Where do you come from, then? I am not particular well versed in geography but I am curious…"

Twist listens as an impartial observer might, though the only sign she is, is the way her ears have tilted toward you. If she is looking at you at all its impossible to tell with those danged goggles. How she sees is a mystery, its not even that bright out. "I'm sure you are making lives better with this - what ever it is." honestly she hasn't a clue. Twist's pace changes as you catch up completely subtly changing the order so you are leading her now, back to your shop, you might not even notice being so used to taking a route. "Invention keeps us in a better world. Through Arcane Science or earth pony technology." the big captain agrees amiably. "No pony knows they need it till they have it right?" glancing back to the tool shop they are leaving behind. "Me? I'm from the other side of Dawn." pointing a bladed hoof to the forest where the AU encampment is. "Where there is no sun."

Quintessent-Rune's expression fell off slightly as she peered of in the direction encampment. Then came to a stop, a expression of thought upon her face. "Other side of dawn…? I… must say, I am not entirely certain I belive the stories I have heard. It seems, perhaps, a bit far-featched. Another world, without the sun? Though I must admit that doesn't sound particularly bad, I wish the overcast weather would be a bit more permanent, my coat is certainly not ment to be exposed to sunlight."

Shaking her head Rune bolted forward again, taking up her place next to Plot-Twist as they turned down the street leading to the so-dubbed 'Chaos Mannor'.

Though for one her uniform might make a little more sense. Its like a Wonderbolts but with blacks, purples, yellows and a scull over the cutie mark. Also the fur on it seems to be real fur. From what it came off of is best not to ask. To your questions though she just smiles, the scars running on the left side of her mussel twist it into a rather grizzly kind of grin. Reaching the door, ducking her head she fallows you in. "I could agree with the sun. The one thing I know I never wanted. Honesty I prefer our Queens night." forgetting the usual term she peeks through the lab. "Well lets see these tools before Rising Minion throws another fit at me." chuckling.

The seapony, really, doesn't have much of a understanding what a Wounderbolts uniform should look like in any case, even less what they are or even exist. Steping inside Quintessent-Rune nodded, cutting a straight path towards the door for the basement, and the laboratory she's loaning from Rising. "If you belive it would be a problem, I supose it is prudent, though I do belive they could be persuaded not to interfere. Or, in extreme cases, I could have Servant," her rear-end bounced rather a bit extra with this step, sending the fish-plushy bouncing high, "dissuade them causing problems."

Pushing the door opens she lead the way downstairs. Most of what Rising Chaos must have worked on is pushed of to the sides of the room, covered in white sheets of cloth. Quintessent Rune's work is is a lot more managable in size, after a fashion, and seems to consist by row upon row of calculations strung up around a central point - a… bath tub? - as well as a pair of tables containing a big mash of tools, black fabric great big metal frames in shapes ranging from circles to octagons. And a few, very small bars of what seems like gold of silver, lit from within by some form of aetheric glow.

Trotting along after Rune Twist considers the stuffed animal wondering if she got this mares age right? No its right, ponies from this world of candy farts and sunshine just must like stuffed animals. Tha captain rolls her eyes and continues trying not to actaully look like she is focusing on Rune's backside too much. Twist steps into the room, trying carefully not to step on anything that looks too important. The tub is weird as well but at this point she isn't about to question magic- or science for that matter. "So …" trying to not sound of of her depth. "What exactly is broken?" going to the table of tools and poking at them to see if any are about to just fall apart.

"Primarily it is the 'Gouge-O-Graft'," said Quintessent-Rune, waving a hoof at… a rather complex constucting seeming ment to gauge small groves in metal and filling it with small metal threat. In this case, a soft silver thread seeming to match the silver ingots on the table, lit from inside with a pale blue-white glow. "Why they insist on such a redicelous name is beyond me, though it certainly does what it is advertised. At least till it broke down. I must have, accidentaly, damaged while re-engraving a part of a damaged experiment. It must have happened at the edge of the repairwork."

Rune trotted forward, resting a hoof at a pony-sized steel wheel, it's surface covered in silver engravings. Exept one spot, which seems to have been under some patchwork repairs and is suprisingly bare of adornments.

"Because the sun makes ponies stupid." Twist groans, it is as if she has found the one other pony who realizes how silly this world is. Nose poking into the machine trying to see what the issue is. Not that she has any idea what this thing does but she is still going to try and help! They are two ponies of a kind after all! "Let see there is a gear and a pit of … something stuck in it. That cant be right." she hums and pokes at hoof at it. "Do you know if we can open it up more?"

Quintessent-Rune gave Plot-Twist a rather odd look. From where the seapony in eart pony disguise stood the rugged pegasus certainly counted as a "sun pony". Then again, in her eyes so were everypony without fins. After a moment she turned, hefting Servant onto the table. "I am not certain, though I do belive that Servant did garner this knowledge," she said as she held the fish-plushy to the apperatus before turning to Plot-Twist, a rare expression of curiousity on Quintessent's face. Rare more due to there being a expression rather than the curiosity.

"I must ask though, Miss Twist. What is your… home like? Seeing as the rumors seems to be true…"

Twist pulls her head from the machien long enough to lift her goggles and give Rune a look. The scaring on her face is even worse without the goggles hiding it, and the gun metal grey eyes seem just as expression less as yours. Closing them she shakes her head and sets back. "Cold." rubbing the bridge of her muzzle "Food doesn't grow right without the sun I guess, just allot of mushrooms and blue leaf. Ponies scrapping what they could find buried under the snow to survive. All Pegasi worked for the Queen of Nightmares, your Luna." waving a hoof. "I too happily served as one of her Shadowbolts for … well at least thirty five years?" her wings give a shurg. "That was till Solar and Ruby. Now." tapping the machien "Looks like you need some self sealing stembolts, I can fix this quick."

Quintessent-Rune nodded slightly, puting Servant back on her back. It have indeed been opened up, very thuroughly. Though Rune certain didn't do that… Guess there really must be something to the whole fish thing? Maybe. "Self sealing steambolts? Pray tell, what are they and where do we find them?"

"Another trip to a store that is hopefully open." Twist grunts and makes her way back to the stairs. "I will bring them back no sense us both going to and fro all over Equestria." slowly she makes her way up the stairs, but in the back of her mind she can feel it. That stuffed animal is stairing into her back. I knows something. IT JUST KNOWS. With a shiver she trots a little faster to get those parts.

Quintessent-Rune gave Plot-Twist a small smile. "Thank you, Miss Twist."